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List of best-selling music artists

List of best-selling music artists
Artist The Beatles Elvis Presley Artist Bing Crosby Michael Jackson Country United Kingdom Period 1960–1970 Genre Pop / Rock Rock / Pop Genre Traditional pop/Jazz Source

United States 1953–1977 Country Period


[7][8] [9][10][11][12]

United States 1926–1977

United States 1967–present Pop / R&B

This list documents the world’s best-selling music artists alphabetically as well as by record sales. This information cannot be listed officially, as there is no organization that has recorded global music sales. This page lists those artists who have had claims of over 50 million or more records in sales. The list is divided into numerous record-sales brackets within each of which, artists are listed in alphabetical order, rather than by number of records sold. The artists on the list are supported by third-party reliable sources, the sales-figures within which should represent a total number of sold albums, singles, compilation-albums, music videos as well as downloads of singles and full-length albums. Even though, the sales-figures within articles published by reliable sources may not be 100 percent accurate, it is highly recommended to submit articles released by only prominent news services as well as major record companies to avoid inflated and poorly studied worldwide sales-figures.

Although the criteria for the following list are intended to be expansive (including comparisons for total-sales for all recording artists) there are certain limitations and constraints that may limit the conclusions that can be derived from these data. Such constraints include: • Bias towards acts who have had success in a specific country or region. • Bias towards older artists. There is a broader genre spectrum of music to listen to now which limits the number of listeners.

• Bias towards modern artists. Comparatively fewer successful premodern artists will have sold more records, as both global spending power and population have increased. In 1950, the world’s population was 2.5 billion; by 2000 it had risen to 6 billion. Also, older artists suffer from bias as their record sales are less likely to have been accurately tracked, and estimates of their early sales are likely to be more vague. • Fan sites, press articles and record labels have been known to inflate record sales claims. • Inflated claims for artists who performed in different acts during their careers. Sometimes all of the sales data is attributed to an individual artist. For the purposes of this list, an effort is made to separate the individual acts (e.g., the sales figures for The Beatles and Paul McCartney & Wings are mutually exclusive). • Inconsistencies between the sources of the various statistics. For example in some cases world sales are compared to US (RIAA certifies US sales only).

Artists by reputed sales
1 billion records or more 500 million to 999 million records 200 million to 499 million records

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Artist AC/DC A. R. Rahman ABBA Alla Pugacheva Bee Gees Country Australia India Sweden Russia United Kingdom - Australia [19] Jamaica Canada United Kingdom United Kingdom Austria Spain United Kingdom United Kingdom Period

List of best-selling music artists
Genre Source
[13] [14] [15][16][17] [18] [20]

1973–present Hard rock 1992–present Film Score / World 1972–1982 1958–2003 Pop / Disco Pop / Disco 1965–present Pop

Bob Marley Celine Dion Cliff Richard The Drifters Elton John Herbert von Karajan Julio Iglesias Led Zeppelin Queen Madonna Mariah Carey Nana Mouskouri Pink Floyd The Rolling Stones Tino Rossi Wei Wei



[21] [22] [23]

1981–present Pop 1958–present Pop

United States 1953–present R&B 1964–present Pop / Rock 1938–1989 1968–1980 Classical Hard rock / Blues rock

[24] [25]

[26] [27] [28]

1968–present Latin

1970–present Hard rock / Pop


United States 1982–present Pop / Dance United States 1990–present Pop / R&B Greece United Kingdom United Kingdom France China 1958–2008 1964–1994 Pop folk Psychedelic rock

[30][31] [32][33] [34] [35][36]

1962–present Rock / Blues rock 1929–1982 Swing


[38] [39]

1986–present Pop

100 million to 199 million records 75 million to 99 million records 50 million to 74 million records



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Artist Adriano Celentano Aerosmith Backstreet Boys Barry White Billy Joel Bon Jovi Boney M. The Carpenters Charles Aznavour Cher Chicago The Dave Clark Five David Bowie Deep Purple Depeche Mode Dire Straits Dolly Parton Eagles Country Italy Period

List of best-selling music artists
Genre Source
[40] [41] [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51] [52][53][54] [55] [56][57]

1957–present Pop

United States 1970–present Hard rock United States 1996–present Teen pop United States 1972–2003 R&B / Soul United States 1964–present Pop / Rock United States 1983–present Rock Germany France 1975–present Disco Pop 1936–present Pop / Chanson United States 1969–1983

United States 1964–present Pop / Dance United States 1967–present Pop rock United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom 1964–1970 Pop rock / Beat

1964–present Rock 1968–present Hard rock 1980–present Electro Rock 1977–1995 Rock / Pop





United States 1964–present Country / Pop 1970–1988 Pop rock


United States 1971–present Soft rock / Country rock [66]

Electric Light Orchestra United Kingdom Engelbert Humperdinck United Kingdom Fats Domino Fleetwood Mac The Four Seasons Frank Sinatra Garth Brooks Genesis George Michael Guns N’ Roses James Last The Jackson 5 Janet Jackson Johnny Hallyday United Kingdom

1956–present Easy listening


United States 1949–present R&B 1967-Present Pop rock

[69] [70]

United States 1960-present Pop / Rock United States 1935–1995 United Kingdom United Kingdom Germany Pop / Swing United States 1989–present Country 1967–present Progressive rock / Pop rock 1981–present Pop

[71][72] [73] [74] [75]


United States 1985–present Hard rock United States 1966-1990 France


1963-present Instrumental / Classical [80] R&B / Soul / Pop / Disco [81]
[82][83][84] [85]

United States 1982–present R&B / Pop 1957–present Rock / Pop


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kenny Rogers Lionel Richie Luciano Pavarotti Metallica Michiya Mihashi Mireille Mathieu Modern Talking Neil Diamond Olivia Newton-John Patti Page Paul McCartney Perry Como Pet Shop Boys Phil Collins Prince Ricky Nelson Roberto Carlos Rod Stewart Salvatore Adamo Status Quo Stevie Wonder Teresa Teng Tina Turner Tom Jones U2 Valeriya The Ventures Whitney Houston The Who

List of best-selling music artists
[86] [87] [88] [89][90] [91][92] [93] [94] [95] [96] [97] [98]

United States 1958–present Country / Pop United States 1968–present Pop / R&B Italy Japan France Germany Australia United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom 1961–2006 1955–1995 1984–2003 Opera Enka / Min’yō Synthpop United States 1981–present Heavy metal 1950–present Pop

United States 1966–present Pop / Rock 1966–present Pop 1957–present Pop rock Pop / Swing United States 1948–present Pop

United States 1933–1998

[99] [100]

1981–present Synthpop 1980–present Adult contemporary


United States 1978–present R&B / Rock United States 1957–1985 Brazil United Kingdom Belgium United Kingdom Republic of China United Kingdom Ireland Russia Pop 1950–present MPB / Brazilian rock 1962–present Rock / Pop 1963–present Chanson 1967–present Rock

[102] [103] [104] [105]

[106] [107]

United States 1961–present R&B / Soul 1967-1995 Pop

[108] [109]

United States 1955–present Pop / R&B 1965–present Pop 1976–present Rock 1991–present Pop

[110] [111]

[112][113][114] [115] [116] [117][118] [119]

United States 1959–present Surf rock United States 1977–present R&B United Kingdom 1964–Present Rock / Hard rock

[6] "Pop Icon Elvis Presley Remembered on [8] Anniversary of Death". 2006-08-16. washfile-english/2006/August/ 20060816170536BCreklaW0.6157648.html. [9] [7] "Bing Crosby on Billboard". Billboard. index.jsp?pid=3574.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Artist Annie Lennox B’z Britney Spears Carlos Santana Dalida Earth, Wind & Fire Eddy Arnold Eminem Eurythmics Gloria Estefan Hibari Misora Journey Luis Miguel Scorpions Van Halen Country United Kingdom Japan Mexico France Period 1977-Present

List of best-selling music artists
Genre Pop rock Source

1988–Present Pop rock 1966–Present Rock 1956–1987 Pop / Disco Country

[121] [122] [123] [124] [125] [126] [127] [128]

United States 1998–Present Pop / Teen pop

United States 1969–present R&B / Disco United States 1946–2008 United Kingdom Japan Mexico Germany United States 1999–present Hip hop 1980–present New wave

United States 1977–present Latin / Dance / Pop 1949–1989 Enka / Jazz Arena rock United States 1973-present

[129][130] [131] [132] [133] [134]

1982–Present Latin pop /Bolero/ Ballad / Mariachi 1969–present Hard rock

[135][136] [137]

United States 1972–present Hard rock

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Artist Ace of Base Alan Jackson Alice Cooper Andrea Bocelli The Andrews Sisters Ayumi Hamasaki Black Sabbath Barbra Streisand The Beach Boys Bob Dylan Bob Seger Boston Boyz II Men Bruce Springsteen Bryan Adams Def Leppard Destiny’s Child Dreams Come True Duran Duran Enya Four Tops George Strait Glay Iron Maiden Jay-Z Jean Michel Jarre Jethro Tull Johnny Cash Kazuhiro Moriuchi Kiss Kenny G Kylie Minogue Linkin Park Meat Loaf Country Sweden Period

List of best-selling music artists
Genre Source
[138] [139] [140] [141] [142] [143] [144]

1987–present Europop

United States 1989–present Country United States 1965–present Hard rock Italy Japan United Kingdom 1994–present Pop Swing 1995–Present Pop 1968–present Heavy metal United States 1937–1951

United States 1960–present Pop / Adult contemporary United States 1962–present Rock Pop United States 1959–present Folk / Rock United States 1961–present Rock United States 1976-present Arena rock United States 1990–present R&B United States 1965–present Rock Canada United Kingdom Japan United Kingdom Ireland 1977–present Rock 1977–present Hard rock R&B / Pop


[147] [148] [149] [150] [151] [152] [153] [154]

United States 1990-2005

[155] [156][157] [158]

1989–present Pop / Jazz 1978–present New wave 1982–present New age / Celtic

[159] [160] [161][162] [163] [164]

United States 1954–present R&B United States 1981–present Country Japan United Kingdom France United Kingdom Japan 1994–Present Rock / Pop 1975–present Heavy metal

United States 1996–present Hip hop 1971–present New age 1968–present Progressive rock Country

[165] [166] [167]

United States 1955–2003

[168] [169] [170] [171] [172] [173]

1966–present Enka

United States 1973–present Hard rock United States 1982–Present Instrumental jazz Australia 1987–Present Dance pop United States 2000–present Nu metal / Alternative rock United States 1968–present Rock



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael Bolton Mills Brothers Mötley Crüe Mr.Children Nat King Cole New Kids on the Block Nirvana ’N Sync Oasis Orhan Gencebay Pearl Jam Petula Clark Red Hot Chili Peppers The Police Ray Conniff Reba McEntire R.E.M. Richard Clayderman Ricky Martin Robbie Williams Roxette The Seekers Shakira Shania Twain Spice Girls Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tony Bennett T.Rex Tupac Shakur UB40 Vicente Fernández Village People United States 1968–present Pop United States 1928–1982 Japan Pop

List of best-selling music artists
[175] [176] [177] [178][179] [180] [181] [182] [183] [184]

United States 1981–present Glam metal 1989–present Pop rock Vocal jazz Grunge Teen pop United States 1936–1965 United States 1987-1994 United States 1995–2002 United Kingdom Turkey

United States 1984–present Teen pop

1991-present Britpop / Rock 1966–present World fusion / Folk

[185] [186]

United States 1990-present Alternative rock / Grunge United Kingdom United Kingdom 1942–present Pop


United States 1983-present Alternative rock 1977–present Pop rock / New Wave Pop / Easy listening

[188][189][190] [191]

United States 1956–2002

[192] [193][194] [195][196] [197]

United States 1974–present Country United States 1980-present Alternative rock France Puerto Rico United Kingdom Sweden Australia Colombia Canada United Kingdom 1976–present Easy listening / Instrumental pop

1984–present Pop / Latin / Dance-pop [198] / R&B 1990–present Pop 1986–present Pop / Rock 1963–present Folk rock 1991–present Latin / Pop Rock 1993–present Country Pop 1996–2000 2007-2008 Dance-pop

[200] [201] [202] [203] [204]

United States 1976–present Rock United States 1949–present Traditional pop / Jazz United Kingdom United Kingdom Mexico 1967–1977 Glam rock / Folk rock Hip hop


[206] [207]

United States 1990–1996

[208] [209]

1980–Present Reggae 1965–present Latin / Mariachi

[210] [211]

United States 1977–present Disco


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Willie Nelson

List of best-selling music artists

United States 1956–present Country

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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List of best-selling music artists

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List of best-selling music artists

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List of best-selling music artists

[108] he LA Times on Stevie Wonder T [127]Eminem’s New Album "Relapse" Drops " [109] May 6, 2003 S In May, “Relapse 2” Later This Year". [110] ina Turner on T Universal Music Group. 2009-03-05. [111]Tom Jones goes retro for new album". " 2008-09-17. news/eminem%E2%80%99s-new2008/SHOWBIZ/Music/09/17/ drops-in[112]Episcopal church taps U2 for liturgy". " may-%E2%80%9Crelapse-2%E2%80%9DThe Boston Globe. 2007-03-20. later-this-year. [128] he Independent on Eurythmics T articles/2007/03/21/ [129]Gloria & Emilio Estefan Win Latin " episcopal_church_taps_u2_for_liturgy/. Grammy Awards for Work on ’90 Millas’ [113]How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb". " CD". WAll STREET JOURNAL. Digital Encyclopedia Britannica. Network. 2008-11-14. topic/1350543/How-to-Dismantle-anstory/Gloria-Emilio-Estefan-Win-Latin/ Atomic-Bomb. story.aspx?guid=%7B36450B8A-76C7-4358-B50D-72 [114]U2 Manager: Cut Off Illegal " [130]Estefan Honored By Latin Recording " Downloaders From Internet". Fox News. Academy". Grammy Awards. 2008-08-19. 2008-01-29. story/0,2933,326251,00.html. GRAMMY_Awards/News/ [115] yet! The Madonna of Moscow says our N Default.aspx?newsID=3009&newsCategoryID=2. pop stars are rubbish - Europe, News [131]Japanese) "????????". Kikugawa City ( library. [116] eattle Times on The Ventures S [117] ouston has been with Arista since 1983 H SerlsSystem/ and has sold more than 140 million tosmok.asp?tilcod=36241&mngkbn=01&style=IF. records worldwide. Gross, Rick Retrieved on 2009-03-02. (2001-08-13), "Talent traffic", [132]Frontiers - A Tribute to Journey". " AmericanTowns. 2008-10-29. Amusement Business 113 (32): 8, ISSN 00032344 batonrouge/news/frontiers-a-tribute-to[118] hitney Houston on Austria’s Sony/BMG W journey-118493. [119] he New York Times on The Who T [133]Journey". " [120] he Scotsman on Annie Lennox T [121]B’z got their 22nd #1 album, ranked " bandsandartists/p/journey.htm. No.1 in history and dominates all the 6 [134]Luis Miguel returns with the topics of " main ranking sections" (in Japanese). Manuel Alejandro" (in Spanish). JR Oricon. 2008-06-24. Medios. 2008-03-25. 55724/full/. entretenimiento/quepasa/3497983.asp. [122]Britney Spears launches her comeback " [135]75 million sold copies". " on X Factor". The Times. 2008-11-29. reviews/47804/scorpions-humanity. tol/arts_and_entertainment/tv_and_radio/ Retrieved on 2007-10-29. article5254205.ece. [136]Scorpions – Hard Rock made in " [123] BC NEWS | Entertainment | Latin B Germany". Popxport. Deutsche Welle honours for Carlos Santana ( http://www.goethe[124]DALIDA". The New York Times. " 1987-05-06. 0,2144,3747218,00.html. gst/ [137]Eddie Van Halen " fullpage.html?res=9B0DE1DD1230F936A35756C0A961948260. and Valerie Bertinelli divorce". 2007-12-21. [125] llmusic ((( Larry Dunn > Overview ))) a [126]Artist Biography - Eddy Arnold". " Music/12/21/vanhalen.divorce.ap/ Billboard (magazine). index.html?iref=mpstoryview. Retrieved on 2008-10-27. index.jsp?pid=2252.


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List of best-selling music artists

[138]Här är Ace of Base 3.0 (Here is the Ace " 2007-07-07. of Base 3.0)" (in Swedish). Svenska 20070914105924/ Dagbladet. nyheter/artikel_2054771.svd. entertainment/interview/news/ [139]Alan Jackson Could Have Big Night At " 20070707-OHT1T00059.htm. CMAs". CBS Evening News. [157]Biography: ??????? ???????" (in " Japanese). Barks Global Music Explorer. 11/12/entertainment/ main4595534.shtml?source=RSSattr=Entertainment_4595534. ?id=52004571&m=biography. [140] lice Cooper - Bio of Alice Cooper - Alice A [158] uran Duran To Get Brit Award Honor D Cooper Lives in Phoenix [159]Enya talks about her new album And " [141] he Times on Andrea Bocelli T Winter Came". The Daily Telegraph. [142]Maxene Andrews, 79, of the Andrews " 2008-10-15. Sisters". The New York Times. culture/music/3562058/Enya-talks-about1995-10-23. her-new-album-And-Winter-Came.html. gst/ [160] ayton, Lawrence - Britannica Online P fullpage.html?res=990CE3DF113BF930A15753C1A963958260. Encyclopedia [143] ports Hochi April 9, 2008 S [161]XM to Launch Channel Dedicated to " [144]Ozzy Osbourne Goes ’On the Record’". " George Strait". Universal Music Group. Fox News. 2007-05-25. 2008-12-03.,2933,275497,00.html. news/xm-to-launch-channel-dedicated-to[145]Barbra Streisand: A star is reborn". The " george-strait. Independent. [162]George Strait crowned country artist of " the decade". CBC News. 2008-10-31. people/profiles/barbra-streisand-a-star-is reborn-488708.html. 10/31/george-strait-artist-of-the[146]Gold and Platinum: Top Selling Artists". " decade.html. RIAA. [163]GLAY??????????????????????????!" (in " goldandplatinumdata.php?table=tblTopArt. Japanese). 2007-08-24. [147]Beach Boys: Biography". Rolling Stone. " ?id=1000033805. thebeachboys/biography. [164]SFTW in Paris with Iron Maiden". The " [148] ob Dylan - Britannica Online B Sun. 2008-10-31. Encyclopedia [149]Bob Seger Day". Michigan.gove:Office " showbiz/sftw/article1876135.ece. of the Governor. [165] he Times on Jay-Z T [166]Jean Michel Jarre: Toujours Jarre". The " 0,1607,7-168-23442_25488-88157--,00.html. Independent. 2008-02-18. [150]Deeds commentary: Feel free to go to "; I’m staying in Boise". entertainment/art/features/ 2008-07-11. jarre-toujours-jarre-782870.html. [167]Interview with Jethro Tull’s Ian " story/438903.html. Anderson". BBC Wiltshire. [151] ave The Music 2002 , Foreigner S Performs To Save The Music - CBS News articles/2008/01/30/ [152]Top Selling Artists", RIAA website. Date " jethro_tull_swindon_gig_feature.shtml. uncertain. Accessed 2008-09-04. [168] BC NEWS | Entertainment | Cash B [153] ryan Adams B musical heading for Broadway [154] LABBERMOUTH.NET DEF LEPPARD: B [169] ?????????? ? Upcoming TV Appearances Detailed [170]KISS: Biography". Rolling Stone. " [155]R&B stars Destiny’s Child split". BBC " News. 2005-06-13. biography. 1/hi/entertainment/music/4087228.stm. [171]Picks and Pans Main: Song". People " [156]???????????????????…????????" (in " (magazine). 2002-10-07. Japanese).


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia article/0,,20138137,00.html. [172] he Times on Kylie Minogue T [173]Linkin Park". Times Online. 2008-01-30. " tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/ live_reviews/article3271745.ece. [174]Meat Loaf’s epic to be honoured". BBC. " 2008-09-29. entertainment/7642139.stm. [175] he Ledger Independent on Michael T Bolton [176]Last Member of Mills Brothers Dies at " 84". Los Angeles Times. 1999-11-15. local/me-33834. [177]After years of chaos, Motley Crue still " no "Saints"". Reuters. 2008-07-08. musicNews/idUSN08297320080708. [178] ??????????????????5,000????? ????? ORICON STYLE, Oricon, 2007-03-19 [179]British acts step up the battle to make it " big in Japan". The Independent. 2007-07-31. [180] BC - Radio 2 - Sold On Song - Song B Library - Let There Be Love [181]Boy band New Kids on the Block to " reunite". MSNBC. 2008-04-03. 23938704/. [182]Kurt Cobain’s ashes stolen, says his " ’suicidal’ widow Courtney Love". The Advertiser (Adelaide). 2008-06-02. story/0,,23795884-5006301,00.html. [183] earlman’s Money Woes Follow Him P Downtown [184]Live!". The Washington Post. " 2008-12-18. content/article/2008/12/16/ AR2008121603284.html. [185]65 milyon albüm sattı (He has sold 65 " million legal copies)" (in Turkish). Akşam Gazetesi. April 14, 2006. haber.asp?a=36254,8&tarih=14.04.2006. Retrieved on 2008-05-13. "Çıkardığım albümlerin resmi satış rakamı 65 milyon. (My albums have sold 65 million legal copies)."

List of best-selling music artists
[186]Biography: Pearl Jam" (in German). " Sony/BMG Switzerland. artists2.php?iA=4&artist=359300. [187] BS CBN News on Petula Clark A [188] ritt, Bruce (October 5, 2006). ""Stadium B Set Keeps Chili Peppers Red Hot"". musicworld/entry/334998. Retrieved on 2007-10-02. [189]Red Hot Chili Peppers’ "Stadium " Arcadium," a 28-Song Double CD, to Be Released May 9". News Blaze. 2006032710032000004.mwir/ topstory.html. Retrieved on 2007-10-08. [190]Red Hot Chili Peppers". BBC. " articles/2006/02/13/ red_hot_chili_peppers_event_feature.shtml. [191] BC NEWS | Entertainment | Police fan B bands go on patrol [192]Post-Swing Leader Ray Conniff Dies". " CBS News. 2002-10-14. 10/14/entertainment/main525516.shtml. [193]Reba McEntire: Reba plays the Reno " Hilton with guest Jessica Andrews". Fox News. 2008-10-17. 0,2933,440001,00.html. [194]Reba McEntire to Host the 43rd Annual " CMA’s, for the 10th Time in Her Career". Universal Music Group. 2008-02-27. [195] Shiny, Happy Return For R.E.M.. Press A release. 2008-03-30. 03/29/sunday/main3979780.shtml. [196] .E.M. floored it to make ’Accelerate’; R left ’overthinking’ in dust. Press release. 2008-04-01. life/music/news/2008-04-01-remaccelerate_N.htm. [197]Richard Clayderman". Masterworks. " Sony/BMG. artists/richardclayderman/. [198]Fans shriek as Ricky Martin gets his " star". MSNBC. 2007-10-16. 21334517/.


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