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									     HR Planning and Succession

                        This site is designed to serve as a
       information resource for managers and          HR
  professionals.Here you will find reference guides, tools,
      forms resources, etc., that you can access as you
   participate in, or lead, various HR (workforce) planning
          and/or succession management initiatives.
                                HR (workforce) planning and
succession management programs are integral in enabling
 us to achieve our mission of contributing to a prosperous,
            healthy and self-sufficient Nova Scotia.
                                  As our workforce ages and
    the competition for skilled employees becomes even
   tighter, we need to be proactive in HR planning and
 succession management if we want to continue to build a
  high performance,involvement, and inclusive workplace.
                     The following model is to provide you
with an overview of the processes involved in HR planning
 and succession management and also to illustrate how
 succession management (with all of its tools, processes
 and programs) flows from the HR planning process and
 aligns with the departmental and government business
                                            As the diagram
 illustrates, the government’s overall plan along with the
Corporate HR and Affirmative Action plans determine the
departmental strategies and business plans, and in turn,
determines what is needed in the way of roles, skills and
competencies. Working through an HR planning process
allows you to analyze your demand and supply of human
resources and develop the appropriate strategies aimed
                    filling projected gaps.
The HR planning process is illustrated in
        the following diagram.

                      To help you through the process,
click here to access: HR (workforce) Planning Guide
(under development) Departmental Demographic Reports
(under development)

Succession management is a key strategy that you will
probably want to implement (please note that other
strategies, such as recruitment, valuing diversity,
organizational redesign, implementation of new
technologies, outsourcing, etc., may also be required) as a
result of your HR planning process. It addresses many of
the issues the government is currently facing, such as:
     an aging workforce
     increasing retirement rates
     tight labour market
     limited competitiveness, and
     fast-paced changes in work.
By implementing a succession management program that
is transparent and equitable you will be creating an
environment for people to develop their skills in
preparation for a range of future possibilities. This results
in a workplace that will be well positioned to face whatever
lies ahead.

The following is the corporate succession management
model. Please refer to the Guide to Succession
Management to provide you with details, tips and tools to
use as you work through the steps in your department or
The following are some tools that will help you with the
process of succession management.
     A Guide to Succession Management
     A Manager’s Guide for Developing People
     Career Development Tools
        o Leadership Career Path Model

        o Career Explorer

        o Career Development Plan

        o Development Resource Guide

        o Career Management
      o Guide for Mentoring
   Leadership Development Programs

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