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					RES Americas

Kansas Wind and Renewable Energy
Conference 2008
RES Americas Inc


   RES Americas is primarily a leading Wind
    Energy Company but is moving into other
    renewable fields

   Established Broomfield, CO office as
    Corporate Headquarters

   Development

   Technical, Resource Assessment

   Construction

    History of RES Americas

        1981                  1992                     1999                       2001                           2006                       2008
   Renewable           RES constructs         RES Americas              RES Americas co-              RES Americas’          RES Americas’ U.S.
    Energy               its first project       constructs its first       developed and                  U.S. construction       construction
    Systems                                      U.S. project               constructed the 278            surpasses 1,000         surpasses 3,000 MW
    Limited                                                                 MW King Mountain               MW                     Commercial
    founded by Sir                                                          Wind Ranch, the                                        operations of RES
    Robert                                                                  largest wind project in       RES Americas            Americas’ first owned
    McAlpine                                                                the world at the time it       began developing        project, Whirlwind, in
                                                                            was constructed                projects for            the U.S.

       The RES Group has a long history in wind technology development
       RES Americas takes projects from conception - leasing land, acquiring transmission rights and setting
        up Power Contracts with Utilities
       RES Americas is currently constructing approximately 1,400 MW, representing more than 30% of the
        wind capacity currently under construction in the U.S. and will have constructed approximately
        3,500MW by the end of 2008.

Wind Power Industry Overview

Renewable energy is                 Between 2007 and 2030, electricity demand in the U.S. and Canada is
expected to capture a                expected to increase approximately 30%
significant portion of the
                                    Significant portion will be met with renewables
electricity sector
                                    Wind expected to represent 7% of U.S. capacity by 2015
Wind energy is the future of        Cumulative capacity of 57,000 MW by 2015
renewable power generation
                                    RES currently has over 600 MW in various stages of development in Kansas

                                    PTCs
Wind energy incentives              Accelerated tax depreciation
                                    State / provincial policies and wind energy incentives
                                     − Renewable Portfolio Standards (“RPS”)

Greenhouse gas                      Focus on greenhouse gas emissions in both the U.S. and Canada has further
considerations                       prompted the growth in renewable generation

                                    Through 2012, natural gas prices are forecast to remain in the $8-$12/mmbtu
Increasing cost of traditional       range, keeping wind cost-competitive with gas-fired electricity generation in
fuels                                many state electricity markets

North American Wind Opportunity

 North American Installed Wind Capacity Growth
(in MW)









                2000       2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006     2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015

                                                                U.S.             Canada
Source:   EER, Nov 2007.

Emerging Renewables

   RES is using wind power
    expertise to develop and
    construct projects that
    generate power using solar
    thermal, solar PV, and biomass

   Also interested in energy
    storage, though this is still a   Solar PV can generate power almost anywhere – but it’s still expensive
    developing field.

   Focused on utility-scale, grid-
    connected projects.

                                                                                                Ausra CLFR
   RES is leveraging existing land
    positions, interconnection
    agreements, and relationships
    with utilities
                                          Solar thermal is less expensive –
                                          but requires the direct sunlight found in the Southwest US
RES Americas Inc


               U.S. Business

                     Constructed - 20 Projects in US = 2,060 MW; 1999 – 2007
                     Under Construction - 12 Projects = 1,480 MW

               Construction Activities

                     Wind Farm Design
                     Civil and Electrical Design
                     Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Construction
                     Construction Management
                     Turbine Procurement

Central Plains Wind Farm

          Size:                       99 MW
          Location:                   Wichita County, Kansas
          Developer:                  RES Americas

          Ownership:                  Westar
          Contract Type:              EPC
          Construction Start:         April 2008
          Substantial Completion:     December 2008
          Turbine Technology:         33 Vestas V90 3.0 MW
          Interconnection Voltage:    115 kV
          Total Length of New Road:   7 miles
          Total Length of Collector   19 miles

Central Plains Wind Farm – The Beginning

                                                •The project was originally scheduled
                                                to be constructed in 2003 and then 2004

                                                •Resurrected as Central Plains Wind

                                                •Construction began in April, 2008
                                                •Wichita Economic Development, Inc.

         •Wheatland Electric Coop

         •Sunflower Electric Power Corp.

         •Local source for road base material

         •Kansas civil contractor for roads

         •Kansas contractor to construct O&M
Central Plains Wind Farm - Roads

                                                •Oakley, KS roads contractor
                                                •6.7 miles of roads, 20 foot wide
                                                with 8 foot shoulders

                                                •Roads built from crushed base
                                                material over a Geotextile fabric

                                                •Roads completed in July

        •Extensive testing on sub-grade and
        road base.

        •Shoulders are tested for bearing

        •Crane pads designed and tested for
        the specific loads encountered during

Central Plains Wind Farm - Foundations

                                                 •55 foot octagonal spread foot
                                                 •11 foot total height
                                                 •Approximately 410 cubic yards of
                                                 concrete per foundation

                                                 •Approximately 80,000 pounds of rebar
                                                 per foundation

                                                 •Total foundation weight is over
                                                 1,600,000 pounds

       •Foundations are designed internally

       •Design is specific to turbine and site

Central Plains Wind Farm - Electrical

                                              •Power is transmitted from the
                                              turbines to the substation at 34,500

                                              •Over 19 miles of underground cable
                                              •All turbines, substation and O&M
                                              building connected by fiber optics

                                              •Collection system nearing

       •Substation transformer steps up the
       34,500 volts to 115,000 volts for
       connection to the transmission line

       •Metering and system protection take
       place in the project substation

       •Substation scheduled for to be
       energized on October 20th

Central Plains Wind Farm - Turbines

                             •Vestas V90, 3 Megawatt turbines
                             •Tower is 80 meters, 262 feet, tall and weighs
                             over 370, 000 pounds

                             •Each blade is 44 meters, 144 feet, long and
                             weighs over 14,000 pounds

                             •The nacelle and hub weigh over 175,000

                             •Total weight of turbine is approximately
                             600,000 pounds

                             •Wind farm will produce enough power for
                             approximately 35,000 homes

Central Plains Wind Farm - Turbines

  •The crane used will have a track length of 38
  feet, width of 34 feet and a boom height of 320

  •The assembled crane will weigh about 1.2
  million pounds

  •The crane will be transported to the site on
  over 20 tractor trailers.

  •The major components will be shipped from
  the port to Kansas by rail

  •First tower section will be erected by the
  second week in October.

  •The blades will be installed one at a time,
  single blade erection

  •First turbine will be completely erected by the
  end of October

  •Project will reach Substantial Completion
  before the end of December

RES Americas


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