Queensland AELERT Minutes Sept 07 by ashrafp


									Queensland AELERT Minutes
11 September 2007

Attendees                Agency          Attendees              Agency
Bryce Hertslet           NRW             Peter Mann             Maroochy
Greg Sullivan            Brisbane        Janelle Parker         Maroochy
Andre Simmonds           NRW             Anne Schofield         Maroochy
Janine McKay             Ipswich         Paul Samios            Toowoomba
Dieter Jurgeseir         Ipswich         Geoff Doyle            Ipswich
Brett Turville           Brisbane        Jasen Murray           Brisbane
Kel Irwin                Gold Coast      Barbara Dart           Ipswich
Bruce Morton             Qld Health      Helen Tynan            EPA
Jason Smith              DPI&F           Angela Gilder          BCC
Nicole Scott             Biosecurity     Mike Smith             DEH
Paul Brisbane-W ebb      Ipswich         Paul Mcgee             Brisbane
Paul McDonald            NRW             Lauren Murray          Gold Coast
Byron Hall               Ipswich         Simone May nard        Seq Catchments
Stuart Martin            Caloundra       Peter Dusha            Caloundra
Michael Hadjineophyton   Ipswich         Billy Gusset           DLGPS R
Craig Maudsley           Ipswich

Apologies                Agency          Apologies              Agency
Shasha Ingbritsen        Ipswich         Phillip Notaro         Qld Police
David McNicoll           Noos a          Edward Eugster         Bris Airport
Peter Sticklen           Gold Coast      Frank Henry            Brisbane
Pauline Dunn             Hervey Bay      Sheryl Krome           Maroochy
Andy Gaze                Hervey Bay      Brian Sim              Biosecurity

Generic Powers
Greg Sullivan indicated that local authorities have been discussing generic powers
under the Local Government Act. Some discussions have been had with DLGP on
this subject. It was agreed that the inconsistency between Local and State government
powers can cause some confusion and AELERT should attempt to advance
discussions on the development of generic enforcement powers.

Action: The Chair of Qld AELERT should write to LGAQ to advance the
development of generic Authorised Officer Powers.

Expert Witness Database
It was discussed at previous meetings that a database containing contact details for
expert witnesses should be developed and maintained through AELERT. This was
held over to the next National Committee Meeting.

Action: Raise the development and maintenance of an Expert Witness Database with
the AELERT National Committee. This is to be included in the next Jurisdictional
National Committee Report
Greg Sullivan provided a report on the activity of the AELERT National Committee
and the associated sub-committees.

AELERT Website
Angela Gilder stated that the members section in the website is available for use. This
includes a resource library. Any suggestions or amendments to the resource library
should be directed to Angela. Members who would like access to this facility should
contact Angela to gain access. Any members who have interesting case studies
should also contact Angela as they could also be included on the website.

Presentation on Ecosystem Services
Simone Maynard from SE Catchments provided and overview of their work on
measuring ecosystem services to assist with planning decisions in SEQ.

Performance Indicators
During previous meetings it was agreed that Qld AELERT should establish a steering
committee to develop performance indicators for environmental regulatory services.
This is committee will look at existing indicators that are used, review other systems
and seek to develop effective outcome and output indicators to measure the
performance of environmental regulations. Greg Sullivan stated that the steering
committee had been formed and was scoping the project.

AELERT Compliance and Audit Sub-Committee
Mike Smith from the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Water
Resources provided an overview of the Sub-committee. Primary tasks were to review
the regulatory compliance audit training package, develop a common training package
for auditing, facilitating the collaboration between agencies to foster best practice and
information sharing. He stated that some training had already been delivered in NSW
and Vic. The next meeting was to be held on 25 October 2007 and would be hosted
by Gold Coast City Council.

Action: Request for any members who are interested in participating the sub-
committee to contact Mike Smith.

Environmental Health Conference
Kel Irwin and Bruce Morton provided some information on the next World
Environmental Health Congress to be held on the Gold Coast in 2008. It was agreed
that AELERT should provide a presentation on the Network and agency
Action: Make recommendation made to the National Committee that a speaker be
provided to present at the World Health Congress.
Action: Kel Irwin liaise with the organisers of the congress to arrange for an
AELERT speaker.

Economic Indicators
Peter Mann led the discussion on the need for the development of economic indicators
to measure the overall impact of non-compliance. This would assist in the
determining the total costs to the community and may assist in determining
appropriate compensation. It was observed that the range of fines/penalties issued by
the court can significantly vary, the inclusion of the community costs expressed in
economic terms may assist with sentencing submissions.

Action: Bryce Hertslet is to invite members to participate in a steering committee on
this subject. Invitation is to be through the email distribution list.

Environmental Protection Agency
Helen Tynan from Qld EPA provided an overview of the enhanced compliance
initiative within their agency. She also gave a presentation on a case study associated
with EPA’s role in managing emergencies.

Next Qld Meeting
Next meeting will be held in Brisbane after the National Conference.

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