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									                               2006 Regular Session - Enrolled Bill Status

Bill                                                     Bill
Number   Subject                                         Number   Subject

HB0127   Immunizations                                   HB5009   Substance Abuse and Mental Health

HB0241   Florida Kidcare Program                         HB5011   Foster Care and Related Services
         Emergency Management
HB0285   Powers/Governor                                 HB7013   Governmental Agencies/ Software/OGSR

HB0329   Adult Protective Services                       HB7023   Medical Facilities Info/ OGSR
                                                                  Emergency Management Plans/ Hospitals/
HB0351   Community Residential Homes                     HB7025   OGSR

HB0371   Cancer Drug Donation Program Act                HB7027   Long Term Care Facilities/OGSR

HB0483   Nurses/Operating Rooms                          HB7033   Security System Plans/ State/ OGSR

HB0487   Transportation Disadvantaged                    HB7043   Elderly Affairs/ Health Info/ OGSR

HB0561   Offenses Involving Insurance                    HB7045   AHCA/ Supp Rebates/ OGSR

HB0573   Disabled Veterans                               HB7051   Certifications of Need

HB0595   Community Behavioral Health Agencies            HB7053   Nursing Home Consumer Information
                                                                  Health Care Information & Transparency
HB0661   Coordinated 311 NonEmergency System             HB7073   Act

HB0911   State Facilities/ Emergency Shelters            HB7121   Disaster Preparedness/ Response

HB0947   Long Term Care Insurance                        HB7141   Health Care Providers/ Licensure

HB1097   Public Records/ Custodians                      HB7173   Welfare of Children

HB1123   Fla. Government Accountability Act              HB7199   Forensic Treatment and Training

HB1129   Fla. State Charitable Campaign                  SB0170   Administration of Medication

HB1167   Sexual Predators                                SB0262   Administrative Procedures

HB1245   N. Broward Hosp. Dist                           SB0388   Assisted Care Communities

HB1247   Developmental Disabilities/ Waiver              SB0512   Personal Id Info/ DOH

HB1359   Hazard Mitigation/ Coasts/ Hurricanes           SB1080   Child Protective Services

HB1361   Insurance                                       SB1112   Development Permits/ Denial

HB1369   Rejected Bids/ Proposals/ OGSR                  SB1190   Hospitals/ Sale or Lease

HB1417   Hospices                                        SB1256   Continuing Care Provider/Debt

HB1435   Emergency Management Div. Director              SB1278   Youth/Young Adults with Disabilities

HB1503   Persons with Disabilities                       SB1284   Nursing Home Consumer Information

HB5001   Appropriations                                  SB1286   Substance Abuse and Mental Health

HB1465   Speed Limits/ Enhanced Penalty Zones            SB1324   Healthy Lifestyles

HB5003   Appropriations Implementing Bill                SB1370   Veterans' Nursing Home/Admittance

HB5007   Health Care                                     SB1408   Medical Records

                                 2006 Regular Session - Enrolled Bill Status

Number   Subject

SB1438   Custodial Requirements/ Public Records

SB1510   Child Care Facilities

SB1632   Agency Inspectors General

SB1670   State Financial Matters

SB1678   Governmental Operations/ Agency Fees

SB1716   State Planning/ Budgeting

SB1850   CFS Department Programs

SB1922   State LTC Ombudsman Program

SB2000   Ethics/ Public Officers & Employees

SB2114   Motor Vehicle Insurance

SB2518   Contractual Services/ State Agencies

SB2548   State Financial Matters

SB7020   Certificates of Need/Nursing Homes


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