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					                         COUNCIL OF CLASS PRESIDENTS
                             FALL 2007 MEETING
                               30 OCTOBER 2007

                                   DRAFT MINUTES

The spring 2007 meeting of the Council of Presidents (COCP) was held in Alumni Hall
in the Bo Coppedge Room in Annapolis, Maryland on 30 October 2007.

The meeting was called to order by VADM Mike Haskins, ‟66, Chairman of the Council
of Class Presidents, who gave recognition to the class presidents who are serving on
active duty: CDR Richard Brophy, USN ‟91 VFA 115; MAJ Carter Honesty, USMC ‟90
Navy and Marine Reserves in New Orleans; CAPT “Murph” McCarthy, USMC ‟00 San
Diego; CAPT Aaron Fielder, USMC ‟01 USMC Recruiting Providence RI; LT Josh
Welle, USN ‟02 USNA Academic Staff; LT Dan Bailey, USN ‟03 EOD Mobile
Afghanistan; LT(jg) Lincoln Lukich, USN ‟04 Special Warfare Dam Neck; LT(jg) John
Burger ‟05 Bethesda Medical School; ENS Andrew Lukich, USN ‟06 currently in flight
training; ENS Brady Beauchamp, USN ‟07 in training and headed for Nuclear Power
School. The most senior and junior President present were recognized, Grayson Merrill,
‟34 and ENS John Burger „05. Also in attendance was Midn Andrew Poulin, Presidnet of
the Class of 2009.

Recently elected Presidents were announced and those in attendance were introduced:
1940: RADM Ted Rodgers USN (Ret); 1945: BGEN Bill McCulloch, USMC (Ret.);
1962: LTCOL Ray Madonna, USMC (Ret.); 1972: CAPT Rich Goldsby, USN (Ret.);
1990: MAJ Carter Honesty, USMC who is currently stationed in New Orleans; 2002: LT
Josh Welle, USN who is currently on staff at USNA.

Classes were well represented as 51 of the 74 active classes had Class Presidents and/or
Class Representatives in attendance. A list of attendees at this meeting is attached and is
available on the Alumni Association website ( in the Classes section
under the Council of Class Presidents tab.

Administrative remarks followed which included a call for Committee membership,

The spring meeting minutes were unanimously approved with the added approved caveat
of a change to the notes about gifting committee.

A 45 minute closed “Executive Session” was held for Class Presidents/Class Officers.
The result of the Executive Session was the following resolution to be published by the
Class Presidents and passed onto the Chairman of the USNA Alumni Association Board
of Trustees:

Be it known that the Council of Class Presidents has overwhelmingly passed a
resolution regarding alumni issues as follows:
   •    That we recognize and support the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association
       Board of Trustees and the appropriate action it is taking on all issues
       surrounding the current Bylaws of the Association. These issues have been
       the subject of a proposed law suit. The Board of Trustees has tasked the
       Governance Committee to recommend appropriate changes to eliminate the
       ambiguities in the Bylaws and update the Operations Manual to ensure it is
       completely aligned with the Bylaws.

   •    That all alumni who have concerns worthy of the Board of Trustees'
       consideration, submit them through one of the channels of communication
       available to them - their Class President, their Decade representative, their
       regional representative, and/or chapter representative(for those who are a
       member of a chapter that has a seat on the Board of Trustees). The council
       rejects the notion that lawsuits are a constructive way to settle disagreements
       between members of the Alumni Association.

Remarks by VADM Jeff Fowler, USN, Superintendent U.S. Naval Academy

Superintendent, VADM Jeff Fowler, USN, gave a 45 minute presentation about the State
of the Naval Academy that covered facilities, academics, discipline, and athletics. The
Supt centered his remarks on three themes --- we are a nation at war, developing
midshipmen and that we are the face of the U.S. Navy. He articulated that he had the
confidence and support of a unique organization called the Naval Academy Alumni
Association and Foundation (and Athletics and Scholarship Division) and that he meets
frequently with their associated directors as well as the President/CEO.

The Command Master Chief, CMDCM (AW/SW) Evelyn “Vonn” Banks of the Naval
Academy addressed the council and delineated her job as the senior enlisted advisor. Her
remarks were inspiring and educational as to why it is important to have someone of her
caliber overseeing the mission of the Naval Academy and how it affects the learning
cycle for the entire Brigade of Midshipmen.

The Superintendent opened the floor for thirty minutes for questions and was asked about
the following: (1) Midshipmen traveling to away football games; (2) Sportsmanship
regarding recent athletic events; (3) Developing midshipmen to join the fleet in a much
better way and be prepared to enter combat (in particular ensuring they are as prepared as
their counterparts coming from NROTC); (4) How to ensure we convince graduating
midshipmen to be career minded; (5) Regarding the rumor mill about running out of food
for midshipmen at the beginning of the academic year; (6) Getting more opportunities for
a grey haul cruise for all midshipmen; (7) How is USNA proceeding to ensure that
midshipmen have the foundation of leadership not only in the military but also
government and the community; (8) What can we do to further our support towards the
mission of USNA; (9) Service selection and quotas.

In his concluding remarks, the Superintendent challenged all Class Presidents to keep
themselves involved, support the Foundation, and get involved with Midshipmen if you
can, tell good news, support shipmates overseas, and support USNA leadership. He also
amplified his initial comments regarding rumors and that he expects to hear from a class
president if they hear of something that they think might be not valid or based on facts.
Remarks by George Watt, President/CEO USNAA and Foundation

George Watt, President/CEO USNAAA and Foundation thanked all those who continue
to serve as their class president. George recognized Captain Jack Slaughter, ‟37 for his
service to his class and in commemoration of their recent 70th class reunion. George took
questions as follows: (1) regarding the recognition of active duty military at VIP
functions in addition to honoring those who are recognized for their financial support; (2)
About the current email flow regarding the issues related to the Board of Trustees and
having access to the facts about the current allegations and assertions related to
governance; (3) Ogle House renovation project.

George made a commitment to the Council of Class Presidents continue to perform the
mission in spite of those who wish otherwise.

COCP Issue Papers

Discussion and vote on two issue papers.

(1) CAPT Victor Delano, USN (Ret.) ‟41 addressed the COCP regarding the issue paper:
Governance of Board of Trustees (BOT) and By-laws, specifically on the composition
and tenure of the USNA Alumni Association BOT. A floor vote was taken by Class
Presidents and the motion was approved (vote 38 – 14) that the issue paper be forwarded
to the Chairman of the BOT for further action and consideration by the Governance
Committee of the BOT.

(2) Kevin Stone „76 addressed the COCP regarding an issue paper: Stadium home
football class tailgates, specifically local preferred catering for all class tailgates and
major reunions. A floor vote was taken and unanimously approved the Dave Church ‟67,
take the lead with local Class Presidents and meet during the off season with the NAAA
Athletics Director, Chet Gladchuk, to discuss the policy and to invite him to meet and
address the spring 2008 COCP to answer to the issue paper.


Lunch was served in the Bo Coppedge Room. During lunch, Linda Lee, Corporate
Membership from the USNA Alumni Association, introduced four of the local sponsors
and corporate members of the association.

Following lunch the Chairman called for Committee Reports:

Membership - Steve Hubbard „75 –– met with Alumni Membership (Bobbi Collins) and
got some good ideas to get 75% membership across the board among those classes ‟79
and senior. Steve called for members of the COCP to sign up for his committee.
Gifting Committee - Dave Tuma ‟64 – Gave a short presentation on the work being done
by the committee with regards to an update to the class fund raising guide. Dave also,
called for members of the COCP to join the committee.

Communications Committee – Ingar Grev ‟89 – Discussed progress in the use of the
Alumni Association following a very productive meeting presented by Dir of Information
Servcies, Tim Kobosko, ‟80, with class data base managers and webmasters. The
committee will be writing a history of the Council.

Governance Committee – RADM Mike Rindskopf „38 - Reiterated that all Class
Presidents need to review the requirement for issue papers as per the one page format. If
you have more to explain or discuss, submit or attach supporting documents but keep the
issue paper to an executive summary and to one page.


There was no new business from the floor.

 The council was adjourned at 1450. The next Council meeting is scheduled for 2 April
2008 in the Bo Coppedge Room of Alumni Hall.

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