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Cure Your Acne Naturally - Five Best Treatments

Acne is not something that anyone wants. It's unattractive and has a
way of altering a person's appearance for the worst unlike anything
else can. Acne can show up all over the body, particularly the face,
which is where it is the most noticeable. Unfortunately, when a
person has acne, they usually get it on their face more than anywhere

Acne is caused by a number of influences from the foods people eat
to outside environmental factors. Men and women who are
undergoing a number of hormonal changes, whether it be by taking
medication, puberty, or pregnancy, can experience moderate to
severe acne which is unattractive and very noticeable. Stress can
also cause acne as can the chemicals you use to wash your face. If
you put lotions on your face or use wrinkle creams, they also might
be playing a role in the development of your acne symptoms.

Here are 5 tips to cure your acne:

1. Drinking water is one of the five best natural treatments for acne
because it helps to keep the body flushed free of toxins. When toxins
build up in the body, they can contribute to a number of illnesses and
make your overall health very poor. They can also promote the
damage of free radicals, which damage cells, especially skin cells.
What goes in your body must come out, and when it's showing up in
the form of acne, it's not a pretty sight.

2. Using vinegar or citrus juice to wash your face is a healthier
alternative to using chemical face washes because there are no
chemicals and no breakouts. It is the body's natural reaction to try to
reject substances that are seemingly harmful to the body. When
something goes onto the skin, it enters into the blood stream.
Chemicals can cause acne to begin to develop within a few hours.
Using vinegar and citrus juice is also effective for drying out oily skin.
Too much oil can cause breakouts and clog pores, leading to acne.

3. Taking a multi-vitamin is a great way to help your body improve its
skin. Due to the lack of nutrients people consume (even for those
who eat plenty of food, nutritional value is still lacking) the body is
unable to heal itself properly and protect against infection. It may not
seem like much, but a multi-vitamin can go a long way toward
perfecting the condition of your acne.

4. Eating healthier foods will protect your body from producing acne.
You must be careful about the types of foods you are currently eating
and try to avoid food sources that are high in grease and sugar. Fast
foods and processed foods have the tendency to cause a buildup of
unwanted toxins in the body and create numerous health problems
that lead to physical stress which ultimately promote the development
of acne. Greasy foods can also cause the skin to produce more oil as
well as break down the defenses of the immune system by attacking
the cells, making the body more prone to infections.

5. Invest in taking supplements to help with your acne. Zinc has been
known to protect the skin and promote healing from scars. Taking a
zinc supplement each day in addition with other natural treatments
should be able to help out considerably with the appearance of your

You don't have to take the expensive chemical route when dealing
with acne. Acne is caused by normal, everyday things and can just as
easily be corrected and prevented. If you catch your acne soon
enough, you won't have to deal with scarring. However, if you've
developed scars, which is the case for the majority of acne sufferers,
simply taking care of the health of your body in general and keeping
your system cleansed of toxins can help repair the damage that has
already been done.

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