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					Institutional Analysis Advisory Board, Nov 5, 2008
CU-Boulder Planning, Budget, and Analysis
10-12, PBA conference room
Meetings 08-09 – first Wed of alternate months Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May
       9/3/07          11/5/07         1/7/08          3/4/08          5/6/08
Notes from the meeting and to do’s in RED
Also see handouts, which are – lettered/numbered, with letters noted in agenda
Notes and handouts posted at

  Regents – Joe Neguse replaces Cindy Carlisle. Pat Hayes will be replaced by Monisha
   Merchant . – name and outcome not final/confirmed.
  Colorado house and senate – Bit stronger Democratic control
  #46 anti-affirmative action – noon Wed no still leading, not final. Passed in Nebraska.
  #58 defeated - would have eliminated a tax credit for the oil and gas industry and put the
   money toward Colo Promise Scholarship program of need-based aid to residents.
  #59 defeated – would undo 23 K-12, keep > TABOR for education –
  #50 passed - raises the bet limit from $5 to $100, extends hours. Some part of the funds will
   go to the state community college system.
  Obama: Columbia, Harvard Law, taught at Chicago Law 92-04. Michelle: VP
   community/external affairs, U of Chicago hospitals
  Biden: adjunct at Widener Law. Jill: instructor at a Delaware community college

Misc: Michael Warden will send link to CU-Boulder wordmark files and rules. System branding
study going on, by company with lots of experience, not necessarily in higher ed. Will be
surveying all students, staff, faculty on all campuses, soon. Plus admits who did not enroll.

Undergraduate graduation and retention rates                        See handouts G1-11 prints - see Highlights, sample tables
Including time to degree -
Reviewed both in some detail. Good stuff! New displays on time to degree.
TO DO: IA staff discuss who and timing
    Explain what a median is
    On main grad rt page, move link to UG TTD under narrative – also leave where it is now (so
     will be there twice) on second link add (same as under Narratives section)
    On degree page, can/should we take out the link to …. Athletes, because it’s there under
     main grad rate page
    Clearinghouse stuff
         Don’t mention the 2-yr grad pct
         Ck, is it in the VSA pcts?
         Review the “more” buttons on Portrait in the grad/retention section
    Add para on PGPA to highlights – what it is, relationship to grad rates
    Throughout: more graphs, interactive facility to specify a chopping and see over time, w and
     w/o control for PGPA
    In Pell grant block – say it’s their eligibility not the receipt of, that’s (probably) related
    On graphs overall and by res, make X axis identical on all graphs – do rates further out, and
     retention further back
    Add bar graph of TTD

PBA: -- D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ac3867dc-7d7c-452a-8c48-7dc96e4308f0.doc --
11/21/10 3:48 PM Page 1
Handouts P1-3
Accreditation Reviewed
   HLC overview: Reviewed, discussed
    major criteria and who’s doing what
Strategic plans: Glanced at
TO DO: Lou, add PDF of HLC overview to site

NEXT TIME handouts I1-4
IPEDS data feedback report, comparison data, other IPEDS postings, executive peer tool

handouts D1-3
Diversity report – for 11/08 Regent meeting - Reviewed background/highlights
Annie TO DO: note in background that pre-collegiate info will be in spring report (not just in
performance contract). Ck for bookmarks

Handouts R1-4
“Academic rigor” report for 11/08 Regent meeting – Reviewed background/highlights, test
scores, a few grade distributions
   Grade distributions
   Tests – Bar exam, CPA exam, Fundamentals of Engineering
   NSSE, every item plus academic challenge scale, with comparison to AAUDE
Annie to do: Ck bookmarks. Add on PLACE/PRAXIS. Add test score stuff to indicators.

Handouts A1-4
Academic Review and Planning (ARP, the former PRP) unit profiles
And, how ARP differs from PRP

Handouts V1-7
VSA College Profile update – not posted yet but soon
Draft: L:\IR\Reports\GUIDEUG\VSA\CollegePortrait_UCB.pdf
   Reviewed, especially the grad/success/transfer-out rates on page 1
Excel behind it: L:\IR\Reports\GUIDEUG\VSA\CollegePortrait_UCB_ref_doc.xls did not ck
2 pages written for VSA, on assessing student experiences and student learning (page 4) (page 5)
        Reviewed both in some detail
Audience: mom from Cincinnati, on airplane. Very high level.
   Group send feedback on V6 and V7 (the two links immediately above)
   ANNIE On “experiences” page
       Fix up link to perf indicators on our perfmeas page
       Update perf indicators
   MARY send 1-2 sentences on ABET (with link) re demonstrating how “assesses and
    improves” student learning and outcomes
   LOU ck what’s on “more” or “click here” on grad/retention page

PBA: -- D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ac3867dc-7d7c-452a-8c48-7dc96e4308f0.doc --
11/21/10 3:48 PM Page 2
   LOU revise “assesses and improves UG student learning/outcomes”
     Add section – clickers, ITLL, new fine arts, ATLAS, innovating teaching/learning
      technologies and environments
     Add discipline-specific examples – Science initiative, physics . . . one more
     Maybe weave A&S core and PWR together – both part of cross-major stuff
     Specialized accreditation – ABET, JR . . .

NRC update: Expect methodology report “around Halloween” with results no earlier than mid-
Dec – best guess ~ Feb 1

ATOC, APS, Art and Art History update
 Regents passed reconfiguration and name changes in August
 SIS setup: Additions to major table, additions and end dates and changes to academic
  program table, additions and deletions to AAR table enabling entry to admissions module,
  changes in major restrictions on course enrollments
 SIS students: Over 1000 changes to major codes for fall ’08 and spring ’09. Consultation
  with departments, memos to students. Bursar tuition calc. Degrees already in line for fall
 CCHE names, CIP codes, CIP sequences to differentiate MA from MFA, BA from BFA. Not
  yet complete
 Application for admission – UG ok; graduate may take longer

Survey update
  Senior now all up, in Buff Bulletin
     Jeff reviewed types of displays, how to use – graphs over time, over colleges, over
      majors and for one major, and Excel of numbers
  NSSE spring 2009. Oversample seniors by department to ensure adequate N of
   respondents in most.         Handout N1-2
     Maybe Amazon gift card!
     TO DO: Jeff, correct NSSE oversample method! And tell NSSE. DONE
  No AAP this year

  Press releases etc. at
  2030 UG recommendations - at

Next time (maybe)
  Collection, storage, reporting of racial/ethnic info for students and employees under new
   federal rules
  Performance contract
  A look at the CCHE, Dept of Higher Ed, website
  IPEDS – what it is, our reporting to IPEDS
  NPSAS and PBA

Yellow = attended
Members (= absent today)
X Cathleen Burns                     Mike Grant                           Alphonse Keasley
Deb Coffin (substitute)              X Elaine Hernandez                   X Deb Keyek-Franssen
Jim Davis-Rosenthal                  X Cynthia Husek                      Kevin MacLennan

PBA: -- D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ac3867dc-7d7c-452a-8c48-7dc96e4308f0.doc --
11/21/10 3:48 PM Page 3
Terry Mayes                          Gwen Pomper – Ofelia                 Jill Taylor
Jennifer McDuffie                    Erika Smith                          x Liz Tomich
Steve McNally                        Mary Steiner                         Barb Todd
Malinda Miller Huey                  X Christine Stroup-Benham            Katie Vahey, UGGS
Richard Nishikawa                    Alex Subert                          Michael Warden

Fran Costa       Perry Sailor    Jeff Schiel     Robert Stubbs      Annie Thayer

PBA: -- D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ac3867dc-7d7c-452a-8c48-7dc96e4308f0.doc --
11/21/10 3:48 PM Page 4

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