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It’s economical, convenient and time-saving.
It streamlines your account opening and closing
procedures allowing you to operate more efficiently.
Best of all, it’s uncomplicated, there are no service
fees, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed
without it! For additional information, please
contact one of our Account Representatives
who will be delighted to help you.

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                                                         Just have your client complete the substitute
                                                         W-9 certification located on the reverse side of the

                                                         Escrow Deposit Account Ticket for tax reporting of
                                                         interest earnings. Individual sub-accounts can be

                                                         established by presenting your escrow deposit
                                                         tickets at any Bucks County Bank.

                                                         Accessing your Escrow Management Account
                                                         is simple. When you want to make a deposit to a
                                                         sub-account, simply complete the escrow deposit
                                                         ticket and include your client’s name, address and
                                                         TIN. You no longer need to keep a separate account
                                                         for each escrow deposit you manage.
Bucks County Bank offers a product that will manage
your escrow accounts for you—the Bucks County
                                                         When you need to make a withdrawal or obtain
Bank Escrow Management Account. This one
                                                         information about your escrow accounts, just call
account allows you to combine separate escrow
                                                         and ask for the Escrow Disbursement Department.
account funds in a single “master” account. We will
                                                         Be sure to have your master account number,
maintain separate account records for each of your
                                                         sub-account name and authorization code ready.
sub-accounts and provide you with a comprehensive
                                                         We will transfer funds from the appropriate
statement each month. Therefore, the Bucks County
                                                         sub-account to your disbursement account.
Bank Escrow Management Account will reduce
costly paperwork while still maintaining a clear
audit trail. You no longer need to keep track of
                                                         Each month you will receive a consolidated master
individual accounts, deposit slips or 1099 forms!
                                                         account statement with a transaction history of all
                                                         of your sub-accounts and a disbursement account
A Single “Escrow Account”                                statement. The master account statement reflects
With the Bucks County Bank Escrow Management
                                                         the up-to-date account balance and accrued interest
Account, you only need to open one master account
                                                         information for each sub-account, which reconciles
and a disbursement checking account. At the time
                                                         to the master account statement, relieving you of
you open your Bucks County Bank Escrow
                                                         this time consuming task.
Management Account, you will choose an
authorization code that gives only you, and those
                                                         IRS Reporting
persons you give permission, access to the account.
                                                         Bucks County Bank will mail each client a 1099
It only takes a telephone call (and your authorization
                                                         Tax Form and handle required IRS interest
code) to transfer funds into the disbursement account.
                                                         information reporting responsibilities.

The Escrow Management Account also allows
you to attach an unlimited number of sub-accounts to
                                                         Each one of your client’s deposit accounts are
your master account without having to go through the
                                                         insured for up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit
complete account opening procedure. Bucks County
                                                         Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
Bank will identify each escrow sub-account you open
by your client’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

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