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                             PRESS RELEASE

Contact:   Paul Feuer
           Cable Alternatives Chair
Phone:     513.1001
Date:      October 22, 2010

               Collier County Presidents Council Studies Cable Alternatives

At the January 2010 meeting of the Collier County Presidents Council (CCPC) a number of
members expressed their dissatisfaction with the fees that they were being charged by
Comcast, as well as their quality of service. It was agreed to undertake a comprehensive study
to determine if there were any alternatives to Comcast since it appeared they had a lock on the
land line cable TV business in Collier County. Before doing so CCPC Chair Murray Hendel, a
few Council members, and I met with Comcast to express our concerns. Comcast was
steadfast in their position that their fees are reasonable and their service satisfactory.

At the County's Property Owners Presidents meeting held in February, I raised the concern to
one of the senior County officials, who agreed to look into the matter and get back to us.
 While we never heard from the County, Brent Batten wrote a column a few months ago
suggesting that the County Commissioners were looking into the Comcast arrangement with the
intent to obtain more competitive arrangements for County residents. Obviously, the CCPC was
delighted with the substance of Brett's column.

In the interim I began a series of interviews with a number of firms who were seeking an
opportunity to compete for the business in our County. I coordinated the first presentation by
the Pathworks Corporation for the CCPC in March, which was well attended by our members.
As a matter of fact, the NDN ran an article about 3 weeks ago indicating that Huntington Lakes
had awarded a contract to Pathworks.

It's important to recognize that it is not the intent of the CCPC to endorse any particular firm.
 Our sole purpose is to serve as a conduit by enabling our members to be well informed as to
what is available in the marketplace so that they can issue a well-defined request for proposal in
the event they choose to competitively solicit for a bulk contract.

On October 18 the Collier County Presidents Council sponsored presentations at Village Walk
by three cable television firms--Axis Satellite, NuVu (Marco Island Cable), and Direct Plus. In
attendance were over 40 participants representing 23 different county associations. The
presenters were quite informative, as well as enlightening. While most of the participants’
concerns were wrapped around the fee and quality of service provided, it became apparent
there are other factors which need to be taken into consideration. With the advent of HDTV and
the ever-increasing use of high-speed internet, it seems that fiber optics is in and COAX cable is
on its way out. At the same time, decisions need to be made regarding contracting for a bundle
arrangement which would include cable TV, high-speed internet and possibly telephone
I have also contacted Comcast and offered to have them make a presentation to the CCPC in
the next few weeks.

While it appears that associations can benefit from increased competition when soliciting for a
bulk arrangement, regretfully the single homeowner living in a neighborhood such as Golden
Gate has no fire power at this time unless the County can help out.

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