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					                             DRAFT MINUTES
                           DENVER, COLORADO
                               MAY 17, 2007

Call to Order:
Chairman Ken Stielow called the meeting to order at 9:45 a.m. and asked for self-

Members Present:
     Ken Stielow, Chairman                    Gary Voogt, Vice Chairman
     Dave Bateman                             Alan Albright
     Carl Crabtree                            David Dick
     Jack Cowley                              Brian Healey
     Dan Dierschke                            Bill Jackson
     Glenn Eberly                             Laurie Lickley
     Merrill Karlen                           Sid Sumner
     Neil Kayser                              Craig Uden
     Don Stewart                              Helen Wiese
     Lucinda Williams

Members Absent:
     Jim Wilson

Guests Present:
      Virginia Coelho, CBB                    Jay O’Brien, CBB
      Keith Hansen, NCBA                      Wendy Pettz, ANCW
      Don Hullman, CBB                        Mark Riechers, CBB
      Barry Jennings, SDBIC                   Sugie Sartwelle, CBB
      Randal Jones, USDA/AMS                  Craig Shackelford, USDA/AMS
      Tom Jones, CBB                          Wayne Watkinson, Legal Counsel
      Kristy Lage, CBB, ANCW                  Fita Witte, ANCW

Staff Present:
       Scharee Atchison, NLPA                 Diane Henderson, CBB
       Bridget Baird, NCBA                    Jim Henger, NCBA
       Steve Barratt, CBB                     Rick Husted, NCBA
       Mandy Carr, NCBA                       Susan Lambert, NCBA
       Cheri Delgado, CBB                     John Lundeen, NCBA
       Tim Downey, NCBA                       Rick McCarty, NCBA
       Kim Essex, NCBA                        Tracey Orsburn, NLPA
       Kendal Frazier, NCBA                   Rich Otley, CBB
       Ashby Green, NCBA                      Tom Ramey, CBB
       Bucky Gwartney, NCBA                   Bo Reagan, NCBA
       Lynn Heinze, USMEF                     Don Ricketts, NCBA
Staff Present (continued from previous page):
       Martin Roth, NCBA                     Mark Thomas, NCBA
       Terry Stokes, NCBA                    Mary Young, NCBA

Quorum Established
Chairman Stielow declared a quorum was present to conduct business.

Agenda Approved
David Dick moved and Sid Sumner seconded approval of the agenda as presented.
Motion passed.

Minutes Approved
Lucinda Williams moved and Dave Bateman seconded approval of the March 14-15,
2007 minutes. Motion passed.

Financial Report
Neil Kayser, CBB Secretary/Treasurer, presented the Beef Board’s financial statements
for the period ending April 2007. He reported that import assessments were down 19
percent due to the decrease in imports and the change in the import assessment formula.
Mr. Kayser also estimated that there will be less F.R.O.E.’s going into the budget for FY
2008. Don Stewart reported that import total pounds have decreased slightly due to the
value of the dollar decreasing and other exports to the Pacific Rim.

Evaluation Update
Evaluation Committee Chair Carl Crabtree reported on the Beef Quality Assurance
program activities.

Mr. Crabtree presented the 2008 Evaluation Strategic Plan and budget, which includes a
proposed budget increase of $10,000.

Mr. Rich Otley reported on the recent meeting of the Beef Demand Study Group 2, which
met in Kansas City on April 26, 2007. The Study Group has requested a series of
recommended actions and the estimate of costs which may be incurred, from John
Lundeen, NCBA.

Mr. Otley also reported that the mid-year Evaluation Reports were near completion.

Action on FY 2008 Evaluation Plan and Budget
Jack Cowley moved and David Dick seconded a motion to accept the Evaluation
Strategic Plan and Budget as presented. Motion passed.
Presentation of Amended Authorization Request
Chairman Stielow introduced Mark Thomas, NCBA, to present a request to amend
Foodservice Marketing AR P-05-2007. An amendment would move funds from
Strategy 2 Tactic 2A to Strategy 1 Tactic 1A, making it possible to renew the $50,000
ServSafe Sponsorship.

Dave Bateman moved and Don Stewart seconded a motion to approve the amendment of
AR P-05-2007 as presented. Motion passed.

Budget History
Tom Ramey reviewed a history of the budget, the calculation of CBB’s funds available
for budgeting in fiscal year 2008, along with a summary of the fiscal year planning

Presentation of Proposed FY 2008 AR Format
Tom Ramey asked the committee members if they had any questions on the proposed
FY 2008 AR Format which was presented during the Budget Committee meeting.

Lucinda Williams moved and Dave Bateman seconded a motion to include the
explanation of the FY 2008 Form with each proposal and to all contractors. Motion

Action on FY 2008 Budget Recommendation
Don Stewart, Vice Chair of the Joint Budget Committee, presented the Budget
Committee’s recommendations totaling $48.87 million.

Don Stewart moved and Dan Dierschke seconded a motion to approve the budget
recommendations as presented. Motion passed.

Laurie Lickley moved and David Dick seconded a motion to recommend the 2008
proposed budget to the full Beef Board. Motion passed.

Progress Reports
Chairman Stielow indicated that progress reports were printed in the book and asked the
committee members if they had any questions.

Other Business
Chairman Stielow reported the next Operating Committee meeting would be held
September 19-20, 2007 in Denver, CO.

Mr. Stielow reported that there is a video conference call scheduled by USMEF on
Tuesday, July 17 from 4-6 p.m. which the Operating Committee is invited to attend. The
USMEF would like to provide more background information to the Operating
Committee. Chairman Stielow requested the CBB staff add the Operating Committee
members to the USMEF email newsletter, and send all members a copy of the Strategic
Market Profile.
Mr. Stielow indicated that a web site reference list is included in the book.

The Operating Committee requested a copy of the most recent school surplus food list.
The Operating Committee also requested the results of the advertising data from John
Lundeen as reported at the Beef Demand Study Group 2 in Kansas City in April.

Having no further business, Laurie Lickley moved and Bill Jackson seconded a motion to
adjourn. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

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