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					<-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=> AN EXPIRIENCED HACKER'S GUIDE TO: H A C K I N G T R W Written by Minotaur Release 1.0 <-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=> INTRODUCTION -----------Unlike most of my previous text files this text file has been written for expirienced hackers. What does that mean? Well if you are a beginner that means you probably wont understand most of this and should not attempt to hack TRW. If you are expirienced then go right ahead... HACKING TRW ----------When you connect up to TRW, the dialup will identify itself with the message "TRW". It will then wait for you to type the appropriate answerback (such as CTRL-G). Once this has been done, the system will print out some numbers and then "CIRCUIT BUILDING IN PROCESS". After this, it clears the screen with a CTRL-L followed by a CTRL-Q. After it sends you the CTRL-Q, it is ready for you to log in. You first type in the 4 character identifying code for the location you are. SOME TCA1 TCA2 TNJ1 TGA1 EXAMPLES ARE: - For certain California Subscribers. - A second California TRW system. - A New Jersey Database. - A Georgia Database.

You should then hit return. On the next line, you must type your 3 character option. Most requests use the RTS option. OPX, RTX, and some others exist. (Note: TRW accepts an A, C, or S as the X in some options.) Then you would then type in a 7 digit subscriber code followed by a 3-4 character password. It seems that if you manage to get hold of a TRW printout (by trashing a business), the subscriber code will be on it, leaving only a 3-4 character password for you to hack. EXAMPLE LOGON ------------Set your communications program as follows: Half Duplex, Even Parity, 7 Data Bits and 2 Stop Bits ATDT 741-6016 CONNECT System: TRW

User : CTRL-G System: -1017-101Circuit building in process CTRL-L CTRL-Q User : TCA1 (RETURN) System: User : RTS 1234567ABC (RETURN) CTRL-S NOTE: If you: **system error** it just means you entered an invalid code, and it will start you over. CONCLUSION ---------That's it! I hope this text file will be able to help you get started on hacking TRW. If you have any problems and have access to the Internet I can be mailed at the following address: moon!cyberden!minotaur@well.sf.ca.us And remember... This is file IS NOT for info purposes only! +++ MINOTAUR +++

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