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									                                      Blanket                    NEW* Crimestoppers Package Policy
                                     (Dishonesty)                Combination of Property and Casualty Coverage in
                                                                 one All-In-One Policy provided for Crimestoppers
                                      Treasurer’s                by the United States Liability Insurance Company.

                                       Bond                      Coverage for Program Property (and your stuff)                     Accident Insurance
                                                                 including computers and software programs (with off
                                                                 site   theft  coverage)     ,  telephone  systems,
                                       Many Crime                communication equipment, media, furniture &                                       our most recent offering to
                                 Stoppers Programs                                                                                   Crime Stoppers Programs – underwritten
                                                                 fixtures (and file cabinets), accounts receivables,
                            are REQUIRED to “bond”               valuable papers and files; AND                              by The Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company.
                   or “insure” the grants or                                                                                Now you can offer $25,000. Accidental Death and
funding received for their programs. The insurance               Coverage for claims and lawsuits for Bodily Injury,         Dismemberment Insurance PLUS $25,000. Excess
policy that covers that type of loss is called a                 Property Damage and Personal Injury (such as libel,            Accident Medical Insurance Per Volunteer, Per
SURETY BOND. Our second insurance policy written                 slander, defamation of character, false arrest,            Occurrence, Per Year for $250. Minimu m Premium.
for Crime Stoppers was a $100,000 Surety Bond for                wrongful detention and malicious prosecution) with        All Volunteers, including Officers and Directors, may
Crime Stoppers International in 1998.                            liability limits of $1,000,000/$2,000,000 and Defense     qualify for this insurance (as long as the occurrence
                                                                 costs (including attorney’s fees) in addition to the           is during volunteer time such as Fund Raising
Insuring Agreement: The Bonding Company will pay                 above liability limits and not withstanding, Fire Legal       Projects, Board Meetings, Conferences, Common
for loss of and loss from damage to, C overed                                                                              Carrier Traveling For Conferences and Group Travel
                                                                 Liability of $50,000 and Medical Payments for $5,000
Property resulting directly from the C overed Cause                                                                                        For Crime Stoppers).
                                                                 per person per occurrence, from one of only 20 A++X
of Loss.                                                                                                                      Take It From Us, You’re Gonna Love It!
                                                                 rated insurance groups in the United States, by
1. Covered Property: “Money”, “securities”, and
“property other than money and securities”.                      A.M.Best, which is a proud part of the Berkshire
2. Covered Cause of Loss: “Dishonesty of an Officer              Hathaway Group (recently voted the #1 most admired
and/or member of the Board of Directors”.                        Property & Casualty Company in the World (Fortune
                                                                 Magazine).                                                                            Special
   “Occurrence” means all loss caused by, or
involving one or more “officers and/or board of                  WHAT DOES THIS PACKAGE COST PER YEAR?
directors members”, whether the result of a single
act or series of acts.                                           The Total Package Policy Premium (including listed                 (Affordable )
                                                                 Special Events Coverage) is only $500.00 Annually.
   “Dishonesty of an Officer and/or Board Member”                                                                                  Auctions
means whether identified or not, acting alone or in                                                                                Banquets
collusion with other persons, with the manifest                  CAN WE ADD MORE COVERAGE?
intent to: (1) Cause the program to sustain loss; and                                                                              Benefit w alks
also (2) Obtain financial benefit.                               Programs can choose the convenience of One-Stop-                  Bingo games
                                                                 Shopping for Non-owned & Hired Car Autom obile                    Conventions
Premiums for the bonds are relatively inexpensive                Liability ($250.00); Special Event Coverage may be                Dinners
dependent upon the limit of liability. For example,              endorsed to include larger events ($100.00 MP) than
the above mentioned $100,000 Surety Bond for                     the included 3 annual events with 100 attendees each;
                                                                 additional named insureds may be endorsed to policy       Example: 1500 or less spectators - $383.00 MP
Crime Stoppers International costs less than $200
per year premium.                                                ($50.00 each); and certificates of insurance may be
                                                                 created when requested.
Please note: This brochure is not meant to replace the actual                                                                   Bow ling, golf, w alking
policy In the event of any conflict between the policy and the   HOW DO WE APPLY FOR THIS INSURANCE?                            Baseball, softball
statements in this brochure, the policy shall apply                                                                             Basketball, running, soccer
Please note: Rates contingent upon location. Please call for
                                                                 Visit our website or call 817-377-4222.                   Example: Golf Tournament – participants $3.83 each
                                                                                                                           (spectators included w hen participants covered)
rates for your state.
         Our EXCLUSIVE                                          PLEASE NOTE: For on-line applications, to receive the special value price for
                                                                  Crime Stoppers programs, the answer to #1 on the application should read,
D&O                                                               "Foundation or Grant Making", with the advertising question answered in the
                                                                  affirmative. Any questions. concerning the online application, please
                                                                                                                                                     Revision 05/14/2009
                                                                  contact us -
  (AKA Directors &                                                                                                                                    Insurance
Officers Policy)                                                                 What Types of Protection                                              for Crime
     for Crime                                                                Does Our Directors & Officers                                             Stoppers
Stoppers Programs                                                                Policy Provide that are                                              Including
   Defense Costs in Addition to the Limit for no                              Excluded In General Liability                                              NEW*
    additional charge ( i.e. attorney fees & charges);
   70/30 Softened Hammer Clause;                                                   Insurance Policies                                                 Specialty
   90 day discovery period following policy non-renewal
    (last chance rule);
                                                                                                   (Including USLI)?                                   Package
   Prior Acts Coverage (pre-existing conditions);                                                                                                   from USLI**
   Final Adjudication wording for Personal Profit
    & Fraud Exclusions;
   Executive Officer trigger for claim reporting;                          DISCRIMINATION-
   Favorable Severability Wording for Insured
   The retention does not apply to defense costs
                                                                            Sexual Harassment
    for qualifying small non-profits;
   Includes Loss Control Services provided by
                                                                             and/or Molestation-
    Jackson Lewis, a national law firm;
   Optional Fiduciary Liability coverage includes
    administrative errors wording;
                                                                            FINANCIAL                                                           Protect your Program and
   Written by an admitted insurer in all 50 states;                                                                                               Its resources against
   Respected Claims Handling Reputation.
                                                                             TRANSACTIONS-                                                             a costly lawsuit.

      (without employee coverage)                                          - PRIOR ACTS-                                                        Legacy Connections Agency
                                                                                                                                                  Insuring Crime Stoppers Programs Since 1999
   $1,000,000 D & O Limit * * * * * * * * *$800.00*                                                                                                      Cellular: 682-429-2526
   $2,000,000 D & O Limit * * * * * * * $1,200.00*
                                                                                         Our territory….                                        Email:
     D & O with Employment Practices Liability                                                                                                    Website:
      (with employee coverage)                                                                                                                       Russ Handley, Broker
    $1,000,000 D & O Limit * * * * * * * * $900.00*                                                                                                     5529 West Rosedale Street
    $2,000,000 D & O Limit * * * * * * *$1,400.00*                                                                                                      Fort Worth, Texas 76107
                                                                                                                                                           (817) 377-4222
    *includes Personal Injury and Advertising Injury Coverage
                                                                                                                                                         (817) 377-4225 (fax)
Revision 05/14/2009

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