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									NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Job Title                                        Band or Band Range
       Access Control/Cashless System Administrator     Band 3
       Accommodation Services Manager                   Band 7
       Administration Manager                           Band 6
       Administration Officer                           Band 4
       Administration Secretary                         Band 3
       Administration Support Officer                   Band 4
       Administrative Assistant                         Band 2 - 3
       AfC Administrator                                Band 3
       Agenda for Change Project Facilitator            Band 6
       AHP Advisor                                      Band 7
       Apheresis Donor Carer                            Band 4
       Apheresis Nurse                                  Band 5 - 6
       Apheresis Team Manager                           Band 7
       Application Support Officer                      Band 6
       Application Support Specialist                   Band 5
       Assistant Accomodation Services Mgr              Band 6
       Assistant Accountant                             Band 5
       Assistant Business Support Officer               Band 3
       Assistant Buyer                                  Band 4
       Assistant Director                               Band 8c
       Assistant Estates Manager                        Band 6
       Assistant Financial Support Manager              Band 5
       Assistant Hazard Co-ordinator                    Band 4
       Assistant Head of Group                          Band 8b
       Assistant Librarian                              Band 5
       Assistant Management Accountant                  Band 4 - 5
       Assistant Operations Manager                     Band 5 - 6
       Assistant Payment Manager                        Band 4
       Assistant Payments Supervisor                    Band 4
       Assistant Planner                                Band 3
       Assistant Procurement Manager                    Band 5
       Assistant Project Manager                        Band 6
       Assistant Registration Manager                   Band 4
       Assistant Storekeeper                            Band 3
       Assistant Team Manager                           Band 5
       Audio Typist / Admin Assistant                   Band 3
       Audit Assistant                                  Band 3
       Authorised Person                                Band 6
       Authorising Engineer (Decontamination) (AE(D))   Band 7
       Batch Preparation / Scanning Operator            Band 3
       BBV & STI Surveillance Manager                   Band 6
       Biological Services Manager                      Band 8b
       Biomedical Scientist - Training Officer          Band 6
       Biomedical Scientist (BMS 3)                     Band 8a
       Biomedical Scientist (BMS1)                      Band 6
       Biomedical Scientist (BMS2)                      Band 7
       Blood Stock Information Analyst                  Band 5
       Board & AP Secretary                             Band 5
       Bone Bank Co-ordinator                           Band 6 - 7
       Business Analyst                                 Band 7
       Business & Procurement Advisor                   Band 5
       Business Application Support Assistant           Band 3
       Business Application Support Manager             Band 8a
       Business Application Support Officer             Band 7
       Business Assurance Manager                       Band 6
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Business Change Co-ordinator                      Band 6
       Business Change Manager                           Band 6 - 7
       Business Change Principal                         Band 8b
       Business Development Contracts Co-ordinator       Band 4
       Business Excellence Coordinator                   Band 5
       Business Excellence Manager                       Band 7
       Business Manager                                  Band 5
       Business Manager - Finance                        Band 8a
       Business Office Manager                           Band 6
       Business Services Assistant                       Band 3
       Business Services Manager                         Band 6
       Business Services Supervisor                      Band 4
       Business Support Coordinator                      Band 5 - 6
       Business Support Manager                          Band 5 - 6
       Business Support Officer                          Band 3 - 4
       Business Systems Analyst                          Band 6
       Business Systems Architect                        Band 8a
       Business Systems Manager                          Band 6
       Business User Group Administrator                 Band 5
       Business User Group Co-Ordinator                  Band 6
       Buyer, Medical Equipment & Services               Band 6
       Cancer Definitions Manager                        Band 6
       Cancer Genetics Genealogist                       Band 5
       Cancer Information Officer                        Band 5
       Cancer Information Support Officer                Band 4
       Cancer Quality Assurance Co-ordinator             Band 5
       Cancer Registration & Quality Manager             Band 6
       Capital Projects Advisor                          Band 8a
       Capital Projects Manager                          Band 8b
       Case Manager                                      Band 5
       Cashier                                           Band 3
       Catalogue Manager                                 Band 4
       Category Manager                                  Band 8b
       Catering Assistant                                Band 1
       Catering Manager                                  Band 6
       Change Control Officer                            Band 4
       Charge Nurse                                      Band 7
       CHD & Stroke Project Manager                      Band 8a
       CHI Quality Co-ordinator                          Band 5
       CHI Quality Officer                               Band 3
       Chief Pharmaceutical Adviser, National Services   Band 9
       Clerical Officer                                  Band 2 -3
       Clinical Administration Co-ordinator              Band 5
       Clinical Administration Secretary                 Band 3
       Clinical and Scientific Information Manager       Band 6
       Clinical Apheresis Unit Nurse Manager             Band 7
       Clinical Coding & Data Support Officer            Band 4
       Clinical Coding Tutor                             Band 6
       Clinical Coordinator National Audit Team          Band 7
       Clinical Datasets Support Manager                 Band 6
       Clinical Governance & Probity Manager             Band 8a
       Clinical Information Standards Manager            Band 8b
       Clinical Lab Manager                              Band 8b
       Clinical Laboratory Secretary                     Band 4
       Clinical Office Manager                           Band 5
       Clinical Scientist                                Band 7 - 8b
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Clinical Services Medical Secretary                           Band 4
       Clinical Trials Co-ordinator                                  Band 8a
       Collection Resource Manager                                   Band 5
       Commissioning Officer                                         Band 7
       Committee Secretary                                           Band 5
       Commodity Manager                                             Band 6
       Commodity Specialist                                          Band 4
       Communications & Support Manager                              Band 7
       Communications and Patient Fraud Manager                      Band 8a
       Communications Assistant                                      Band 3
       Communications Manager                                        Band 6 - 7
       Communications Officer                                        Band 4 - 5
       Compliance Officer                                            Band 7
       Components or Testing Manager                                 Band 8a
       Conference Assistant                                          Band 3
       Conference Centre Manager                                     Band 6
      Conference Co-ordinator (Facility & Technical Supp) (General   Band 5
       Conference Support Assistant                                  Band 2
       Confidentiality Policy Team Leader                            Band 8a
       Configuration Manager - SCI & Gpass (Post 2)                  Band 6
       Consultant Clinical Microbiologist/ Head of MRU               Band 8d
       Consultant Clinical Scientist (Immunologist)                  Band 8d
       Consultant Clinical Scientist: Histocompatibility             Band 8c
       Consultant in Environmental Health/Head of Group              Band 8d
       Consultant Level Research Scientist                           Band 8c - 8d
       Consultant Nurse Epidemiologist                               Band 8d
       Contract Executive                                            Band 5
       Contracts & Maintenance Support Assistant                     Band 4
       Contracts and Services Assistant                              Band 4
       Contracts and Services Manager                                Band 6
       Contracts Manager, Business Development                       Band 7
       Convention Assistant                                          Band 3 - 4
       Convention Co-ordinator                                       Band 5
       Convention Management Administrator                           Band 4
       Convention Manager                                            Band 7
       Cook                                                          Band 2
       Cord Blood Bank Nurse Co-ordinator                            Band 6
       Corporate Analyst                                             Band 8b
       Corporate Office Administrator                                Band 4
       Corporate Operations Manager                                  Band 8b
       Corporate Programme Office Project Portfolio Manager          Band 8a
       Corporate Records Manager                                     Band 5
       Corporate Standards - HR Advisor                              Band 6
       Courses & Conferences Co-ordinator                            Band 4
       Credit Controller                                             Band 5
       Customer Information Manager                                  Band 5
       Customer Relations Manager                                    Band 6
       Customer Service Advisor                                      Band 2
       Customer Service Desk Analyst                                 Band 5
       Customer Service Desk Manager                                 Band 6
       Customer Service Help Desk Advisor                            Band 3
       Customer Service Publications Officer                         Band 5
       Customer Services Manager                                     Band 6 - 7
       Customer Services Officer                                     Band 4 - 5
       Customer Services Team Section Manager                        Band 6
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Data Support Officer                                Band 4
       Data Administration Manager                         Band 6
       Data and Terminology Development Officer            Band 5
       Data Capture Operator                               Band 2
       Data Co-ordinator                                   Band 6
       Data Development Manager                            Band 6 - 7
       Data Development Officer                            Band 4 - 5
       Data Manager                                        Band 5
       Data Monitoring Analyst                             Band 5
       Data Monitoring Analyst/ File Manager               Band 6
       Data Monitoring Manager                             Band 7
       Data Processing Manager                             Band 6
       Data Processing Officer                             Band 3
       Data Processing Team leader                         Band 5
       Data Protection Officer and Info Security Officer   Band 6
       Data Quality Adviser / Analyst                      Band 5
       Data Quality Assistant                              Band 3
       Data Quality Assurance Manager                      Band 7
       Data Quality Co-ordinator                           Band 5
       Data Quality Co-ordinator/Ass. Reg. Man.            Band 4
       Data Support Officer                                Band 2
       Data Support Supervisor                             Band 4
       Data Systems Manager                                Band 5
       Database Administrator                              Band 4
       Database Developer /Administrator                   Band 5
       Database Manager                                    Band 6
       Database QA Officer                                 Band 5
       Datasets Development Officer                        Band 5
       Decontamination Facilities Advisor                  Band 8b
       Definitions and Standards Manager                   Band 6
       Definitions Support Manager                         Band 6
       Dental Data Admin Officer                           Band 3
       Dental Data Admin Team Leader                       Band 4
       Dental Monitoring Co-ordinator                      Band 6
       Dental Payment Finance Team Manager                 Band 5
       Dental Payments Finance Officer                     Band 4
       Dental Payments Finance Section Manager             Band 7
       Department Manager (Service Delivery)               Band 8a
       Departmental Administrator                          Band 4 - 5
       Departmental Secretary                              Band 4
       Deputy Legal Adviser/Team Leader                    Band 8d
       Deputy Manager Validation                           Band 8a
       Deputy National Donor Services Manager              Band 8c
       Deputy National Emergencies Planning Officer        Band 6
       Deputy National Standards Manager                   Band 6
       Deputy Payroll Manager                              Band 6
       Deputy Programme Office Manager                     Band 5
       Deputy Regional Financial Services Manager          Band 7
       Deputy Team Manager                                 Band 6
       Developer                                           Band 6
       Development Web Master                              Band 6
       Director of Property and Capital Planning           Band 8d
       Director of Engineering and Environment             Band 8d
       Distribution Assistant                              Band 3
       Document Processing Group leader                    Band 5
       Document Processing Manager                         Band 5
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Document Processing Team Leader                          Band 4
       Domestic Assistant                                       Band 1
       Domestic Services Manager                                Band 5
       Domestic Supervisor                                      Band 3
       Domestic Team Leader                                     Band 2
       Donor Administration Co-ordinator                        Band 4
       Donor Carer (L1)                                         Band 2
       Donor Carer (L3)                                         Band 3
       Donor Carer Driver (L3)                                  Band 4
       Donor Communications Support Officer                     Band 2
       Donor Publicity & National Communications Officer        Band 5
       Donor Recruitment Manager                                Band 7
       Donor Services Assistant Office Manager                  Band 5
       Donor Services Manager                                   Band 8a
       Donor Services Office Manager                            Band 6
       Donor Services Planning Assistant                        Band 3
       Donor Services Project Co-ordinator                      Band 6
       Donor Services Receptionist                              Band 2
       Donor Services Recruitment Officer                       Band 5
       Donor Services Support Officer                           Band 3
       Donor Team Supplies Officer                              Band 2
       Donor Team Supplies Supervisor                           Band 3
       Draughtsperson                                           Band 7
       Driver West                                              Band 3
       Driver/Laboratory Assistant                              Band 2
       e-Health Intelligence and Research Analyst Allocations   Band 6
       eLinks Project Manager                                   Band 7
       Emergency Planning Officer                               Band 8a
       Employee Relations & Policy Advisor                      Band 7
       Energy & Climate Change Manager                          Band 8c
       Energy Manager                                           Band 8b
       Engineering & Technology Manager                         Band 8a
       Enviornmental Health Advisor T/L                         Band 8b - 8c
       Environmental Health Advisor                             Band 8a
       e-Pharmacy Customer Service Helpdesk Manager             Band 5
       E-Pharmacy Customer Service Team Leader                  Band 5
       e-Pharmacy Registration Advisor                          Band 3
       e-Pharmacy Registration Manager                          Band 5
       Epidemiologist                                           Band 7 - 8a
       Epidemiologist (Immunisation)                            Band 8c
       Epidemiologist/ Section Deputy                           Band 8c
       Epidemiologist/Statistician (Hepatitis C record li)      Band 6
       eProcurement Catalogue Manager                           Band 4
       eProcurement Support Manager                             Band 5
       Estates Maintenance Worker                               Band 4
       Estates Manager                                          Band 8a
       Estates Officer                                          Band 5
       ETB Project Manager                                      Band 8b
       EUB Customer Support Manager                             Band 5
       EUB Project Manager                                      Band 8c
       eVADIS Information Manager                               Band 8a
       eVadis Information Support Officer                       Band 4
       eVADIS Senior Pharmacist                                 Band 8a
       eVadis Team Leader                                       Band 6
       Evening Shift Group Leader                               Band 5
       Evening Shift Team Leader                                Band 4
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Executive Assistant                                           Band 5 - 6
       External Funding & Licensing Manager                          Band 8b
       Fee Charger/Law Accountant                                    Band 6
       Fee Charging Officer                                          Band 4
       Field Support Manager                                         Band 7
       Field Support Officer                                         Band 6
       Finance & Probity Manager                                     Band 7
       Finance Analyst                                               Band 5
       Finance Analyst/Specialist                                    Band 6
       Finance Assistant                                             Band 3
       Finance Officer (Higher Level)                                Band 4
       Finance Section Manager                                       Band 7
       Finance Systems Lead                                          Band 8a
       Financial & Administration Officer                            Band 5
       Financial Controller                                          Band 8a
       Financial Planning & Reporting Manager                        Band 7
       Financial Support Assistant                                   Band 3
       Financial Support Manager                                     Band 6
       FMIS Support Officer                                          Band 4
       Functional Support                                            Band 3
       General Assistant                                             Band 2
       General Office Administrator                                  Band 4
       Graphics Manager                                              Band 6
       Graphics Officer                                              Band 4
       Group Accountant                                              Band 8a
       Group Administrative Assistant                                Band 3
       Group Finance Manager                                         Band 7
       Group Finance Officer                                         Band 5
       Group Leader                                                  Band 5
       Group Operations Manager/Project Manager                      Band 8a
       HAI Project Administrator                                     Band 4
       Hazard Co-ordinator                                           Band 6
       HCV Clinical Database Manager                                 Band 6
       HCV/Cost Effective/Project Information Analyst/Statistician   Band 7
       Head Chef                                                     Band 4
       Head MLSO/ Lab Manager                                        Band 8a
       Head National Workforce Planning Team                         Band 7
       Head of Communications & Marketing                            Band 7
       Head of Components                                            Band 8b
       Head of Customer Relations                                    Band 8a
       Head Of Customer Support                                      Band 8b
       Head of Financial Planning                                    Band 8b
       Head of Financial Planning and reporting                      Band 8b
       Head Of Financial Planning & Strategy                         Band 8a
       Head of Group/ Consultant Nurse Epidemiologist                Band 8d
       Head of Healthy Working Lives                                 Band 8b
       Head of IT                                                    Band 8b
       Head of Process Improvement and Development                   Band 8a
       Head of Public Affairs                                        Band 8c
       Head of Purchasing & Sales                                    Band 8a
       Head of SNBTS Histocompatibility and Immunogenetic            Band 8c
       Head of Strategic Programme Office                            Band 8b
       Head of Testing                                               Band 8b
       Head of the NISG Business Advisory Group                      Band 8a
       Head of Unit                                                  Band 8d
       Head Office Archivist                                         Band 5
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Health & Safety Administrator                                Band 4
       Health & Safety Adviser                                      Band 6 - 7
       Health & Safety Co-ordinator                                 Band 8b
       Health & Safety Training Officer                             Band 6
       Health Care Assistant/Driver                                 Band 4
       Health Care Policy Manager Officer                           Band 7
       Health Information Consultant                                Band 8a - 8b
       Health Protection Facilitator                                Band 7
       Health Protection Scientist                                  Band 6
       Health Protection Scientist – Chemical & Environment         Band 7
       Health, Safety & Business Services Manager                   Band 6
       Helpdesk Analyst                                             Band 4
       Helpdesk Supervisor                                          Band 4
       HFS Research Manager                                         Band 8b
       HIV & HepC Surveillance Officer                              Band 4
       HR Administrative Assistant                                  Band 3
       HR Advisor                                                   Band 5
       HR Business Systems Developer                                Band 5
       HR Business Systems Tester / Trainer                         Band 4
       HR Manager                                                   Band 7
       HR Officer                                                   Band 4
       HR Officer (Support)                                         Band 3
       IM&T Project Co-ordinator                                    Band 4
       IM&T Customer Support Desk Manager                           Band 5
       IM&T Junior Production Technician                            Band 4
       IM&T Junior Technician                                       Band 4
       IM&T Manager                                                 Band 8a
       IM&T Principal Engineer                                      Band 7
       IM&T Production Technician                                   Band 5
       IM&T Senior Technician                                       Band 6
       IM&T Technician                                              Band 5
       Immunology Home Therapy Nurse                                Band 7
       Implementation And Compliance Manager                        Band 7
       Implementation Manager                                       Band 7
       Implementation Project Manager                               Band 8a
       Implementation Support Officer                               Band 5
       Incident Manager                                             Band 7
       Inducement Team Assistant                                    Band 4
       Inducement Team Coordinator                                  Band 4
       Inducement Team Manager                                      Band 6
       Information Analyst & Information Analysyt (HAI prevalence   Band 5
       Information Analyst / Researcher                             Band 5
       Information Analyst/Statistician                             Band 5
       Information and Projects Manager                             Band 7
       Information Consultant                                       Band 7
       Information Consultant/Senior Health Economist               Band 8b
       Information Governance Co-ordinator                          Band 8a
       Information Governance Development Manager                   Band 6
       Information Manager                                          Band 6
       Information Officer                                          Band 5
       Information Scientist                                        Band 5
       Information Security Officer                                 Band 6
       Information Services Manager                                 Band 7 - 8a
       Information Support Officer                                  Band 4
       Interviewer/ Analyst                                         Band 5
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Inventory Stock Controller                         Band 3
       Investigation Assistant                            Band 5
       Investigations Officer                             Band 4
       Investigative/ Adjustment Administrator            Band 5
       Investigative/ Adjustment Assistant                Band 2
       Investigator (Level 1)                             Band 6
       Investigator (Level 2)                             Band 7
       IS/IT Security Consultant                          Band 8c
       IT Senior Engineer                                 Band 7
       IT Services Contract Manager                       Band 5
       IT Systems Support Officer                         Band 5
       IT Training Officer                                Band 6
       Junior Software Tester                             Band 5
       Kitchen Porter                                     Band 1
       Knowledge Manager                                  Band 7
       KSF Co-ordinator                                   Band 5
       Laboratory Manager/National Training Manager       Band 7
       Lead Finance Manager                               Band 7
       Lead in Travel Health                              Band 8d
       Lead in Travel Medicine-Educ. & Clinical           Band 8a
       Lead Mammography Physicist                         Band 8c
       Lead Product Specialist - Imaging & Radiotherapy   Band 8c
       Learning and Development Facilitator               Band 5
       Learning Centre Administrator                      Band 4
       Learning Centre Manager                            Band 6
       Leased Car Manager                                 Band 5
       Ledger Controller                                  Band 4
       Legal Executive                                    Band 5
       Legal Librarian                                    Band 6
       Legal Personal Assistant                           Band 5
       Legal Secretary                                    Band 4
       Librarian                                          Band 6
       Librarian/ Weekly report Editor                    Band 5
       Library Assistant                                  Band 3
       Library Services Administrator                     Band 4
       Library Services Assistant                         Band 2
       Library Services Manager                           Band 6 - 7
       Mailroom Assistant/Officer                         Band 2
       Mailroom Supervisor                                Band 4
       Maintenance Coordinator                            Band 6
       Mammography Physicist / Product Specialist         Band 8b
       Management Accountant                              Band 7
       Manager - Validation & Associated Projects (ETB)   Band 8d
       Manager NC Services                                Band 7
       Master Data Controller                             Band 6
       Materials Planner                                  Band 5
       Materials Planning Manager                         Band 6
       Media Manager                                      Band 5
       Medical Info & Pharmacovigilance Manager           Band 8b
       Medical Laboratory Assistant                       Band 3
       Medical Records Manager                            Band 5
       Medical Secretary                                  Band 4 - 5
       Medical Technical Officer 1                        Band 5
       Monitoring Co-ordinator                            Band 5
       Monitoring Officer                                 Band 3
       Monitoring Team Leader                             Band 5
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Multimedia Officer                                     Band 4
       National Audit Manager                                 Band 8a
       National Audit Manager (STAG/SICSAG/SHFA)              Band 8b
       National Audit Officer                                 Band 5
       National Cancer Information Co-Ordinator               Band 7
       National Consultant Tissue Typings & Transplantation   Band 8d
       National Co-ordinator SASM                             Band 8a
       National Customer Relations Manager                    Band 7
       National Donor Publicity Manager                       Band 8a
       National Engineering Services Contract Manager         Band 8a
       National Engineering Services Manager                  Band 8a
       National Fire Safety Advisor                           Band 8a
       National Information Systems Quality Manager           Band 7
       National IT Services Contract Project Manager          Band 7
       National Logistics Manager                             Band 8c
       National Programme Officer                             Band 5
       National Quality Assurance Support Officer             Band 4
       National Service Redesign Facilitator                  Band 7
       National Standards Manager                             Band 8a
       National Technical Training Manager                    Band 8b
       National Tissue Services QA Manager                    Band 8b
       National Transport Manager                             Band 6
       NCDDP Programme Manager                                Band 7
       NES Systems Development Officer                        Band 5
       Network Support Manager                                Band 7
       NHS Director Pharmaceutical Care Model Scheme Deve     Band 8d
       NHS Information Advisor                                Band 7
       NISG Cirrus Programme Manager                          Band 8a
       NMRU Unit Secretary                                    Band 4
       NSD Project Manager                                    Band 8a
       NSS Account Manager                                    Band 7
       Nurse Consultant                                       Band 8c
       Nurse Epidemiologist                                   Band 7
       Nurse Specialist Travel Health Medicine                Band 6
       Nursing Advisor                                        Band 7
       Occupational Health and Safety Project Manager         Band 6
       Office Manager                                         Band 5
       Operations Assistant                                   Band 3
       Operations Co-ordinator                                Band 5
       Operations Manager                                     Band 7 - 8a
       Ophthalmic Payment Manager                             Band 5
       Ophthalmic Payment Officer                             Band 4
       Ophthalmics Team Leader                                Band 4
       Organisational Change & Communications Manager         Band 6
       Organisational Development Manager                     Band 7
       Orthodontic Investigations Co-ordinator                Band 5
       Outreach Manager                                       Band 6
       Outreach Policy Officer                                Band 5
       Oxygen Concentrator Co-ordinator                       Band 4
       Oxygen Concentrator Senior Co-ordinator                Band 5
       Partners Co-ordinator                                  Band 4
       Patient Claims Manager                                 Band 7
       Patient Claims Officer                                 Band 5
       Patient Claims Team Leader                             Band 5
       Payment Assistant                                      Band 3
       Payment Manager                                        Band 5
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Payment Verification / QMAS Manager                  Band 6
       Payment Verification Administrator                   Band 3
       Payment Verification Assistant Analyst               Band 4
       Payment Verification Manager                         Band 7
       Payment Verification Senior Analyst                  Band 6
       Payment Verification Supervisor                      Band 5
       Payments Assistant                                   Band 2
       Payroll Assistant                                    Band 3
       Payroll Manager                                      Band 7
       Payroll Officer                                      Band 4
       Payroll Team Leader                                  Band 5
       Performance Analyst                                  Band 5
       Performance Assurance Manager                        Band 7
       Personal Assistant                                   Band 4 - 5
       Personal Secretary                                   Band 4
       Pharmaceutical Adviser                               Band 8c
       Pharmaceutical Analyst                               Band 8a
       Pharmaceutical Engineering Technician                Band 5
       Pharmaceutical Workshop Technician                   Band 5
       Pharmacy Payments Advisor                            Band 3
       Pharmacy Payments Manager                            Band 5
       Pharmacy Payments/Pre-Payment Certificate Manager    Band 6
       Pharmacy Payments/Pre-Payment Certificate Team Lea   Band 4
       Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: Stem Cell Research    Band 8a
       PPC Refund Team Manager                              Band 5
       Pre-Payment Certificate Advisor                      Band 2
       Prepayment Certificate Officer                       Band 3
       Prescription Data Analyst                            Band 3
       Primary Care Project Manager                         Band 6
       Principal Architect                                  Band 8b
       Principal Business & Information Manager             Band 8b
       Principal Clinical Trials Coordinator                Band 8b
       Principal Engineer                                   Band 8b
       Principal Estates Advisor                            Band 8b
       Principal Pharmaceutical Analyst                     Band 8b
       Principal Pharmacist                                 Band 8b - 8c
       Principal Research Officer                           Band 7
       Principal Transfusion Data Analysis Manager          Band 7
       Principle Business & Information Manager             Band 8a
       Principle Clinical Scientist Project Co-ordinator    Band 8b
       Principle Finance Manager                            Band 7
       Principle Information Analyst/Statistician           Band 7
       Principle Trials Co-ordinator                        Band 8a
       Print Machine Operator                               Band 3
       Print Unit Manager                                   Band 5
       Prior Approval Officer                               Band 3
       Prior Approval Team Leader                           Band 5
       PRISMS Business Manager                              Band 7
       PRISMS Facilitator                                   Band 6
       Problem Manager                                      Band 6
       Process & Performance Manager                        Band 7
       Process & Technology Programme Manager               Band 8a
       Processing Manager                                   Band 6
       Procurement Co-ordinator                             Band 7
       Procurement Manager                                  Band 8a
       Procurement Planning Manager                         Band 6
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Product Specialist                                        Band 7
       Product Specialist, Laboratory / Project Manager          Band 8a
       Product Support Analyst                                   Band 6
       Product Support Manager                                   Band 7
       Production Manager                                        Band 7
       Production Web Master                                     Band 6
       Program Development Manager                               Band 7
       Programme Administrator                                   Band 4 - 5
       Programme Co-ordinator                                    Band 4
       Programme Development Manager – Equality & Diversi        Band 7
       Programme Manager                                         Band 8a
       Programme Office & Communications Manager                 Band 8a
       Programme Officer/ Principle Trainer                      Band 5
       Programme Planning Officer                                Band 5
       Programme Principal                                       Band 8b
       Programme Principle                                       Band 8b
       Programme Support Manager                                 Band 6
       Programme Support Officer                                 Band 4
       Project & Commissioning Accountant                        Band 7
       Project & Information Manager                             Band 6
       Project Accountant                                        Band 7
       Project Administrator                                     Band 4
       Project Assistant                                         Band 5
       Project Communications Manager                            Band 6
       Project Co-ordinator                                      Band 5
       Project Development Officer                               Band 6
       Project Leader                                            Band 6
       Project Manager                                           Band 6 -7
       Project Officer                                           Band 5
       Project Researcher                                        Band 7
       Project Support Officer                                   Band 4 - 5
       Project Team Coordinator                                  Band 5
       Project Technical Officer Decontamination                 Band 6
       Projects and Business Manager                             Band 7
       PTU Assistant                                             Band 4
       PTU Manager                                               Band 8c
       PTU Supervisor                                            Band 6
       PTU Technician Manager                                    Band 5
       Public Involvement Manager                                Band 8a
       Publications Manager/ Web Editor                          Band 6
       Publications Designer                                     Band 5
       Publications Manager                                      Band 6
       Purchase Ledger Supervisor                                Band 5
       Purchase Ledger Team Leader                               Band 5
       Purchase Ledger Team Member                               Band 3
       Purchase Order Team Member                                Band 3
       Purchase Ordering Supervisor                              Band 5
       Purchase Ordering Team Leader                             Band 5
       QA Systems Support Administrator                          Band 3
       Quality & Clinical Support Officer                        Band 3
       Quality Assurance Manager                                 Band 6
       Quality Assurance Manager/BMS4                            Band 8b
       Quality Assurance Officer                                 Band 6
       Quality Assurance Officer (Cancer Officer Registration)   Band 5
       Quality Assurance Programme Manager                       Band 7
       Quality Assurance Support Officer                         Band 4
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Quality Coordinator                              Band 5
       Quality Manager                                  Band 8a
       Quality Officer/BMS 3                            Band 8a
       Quality Systems Development Officer              Band 5
       Quality Technical Support Officer                Band 5
       R&D Director                                     Band 9
       Recall Assistant                                 Band 4
       Recall Co-ordinator                              Band 5
       Reception Supervisor                             Band 4
       Reception/Telecomm Assistant                     Band 2
       Receptionist                                     Band 2 - 3
       Receptionist/ Administrative Support Officer     Band 4
       Reference Files Manager                          Band 6
       Regional Financial Services Manager              Band 7
       Regional Registration Manager                    Band 7
       Registration Assistant                           Band 3
       Registration Manager                             Band 5
       Registration Systems Operator                    Band 3
       Registry Co-ordinator                            Band 4
       Registry Co-ordinator Scottish Renal Registry    Band 5
       Registry Support Clerk                           Band 2
       Registry/ Court Clerk                            Band 3
       Regulatory Affairs Officer                       Band 5
       Release Manager                                  Band 6
       Reporting & PV Assistant                         Band 3
       Reporting & PV Co-ordinator                      Band 5
       Reporting Officer                                Band 4 - 5
       Research Administrator                           Band 5
       Research Assistant                               Band 5 - 6
       Research Assistant: Transfusion Research         Band 8a
       Research Associate                               Band 5 - 6
       Research Epidemiologist                          Band 8a
       Research Manager                                 Band 7
       Research Nurse                                   Band 6
       Resource Planning / Business Services Manager    Band 6
       Roslin Cells Quality Manager                     Band 7
       SACDA Administrator                              Band 4
       Sales Ledger Team Leader                         Band 5
       Sales Ledger Team Member                         Band 3
       SASM Audit Officer                               Band 5
       SCIMP Project Manager                            Band 6
       Secretary/ Donor Services Support Officer        Band 3
       Section Administrator (BBV/STI Section)          Band 5
       Section Head                                     Band 7
       Senior Administration Assistant                  Band 5
       Senior Assistant Technical Officer               Band 3 - 4
       Senior BO Reports Developer- PRISMS              Band 6
       Senior Business & Procurement Advisor            Band 7
       Senior Business Analyst                          Band 8a
       Senior Business Application Support Officer      Band 7
       Senior Business Systems Manager                  Band 8a
       Senior Cancer Information Officer                Band 6
       Senior Commodity Specialist                      Band 5
       Senior Commodity Manager                         Band 7
       Senior Configuration Manager                     Band 6
       Senior Consultant                                Band 8a
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Senior Consultant Technology                         Band 8a
       Senior Data Quality Adviser/ Analyst                 Band 6
       Senior Department manager                            Band 8b
       Senior Developer                                     Band 7
       Senior Developer / Development Team Leader           Band 7
       Senior Development Manager (CHI Services)            Band 7
       Senior Donor Carer                                   Band 4
       Senior Donor Services Support Officer                Band 4
       Senior Driver                                        Band 4
       Senior Finance Analyst                               Band 6
       Senior Finance Analyst                               Band 7
       Senior Hazard Co-ordinator                           Band 8b
       Senior Health Information Scientist                  Band 6
       Senior HR Manager                                    Band 8a
       Senior Infection Control Nurse (Decontamination)     Band 7
       Senior Information Analyst/Statistician              Band 6
       Senior Information Researcher/Statistician           Band 6
       Senior Information Support Officer                   Band 5
       Senior Investigator                                  Band 7
       Senior Management Accountant                         Band 7
       Senior Monitor/ Trials Co-ordinator                  Band 6
       Senior Nurse - National HAI Surveillance             Band 8a
       Senior Nurse Infection Control                       Band 7 - 8a
       Senior Nurse Manager                                 Band 8a
       Senior Pharmacist, Horizon Scanning                  Band 8b
       Senior Product Specialist                            Band 8c
       Senior Product Specialist, Dental/Laboratory         Band 8b
       Senior Production Technician                         Band 6
       Senior Programme Analyst                             Band 7
       Senior Programme Manager Self Care                   Band 7
       Senior Project Development Officer (PTI)             Band 7
       Senior Project Manager/ eHealth Consultant           Band 7
       Senior Project Manager/GMS & IM&T Proj. Manager      Band 7
       Senior Public Affairs Officer                        Band 6
       Senior Research Associate                            Band 7
       Senior Research Nurse                                Band 7
       Senior Research Scientist                            Band 7 - 8a
       Senior Research Scientist: Transfusion Research      Band 8b
       Senior Software Tester                               Band 6
       Senior Solicitor                                     Band 8c
       Senior SQL Server Database Administrator             Band 7
       Senior Support Services Assistant                    Band 4
       Senior Surveillance Nurse                            Band 8b
       Senior Technical Advisor (Decontamination)           Band 8a
       Senior Technical Officer                             Band 6
       Senior Telecommunications Consultant                 Band 8b
       Senior Tester                                        Band 6
       Senior Trials Co-ordinator                           Band 7
       Service Manager                                      Band 7
       Session Equipment Room Supervisor                    Band 3
       SHFA Clinical Co-ordinator                           Band 6
       SHOW Manager / IT Consultant                         Band 8b
       SHOW Service Support Administrator                   Band 4
       SHOW Service Support Officer / Developer             Band 5
       Site Services Health & Safety Manager                Band 5
       Snr Information Scientist (Infection Control Team)   Band 7
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Snr Project Manager (Ehealth Consultant) PACs    Band 8a
       Software Release Developer                       Band 6
       Software Test Manager                            Band 7
       Software Tester                                  Band 6
       Solicitor                                        Band 8a
       Solicitor (Junior)                               Band 7
       Specialist Biomedical Scientist (Microbiology)   Band 6
       Specialist Functional Manager                    Band 8a
       Specialist Practitioner                          Band 7
       SSHAIP Adminstrator/ PA to SSHAIP Consultant     Band 4
       SSR Administrative Assistant                     Band 4
       Staff Development Manager                        Band 6
       Staff Nurse                                      Band 6
       Staff Nurse Occupational Health                  Band 6
       STAG Regional Co-ordinator                       Band 6
       Standards & Compliance Officer                   Band 5
       Statistician                                     Band 6
       Storekeeper                                      Band 3
       Study Administrator                              Band 3
       Supplier Adopter                                 Band 4
       Supplier Adoption Manager                        Band 6
       Supplier Co-Ordinator                            Band 5
       Supplier Manager                                 Band 6
       Supply Chain Development Manager                 Band 8a
       Supply Chain Development Specialist              Band 7
       Supply Chain Manager                             Band 8b
       Supply Chain Product Specialist                  Band 5
       Support Services Assistant                       Band 4
       Support Administrator                            Band 3
       Support Assistant                                Band 2
       Support Manager                                  Band 7
       Support Services Assistant                       Band 3
       Support Services Co-ordinator                    Band 4
       Support Services Manager                         Band 6
       Support Technician                               Band 4
       Surveillance Epidemiologist                      Band 7
       Surveillance Officer                             Band 4
       Sustainable Development Officer                  Band 8c
       Swiss Systems Manager                            Band 5
       Systems Accountant (A2R)                         Band 6
       Systems Analyst/Developer                        Band 6
       Systems Business Analyst                         Band 7
       Systems Developer                                Band 5 - 6
       Systems Development Manager                      Band 7
       Systems Support Manager                          Band 6 - 7
       Team Leader                                      Band 4
       Team Manager                                     Band 7
       Technical Advisor (Decontamination)              Band 7
       Technical Lead – DUPAD Project Team              Band 8c
       Technical Officer                                Band 5
       Technical Project Manager                        Band 8c
       Technical Services Pharmacist                    Band 8b
       Technical Specialist                             Band 7
       Technical Support Officer                        Band 4
       Technical Support/ Training Officer              Band 5
       Telecommunications Consultant                    Band 6
NHS National Services Scotland
Agenda for Change Job Titles and Associated Pay Bands/Pay Range

       Telecommunications Consultant -Project Manager            Band 6
       Telecommunications Service Manager                        Band 6
       Terminology Service Manager                               Band 7
       Test and Release Manager                                  Band 6
       Third Party Interface Manager                             Band 6
       Tissue Donor Co-ordinator                                 Band 7
       Tissue Service Lab Manager                                Band 8a
       Tissue Service Scientist                                  Band 7
       Tissue Services Co-ordinator                              Band 7
       Tissue Services MTO                                       Band 5
       Tissue Services MTO 2                                     Band 6
       Tissue Services Secretary                                 Band 2
       Trainee FMIS Support Officer                              Band 2
       Trainee Management Accountant                             Band 5
       Training & Development Administrator/Co-ordinator         Band 3
       Training & Development Consultant Officer                 Band 6
       Training & Quality Co-ordinator                           Band 7
       Training Team Leader                                      Band 6
       Training/Development Officer                              Band 5
       Transfusion Nurse Specialist                              Band 7
       Transfusion Practitioner                                  Band 7
       Transfusion Research Nurse/ Research Midwife              Band 6
       Transport & Office Services Supervisor                    Band 3
       Transport Co-ordinator                                    Band 5
       Travax/Accounts Officer                                   Band 4
       Travel Health & Immunisation Nurse Specialist             Band 7
       Treasury Manager                                          Band 5
       Treasury Officer                                          Band 5
       Trials Co-ordinator                                       Band 6
       Trials Monitor                                            Band 5
       Validation Engineer                                       Band 7
       Ward Product Management Team Leader                       Band 5
       Ward Product Specialist                                   Band 5
       Warehouse Operative                                       Band 2
       Warehouse Operative/Trainer/H&S assessor                  Band 4
       Warehouse Shift Manager                                   Band 7
       Warehouse Supervisor                                      Band 5
       Web Administration Officer                                Band 3
       Web Designer / Developer                                  Band 5 - 6
       Web Development Manager                                   Band 6
       Web Manager                                               Band 8b
       Web Portal/Development Manager                            Band 7
       Web Publishing Assistant & Group Administrator            Band 4
       Wellbeing and Equalities Manager                          Band 5
       Workplace Health Promotion Adviser                        Band 6

      Note: Some posts may have a band range assigned to them, for example
      *Band 3 - 4. This reflects that posts with the same job title may have been
      submitted seperately by different divisions of NHS National Services Scotland.
      However, whilst the post titles may be the same, due to the particular nature of
      the duties and responsibilties of the post and the associated knowledge and
      skills requirements, such posts may have a different band outcome, as a result
      of the evaluation process.

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