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									                    MEI Coursework: The Way to Check Students’ Knowledge in Math

MEI coursework is a task that is aimed at checking students’ knowledge in mathematics. Those students
who are fond of calculation and geometry should write a MEI coursework. There are students who being
interested in mathematical calculations and good at it, have the problems with the sources search. It is
important to support a MEI coursework with reliable information from credible sources. There is a great
opportunity for solving this problem, online custom writing service. Students may get mba essay help
with the annotated bibliography or the literature review in the field. This article provides student with the
objectives of a MEI coursework general requirement for doing this task.

                                    The objectives of a MEI coursework

Objective for MEI coursework # 1
Students should solve equations using numerical method on any level of accuracy.

Objective for MEI coursework # 2
It is important to be able to apply knowledge in innovative technologies and different mathematical tools to
solving tasks.

Objective for MEI coursework # 3
Students should show their knowledge in geometry for solving tasks, if necessary.

                          General requirements’ for students’ academic writing

    1. Students should support their MEI coursework with information from valid sources. It is better to use
       the primary sources, like different theories and discoveries made by the scientists.
    2. Students should state the problem and support it with some specific examples. The examples should
       be properly organized. Each theory or idea should be followed by the example, if possible.
    3. Calculations are necessary in a MEI coursework. Students should not just state the example, but
       they are to represent all the calculations which led students to the result.

Thus, writing a MEI coursework students apply mathematical knowledge they have to compose academic
writings. This is one of the variants to check what students have acquired while studying in the field of

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