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					    International Health Insurance                 International Group Insurance
    International Life Insurance                   Special Risk Insurance Plans              We offer global financial security
    Expatriate Disability Insurance                AD&D                                       for clients around the world
    Travel Insurance                               DBA

Introduction                                 Individual Expatriate Plans                       Special Risk Plans
Expat Financial®, a division of TFG          TFG Global has become a leading interna-          TFG Global has access to a wide range
Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., oper-       tional insurance brokerage with individual        of specialty risk plans for companies and
ates and provides international insur-       clients around the world. We offer a variety      individuals operating in high risk zones.
ance solutions to individuals and com-       of international health insurance, expatriate     We can source quotes for:
panies around the world. TFG Global          life & disability insurance and travel insur-          Personal Accident Coverage—
is an international insurance brokerage      ance plans for expatriates and local nation-             AD&D
firm that offers financial security plans    als around the world through our web sites:            Accidental Disability & Income
designed for expatriates, their employ-                             Major Medical & Evacuation
ers and some local national where                            Kidnap & Ransom
conditions merit. We offer a wide array                                                             Defense Base Act
of international life, health and disabil-   International Group Insurance                          Political Risk
ity insurance products. We have be-          As businesses become increasing global                 Terrorism & war insurance
come a leader in providing special risk      with extensive travel and operations around       Please contact us for more details.
insurance plans to individuals and           the world, it is imperative that they supply a
companies operating in high risk zones       benefit plan that meets their employee’s
such as Afghanistan and Iraq. We also        global needs. With this in mind, TFG Global
offer online travel and health insurance     can examine your global benefit needs and
plans to people around the world.            search the market for a range of cost effec-
                                             tive solutions. We have written and spoken
Our dynamic organization has devel-          extensively on the subject of international
oped strong ties with key insurers           group insurance plans and have clients                              Vancouver
around the world and has valued rela-        around the world. An international group in-
tionships with clients with one to thou-     surance plan can provide your company with
sands of employees. We are a Lloyds          a cost effective and portable insurance plan
appointed agent       and member of          that will both attract, retain and protect your
Advocis, the Canadian insurance plan-        employees around the world.
ning association.
We Provide Global                                          Expatriate Web Site:
Insurance Solutions                             
TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. is a
leading international brokerage firm with
clients around the world. We work with
individuals, businesses, Non-
Governmental Organizations, educa-
tional institutions and governments
around the world. All these entities have
one thing in common, they trust TFG
Global to source international insurance
plans which meet their unique global in-
surance needs. We only work with large
                                                                  Corporate Web Site
and respected insurance suppliers and
companies. Please contact us to discuss                 
your international insurance needs.                                  #216-2438 Marine Drive,
                                                                W. Vancouver, BC V7V 1L2 Canada
Note: Some of the plans noted in this brochure may       P: 604-351-5278 or 800-232-9415 F: 604-913-1150
not be available to residents of certain jurisdictions
depending on regulatory constraints. Please con-
tact us for more details.
                                                         1 Yonge St., #1801, Toronto, ON M5Y 1W7 Canada
                                                                          P: 416-619-5362

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