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									HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                                             PEORIA, ILLINOIS

                                                We w a r m l y w e l c o m e n e w p a r i s h i o n e r s &
                                                visitors! New parishioners may register
                                                b y p h o n i n g t h e o ff i c e s a t 6 8 8 - 3 4 2 7 , d u r i n g
                                                n o r m a l o ff i c e h o u r s ( 8 : 3 0 A M – 3 : 3 0 P M ).

                                                               `táá \ÇàxÇà|ÉÇá
                 3720 N. Sterling Avenue 309-688-3427
                    Peoria, Illinois 61615

                                                               MONDAY, July 14—Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
       Rev. Michael J. Glastetter, OFM Conv. 688-3427
                                     Pastor                    7:00 AM Poor Clares
                                                               5:30 PM Walter Barden by his Family
           Rev. Alejandro López, OFM Conv. 688-3427
                          Parochial Vicar                      TUESDAY, July 15—St. Bonaventure
                                                               7:00 AM Our Parish Community—52nd Anniversary of
                  Deacon Joseph LaHood 681-9360
                                                                       the First Mass at Holy Family Parish
                          Parish Deacon
                                                               5:30 PM Intentions of the Conventual Franciscans of St.
                      Marty Fredericksen 686-1664                      Bonaventure Province
                         Music Minister
                              John Clark 681-9228              WEDNESDAY, July 16—Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
                         Church Organist                       7:00 AM Intentions of Julie Stensland
                              Joe Waugh
                                                               5:30 PM   Charles Giacabazi by Jim & Mary Donahue
                            Robin Beran                        THURSDAY, July 17—Weekday
                          Parish Trustees
                                                               7:00 AM Rose Hummels by Kevin & Monika Manning
                              Janet Rocke 688-4041             5:30 PM Gladys Urbanc by Tom & Betty Beveridge
         Parish Pastoral Council President
                           Nicole Arendell 688-3427
                                                               FRIDAY, July 18—Saint Camillus de Lellis
           Director of Religious Education                      7:00 AM Margaret Luebbers by Mike & Charlene Poehls
                                                               SATURDAY, July 19—Weekday
                                Joel Gray 686-1960
        Eucharistic Adoration Coordinator                       8:00 AM Robert E. Fryt
                                                                5:00 PM Dale Drager by Jo Vasseur
                            Sherry Urbanc 682-3716
                        Elizabeth Ministry                     SUNDAY, July 20—Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
                     Mike & Angie Dobbs 685-6561                7:00 AM William T. Dollard by Frank & Betty Katus
     Natural Family Planning Coordinators                       9:00 AM Our Parish Community
                       Barbara Koepple 688-1844                11:00 AM Rita Beaupre by Edith Bertsche
                  Mary & Martha Society
                             Joe Jochman 682-2934
                              Men’s Club
                        Bernie Giacabazi 745-3256
                       Mission Committee
                       Julie Beckenbaugh 686-2852
                     Compassion Ministry                       fvÜ|ÑàâÜx yÉÜ à{x jxx~
                             Mary Kaufman 688-4018             14   Mon     Is 1:10-17/Mt 10:34—11:1
     Prayer Circle (for intentions in prayer)                  15   Tue     Is 7:1-9/Mt 11:20-24
                                                               16   Wed     Is 10:5-7, 13b-16/Mt 11:25-27
                         Sharon Zogby 688-2931                 17   Thu     Is 26:7-9, 12, 16-19/Mt 11:28-30
                         Administrator                         18   Fri     Is 38:1-6, 21-22, 7-8/Mt 12:1-8
                                                               19   Sat     Mi 2:1-5/Mt 12:14-21
                            Maria Rudloff
                                Secretary                      20   SUN     Wis 12:13, 16-19/Rom 8:26-27/Mt 13:24-43
                          Greg Shaheen 693-0708
          Education Commission President                       WWW.MASSTIMES.ORG
                 Erin and Judy Shanahan 692-0771
                                                               When planning your vacation, check out the web for Church
               Home & School Presidents                        locations and Mass times throughout the world. Or, in the USA,
                                                               call: 410/676-6000.
FIFTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                                    JULY 13, 2008

 For the weekend of July 19-20                                                “See the humility of God, brothers, and pour
 Saturday, 5:00 PM                                                            out your hearts before Him! Humble
    Greeters: Denise Adams-Wenger, Carol Gross                                yourselves that you may be exalted by Him!
    Readers: John Szentes, Karen Feckler                                      Hold back nothing of yourselves for
    Eucharistic Ministers: Dan Salrin, Terri LaHood,                          yourselves, that He who gives Himself totally
    Mary & Jim Donahue, Steve Lasley, Bernadine                               to you may receive you totally.”
    Zerbonia, Juliana Szentes                                                                     —Meditations of St. Francis of Assisi
 Sunday, 7:00 AM                                                             Give yourself totally to Jesus at the Holy
    Greeters: Janet Rocke                                        Family Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. All are
    Readers: Bob Beckenbaugh, Stan Budzinski                     welcome, whether committing to a regular hour or not.
    Eucharistic Minister: John Ham, Mike Simmons, Julie          Simply stop by and spend some time in the presence of the
    Beckenbaugh                                                  Lord. To volunteer for a regular, weekly hour, call: Joel
 Sunday, 9:00 AM                                                 Gray 686-1960, Jeanine Best 682-1207, Joan Kirchgessner
    Greeters: Cheryl & Tom Craft, Ron Wasson                     682-2720, or Lisa & Jerry Sanderson 282-0840.
    Readers: Don Toohill, Diane Warbritton
    Eucharistic Ministers: Linda Gavin, Sharon Bailey,
    Jackie Glastetter, Joe Ernst, Brock Warbritton, Edith        HOW DO WE GET SCRIP ?
    Whitfield, Barbara Koepple                                   The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of churches,
 Sunday, 11:00 AM                                                schools and other non-profit organizations to purchase large
     Greeters: Amanda Christian, Jerry Sanderson                 amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores,
     Readers: Joel Gray, Bob Mueller                             and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased with cash
     Eucharistic Ministers: Vic Burnett, Burnie & Mark           up front, participating retailers offer a substantial discount.
     Hill, Eric Christian, Judy Mueller, Katie Hagemann,         We buy scrip from the Great Lakes Scrip Center at a
     Kathleen Krippel                                            discount, and resell the certificates for full face value. The
                                                                 discount—from 2 to 15 percent—is our revenue. Since the
                                                                 cards buy things that you would already be purchasing, it is
 WANT TO BE AN ALTAR SERVER?                                     a win/win situation for you and our parish.
 It is an honor and a privilege to serve at Mass. It is a
 ministry in which you represent your schoolmates, your
 families, the congregation, and serving God. It allows you,     AOL/SI CLASS OF 1973 REUNION
 as a young person, to get involved and learn about your         Who can believe that it has been 35 years! Mark your
 faith. If you need a registration form, please contact Deacon   calendars for October 10-11 and a very casual get-together
 Joe LaHood at 681-9360. Please return all forms by July 18.     for Mass and then food at Gorman’s Pub in Peoria. We’re
 A form is available on the “Current Events” page of the         keeping the 1973 theme going with a matching price of
 parish website. We’ll schedule training in August.              $15/person. We, obviously, need an updated address list for
                                                                 a mailing in August. Please contact Lynn Saltsman
                                                                 Gutierrez if you can help: 692-3503 or e-mail her:
 PRAY FOR OUR PARISHIONERS                                       tubamom55@yahoo.com. We cannot wait to see everybody.
 We warmly welcome new members to our parish. We
 recognize those who recently registered as parishioners:
         Michael & Amy Bennington Family
 BAPTISMS:Congratulations to those who were recently
                                                                   CANS FOR THE MISSION
                                                                   Please bring your aluminum cans
 baptized at Holy Family:
                                                                   next Sunday. This collection is
         Madelyn Murphy (6/29)
                                                                   a significant part of our support
                                                                   for our Mexican Mission.
 May our stewardship of time, talent, and treasure show us to
 be among those who have heard the message of Christ and
 taken it in, yielding a hundred—or sixty—or thirty-fold!        NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING
                                                                 NFP is the healthy, effective and morally acceptable family
 ELIZABETH MINISTRY                                              planning method. The CCL Sympto-Thermal Method will
                                                                 be taught here at Holy Family tomorrow, July 14 in the
 There will be a pregnancy blessing next weekend after the
                                                                 Francis Room at 7PM. Open to married couples, engaged
 5:00 PM Saturday Mass and the 9:00 and 11:00 AM Sunday
                                                                 couples and all interested people. Call 671-1550 for details.
 Masses. Anyone who is expecting the birth of a baby and
                                                                 A Creighton Model Method introductory class is held the
 their families are welcome to attend. Please meet at the
                                                                 first Tuesday of every month at OSF Center for Health. Call
 baptismal font in the front of the church after Mass.
                                                                 683-5436 for more information on these classes.
HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                                                     PEORIA, ILLINOIS

 Patrick Routzon will have the Franciscan vocation picture       “Followers of Christ must avoid a tragic separation between
 and say the prayers for an increase of vocations to the         faith and everyday life.” —Economic Justice for All
 priesthood and religious life, especially to the Conventual     Socially responsible investing (SRI) is simply choosing to
 Franciscans of Saint Bonaventure Province. Consider sign-       align your investment decisions with your personal moral
 ing up. If you have any questions, please call Joann Murphy     beliefs. The idea is that your money is not supporting
 at 688-7250.                                                    activities that you are opposed to. The practice actually
                                                                 began many years ago when some churches began avoiding
 HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL STAFF OPENINGS                               investment in industries they considered sinful. Since then it
 The Parish School is currently seeking to fill the following    has grown to encompass all kinds of criteria, from
 teacher and staff positions for                                                                      environmental issues to
 the 2008-09 school year. All                                                                         which political party a
 interested individuals should                                                                        company supports. This is
 send a letter of interest and a                                                                      how it works: An SRI mutual
 resume to Mrs. Sharon                                                                                fund typically has a list of
 Zogby, Principal. If you are                                                                         criteria they look at when
 applying for a certified                                                                             making decisions about
 teacher position, you will                                                                           which company stock to
 also need to complete the                                                                            purchase. This is called
 Diocese of Peoria teacher                                                                            screening and is the
 application. It can be                                                                               backbone of SRI. For
 downloaded by going to                                                                               instance, a fund can choose
 www.cdop.org.                                                                                        to eliminate all companies
                                                                                                      that produce pornography.
 Available positions:
                                                                                                      This would be a negative
   • Spanish Teacher, part-
                                                                                                      screen. An example of a
     time, Grades K-8, must
                                                                                                      positive screen would be to
     be state certified
                                                                                                      invest in companies that are
   • Orchestra Teacher, part-
                                                                                                      looking for renewable energy
     time, beginning and ad-
                                                                                                      sources. In addition to
     vanced students
                                                                                                      screening, another core
   • Kitchen: Breakfast set-
                                                                                                      strategy of SRI is the
     up, serving, clean up*
                                                                                                      shareholder advocacy. In this
     Hours: M and F, 7:45-
                                                                                                      case, a mutual fund uses it’s
 9AM T, W, Th, 7:15-9AM
                                                                                                      ownership in a company to
     *Contact Mrs. Lori
                                                                                                      try and influence the
 Schwegmann, Kitchen
                                                                                                      company to change its
                                                                                                      policies or activities. This I
                                                                                                      sdone through proxy voting,
 RELIGIOUS EDUCA-                                                                                     corporate dialogue, and
 TION REGISTRATION                                                                                    shareholder resolutions.
 Registration for our Family                                                                          Because as Catholics we are
 Formation program will be                                                                            called to live our faith in all
 next weekend July 19-20                                                                              areas of our lives, we need to
 after all Masses. Packets                                                                            use the socially responsible
 have been sent to current families. If you have not partici-    in vestment approach to our economic decisions. —Being
 pated in the past, but would like to receive a packet or gain   Socially Responsible, Gina Emirch, Fiduciary Partners For more
 additional info, call: 688-3427 x225 or e-mail holyfamily-      information, visit: www.investcatholic.com.
 dre@hotmail.com. Watch the bulletin and the Family For-
 mation website (www.peoriaholyfamily.com/html/                  POSTION AVAILABLE
 family_formation/html) for updated information.                 The Heading Avenue Franciscan Sisters in West Peoria are
                                                                 looking for an RN to fill a nursing/supervisor position in a
 WWW.PEORIAHOLYFAMILY.COM                                        small unit for retired Sisters. A current Illinois RN license is
 Visit us online for the weekly bulletin, a complete schedule    required; experience with the elderly is preferable. Part time:
 of events, our current photo gallery, and much more.            7AM-3PM. Call: 673-4657.
FIFTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                                   JULY 13, 2008

                                                                    CATHOLIC CHARITIES INITIATIVE
UPDATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION                                  The Peoria Fatherhood Initiative is looking for fathers who
Help us keep our database up-to-date.                               are interested in pursuing relationships with their child or
If you have changed your phone number, recently moved or            understanding the importance of their role in their child’s
are preparing to move, please call the parish office to update      life. This program is open to all men and is free. The Peoria
the information: 688-3427, ext. 200.                                Fatherhood Initiative includes the following: parenting
                                                                    assistance; fathers’ legal rights; understanding child support
                                                                    and the financial responsibilities of fatherhood;
THEOLOGY ON TAP—2008 SUMMER SERIES                                  employment assistance; case management and counseling;
This great series for young (or young at heart) Catholics           educational support; GED and high school completion
returns this summer. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays in           assistance. This is an 8-10 week class and will be held at
July and August at Kelleher’s Irish Pub, 619 SW Water St,           the Peoria Riverplex. If you are interested, call David
Peoria at 6:30PM. Please come and bring your friends for            Young: 636-7803 or e-mail: dyoung@ccdop.org
what will be an enjoyable, relaxing, thought-provoking series
at the pub! For more information, call Brad: 682-5823 x239          MASS FROM THE BASILICA AT NOTRE DAME
or e-mail him: bcolvis@cdop.org.                                    The 10AM (ET) Sunday Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred
                                                                    Heart on the campus of the University of Notre Dame is
CELEBRATE THE FEAST OF ST. SHARBEL                                  streamed live on the internet and the 11:45AM (ET) Sunday
You are invited to join the members of St. Sharbel Parish           Mass will be streamed live during the academic year. Go to
next Sunday, July 20 as they celebrate the feast of their           http://basilica.nd.edu/ for more information. Pray at ND
patron. The day begins with Divine Liturgy, followed by a           from wherever you are! Go to http://pray.nd.edu for daily
procession. Afterward, a picnic will be held on the grounds.        Gospel reflections, inspirational music videos, and links to
The reservation deadline for the picnic is July 17. Call to         weekly audio prayercasts.
make reservations, or for more information: 688-5555.

We are accepting registration forms for Holy Family School
students and/or children of parishioners who intend to play
soccer for Holy Family in the fall. The season will begin mid                                         OLD CELL
to late August. If your child intends to play, you MUST fill
out a form. Registration is $26. T-shirts cost $8. T-shirt                                            PHONES
orders will be placed through 4-kicks. If your child will be in                                       Most households have 4
first grade through eighth grade in the fall they are eligible to                                     or 5 unused cell phones
play. Special emphasis is on the 5 & 6 grade Boys Team who                                            just sitting in drawers. Put
are slightly short-handed at this time. Call with questions or                                        these phones to good use.
to request a registration form. My e-mail:                                                            The Holy Family Youth
gambafam@comcast.net or telephone: W633-5328, H693-                                                   Group is sponsoring a
9630, C453-8824. ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO                                                             used cell phone drive to
EARN SOME EXTRA MONEY REF’ING PAROCHIAL                                                               raise needed funds. This
SOCCER GAMES THIS FALL PLEASE CONTACT:                                                                drive will also benefit the
VITO MINNECI: ppsreferee@ yahoo.com                                                                   environment by keeping
                                                                                                      harmful materials in the
SENIOR CITIZEN’S SEMINAR                                                                              phones out of our
On July 16, State Senator Dale Risinger and State Repre-                                              landfills. Phones collected
sentative David Leitch will host a “Don’t Be A Victim”                                                will be utilized for 911
seminar for senior citizens. Representatives of the Illinois                                          purposes in the United
State Treasurer, Attorney General and Secretary of State will                                         States, redeployed
present information dealing with identity theft, financial          nationwide, and used in developing countries to improve
fraud and senior driving safety. Additionally, the “Cash            quality of life through better communication.
Dash” computer will be present to allow seniors to search for       Bring your old cell phones with their batteries to
unclaimed property. The seminar will take place at the              church. No chargers or accessories are needed. Please
Lutheran Hillside Village Community Center, 6901                    help make this fundraiser a success. Ask friends, family
N. Galena Road from 10AM-12Noon. Free refreshments will             members, neighbors, and co-workers to donate their
be provided. If you have questions, call: 693-4921.                 used cell phones. Every phone helps!

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