; Comparative Summary of Presentations - The following is a tabular
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Comparative Summary of Presentations - The following is a tabular


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									The following is a tabular summary of the federal, state and provincial presentations from the Regional Collaboration Webinar held on September 24, 2009. Although their presentations
are not included here, representatives from the US Offshore Wind Collaborative, the Great Lakes Energy Task Force, and Trillium Power also spoke at the webinar. All of the
presentations as well as recordings of the webinar can be found on the GLWC Offshore Wind Workgroup wiki at: http://wiki.glin.net/display/GLWCC/Offshore+Wind. The full
presentations provide additional information such as points of contact with agencies.


                    Role of Agency in Offshore Wind                  Current Agency Policies/Regulations/Laws              Intra or Inter-Agency Initiatives      Regional Collaboration

Transport           The Navigable Waters Protection Program          Navigable Waters Protection Act                       N/A                                    Regulate the provision
Canada              protects the public right of marine navigation   Navigable Waters Works Regulations                                                           and maintenance of
                    on waterways of Canada through:                  Canadian Environmental Assessment Act                                                        safety measures (ie.
                    The pre-approval of structures/works to be                                                                                                    Lights, markers, etc.)
                    built or placed in, over, under, through or                                                                                                   required for safe
                    across any navigable waterway, and                                                                                                            navigation during and/or
                    A legal framework to deal with obstacles and                                                                                                  on completion of the
                    obstructions to navigation                                                                                                                    construction of certain
Natural             Major resource projects (MRP) are large-scale    Single point of entry for Proponents                  We have also established service
Resources           natural resource developments                    Establish service standards                           standards for some of the more
Canada                                                               Develop Project Agreements (PAs)                      common regulatory decisions that
                    Projects must be subject to one of the           Ensure Aboriginal consultation responsibilities are   are required for major resource
                    following environmental assessments under        integrated into the regulatory process                projects. These timelines establish
                    CEAA:                                            Track and monitor progression of projects             the maximum amount of time that
                    Panel review                                                                                           may elapse between the posting of
                    Comprehensive study                                                                                    the EA decision on the Registry, and
                    Screening (large or complex multi-                                                                     the time when the regulatory
                    jurisdictional)                                                                                        decision is made – assuming that the
                                                                                                                           proponent submits the complete
                    Service standards and commitments to                                                                   information required to make the
                    timelines that are recorded in Project                                                                 regulatory submission at the time it
                    Agreements are put into Online Tracker,                                                                submits its Environmental Impact
                    (http://www2.mpmo-                                                                                     Statement.
                    chercher.aspx?lang=en) , which we use to
                    track and monitor the progress of the project
                    through the federal system, and to provide
                    transparency to the public and stakeholders
                    about the progress of that review
U.S. Army           Federal Permitting Agency for Certain            33 CFR Part 320-332                                   Great Lakes Regional Corps Off-Shore   Buffalo District – Monthly
Corps of            Activities/Work in Water of the US               Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act              Wind Team                              Conference Calls with
Engineers           Structures/Work In, Above or Below               Section 404 of the Clean Water Act                    Represented by All Great Lakes         Ohio Agencies
                    Navigable Waters of the US (i.e. Great Lakes)    404(b)(1) Guidelines (40 CFR Part 230)                Corps Districts/Divisions and          Regarding Wind

1Other federal agencies including Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canadian Hydrographic Service, the Department of Energy, NOAA, and the US Federal Aviation
Administration may have roles in the development and/or regulation offshore wind projects; however, they were unable to participate in the webinar.
                Role of Agency in Offshore Wind               Current Agency Policies/Regulations/Laws                Intra or Inter-Agency Initiatives     Regional Collaboration

                Discharges of Dredged or Fill Material into   National Environmental Policy Act                       USACE-HQ                              Development Issues
                All Waters of the US                          Section 401 Water Quality Certification (State                                                (Hosted by the Ohio
                                                              Resource Agency)                                        Permit Processing Team                Department of Natural
                                                              Coastal Zone Management Program (State                  Establish Processing/Evaluation       Resources)
                                                              Resource Agency)                                        Guidelines
                                                              Endangered Species Act (U.S. Fish and Wildlife                                                Detroit District – Currently
                                                              Service)                                                Wildlife Team                         Reaching Out to
                                                               Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act           Establish Study Requirements for      Michigan Great Lakes
                                                              (State Historic Preservation Office)                    Applicants                            Wind Council
                                                              Coordination with Tribal Nations                        Currently in Discussion with
                                                                                                                      USFWS to form Interagency
U.S. Coast      Cooperating agency for National               Ports and Waterways Safety Act (PWSA) (P.L. 95-         MOU with Minerals Management          Navigation Safety Risk
Guard           Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) purposes      474, 33 USC 1221)                                       Service (MMS)                         Assessment
                with the LPA                                                                                           Outer Continental Shelf              Site Location
                Develop terms and conditions to provide for   Coast Guard & Maritime Transportation Act of                                                  Traffic Survey
                safety of navigation                          2006 (CG&MTA)(P.L. 109-241)                             Cooperating Agency Agreement          Structure
                Minimize potential impacts on other CG                                                                with MMS                              Risk of collision
                missions (SAR, Marine Safety, Maritime        Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC         Environmental Impact Statement        Clearances
                Security, Maritime Mobility, Protection of    02-07),                                                                                       Impact on SAR
                Natural Resources, National Defense)          http://www.uscg.mil/hq/cg5/nvic/pdf/2007/N                                                    Oil spill response
                                                              VIC02-07.pdf                                                                                  Security
                WILL NOT APPROVE/DISAPPROVE                                                                                                                 Navigation
                PROJECT OR ISSUE PERMIT                       MOUs / MOAs (when developed)                                                                  Weather
                                                                                                                                                            Mitigation Measures
                                                                                                                                                            Exclusion Zones
                                                                                                                                                            Shutdown Procedures
U.S.            Advisory role under NEPA                      NEPA: Can participate in scoping, be a                  Obama Administration’s Ocean
Environmental   Regulatory role under Clean Water Act,        cooperating agency; Role is advisory                    Policy Task Force Interim Report
Protection      Resource Conservation and Recovery Act,       Reviews and comments on EISs /EAs prepared to           Includes Great Lakes and coastlines
Agency          Superfund, and FIFRA                          support Federal decision making                         Currently out for public comment
                                                              Comments can address all environmental media,           until 10/16/09 at
                                                              habitat, species, other issues                          www.whitehouse.gov/oceans
                                                              EISs /EAs should evaluate impacts of                    Recommends “…rationally allowing
                                                              installations in water and on-shore, including          for emerging uses of the oceans,
                                                              transmission lines and indirect and cumulative          including new energy production.”
                                                              Can recommend mitigation measures
                                                              Recommends avoiding sensitive on-shore / off-
                                                              shore habitat (e.g., wetlands, dunes, reefs, flyways)
                                                              CWA: Section 404 (dredge/fill in waters of US)

                   Role of Agency in Offshore Wind                Current Agency Policies/Regulations/Laws                Intra or Inter-Agency Initiatives        Regional Collaboration

                                                                  Corps manages permit program
                                                                  Reviews and comments on Corps public notices
                                                                  USEPA / Corps dispute resolution process
                                                                  USEPA / Corps both can enforce
                                                                  Section 402 (permitting of surface water
                                                                  Programs delegated to states with USEPA
                                                                  oversight; USEPA can enforce
                                                                  On-shore construction > 1 acre requires
                                                                  stormwater management permit
                                                                  RCRA: Programs delegated to states with USEPA
                                                                  oversight; USEPA can enforce
                                                                  Generation, storage, and disposal of chemicals
                                                                  used in operation and maintenance
                                                                  Decommissioning, reclamation, disposal of wind
                                                                  turbines is life-cycle waste management issue.
                                                                  CERCLA: Spill prevention, control, and
                                                                  countermeasures for lubricants and other
                                                                  chemicals should be integrated into facility
                                                                  FIFRA: Marine paints / coatings containing
                                                                  biocides should comply with FIFRA
                                                                  USEPA Green Power Initiative: Voluntary program
                                                                  to encourage companies, institutions, and local
                                                                  governments to produce or purchase green power
                                                                  (including wind energy)
                                                                  USEPA offers technical assistance and public
U.S. Fish and      Provide technical assistance                   Endangered Species Act                                  Development of wildlife-related
Wildlife Service   Early coordination on project siting           Species – piping plover, Kirtland’s warbler,            elements of the GLWC’s wind atlas
                   Assist in developing pre- and post-            Indiana bat, etc.
                   construction survey protocols                  For offshore projects with Federal nexus, e.g.,         Great Lakes Restoration Initiative –
                   Assess and avoid, minimize, mitigate impacts   projects regulated by the Corps:                        wind power migratory bird/bat
                   Coordinate with agencies, developers, and      Section 7 - Federal agencies to conserve                movement studies
                   others                                         threatened and endangered species and, in               --Service’s Wildlife-friendly Research
                                                                  consultation with the Service, to ensure their          initiative
                   Coordinate with Corps of Engineers             actions do not jeopardize listed species or destroy
                   Corps required to consult with the Service     or adversely modify critical habitat                    Multi-species Habitat Conservation
                   Service may be cooperating agency in NEPA      Migratory Bird Treaty Act                               Plan
                   Currently exploring formation of work group    A criminal environmental law that implements 4
                                                                  international treaties                                  Integration of wildlife considerations
                   Coordinate Section 7 consultation              “…unlawful…to pursue, hunt, take, capture, kill,        into all appropriate products and
                                                                  attempt to take, capture, or kill, possess, offer for   initiatives of the GLWC
                                                                  sale, sell…any migratory bird…”
                                                                  No provision expressly authorizing FWS to issue         GL Fish & Wildlife Restoration
               Role of Agency in Offshore Wind               Current Agency Policies/Regulations/Laws                     Intra or Inter-Agency Initiatives   Regional Collaboration

                                                             incidental take permits                                      Act grant to Ohio to study
                                                                                                                          waterfowl offshore of Ohio’s Lake
                                                             Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act                         Erie
                                                             Affords specific protections to eagles
                                                             It is generally unlawful to “take,…at any time or in         FWS Region 3 Great Lakes 3-mile
                                                             any manner, any bald eagle...or any golden eagle,            buffer
                                                             alive or dead, or any part, nest, or egg thereof…”
                                                             In connection with removal of the bald eagle from
                                                             the ESA, FWS issued on September 11 proposed
                                                             regulations that would establish an incidental take
                                                             permit program
                                                             Clean Water Act – Section 404
                                                             Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
                                                             National Environmental Policy Act
                                                             Secretary of the Interior – Order on Renewable Energy
                                                             (March 2009)
                                                             DOI bureaus will work collaboratively to
                                                             encourage timely and responsible development of
                                                             renewable              energy and transmission,
                                                             WHILE protecting and enhancing the Nation’s
                                                             water,, wildlife, and other natural resources
                                                             Federal Advisory Committee to develop guidelines for land-
                                                             based wind power development
St. Lawrence   Act as marine gateway for wind mill           Wiley-Dondero Act of 1954 (Seaway Act)                       International trade missions        Environmental
Seaway         components entering Great Lakes via project   SLSDC responsible for O&M of U.S. portion of                 Trade development activities        initiatives:
Development    cargo ships (primarily Europe)                Seaway between Montreal & Lake Erie                          Highway H2O market campaign         Aquatic invasive species
Corporation    Promote marketing of offshore wind industry   SLSDC interacts directly with Canadian SLSMC,                Short sea shipping                  Great Lakes Regional
               in Great Lakes Seaway System                  esp. rules & regs, ops, traffic mgt, safety, operating                                           Waterways Management
               Charged with promoting the public interest    dates, trade development                                                                         Forum
               throughout the GLSLS System                   Asset Renewal Program underway                                                                   Green Marine

             State of Indiana State of Michigan                    State of New York       State of Ohio             Province of             Commonwealth of        State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                                     Ontario                 Pennsylvania
Interest in        Add to the energy       Tremendous              2004 Renewable          Offshore wind             Ontario supports        Pennsylvania has       Wind on the Water
Offshore Wind      mix                     resource potential!     Portfolio Standard      resources in Lake         offshore wind           been focused on        Report (WOW)
                   Interested in energy    MSU LPI study           25% Renewables by       Erie could                development and it      land sites only, and   issued December
                   supply wherever it      322,000 MW              2013                    reasonably support        is a technology         has not been           2008
                   can be obtained in      Jobs too!               45 by 2015 Clean        over 10,000 MW of         supported under         promoting the          Harnessing
                   clean, efficient        Dry run – Feb 08        Energy Goal             electrical generating     Ontario’s recently      development of off-    Wisconsin’s Energy
                   manner                  Great Lakes Wind        15% energy              capacity….equivalen       passed Green            shore wind.            Resources: An
                   Proximity to energy     Council – Sept 09       efficiency              t to eight Perry-sized    Energy Act                                     Initial Investigation
                   intensive industry      www.michiganglowc       30% renewables          nuclear plants or six     www.mei.gov.on.ca.                             into Great Lakes
                   along the shore of      ouncil.org              2009 State Energy       Conesville-sized coal     wsd6.korax.net/engli                           Wind Development
                   Lake Michigan           www.michigan.gov/       Plan                    plants                    sh/energy/gea/                                 http://sql01/apps/e
                   Economic potential      eorenew                 534 MW’s Offshore                                 OMNR’s                                         rf_share/view/viewd
                   is strong                                       Wind by 2015            Ohio’s Offshore           Windpower Site                                 oc.aspx?docid=1068
                   Wind development                                                        Wind                      Release Policy makes                           01
                   in the region adds to                                                   Resources May             the beds of the                                Commission
                   the lure for                                                            Exceed Our                Great Lakes available                          adopted January
                   manufacturing and                                                       Terrestrial Wind          for Wind                                       2009
                   advancement of                                                          Potential                 development
                   clean tech in Indiana                                                                             www.extranet.mnr.g                             Follow-up identified
                   and our neighbors                                                       Lake Erie Provides        ov.on.ca)                                      Address lack of wind
                   Relatively shallow                                                      Desired Qualities of an   The province’s                                 data
                   water                                                                   Offshore Wind Energy      proposed FIT                                   Pursue R&D
                                                                                           Site                      Program will incent                            regarding
                                                                                           Avg. winds stronger       offshore wind at                               foundations
                                                                                           than 18 mph               $.19/Kwh                                       Need statutory
                                                                                           Constructible water       The Ontario Wind                               changes
                                                                                           depths                    Resources Atlas                                Need federal agency
                                                                                           Large areas with no       includes data layers                           coordination
                                                                                           significant water use     related to offshore -                          Transmission
                                                                                           conflicts                 www.ontariowindatla                            planning should
                                                                                           Environmentally           s.ca                                           recognize possibility
                                                                                           compatible areas          The Ontario Power                              of Great Lakes wind
                                                                                           Accessible                Authority (OPA)
                                                                                           transmission & ports      completed a study –
                                                                                           Large available           Analysis of Future
                                                                                           project area              Offshore Wind
                                                                                           footprint                 Development in
                                                                                                                     Ontario which
                                                                                                                     identified 60+

2A few state/provincial jurisdictions chose not to participate in the webinar. The province of Québec does not anticipate offshore wind developments in the near future. In the state of
Minnesota offshore wind is not of interest at the moment as Superior too deep, ice would be a large factor and the wind resources are low over Superior. In the state of Illinois there
have been a few inquiries regarding the placement of offshore wind projects in Illinois waters, but there are no current developments.
                 State of Indiana       State of Michigan      State of New York      State of Ohio           Province of              Commonwealth of          State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                              Ontario                  Pennsylvania
                                                                                                              offshore sites -
Current or       Indiana’s relatively   Michigan Alternative   NYPA – Great Lakes                             The beds of all lakes    In 2008, BQ Energy,      None planned
Proposed         small footprint in     & Renewable Energy     Offshore Wind                                  and rivers in Ontario    now Apex Wind            currently
Projects         Lake Michigan may      Center in Muskegon     Request for                                    are Crown (Public)       Energy began              Some interest from
                 prove to yield         www.gvsu.edu/mare      expression of                                  land – 87% of land       exploring the            developers
                 Grumblings of          c                      interest released                              mass and MNR             feasibility of a          Some initial
                 development            Platform with          April 2009, 120 MW                             currently has 70+        project in Lake Erie,    screening
                 Two companies have     anemometer tower       to 300 MW                                      applications for         and has had               We-Energies RFP
                 requested input from   6 miles off shore in   Release RFP by                                 offshore wind            preliminary                on wind speeds
                 the Indiana DNR        Lake Michigan          December 2009                                  development sites        discussions with a
                 (IDNR) about the       Measure wind speeds                                                    Trillium Power          number of state
                 possibility            2-3 years              Con Ed/LIPA –                                  Corp. has proposed       officials. Due to the
                 Energy intensive       $1.4 million federal   Atlantic Ocean                                 a 700 MW wind            economy and
                 industry along the     earmark & match        RFEI released June                             farm for the Duck        preliminary
                 shore has indicated    Planning stage         2009, 350 MW to                                Island area of Lake      development work,
                 possible interest in                          700 MW                                         Ontario                  Apex does not
                 turbines used in a                                                                           www.trilliumpower.c      anticipate
                 distributed manner                            Hounsfield Wind –                              om                       construction
                                                               Gallo Island, L.                                Toronto Hydro has       beginning for at least
                                                               Ontario                                        proposed a 50+ MW        3 or 4 more years.
                                                                270 MW                                        wind farm for just
                                                               Draft EIS February                             offshore of the City
                                                               2009                                           and has recently
                                                                                                              completed their EA
                                                                                                              to proceed with a
                                                                                                              testing platform
                                                                                                               Southpoint Wind
                                                                                                              has initiated their EA
                                                                                                              for a proposed 30
                                                                                                              MW in Lake Erie
                                                                                                              near Leamington
Inter-           IDNR works closely     Michigan and           NYPA Great Lakes       Developers prefer       OMNR is a                None, outside of the     State of Michigan –
jurisdictional   with US FWS and        Wisconsin talking      Offshore Wind          substations along the   founding member of       GLWC                     exploring ways to
collaboration    the US ACE to          about options for      Environmental data     coast where energy      the GLWC                                          coordinate efforts
                 determine potential    coordinating and                              can be injected into    Under the auspices                                Ex. Mapping of
                 project impacts to     collaborating          Con ED/LIPA            the grid with           of the GLWC                                       Lake
                 fish/wildlife and      All ideas so far;      Advisor to the work    minimal                 OMNR is working                                    Michigan features

                 State of Indiana        State of Michigan        State of New York        State of Ohio           Province of             Commonwealth of          State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                                   Ontario                 Pennsylvania
                 navigation              nothing concrete yet     group                    infrastructure          with Great lakes                                 that
                 Will remain the case    Discussions taking       Environmental data       upgrades…nine           Border states and the                             may affect siting
                 for offshore            place governor to                                 major                   province of Quebec
                 development             governor,                NYSERDA                  interconnnections       to share best
                 Similarly, Indiana      department director      Partner in offshore      available in Ohio at    practice, guidance
                 Dept of                 to department            wind development         shoreline power         and policy
                 Environmental           director,                Report on offshore       plants                  OMNR is also
                 Management              PSC Commissioner         potential in Erie &                              working
                 (IDEM) works            to PSC                   Ontario should be                                collaboratively with
                 closely with US EPA     Commissioner,            released in October                              other Canadian
                 and US ACE on           and staff to staff.      09                                               provinces and the
                 water quality impacts   Preliminary ideas: (1)                                                    Canadian federal
                 from the                wind resource                                                             government
                 construction and use    assessments;
                 thereof                 (2) mapping & GIS
                 Nothing specific to     resources; (3) R&D
                 offshore wind is        (icing, transmission,
                 currently working       ecological and
                                         public acceptance,
                                         equipment &
                                         facilities needs); (4)
                                         joint or coordinated
                                         offshore wind farm
Regulation/      Entry-level planning    Discussion Started       State Environmental      ODNR Controls           Under OMNR’s Site       Pennsylvania’s           State agencies
Policies/ Laws   discussions are being   on Policies              Quality Review Act       Lake Erie               Release Policy          Department of            involved:
                 proposed between        Great Lakes Wind         – DEC                    Submerged Lands         proponents can          General Services is      Public Service
                 the State Energy        Council – Sept 1         Protection of            North to Canadian       apply for offshore      in charge of leasing     Commission
                 Office, Indiana         report to Governor       Waters, Wetlands,        Border                  sites for proposed      submerged lands;         Department of
                 Utility Regulatory      Criteria for mapping     401 WQC, Coastal         Windiest area ~15       wind farms              however, the size of     Natural Resources
                 Commission              Criteria for permits     Erosion – DEC            miles NW of             Leases are granted      the proposed project     Bureau of
                 (IURC), Office of                                Coastal Zone             Cleveland               for sites under the     will require an Act of   Commissioners of
                 Utility Consumer                                 Management – Dept        ODNR Office of          Ontario Public          the state’s General      Public Lands
                 Counselor, IDEM,                                 of State                 Coastal Management      Lands Act and           Assembly.
                 IDNR, and IN                                     Easement for             will be filing new      through associated                               Joint review of
                 Depart of                                        Underwater lands –       rules governing the     regulations             It is unclear at         necessary statutory
                 Transportation                                   General Services         issuance of             Ontario is proposing    present how the          changes
                 No regulation or                                 Certificate of Public    submerged land          a streamlined           leasing will proceed.
                 policies specific to                             Convenience and          leases for offshore     approach to             One question that
                 offshore are in place                            Necessity – Public       wind development.       permitting and          needs to be
                 aside from existing                              Service                                          approvals based on      answered: is the
                 water use and water                                                       Ohio Power Siting       clear, up-front, and    acreage to be leased
                 quality rules                                                             Board Member Agencies   integrated              only the actual
               State of Indiana         State of Michigan      State of New York       State of Ohio           Province of             Commonwealth of          State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                               Ontario                 Pennsylvania
               i.e. 401 Cert                                                           Will Review Offshore    requirements for        footprint of the
               (IDEM); Lake                                                            Applications            Provincial Ministry     tower bases, or the
               Michigan related                                                        Public Utilities        approvals and           entire area of all the
               permits for erosion,                                                    Commission of           permits, including:     turbines?
               navigation, and                                                         Ohio – Chairman         A Renewable Energy
               fish/wildlife                                                           Ohio Environmental      Approval regulation
               concerns (IDNR)                                                         Protection Agency       established by the
                                                                                       Ohio Department of      Ministry of
                                                                                       Development             Environment (see
                                                                                       Ohio Department of      www.ene.gov.on.ca);
                                                                                       Health                  and
                                                                                       Ohio Department of      Approval and
                                                                                       Natural Resources       Permitting
                                                                                       Ohio Department of      Requirements
                                                                                       Agriculture             established by the
                                                                                       Public Member           OMNR (see
                                                                                       Four Legislative        www.mnr.gov.on.ca)
                                                                                       Members                 The proposed
                                                                                                               process is intended
                                                                                       2 from Ohio House       to streamline
                                                                                       of Representatives      approvals while
                                                                                       2 from the Ohio         continuing to ensure
                                                                                       Senate                  the protection of
                                                                                       OPSB has                public health and
                                                                                       jurisdiction over all   safety and the
                                                                                       wind generation         natural environment
                                                                                       over 5
Transmission   Interconnection          Preliminary            Article VII "Sitting                            Under Ontario’s         There are no plans at    PSC is active in
               handled by IURC          modeling started,      of Major Utility                                proposed Feed-in        present for              planning reviews at
               No specific plan is in   with MI                Transmission                                    Tariff Program          connecting and           state, multi-state,
               place                    transmission owners    Facilities“ – Public                            proposed generation     integrating offshore     regional and federal
               Discussions will arise   (ATC, ITC) &           Service                                         projects will be        wind to land-based       levels
               as mass offshore         MISO                   Separate                                        identified &            transmission             Wind concerns being
               wind development         Almost no difference   environmental                                   prioritized             systems.                 studied include off-
               begins to become         in modeling            review process                                  Once critical                                    shore
               more technically         interconnections       Independent System                              generating mass is                               WOW did examine
               viable                   from land or water     Operator – Access                               identified in an area                            impacts – would
               Indiana fully expects    based wind energy      to the existing grid                            then the Ontario                                 need work in most
               to work closely with     sources – same         Con Ed/LIPA                                     Power Authority will                             areas of state to
               other regional           issues                 conducted a review                              plan for the                                     support off-shore
               jurisdictions in this    Michigan Wind          of existing                                     necessary                                        wind
               regard                   Energy Resource        transmission                                    transmission
           State of Indiana        State of Michigan     State of New York        State of Ohio   Province of            Commonwealth of        State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                  Ontario                Pennsylvania
           Indiana transmission    Zone Board            resources to identify                    enhancement or
           will act as a           (WERZB) proposing     likely interconnect                      development and
           “conduit” for wind      near-shore            point & system                           seek necessary
           energy from the         on-shore wind zones   requirements                             approvals
           lakes to load centers   in Thumb and
                                   west-coast of Lower
                                   A next step in MI’s
                                   WERZB process
                                   is for transmission
                                   companies to advise
                                   MPSC on system
                                   for delivering
                                   & maximum
                                   wind resources
                                   from each zone
                                   This will be good
                                   practice for
                                   transmission for
                                   Michigan off-shore
Public     No public outreach      Council               NYPA & Con                               The proposed new       No public outreach     Focus groups as part
Outreach   has taken place to      Recommends            Ed/LIPA are                              approval process       has been planned.      of WOW report:
           date on this issue      Notice of Intent      conducting                               enabled under the                             May be too early for
           Currently all           Meetings in Area      stakeholder meetings                     Green Energy and       Anything required by   such efforts
           outreach efforts are    Permit & Lease        SEQR & Article VII                       Green Economy Act      the developers by      Expectation that
           conducted by the        Hearings              Process provide                          is currently being     the commonwealth       would be done by
           developer               Council Plans 2-3     opportunity for                          developed – part of    of Pennsylvania        Developers
           some may be             Meetings Next Year    public review                            this was a public      would be worked        Part of CPCN/EIS
           required by local       in Coastal                                                     comment period on      out during the         processes are
           jurisdictions and       Communities                                                    requirements where     permitting process.    scoping efforts and
           state regulators for    State Wind Outreach                                            the province                                  public hearings
           various permits         Team Role in                                                   received 1000+
                                   Education                                                      comments
                                                                                                  Part of the proposed
                                                                                                  requirements of the
                                                                                                  Renewable Energy
                                                                                                  Approval (REA)
                                                                                                  regulation would
                                                                                                  require an applicant
               State of Indiana        State of Michigan       State of New York     State of Ohio           Province of             Commonwealth of        State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                             Ontario                 Pennsylvania
                                                                                                             to hold at least two
                                                                                                             public meetings and
                                                                                                             address concerns
                                                                                                             raised in these
                                                                                                             The decision on
                                                                                                             issuing an REA
                                                                                                             could also be
                                                                                                             appealed to the
                                                                                                             Review Tribunal
                                                                                                             As part of the new
                                                                                                             approval process
                                                                                                             Ontario will also
                                                                                                             continue to meet its
                                                                                                             responsibility to
                                                                                                             notify and enter into
                                                                                                             consultation with
Public Trust   No discussion to this   Michigan GLOW           Environmental         ODNR administers        (Note the Public        Once leasing is        Addressed through
               effect as of yet, but   Council                 Review regulations    the submerged lands     Trust Doctrine has      worked out, a          hearing processes
               will be part of our     recommends new          Permit process        beneath Lake Erie       not bee explicitly      submerged lands
               deliberation as we      state legislation       Coastal Zone          out to the Canadian     recognized in           permit application
               move forward (could     Align wind with         Management            border                  Ontario as a judicial   will be thoroughly
               be pinch point)         Public Trust doctrine   Decision to lease     Options are available   principle)              reviewed per state
                                       Provide that            state owned lands     for up to 5 years at    Outreach and            and federal laws and
                                       offshore wind will                            $5,000/sq. nautical     Education               regulations by the
                                       have “minimal                                 mile/year to take       Investment in           Dept. of
                                       impact on public                              anemometer              science and research    Environmental
                                       trust”                                        readings and begin      - including the         Protection’s
                                       Explain positive                              environmental           proposal to establish   northwest regional
                                       benefits to public                            permitting              an independent          office.
                                       trust                                                                 Research Chair, and
                                       For example,                                                          setbacks and            No special
                                       reduced mercury                                                       standards related to    regulations,
                                       emissions                                                             noise and the natural   procedures or
                                                                                                             environment             guidelines have been
                                                                                                             Adaptive                developed regarding
                                                                                                             management -            off-shore wind
                                                                                                             including proposed      development.
                                                                                     Leases of up to 50      provisions under the
                                                                                     year term may be        new approval
                State of Indiana         State of Michigan     State of New York        State of Ohio            Province of            Commonwealth of   State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                                 Ontario                Pennsylvania
                                                                                        issued once              process that enable
                                                                                        environmental            the government to
                                                                                        permitting is            establish mitigation
                                                                                        completed and            and monitoring
                                                                                        OPSB Certificate has     requirements
                                                                                        been issued
                                                                                        Leases will provide
                                                                                        for “footprint” lease
                                                                                        payments and royalty
                                                                                        payments of from
                                                                                        3% to 7% of gross
                                                                                        electricity generated,
                                                                                        on a sliding scale
Obstacles to    Southern Lake            Not yet!              Conflict between                                  Public concern has                       Need for statutory
Development     Michigan is busy         Proactive approach    users of the resource                             been expressed with                      clarity
                migratory pathway        Education &           Recreational fishing                              regard to proposed                       Development of
                for a number of bird     outreach              groups                                            offshore projects                        leasing process
                species                  Research on public    Visual impact –                                   with regard to
                Concern over             acceptance            Shoreline land                                    environmental and
                benthic impacts,         Leases in most        owners                                            view scape issues
                particularly to          favorable areas                                                         Offshore projects
                sensitive species                                                                                face technical
                Large volume of                                                                                  challenges as well
                economic                                                                                         (e.g. transmission,
                development in that                                                                              construction
                region of Indiana via                                                                            infrastructure)
                boat traffic (need to
                guarantee that
                shipping lanes are
                not restricted)
                Ensuring the lake
                remains in the public
                trust (potential
                avenue for litigation
                that can delay
Regional        As a steward of the      Information Sharing   Avian, bat & aquatic                              Fisheries Guidance                       Information sharing
Collaboration   Great Lakes, we are      Research              issues                                            Bird and Bat                             Facilitating technical
                interested in working    Collaboration                                                           Guidance                                 research and
                on a regional basis to   Joint Projects        Structural challenges                             Policy Development                       development
                maximize the wind                              Foundations                                       Project Siting                           Clarity regarding
                resource in the most                           Ice                                               Public Engagement                        federal permitting
                environmentally                                Navigation                                        Ice Research                             processes that apply

                  State of Indiana         State of Michigan   State of New York       State of Ohio   Province of              Commonwealth of          State of Wisconsin
                                                                                                       Ontario                  Pennsylvania
                  efficient manner                             Transmission                                                                              to the relevant
                  possible without                                                                                                                       jurisdictions
                  hindering economic                           Recent meeting with                                                                       Pursuing funding for
                  development                                  Ontario Ministry of                                                                       collaboration on
                  Open to                                      Natural Resources to                                                                      efforts that cannot
                  collaboration that                           share information                                                                         be accomplished
                  will work to best                            from development                                                                          without further
                  protect this sensitive                       on Wolfe Island                                                                           funding
                  resource for future
Other issues or                                                State vs Federal                        It is unclear what       A major migratory
observations                                                   Environmental                           impact planned           bird flyway exists
                                                               review                                  financial and other      across this part of
                                                               Who takes the lead?                     policy incentives will   Lake Erie.
                                                               Define roles for                        have on demand for
                                                               other agencies                          offshore wind sites      Ice sheets normally
                                                               Resolving conflict                      Opportunity for          move around the
                                                               between traditional                     policy alignment         lake, and the many
                                                               users of offshore                       within the GLB to        towers will “lock” an
                                                               with renewable                          support a bio-region     ice sheet in place.
                                                               energy                                  based approach           When another
                                                                                                       Opportunity to share     mobile ice sheet
                                                                                                       costs of gaining         encounters the
                                                                                                       required ecological      stationary one, will
                                                                                                       data                     the mobile sheet be
                                                                                                                                driven downwards,
                                                                                                                                resulting in a massive
                                                                                                                                scouring of the lake

               the mobile sheet b e
                                                                                                                                  driven downwards,
                                                                                                                                  resulting in a massive
                                                                                                                                  scouring of the lake


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