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September 2009

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       School holiday eco-arts workshops at Reverse Garbage
       What’s new in store this month?
       Call out for artist’s submissions: SH!FT
       Echoes Gift Shop
       South Brisbane Plan
       Who are we?
              Reverse Garbage
              The Bicycle Revolution
              Friends of the Earth - Brisbane

School Holidays

School holidays are just a couple of weeks away and Reverse Garbage has a workshop
program packed with fun and inspiration. Designed for primary school aged students, t he
workshops combine environmental education with creativity, imagination and art and craft
skills to help fill in the long holiday days.

Workshops include old favourites: „Green Frogs and Dams‟ and „Junk Jewellery‟ and
exciting new workshops such as „Floating Sail Boats‟, „Hollywood Robots‟, and „Where the
Wild Things are‟. We‟ve made sure there‟s definitely something for everybody.

What: School Holidays Workshops for 6 – 12 year olds
Where: Reverse Garbage, 296 Montague Rd, West End.
When: Monday 21/09/09 to Thursday 1/10/09, 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm.
Cost: $20 per child, Bookings and pre-payment essential, call (07) 3844 9744
Check the website for the full program…

What’s new this month?

Talk about textiles! We just got the biggest pick up of textiles ever! Lot‟s of fabric on the
roll: cotton, jersey, nylon in a variety of colours and sizes and endless remnants that will
be coming out over the next few months. All just $3/m!

Elastic – with our textile haul we also picked up a bunch of haberdashery bits and pieces.
These blue and green rolls of elastic, approx 4m, are just $1 each.

Zips – assorted sizes and colours, plastic and metal teeth. $0.50 - $2.00

Buttons – also in assorted colours and sizes packets of approximately 20 like buttons are
priced between $2 and $3.

Old style video equipment – An old Sony video camera and a portable video cassette
recorder from an AV company, untested, $15 each

Brass rails, locks, clasps and other bits and pieces that you would find on a child‟s school
case. Prices range between $0.50 - $1 each

Black painted pine frames in three sizes – 48x85cm for $4.50, 48x56cm for $3.50, 48cm2
for $2.50

T-shirts for toddlers – We have bunch of these plain purple t-shirts for just $1 each!

Holey strips – New and different varieties of holey strips in black and white. Of course we
still also have our old favourites; the bright yellow holey strips. Approx 1m lengths, from
$0.20 each

Back plastic reels – back in stock! 36cm diameter x 25cm deep, these are perfect for
tidying away the garden hose. $3.50 each

Bath – White fibreglass bath, 170 x 80cm and 60cm deep $40

Plastic corner protectors in red, grey, white, green and brown, these are just another
example of the odd things to be found at RG. 6cm $0.10

Small plastic sardine containers with lids – 4x12x9cm – don‟t worry they haven‟t had
sardines in them! $4/kg

Squat glass bottles with corks – 7cm tall, 8cm diameter, 3.5cm cork. $2.00 each

Mobile phone accessories such as hands-free kits and chargers for assorted brands.
Untested. $3.00

Baby Bath – 80x40cm $8

Assorted mosaic decorated mirrors ranging from 20cm 2 to 4ox50cm. They‟re slightly
damaged but still stunning. From $10 to $35.

White vinyl screen with a pine frame - perfect for an outdoor cinema screen this summer.
2.4m x 4m $100.

Corflute – A variety of sizes from heavy duty (8mm) pieces up to 1m x 2m for $18, to
standard electoral signs and smaller approx $1.50 each.

Dressed Pine – long thin lengths up to 3m $1.50/kg

Black Trolleys – just outside the door you see these trolleys they are 95cm x 50cm with a
low tray approx 15cm from the ground and side rails that reach to 70cm hight. $15 each

Call out for artist’s submissions: SH!FT

Our next exhibition in the Echos gift shop space is timed to coincide with Natio nal
Recycling Week in November. SH!FT aims to change the way we think about materials in
art. We want you to get really creative, let your imagination run wild. Submitted works
should be innovative, and vibrant. Think bold bright and beautiful!
We are seeking artists that work in recycled textiles, metals, timber, plastics, and other
salvaged mixed media. If you make gorgeous things but don‟t use salvaged materials
challenge yourself! SH!FT your design and substitute new for salvaged!

Expressions of interest are due FRIDAY 25th of SEPTEMBER check the website for
submission details…

Echoes Gallery & Giftshop

If you‟re looking for unique, environmentally sound gifts for loved ones or something
special for yourself, Reverse Garbage‟s gift shop will certainly have something you‟ll like.
From jewellery and bags to toys and clothes, everything in our store is created from at
least 75% salvaged materials and hand made by local artists.

South Brisbane Plan

The Brisbane City Council has now released its draft South Brisbane Riverside
Neighbourhood Plan and we have very serious concerns about what it will mean for our
beloved West End. Council‟s plan involves extensive high-rise development (up to 30
stories) right here in our neighbourhood. This will mean a massive increase in population,
traffic and pressure on infrastructure such as public transport and schools. As yet, these
issues have not been satisfactorily addressed. We also have grave concerns for the
capacity of social enterprises like ourselves to remain in the Kurilpa area given the
enormous increase in land values that will occur. We urge all Reverse Garbage
customers who value the unique cultural and aesthetic qualities of West End to express
their concerns to their local councillors and the Lord Mayor. Stay tuned to the West End
Community Associations website at for updates and
related events to get involved in.

Who are we?
Reverse Garbage
Reverse Garbage is a worker-run co-operative that collects unwanted discards from
industry and businesses, diverting these high quality materials from landfill to make them
available at low cost to the community. We currently pick up materials from more than 300
suppliers around Brisbane. With a truckload of materials coming in most weekdays,
there's always something new and interesting in the warehouse to check out. We divert
around two tonnes of materials from landfill every week.

Reverse Garbage operates a large retail wareho use at 296 Montague Road, West End,
Brisbane, which is open to the public. We run creative workshops at schools, festivals and
on-site in West End, host talks for visiting students about sustainability issues and what
we do, and send mail orders to rural a nd regional areas.

Reverse Garbage is open six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm,
although we are closed on public holidays. You can visit our website at or call us on 07 3844 9744 to find out more about what we

The Bicycle Revolution
The Bicycle Revolution Co-operative is a small, non-profit business that repairs, recycles
and rejuvenates bicycles, in addition to providing access to a workshop space and tools
for subscribers. By redirecting bicycles from the scrap heap, Bicycle Revolution provides
low-cost, reliable bicycles to encourage cycling. All rebuilt bicycles are fully serviced, have
a free first service and a six-month warranty.

Other services Bicycle Revolution offer to the community include repairs, new bicycles,
new and used spare parts, accessories, professional wheel building and suspension
services. Low-cost bicycle maintenance workshops empower people to repair and care for
their own bikes.

Bicycle Revolution is next door to Reverse Garbage at 294 Montague Road, West End. To
book in a bike service, make a donation or to find out more, call 07 3342 7829.

Friends of the Earth - Brisbane
Reverse Garbage was set up in 1998 to help support the work of Friends of the Earth
(FoE) - Brisbane. FoE is a social change organisation working towards an ecologically
sustainable and socially just future through community action. Friends of the Earth
believes everyone has a part to play in the protection of the environment and the creation
of a socially just society they welcomes the support and involvement of a broad cross
section of the community. To find out more about FoE, what campaigns they are working
on or how you can get involved, call 07 3846 5793, email or
check out the website at

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Reverse Garbage Co-op Ltd
PO Box 5626 / 296 Montague Road
West End (Brisbane), Qld, Australia, 4101
Ph: 07 3844 9744
Fax: 3102 9184 (within Brisbane)
      07 3102 9184 (outside of Brisbane)

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