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Your Guide to Banking Fees
Effective: 17 October 2008
Note: Where you have been provided with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in respect of the particular Investment and
      Transaction Account you have with us and/or the particular facility (Phone Banking or Bankwest Debit Cards, including
      MasterCard Debit Cards) you are applying for, this fee brochure forms part of that PDS.

What are the main charges?
We charge two main types of charges other than product related fees - Bank fees and Government taxes.
Bank fees are charged to cover the cost of processing transactions and providing a wide range of convenient services. This
 brochure details Bankwest’s most common Bank fees. Bankwest fees are charged on a “pay as you use” basis, so that as a
 customer you only pay for the services you actually use.
Government taxes may be imposed by legislation on certain accounts and transaction types.

Section One – Bank Services & Applicable Fees
Bankwest provides a wide range of financial services for your convenience. This section lists the most frequently requested
services, outlines their uses and the cost to you. Unless otherwise stated, the following services are available to Bankwest
customers only.

Account Garnishment Fee                                             Repurchase of draft issued in Australian or      $30.00
For each garnishee processed on an account                $75.00    Overseas currency. (Overseas currency drafts are
                                                                    repurchased at the Telegraphic Transfer rate of
                                                                    exchange) Plus out of pocket expenses (if any)
Bank Audit Certificate
                                                                    Reissue of a draft – lost or stolen                                 $30.00
Certificate supplied by Bankwest                          $35.00    Plus cost of new draft plus Agent Bank charges (if any)

Bank Cheques                                                        Bills for Collection
Bank cheques are cheques drawn by the Bank on itself.               A fee will apply if you wish Bankwest to negotiate a payment
They can provide a safer way of making payments.                    on your behalf.
(For more information on bank cheques refer to the Bank’s booklet   Funds inward
“Banking Services Rights and Obligations”.)
                                                                    Promissory Notes, Local clean, Documentary bills                    $12.00
Purchased by a Bankwest Reward or Teen                     $7.50    Others                                                               Free
Scheme customer
                                                                    Funds outward
Purchased by other Bankwest customers                     $10.00
                                                                    Close an account                                                    $10.00
                                                                    Others                                                               Free
Bank Cheques repurchased or replaced
Repurchased by Bankwest on behalf of a                    $20.00    BPAY ® Error Correction Fee
                                                                    To correct errors on your nominated account due                     $35.00
Replacement by Bankwest on behalf of:                               to incorrect BPAY instructions
 Reward or Teen Scheme customer                           $27.50    Note: This fee will be waived where it is determined that
 Other Bankwest customers                                 $30.00    either the Bank or the BPAY system has caused the issue to
If the original Bank cheque is not returned an indemnity is
                                                                    Cheque Stop Payments
Indemnity Stamp Duty                                       $5.00
                                                                    Cheque stop payments are used when you ask for your
                                                                    cheque/s to be cancelled. These fees apply to lost and
Bank Drafts                                                         stolen cheques, however the fee will be refunded in full on
A bank draft is a cheque drawn on a foreign bank and may            receipt of a police report.
be useful for making payments or sending money overseas.            (For more information on cheque stop payments refer to Bankwest’s
                                                                    booklet “Banking Services Rights and Obligations”.)
Issued in Australian or overseas currency                 $25.00
                                                                    Stop payment on an issued cheque                                    $15.00
Issued via periodical payment                             $19.40
Plus postage                                                        Stop payment on a range of cheques                                  $25.00

                                                                        Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

                                                                                                                                     Version 24.0
                                                                                                                                 17 October 2008
Closure of a Bankwest Account                                       Foreign / Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Deposits
Closing a Bankwest account at a Bankwest               Free         Deposits via the Real Time Gross Settlement
Customer Service Centre                                             System, SWIFT Network, or Telex System                       $10.00
Closing a Bankwest account via another bank           $10.00        Foreign Currency Cheques – Purchased
                                                                    Negotiated cheques, drafts and warrants (per item)           $15.00
Coin Bags                                                           Deposit of HM Paymaster or US Treasury
To purchase canvas coin bag                            $2.15        cheques as uncleared funds                                     Free
                                                                    (Automatic clearing period of 30 working days applies)

Counting of Coin                                                    Deposit of HM Paymaster or US Treasury
                                                                    cheques as cleared funds                                      $5.00
If counted for a Bankwest account holder               Free
                                                                    Foreign cheques deposited to a Reward Account                  Free
If counted for a non-Bankwest account holder
(per hour (Minimum of 10% of amount counted)          $60.00        Foreign cheques sent for collection                          $40.00
                                                                    (plus courier costs and Agent Bank charges - if any)

Credit Transfers                                                    Dishonoured due to lack of funds or post dated               $35.00
                                                                    (plus Agent Bank charges - if any)
Credit transfers are used to transfer funds to other banks
within Australia.
                                                                    Internet Banking
Transfers via the clearing system to other
                                                                    With Bankwest Online Banking, Bankwest’s 24 hour, 7 days
banks within Australia (per transfer)                   $5.00
                                                                    a week Internet banking service, you can transfer funds from
Transfers by warrant to any bank within                             your Bankwest accounts, pay bills and perform account
Australia by mail (per transfer)                      $10.00        enquiries from the comfort of your own home.
Transfers by warrant to any bank                      $70.00        Account enquiries                                             Free
within Australia by staff (per hour)               min $35.00
                                                                    Transfer funds between your own accounts                      Free

Customer Trace Fee                                                  Transfer funds from any of your nominated accounts with us
                                                                    via Pay AnyBody to:
Payable on each occasion on which the                 $10.00
Bank has to locate you during the period                            Another person’s account (except a credit card                $0.25
the account is in default                                           account) held with us or with another financial             per payment
                                                                    institution; or
Debit Card Replacement Fee                                          Another account (except a credit card account)                $0.25
                                                                    held by you with another financial institution              per payment
To provide a replacement Debit Card (per card)        $15.00
                                                                    Bill Payment via BPAY                                         $0.20
Note: This fee will be waived where the card has been                                                                           per payment
stolen (police report required) or is damaged.
                                                                    Mail Deposit Fee – No Deposit Slip
Deposit Books
                                                                    When you make a deposit via mail and do not                   $5.00
Small                                                  Free         provide a deposit slip                                      per deposit
Medium                                                 $4.50
Large                                                  $6.00
                                                                    MasterCard Debit Card Emergency
                                                                    Replacement Fee
Direct Debit Stop Fee                                               To produce a card on short notice when the
                                                                    Cardholder is travelling overseas (per card)                $100.00
If you request Bankwest to stop the payment of a direct debit
from your account.
                                                                    Pay Envelopes
Direct Debit Stop Fee                                 $15.00
                                                                    To purchase pay envelopes (per box of 500)                   $30.75
Financial Markets Service Fees
                                                                    Periodical Payments
International Fax Fee                                  $5.00
                                                                    If you have regular financial commitments (eg housing loans,
                                                                    health insurance, etc) a periodical payment is an easy and
Foreign Currency (cash)                                             convenient method of automating these transactions.
When you wish to convert Australian Dollars to a foreign            Between Bankwest accounts:
currency or to convert foreign currency to Australian Dollars,
Bankwest can convert most currencies requested.                       In the same name                                            Free
Conversion of Australian Dollars to Foreign            1.00%          In different names                                          $2.20
Currency                                               of the AUD     (per payment)
($5.00 minimum per currency)                           amount
                                                                    To an account at another financial institution
Conversion of Foreign Currency to Australian
                                                                      (per payment)                                               $4.80
Dollars                                             $7.50
Exemptions: These fees do not apply to certain accounts.
Refer to the relevant Product Schedule for details.

                                                                                                                               Version 24.0
                                                                                                                           17 October 2008
Salary Schedule Fee – Electronic Funds Transfer                        Sweep Facility Fee
Transfer fee per schedule                                $5.00         Sweep facility enables automatic transfer of
  Plus                                                                 funds between accounts (per sweep)                            $0.50
Individual pay transaction to Bankwest account           $1.00
                                                                       Tax Information Printout
Individual pay transaction to non-Bankwest account       $5.00
                                                                       Supply a statement of interest earned on your                  Free
                                                                       accounts for the financial year.
Search for Transaction Records
When you wish to confirm a transaction you may request a               Telegraphic Transfers
copy of the transaction document or voucher (eg cheques,
Personal accounts, credit card vouchers, teller records)               Telegraphic transfers (T/T) are another method of transferring
                                                                       funds quickly to banks overseas.
One voucher requested                                   $12.00
                                                                       To overseas or domestic Banks in Australian or
More than one voucher requested (per voucher)            $8.00         overseas currency (per item)                          $20.00*
Note: If the search shows a Bankwest error the fee is waived.                                           *plus cable costs of $15.00
                                                                       Query or follow up message for Telegraphic Transfer
Searches                                                               (Cancellation, amendment, beneficiary claims non-receipt,
                                                                       confirmation of credit to beneficiary’s account, etc)        $25.00
Search Handling fee - for completion of any
search conducted by the Bank (per search)               $40.00         Each subsequent query or follow up message will incur an
                                                                       additional charge of $15.00 plus other out of pocket
Search Fee - Company Search                                            expenses and Agent Fees at cost
    Current - Fresh Search                               $9.15*
              Re-use of prior search data                $4.65*
                                                                       Telephone Banking
     Historical - Fresh Search                          $17.95*
                  Re-use of prior search data           $13.45*        With Phone Banking, Bankwest’s 24 hour, 7 days a week
                                                                       telephone banking service, you can transfer funds between
Search Fee - Business Name Registration Search                         your Bankwest accounts, pay bills and perform account
     NSW                                      $16.51*                  enquiries from the comfort of your own home.
     VIC                                      $17.79*                  Account enquiries via a Customer Help centre                  $1.00
     QLD                                      $18.52*                  operator (above 2 per month per account)
     SA                                       $24.72*                  Transfer funds between your own accounts, via a               $1.00
     WA                                       $ 8.62*                  Customer Help centre operator
     TAS                                      $22.10*                  Transfer funds between your own accounts or                    Free
     ACT                                      $23.54*                  Account Balance enquiries via telephone banking
     NT                                       $14.26*                  Bill payment via telephone banking BPAY                       $0.20
*plus Search Handling Fee
                                                                       Travellers Cheques
Special Answer or Clearance
                                                                       If you wish to buy a travellers cheque                        1.00%
When you need to clear a cheque quickly you may request a                                                                          of the AUD
special answer.                                                                                                                    amount
                                                                                                                                   min $10.00
When a telegraphic, phone, fax or mail advice is        $16.00
required.                                                              If you wish to cash a travellers cheque that was               Free
                                                                       originally purchased through Bankwest or
When a bank officer is employed                         $70.00         proceeds are credited to a Bankwest account
(per hour)                                           min $35.00
                                                                       If you wish to cash a travellers cheque in any              $10.00
                                                                       other circumstance
For each statement sent to an overseas address           $2.00         Unclaimed Monies Fee
For each statement forwarded to a branch for             $5.00         For unclaimed monies remitted to the Australian Securities
collection                                                             and Investments Commissions (ASIC) in accordance with
For each statement returned from an unknown             $10.00         the Banking Act 1959.
address                                                                For each account closed                                      $25.00
Additional statements printed with the original          $4.00
(includes faxes)                                       per statement

A copy of a previously issued statement                  $7.50
                                                                       Section Two - Government Taxes
                                                       per statement   There are currently no Government taxes on bank
                                                                       deposit accounts.
A fax of a previously issued statement                   $4.00*
*This fee is in addition to the previously issued statement fee
(i.e. $7.50 + $4.00)

The banking fees and charges in this document are current as at17 October 2008. The Bank may change fees and charges and introduce new
         fees and charges at its discretion subject to any applicable laws and codes relating to banking and electronic funds transfer.
                     For any further information visit or call the Customer Help Centre on 13 17 18

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