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									Madam Butterfly MOC 2007
Melbourne Opera Company’s production is a reprise of its outstanding effort
of 2004. The set is the same, the orchestra conducted by Greg Hocking as
he did for the 2004 version. The set is a series of hanging screens operated
manually by various cast members to widen and enclose the characters. At
back of stage is a bridge through the garden to “the house occupied by Cio
Cio San (pronounced cocoa sann) also known formally as Madam Butterfly.

She lives there through-out the story as the new “American-Japanese wife, of
Lt Pinkerton, and mother of his child called Sorrow. USA Navy Lt Pinkerton
has not been seen nor heard of for 3 years, cash is tight for Butterfly, and she
has not told him of the birth of his and her “American son”.

He returns unexpectedly with his actual American wife, finds Cio Cio still
waiting, discovers his son, runs away, and she kills herself and then the boy
goes off to live in USA with Mr. and Mrs. Pinkerton. The audience boos the
cad, two-timing husband, but weeps for monogamous love and M Butterfly.
Think Miss Saigon and you’ve got the plot pretty well down.

It was a hot 38 degrees Celsius (US 100degrees F) opening night and the
theaters newly covered seats were wet with sweat (and a few tears). Her
Majesties is an old Art Deco Classic which desperately needs air-conditioning.

We loved the whole production, especially the second (final) act where
everything goes haywire and pear shaped for all concerned. A huge crowd
turned up for the drama beautifully sung by Suzanne Donald (Butterfly),
and New Zealand born Stephen Smith as the despised selfish Yankee,
Pinkerton (apologies to our American readers). Malcolm McLaren rock
impresario (and ex-partner of fashion genius Vivienne Westwood) did a pop/
orchestral cover of Butterfly back in the eighties which showed none of the
sadness of bigamy. This story rocks, costumes set and fellow actors did a
magnificent job, bravo, don’t miss this one.

                              Venues and Times

Her Majesties Theater Melbourne AUSTRALIA        Feb 16/ 18/ 22/ 24
Performing Arts Center Plenty Ranges Victoria    March 3rd
Performing Arts Center Geelong                   March 17th
Performing Arts Center Benalla                   14th April
Theater Royal Hobart TASMANIA                    28 and 29th April

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