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									GP Partner Connections
2010 Sessions

                  Session Title                                  Session Description
# sort

                                       This session will discuss a list of underutilized features & modules
                                       that many consultants know about but rarely implement or even see
         Underutilized GP Skills all
    1                                  in the field. Come discuss your success stories with a module you
         Consultants should know
                                       don’t work with that often or your puzzlement with the lack of
                                       usage/knowledge of a particular tool or module.

                                       The Microsoft Dynamics performance management strategy, is to
                                       incorporate financial reporting, planning and analysis functionality into
                                       a single product line and Management Reporter for Microsoft
    2 Management Reporter
                                       Dynamics is both the FRx replacement product and the first step for
                                       Microsoft in achieving this vision. It is essential for all Consultants to
                                       fully understand this concept and related timelines.

                                      This Roundtable will study a how to attain Ultimate Efficiency and
                                      Effectiveness with Least Amount of Effort. How do consultants meet
      Consulting: Ultimate Efficiency
                                      revenue goals and customer satisfaction and still have a life?
    3 and Effectiveness - An
      Executive Roundtable
                                      This session is a must for any high intensity consultant in the
                                      marketplace today
                                      Ever wonder what development tool might be best to tackle a
                                      customization for a client? Should I use Dexterity, VBA, .NET, or
      Everything an App Consultant something else? In this session, we'll describe the general strengths
      needs to know about             of using one development platform over another depending on the
      Development Tools (But was      type of customization you wish to achieve. This session will be
      afraid to ask)                  geared for consultants, not developers, so you need not be a hard-
                                      core programmer to gain value from this presentation. We will cover
                                      a few real-world customization scenarios and discuss which tools
                                   This workshop will feature the most popular BI/Reporting tools in use
                                   with GP today. Experts will provide a brief deep-dive into: Navigation
   Business Intelligence/Reporting Lists, Excel Reports, Data Connectors, Excel Builder, Smartlists,
   Workshop – Part I               Smartlist Builder, Drill Down Builder, and SQL Report Builder.
                                   Emphasis will be put on what is used in GP10 and take a look at
                                   what’s new in GP 2010
                                   This Roundtable discussion will be a constructive session to gather
                                   input from the participants to list areas of missing funcitonality or
                                   overall strategy for Dynamics GP. The group will collaborate with
   Executive Roundtable: How do Microsoft participants to determine the best means of submission and
   we best work with Microsoft to influence into the development cycle. : How do we best work with
 6 influence missing               MS about and/or work around missing functionality/strategy?
   functionality/strategy in
   Dynamics GP?                    It is important to note that this session will be methodical and
                                   constructive and shouldn't mistaken for an opportunity to simply air
                                   frustrations. It is also worth noting that this session does not
                                   guarantee submitted ideas will make it into the GP product.
                                   Participants in this session will share their experiences in integrating
   Dynamics CRM Integration -      Dynamics CRM to GP. Topics will include various methods of
   Roundtable                      integration including the GP to CRM Connector published by
                                   Microsoft, Smart Connector by eOne, and other methods.

                                   Subsequent to the workshop on these topics, this Roundtable
   Business Intelligence/Reporting Discussion will allow the group to offer Best Practices in BI/Reporting
 8 Best Practices Roundtable –     tools such as: Navigation Lists, Excel Reports, Data Connectors,
   Part I                          Excel Builder, Smartlists, Smartlist Builder, Drill Down Builder and
                                   SQL Report Builder.

                                      There a growing number of solid ISV products for GP from reputable
                                      vendors in the market today. Based on a company's business
                                      requirements some will be more approripate than others in a given
                                      GP environment. In this ISV Briefing session, we have assembled
 9 ISV Roundup
                                      key market leaders to highlight the most important factors to consider
                                      in making educated decisions for bringing in solutions to augment GP
                                      for your client.

                                      Attendees of this session will discuss the best practices surrounding
   Security - Best Practices          the security model in Dynamics GP 2010 and what key changes
   Roundtable                         must you know from previous versions? Establish what the most
                                      important factors around security for best advising your customers?

                                     Similar to the BI/Reporting Workshop Part I, this session will feature
     Business Intelligence/Reporting
11                                   key aspects including: Analysis Cubes, Word Reports including the
     Workshop – Part II
                                     new email functionality.
                                   Consultants must meet customers’ base expectations in order to
   Moving the Customer from        keep their business, but just satisfying them is no longer enough.
12 Satisfied to Evangelize - A     Participants in this knowledge sharing session will learn how
   Roundtable Discussion           differentiation and customer loyalty will occur when a Consultant
                                   anticipates unrecognized needs, takes small steps with big results,
                                   and transforms the traditional customer relationship.
                                   This Roundtable session will cover best practices surrounding SQL
                                   Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 configuration. Attendees will
                                   share with each other their experiences around key topics with SQL
                                   Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 Configuration including:

                                     o   Using Upgrade Advisor to Prepare for Upgrades
                                     o   Migrating to SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2
     Configuring SQL Server 2008
13                                   o   Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2
     or SQL Server 2008 R2
                                     o   Managing Services
                                     o   Changing the Accounts Used by the Services

                                     o   SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration.
                                     o   SQL Server Integration Services Configuration.
                                     o   64-bit OS and Dynamics GP Configuration.

                                   How can you successfully deploy Business Portal? What are some
                                   best practices when implementing Business Portal? What are some
                                   successful implementations that drive utilization in organizations?
     Business Portal - Best        This roundtable discussion will discuss some of the more successful
     Practices Roundtable          implementation practices that organizations have discovered as well
                                   as to discuss some ways to drive user acceptance and BP utilization
                                   in firms. We will also discuss some of the new features launched
                                   with Business Portal for Dynamics GP 2010.

   Business Intelligence/Reporting Subsequent to the workshop II, this Roundtable Discussion will allow
15 Best Practices Roundtable –     the group to offer Best Practices in BI/Reporting in the areas of:
   Part II                          Analysis Cubes, Word Reports including the new email functionality.
                                   Curious about Sure Step? Are you making the most of the templates
                                   in both the sales and implementation process? Then Sure Step 101
                                   is the place for you! Learn about the key features and benefits of
                                   Sure Step 2010 as we review the optimal process flow through a
                                   customer engagement. Specific content and templates that can
16 Surestep Methodology 101
                                   enhance your level of professionalism and bring you greater
                                   effectiveness will be reviewed.

                                   This is Part one of a three part session around Surestep Project
                                This session will dig into the Extender tool and expose some of the
                                key tips and tricks used by attendees of this Roundtable. Here’s a
                                few sample items that will be discussed in this session:
                                - Extender concepts – how it all hangs together
                                - When to use form, detail form or window
17 Extender Roundtable
                                - Obscure field types, folders, fields, calculated fields, linked lookups
                                and field masking
                                - Using Extender to lookup custom data in SQL database
                                - Extender data. Find it and write reports on Extender data
                                - What Extender does NOT do
                                - How to approach Extender projects
                                - When to write code, when to configure with Extender
                                How can an organization utilize Workflow? What are some of the
                                new workflows that are available in Dynamics GP 2010? What has
   Workflow for Microsoft       the demand been for Workflow in the marketplace? In the Workflow
22 Dynamics GP Best Practices   roundtable discussion, we will discuss the best practices relating to
   Roundtable                   implementation and user acceptance of Workflow in a corporate
                                environment. As well, we will be discussing the new features that
                                Microsoft Dynamics GP has added to Workflow.

                                This workshop will focus on SRS essentials. Attendees will hear from
                                experts in SRS how to get started, where to get the best training and
                                experience, and, most importantly, real life stories of how to best
                                leverage SRS in your clients' environment, including how to:
                                • Identify the benefits of using SQL Server Reporting Services
                                together with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
                                • Install the SQL Server Reporting Services Wizard.
                                • List available reports, models, and data sources.
                                • Demonstrate how to deploy data connections and reports, and
                                make reports available in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
                                • Make reports available on the My Reports list.
19 SSRS: Basic - Workshop       • Explain the components of SQL Server Reporting Services.
                                • Explain data regions available on reports and how they can be used.
                                • Determine the needs for a report.
                                • Identify main tables, sorting and restricting requirements.
                                • Identify table relationships to assist in creating SQL statements or
                                stored procedures.
                                • Describe global collections that can be used on a report.
                                • Create a report, data source, and data set.
                                • Enhance a report by making modifications to the layout.
                                • Show how to modify properties of items on a report.
                                 Interested in new features and the future of Sure Step? Unsure of
                                 how to begin the adoption process? This session builds on Sure
                                 Step 101 as we continue to review the use of tools and templates.
                                 Join us as we dive into the topic of certification and how to drive
                                 adoption in your own organization using online tools and Sure Step
20 Surestep Methodology 102
                                 documents. A sneak preview of upcoming enhancements and a view
                                 of the product roadmap will also be included.

                                 This is Part two of a three part session around Surestep Project

                                 Wishing you could write great reports that are flexible and easy to
                                 maintain? Have you ever wanted to updated some data from "the
     T-SQL: Basic and Advanced   back end" but didn't know how? In this workshop, we'll discuss how
21                               to use SQL Syntax, T-SQL (Transact-SQL) to examine and modify
                                 data in your Dynamics GP system. We'll briefly cover discovery tools
                                 to determine where the data in Dynamics GP shows up in the
                                 database, then spend some time learning how SELECT, UPDATE,
                                 and INSERT work. We will then explain how JOINs allow you to
                                 With the release of SharePoint 2010 earlier this year, there have
                                 been a lot of changes to the functionality of the product. There are
   Sharepoint Workshop
                                 new features, lots of enhancements, as well as some ease of use
18 (What's New in Sharepoint
                                 areas that have been refined. Join us as we present the new
                                 features included in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft
                                 SharePoint Foundation 2010.
                                 This workshop will focus on advanced SRS skills. Veteran SRS
                                 experts have compiled the most compelling SRS skills needed to be
                                 successful in the marketplace and will be sharing it with attendees.
                                 Topics include
                                 • Describe and use parameters.
                                 • How to use one report for multiple companies.
                                 • How conditionally, based on selected parameters to display
                                 columns, data.
                                 • Publish reports with Report Designer and view them in Report
23 SSRS: Advanced - Workshop
                                 • Describe subscriptions and when to use them.
                                 • Describe and create a report model.
                                 • Use Report Builder to work with entities and folders, group, sort, and
                                 filter data, and view and publish a report.
                                 • Create a matrix (cross tab) report.
                                 • Report Server Administration
                                 • How to use ReportViewer control.
                                 • How to execute SRS reports from Dynamics GP and pass GP
                                 parameters to the Report.
                                   Share your experiences, and learn from other partners by
                                   participating in this roundtable discussion. Topics will include
                                   motivation during the methodology adoption process, incorporating
                                   Sure Step in your sales cycle, and using an implementation
   Sure Step Roundtable:           methodology to support your organization. Come prepared to share
24 Implementation Methodology      and respond to the wealth of experiences in the room! The session
   Best Practices                  will close with a discussion on the usability and functionality of the
                                   Sure Step tool. Share your experience and perspectives with us!

                                   This is Part three of a three part session around Surestep Project
                                 This workshop will look at the Support Debugging Tool available from
                                 Microsoft for Dynamics GP. The tool is full of great features designed
25 Support Debugging Tool for GP to make supporting Dynamics GP easier for partners and customers.
                                 We will explore all the major features along a with a look at usage
                                 With SharePoint becoming a key player in the BI stack and with
                                 Microsoft Dynamics GP utilizing this technology more and more,
                                 SharePoint is quickly becoming a key player in the BI stack. What
   SharePoint Best Practices     are your experiences with this fast-growing product? What have you
   Roundtable                    seen for demand surrounding SharePoint with your GP clients? Join
                                 us as we discuss SharePoint implementation best practices, and
                                 discuss some of the new features that Microsoft has added for the
                                 2010 release.

                                   Attendees of this session will discuss the best ways to leverage SRS
                                   in their client's environment. Topics will include:
                                   • Reporting Services architecture
     SSRS - Best Practices         • Report Data Performance Considerations
     Roundtable                    • Migration Best practices - Upgrade options
                                   • New Features in SQL Server Reporting Services 2005/2008.
                                   • CLR Integration
                                   • Security
          Software as a Service is in the headlines every day. It is a key part of
          Microsoft's strategy, yet remains mostly unchartered. Partners will be
28 SaaS   impacted hugely, especially on how VARs and ISVs do business
          together. This roundtable will address the key areas to be aware of
          and to ready yourself for, for both VARs and ISVs.
             AC=Application Consultants
             PM=Project managers/Executive
             TC=Technical Consultants
             BI=Business Intelligence

 Format       Track             Leader
                                             Break Out
                                                Slot        Day       Time     Duration

                                                                    3:30pm -
Roundtable     AC     Bob McAdam                 1       Saturday              60 mins

                      April Olson
                      Derek Krebs                                   3:30pm -
Roundtable      BI                               1       Saturday              60 mins
                      Noah Moseley                                  4:30pm

                                                                    3:30pm -
Roundtable     PM     Sandy Wyman                1       Saturday              60 mins

                                                                    5:00pm -
Roundtable     AC     Mark Rockwell              2       Saturday              60 mins
                                                           5:00pm -
Workshop     BI   David Eichner             2   Saturday              60 mins

                                                           5:00pm -
Roundtable   PM   Jesse Byam                2   Saturday              60 mins

                  Tim Estenson -
                                                           5:00pm -
Roundtable   TC   Microsoft                 2   Saturday              60 mins
                  Jeff Hensel - Microsoft

                                                           1:30pm -
Roundtable   BI   David Eichner             3   Sunday                60 mins

                                                           1:30pm -
Workshop     AC   Jesse Byam                3   Sunday                60 mins

                                                           3:00pm -
Roundtable   AC   Jenn Schoemer             4   Sunday                60 mins

                                                           3:00pm -
Workshop     BI   Mark Polino               4   Sunday                60 mins
                                                         3:00pm -
Roundtable   PM   Sandy Wyman               4   Sunday              60 mins

                                                         3:00pm -
Workshop     TC   Joe Tews                  4   Sunday              60 mins

                                                         4:30pm -
Roundtable   AC   Joe Tews                  5   Sunday              60 mins

                                                         4:30pm -
Roundtable   BI   Mark Polino               5   Sunday              60 mins

                  Christina Phillips/Lori                4:30pm -
Workshop     PM                             5   Sunday              60 mins
                  Thalman                                5:30pm
                                               4:30pm -
Roundtable   TC   David Eichner   5   Sunday              60 mins

                                               8:30am -
Roundtable   AC   Joe Tews        6   Monday              60 mins

                                               8:30am -
Workshop     BI   John Dadian     6   Monday              60 mins
                 Christina Phillips/Lori                8:30am -
 Workshop   PM                             6   Monday              60 mins
                 Thalman                                9:30am

                                                        8:30am -
 Workshop   TC   Mark Rockwell             6   Monday              60 mins

                                                        9:45am -
 Workshop   AC   Joe Tews                  7   Monday              60 mins

                                                        9:45am -
Workshop    BI   John Dadian               7   Monday              60 mins
                  Christina Phillips/Lori                9:45am -
Roundtable   PM                             7   Monday               60 mins
                  Thalman                                10:45am

                                                         9:45am -
Workshop     TC   Mark Polino               7   Monday               60 mins

                                                         11:00am -
Roundtable   AC   Joe Tews                  8   Monday               60 mins

                                                         11:00am -
Roundtable   BI   John Dadian               8   Monday               60 mins
                                               11:00am -
Roundtable   TC   Mark Rockwell   8   Monday               60 mins
                                                  Application       Technical
Break Out Slot     Day            Time            Consultant        Consultant             PM/Exec            BI

                                                                   Consulting: Ultimate Efficiency
                                                 GP Skills all                                           Management
                                                                  and Effectiveness - An Executive
                                                 Consultants                                              Reporter
      1          Saturday    3:30pm - 4:30pm     should know

                                                   McAdam                       Wyman                      Moseley
                                                 Everything an
                                                                               How do we best
                                                App Consultant
                                                                                  work with           Business
                                                needs to know Dynamics CRM
                                                                                 Microsoft to Intelligence/Repo
                                                     about       Integration -
                                                                                  influence      rting Workshop –
      2          Saturday    5:00pm - 6:00pm     Development     Roundtable
                                                                                   missing              Part I
                                                Tools (But was
                                                 afraid to ask)
                                                                                   ategy in
                                                                                Dynamics GP?
                                                    Rockwell                        Byam               Eichner
                                                                                                     rting Best
                                                                ISV Roundup
      3          Sunday      1:30pm - 2:30pm                                                          Practices
                                                                                                    Roundtable –
                                                                                                        Part I
                                                                     Byam                              Eichner

                                                                                Moving the
                                                                               Customer from       Business
                                                Security - Best   SQL Server
                                                                                Satisfied to  Intelligence/Repo
                                                  Practices        2008 and
      4          Sunday      3:00pm - 4:00pm                                   Evangelize - A rting Workshop –
                                                 Roundtable     SQLServer 2008
                                                                                Roundtable           Part II

                                                  Schoemer             Tews                Wyman            Polino
                                                Business Portal                       Surestep
                                                                    Extender                               rting Best
                                                Best Practices                       Methodology
                                                                   Roundtable                               Practices
      5          Sunday      4:30pm - 5:30pm      Roundtable                             101
                                                                                                         Roundtable –
                                                                                                              Part II
                                                     Tews             Eichner                               Polino
                                                 Workflow for
                                                  Dynamics        T-SQL: Basic        Surestep
                                                                                                        SSRS: Basic -
                                                   GP 2010        and Advanced       Methodology
      6          Monday      8:30am - 9:30am    Best Practices      Workshop             102
                                                     Tews            Rockwell                        Dadian
                                                                                    Sure Step
                                                                     Support       Roundtable:
                                                  Sharepoint                                     SSRS: Advanced -
                                                                  Debugging Tool Implementation
                                                  Workshop                                          Workshop
      7          Monday     9:45am - 10:45am                          for GP      Methodology
                                                                                  Best Practices
                                                     Tews             Polino                         Dadian
                                                 Sharepoint                                              SSRS - Best
                                                Best Practices                   SaaS                     Practices
      8          Monday     11:00am - 12:00pm
                                                 Roundable                                               Roundtable
                                                     Tews                       Rockwell                    Dadian
GP Partner Connections
Conference Agenda

Saturday, October 23
Conference Opening General Session              02:00 pm - 03:30 pm
Workshops and Training – Session #1             03:30 pm - 04:30 pm
Break                                           04:30 pm - 05:00 pm
Workshops and Training – Session #2             05:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Welcome Reception                               07:00 pm – 10:00pm

Sunday, October 24
Networking Lunch                                12:00 pm – 01:30 pm
Workshops and Training – Session #3             01:30 pm - 02:30 pm
Break                                           02:30 pm - 03:00 pm
Workshops and Training – Session #4             03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Break                                           04:00 pm - 04:30 pm
Workshops and Training – Session #5             04:30 pm - 05:30 pm
After Hours Networking                          06:30 pm - 09:30 pm

Monday, October 25
Networking Breakfast                            07:30 am - 08:30 am
Workshops and Training – Session #6             08:30 am - 09:30 am
Break                                           09:30 am - 09:45 am
Workshops and Training – Session #7             09:45 am - 10:45 am
Break                                           10:45 am - 11:00 am
Workshops and Training – Session #8             11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Closing General Session & Lunch                 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
Optional GP Training Courses*                   01:00 pm - 05:00 pm
GPPC Planning Session (all invited)**           01:30 pm – 02:00 pm

* Optional GP Training Courses are half day Instructor led full curriculum courses. There are extra course fees associated with
** The GPPC Planning session is open to anyone. The agenda for this meeting will include designing the content for the upcom
ra course fees associated with these. Please email for more information.
gning the content for the upcoming year.

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