Stolen Vehicle Trackers

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					Stolen Vehicle Trackers
Stolen vehicle trackers have become increasingly popular recent years. As although cars are much safer
than they used to be with sophisticated alarm systems and key less entry vehicles, car theft is still a
significant issue. Stolen vehicle trackers GPS and GSM systems that are fitted to your vehicle, help in the
event of your vehicle being stolen; it can easily be tracked by a control room.

Vehicles trackers of this nature are not just for the purpose of tracking stolen cars; they are also used for
commercial purposes and various other reasons.

Other Purposes

* Fleet Management: Vehicle trackers are very useful for fleet management purposes. For example, large
delivery companies that are likely to have hundreds of vehicles on the road the same time. Trackers are
useful for identifying a driver’s location and calculating an estimated time of delivery, based on various
factors such as traffic and road works.

* Field Sales force: Many companies employ a field sales force, whereby employees do not work from an
office base. Their vehicle is their office so to speak, trackers are used to make sure they are using their
time effectively and following up appointments on schedule.

* Surveillance: Law enforcement may use these devices to track a suspected criminals movements

* Driver Behaviour Monitoring: Government departments have been known to use these devices to
assess driver behaviour.

Vehicle trackers, as useful as they are, not all of them approved by insurance companies therefore it is
wise to make sure that when purchasing one you do your research to ensure that the particular make you
purchase is approved by your insurance company.

Where to Purchase Tracking Devices

Tracking devices can be purchased from certain shops, that stock satellite navigation systems, car radios
and other car accessories. They can also be purchased online, however when buying online make sure
you are buying it from a legitimate source. There are thousands of scrupulous sellers online claiming to
retail genuine tracking devices. Therefore, make sure you research the company beforehand. A quick
search could make all the difference, as customers that have had a particular problem with a company
usually find a way of voicing it online. Therefore, thoroughly research the company. In addition to this
contact, your insurance company to ensure that if you fitted this device in to your vehicle you would still
be covered in any event. As insurance companies do have a way of springing it on you that you are not

Tracking devices have many benefits not only for the commercial user but for the everyday consumer.
The benefit of these devices does actually justify the cost, as you can pick one up for just under £300.
Some are selling them for much more than this so, as stated previously be wary of scrupulous online

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