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									                        ALI UN WALIULLAH IN NAMAZ
Nowadays time lot of criticism arises on reciting Ali un Waliullah in tashahud in the
same case let me know you that namaz is a very important part of religion.There is
a narration attributed by the Holy Prophet(s.a.w) that the one whose namaz would
be accepted then every deed of that person would be accepted.But when namaz will
be recited incompletely obviously no deeds of that person would be accepted…

Near Quran and Ahadiths it is permissible to recite Ali un Waliullah in namaz…

Let me shed some light…

(1) Hazrat Zaid Bin Arkam reported: When the Quranic verse

O Prophet submit to your followe rs(ummah) whatever you have got today from
your God if you would not submit that message that means you have not submitted
any message of God and Allah will keep you safe from the ignorants..{CH AL

was revealed Prophet(s,a,w) took the hand of Imam Ali a,s and recited Ali is the
moula(master) of those to whom I am moula oh God you become his enemy whoever
becomes his enemy and you keep him friend whoever becomes friend of Ali a,s.

Reference of this tradition:(tafseer-e-furaat vol 1 page 70 written by allama furat
bin ibrahim koofi)

Details about this tradition:
If we read carefully to this Quranic verse Allah has made this message so much
important that he said to his Prophet if you will not s ubmit that message your
followe rs it means you have not given any message of Allah.Surely Prophet(s,a,w)
would have given all those messages of Allah whatever has been revealed to
him(s,a,w) in which zakaat, hajj, roza, azan, kalma, tauheed, prophetry, namaz
everything is included but point to note here that the message of wilayet of Moula
Ali a,s was the superior message then all those previous messages near quran so this
verse tells us about the importance of wilayet_e_Ali a,s that non of our deeds would
be accepted in which we would not mention the wilayet of Moula Ali a,s..

As Allah himself orders his Prophet(s,a,w) to submit the message of wilayet e Ali a,s
this means that testimony of wilayet e Ali a,s was came from Allah now I would
re mind you another Quranic verse

Who could be more cruel than those whoever will hide the true testimony which
came from Allah(CH AL-BAQRA VERSE 140)
As you saw Allah himself sent that message of testimony of wilayet e Ali a,s thus
whoever will hide it they shall be cruels near Allah so whoever will hide wilayet e Ali
a,s in any prayer he will be from cruels and he will be from the ignorants of quran
here I would re mind you another ve rse of quran:

And those who will ignore our verses thay are in hell and will re main in it forever
(ch al mayda verse 100)

   (2)Differene between wilayet of Moula Ali a,s and other Imam,s

Jabir ibn-e-abdullah ansari r,a narrates from Imam Muhammad Baqir(a,s) the holy
Imam said “o jabir whoever will involve anybody else in the wilayet and following of
Ali ibn-e-abu talib a,s Allah will not forgive him…
           (Tafseer-e-furaat vol 1 page 64 by furat bin ibrahim koofi)

Allah says in quran:
                      ”If you will involve anyone then I will confiscate all of your
deeds so you will re main in loss” (ch al zumr verse 65)

Imam Muhammad Baqir(a,s) says while explaining this verse that the meaning of
saying of Allah is that if you will involve anyone in the wilayet of Ali a,s then all of
your deeds will be confiscated…

Reference:(Tafseer-e-furaat vol 2 page 253 by furat bin ibrahim koofi)

        This saying of our fifth Holy Imam clearly shows the difference between
wilayet of Moula Ali a,s and othe r Imams.Lot of people argue that if you recite Ali
un waliullah in namaz than why do not you bear the witness of wilayet of othe r
Imams.This hadith tells us that the wilayet of Moula Ali a,s is superior wilayet than
the wilayet of other Imams and if we will make equal any other Imam with the
wilayet of Moula Ali a,s then see how Allah and our fifth imam a,s describes about
the result of doing this..

Imam Muhammad Baqir a,s says that the day whe n Allahs Apostle(s,a,w)
announced the wilayet of moula Ali a,s suddenly the final verse of quran(al youma
akmulto lakum deenakum) “today I have completed your religion and ended my
blessings upon you”( ch al mayda verse 3) was revealed.
Holy Imam says in this verse blessings was meant wilayet-e-Ali a,s

Reference:(Tafseer-e-furaat vol 2 page 374 by furaat bin ibrahim koofi)
In the previous tradition Holy Imam a,s says that religion was completed after
announcing wilayet-e-Ali a,s this means at one special day wilayet-e-Ali a,s was
added in the religion(shareeyah) then made it complete it means wilayet-e-Ali a,s is
the part of religion and we cannot ignore wilayet-e-Ali a,s in every part of religion..

Ameer-ul-Momineen(a.s) himself says that whoever will deny my wilayet he will get
no benefit of bearing witness of the prophetry of Muhammad(s,a,w)

References of this tradition: (1-Manaqib-e-ahl-e-bait vol 1 page 199 writte n by
ayatullah syed ahme d mustambat quds sara..2-Bihar-ul-anwar vol 26 pages 1,8
hadith 1 written by alama syed mohammad baqir majlisi..3-Masharik-ul-anwar
page 160)


“Allah and his Prophet are your masters and the believers who offer praye r and pay
charity in the state of rukuh”(ch al-mayda verse 55)

Muhammad bin muslim says that once we were present in the company of Imam
Muhammad Baqir a,s that s uddenly salam jaafi came and he said to Imam o my
master khaseema has told me that there is a verse of Quran which is revealed in the
honour of your grand father Imam Ali a,s is that true o my master?Imam replied
which verse?jaafi recited the above verse ch al-mayda 55 Holy Imam said yes
khaseema has told you the right thing this verse was revealed in the honour of Imam
Ali a,s and this verse announces the khilafat and wilayet of Moula Ali a,s you must
put onething in your mind not only Allah and his Prophet are your masters even
you have to accept the wilayet of Moula Ali a,s anywhe re wherever you bear the
witness of Tauheed and Nabuwat…

References:(Tafseer-e-namuna vol 1….2-Tafseer-e-furaat vol 1 pages 15,65)

The above quranic verse mentions that there are three masters of muslims first one
is Allah(s wt) then Prophet(saw) and then Moula Ali a,s so we have to follow quran
we have to bear those witnesses which are told by quran now if we would neglect the
wilayet of Moula Ali a,s in anything related to religion it means we are denying the
order of quran…

 Some more evidences about the above quranic verse:

Ibn-e-abbas r,a says that once a begger went to Rasulallah(saw) and asked for
charity Prophet(saw) orde red him to go to the mosque and told him that you will
find my lot of companions there ask them they will help you begger did as he was
told by Prophet(saw) he went to the mosque and asked everybody for the charity
but non of them gave him suddenly he saw a person is saying prayer begger went
near to him and finally asked him for charity the person who was saying prayer he
was Ali ibn-e-abu talib a,s and he just forwarded his right hand towards the begger
and the begger re moved the ring from the hand of Imam Ali a,s suddenly
Rasulallah(saw) came to mosque and said to the begger have you got anything from
my companions he said non of the m have given me anything accept one pe rson
Prophet(saw) asked who is that pe rson?Begger replied the one who is saying prayer
and imme diately Prophet(saw) said “ALLAH HU AKBER” this is Ali a,s who gave
you charity then Prophet(saw) told everybody that I have just received a message of
Allah that the third master is whi he gives charity in the state of rukuh

Refences(1-tafseer-e-furaat vol 1 page 66…and it is also narrated in all shia tafseers)

Let me write some ahadiths of masoomeens(pbut) about the wilayet-e-Ali a,s…


   1- It is worship of Allah while you look towards Ali a,s it is worship of Allah
      while you take the name of Ali a,s nobodys faith would be accepted until he
      deos not accept the wilayet of Ali(a,s)

   References: 1-(Manaqib-e-ahl-e-bait by ayatullah syed ahmed quds sara vol 1
   pesh-e-arz page 25) 2-(Amali sheikh s udooq page 201 hadith no 10 majlis no 28
   writthen by sheikh sdooq) 3-(Bihar-ul-anwar vol 38 page 196 hadith 4)

   2-Allahs Apostle(saw) once said to Abuzar ghaffari r,a o abuzar whoever wants
   complete blessings he has to aware about wilayet-e-Ali a,s o abuzar on the day of
   judge ment the denier of wilayet-e-Ali a,s will be brought in such a condition
   that he will be blind and deaf and he will cry in the darkness of judgement day.

   References: 1-(Taweel-ul-ayaat vol 2 page 871) 2-(bihar-ul-anwar vol 40 page 55
   hadis 90)

   3-Salam farsi r,a reported that Prophet(saw) said o Ali a,s the denier of your
   wilayet is the denier of my wilayet and the denier of my wilayet is the denier of
   the wilayet of Allah..

   Reference:(Tafseer-e-furaat vol 1 page 59)

   4-Abu saeed khudri r,a reported he says that once I asked from Rasulallah (saw)
   about the quranic verse(wa qufuhum ana hum mas aloon) and stop the m that
   they shall be asked a question (ch al safaat verse 24) so Prophet(saw) it is
   wilayet-e-Ali a,s which will be asked from the peoples at the judgement day that
   what they did about this?wethe r Allah had shown them that Ali a,s is the
   khaleefa after me..
Reference:(Maani-ul-akhbar by sheikh sudooq chapter 29 hadith 6)

5- Imam Jaffer Sadiq a,s says that Rasulallah(saw) said o Ali a,s at the
judge ment day you me and jibrael(a,s) will be sitting at the straight brigde(pul-
e-siraat no one would be able to cross it except that person who will be having a
written paper with him in which there will be freedom due to your wilayet..

Reference: (Maani-ul-akhbar by sheikh sudooq chapter 22 hadith 6)

6-Prophet(saw) said that this oath was taken to engage wilayet-e-Ali a,s with
tauheed and risalat without any distance whoever breaks they shall be in he..

Reference: (Tafseer-e-Qumi vol 1 page 363)

8- Abu saeed khudri r,a reported that holy Prophet(saw) said Ali a,s is the wali
of those to whom I am wali,Ali a,s is the imam of those to whom I am imam, Ali
a,s is the scarer of those to whom I am scarer Ali a,s is the guider of those to
whom I am guider, Ali a,s is the source from Allah for those to whom I am
source from Allah only Allah will make the decision between Ali a,s and his

Reference: (Maani-ul-akhbar by sheikh sudooq chapter 29 hadith 5)

9- Abu baser r.a narrated from Imam Jaffer Sadiq a,s that Imam a,s said once
   Moula Ali a,s had given a sermon whe re in he said whoever awared abo ut my
   right he has awared about his Gods right I am that right of Allah about
   which he says in quran”then someone from you will cry alas I have not
   fulfilled the Allahs right”(ch al-zumr verse 53) whoever ignored my right he
   has ignore d the right of Allah and Allahs Apostle(saw)

Reference: (Maani-ul-akhbar by skheikh sudooq chapter 13 hadith 14)

10-When Rasulallah came back from me hraaj he said people of God listen to me
carefully God has ordered me to tell you that Ali a,s is a source between you and
me and non of your praye rs will be accepted in which you will not mention the
wilayet of Ali a,s even your life and death will be considered haram if you will
not me ntion wilayet of Ali a,s

Reference: (Tanveer-ul-emaan written by sheikh yaqoob-ul-kulaini)

10- People of the paradise will ask from those who will be in hell that what was
    that thing which has brought you towards that exploding fire?and those from
       the hell will say we were not from those who offer prayers…(ch al-mudassir
       verse 40-43)

Imam Jaffer Sadiq a,s says that the re mean is we were the deniers of wilayet of
Imam Ali a,s

References:(Tafseer-e-furaat vol 2 page 362) (Zia-ul-nafoos translation hayat-ul-
quloob vol 3 page 322)

   11- Ibn-e-abbas r,a H oly P rophet has said whoever wants to become a co mplete
       blessed person of his God then he must accept wilayet-e-Ali a,s after me and
       he should keep them friends whoever keep friend to Ali a,s and he should
       keep enmity with those who keep enmity with Ali a,s

Reference:(manakib-e-ahl-e-bait by ayatullah syed ahme d mustambat quds sara vol
1 page 212) 2-(amali sheikh sudooq page 270 hadis 2 majlis 32) 3(bihar-ul-anwar
vol 27 page 55 hadis 9)

12-Salman Farsi r,a reported that Ameer-ul-Momineen (as) has said I am a
complete blessed symtom of Allah and I am that kalima of God which will remain
forever and I am the representator of Prophets…

References: (Kanzul fawayed vol 2 page 55) 2-(bihar-ul-anwar vol 26 page 292
hadis 57) 3-(taweel-ul-ayaat vol 2 page 504 hadith 4) 4-(manakib-e-ahl-e-bait vol 1
page 211)

These were some ahadiths of masoomeen(as) about wilayet-e-ali a,s which also show
us the glory of wilayet-e-Ali a,s although o have not written here more ahadith and I
have not gone in too much deph….


Jabir ibn-e-abdullah ansari reported: Prophet has said o Ali a,s you have the
same ratio from me whatever haroon a,s had from moses a,s but there is no Prophet
after me…

Reference:( Maani-ul-akhbar chapter 30 hadith 1)

Prophet(saw) has given the same ratio and value to Imam Ali a,s whatever Haroon
a,s had from Moses a,s the only diffe rence about the ratio of Imam Ali a,s is there is
no Prophet after Muhammad(saw) but Prophet(saw) nominated Imam Ali a,s as his
successor and his appointed as Moses a,s nominated to Haroon a,s Jabir ibn-e-
Abdullah ansari r,a also says after listening this hadith of Rasulallah(saw) whoever
will not bear the witness of caliphate and imamat of Ali a,s he will be from
cruels.Obviously Moses ordered his nation to follow bear the witness of the
prophetry of Haroon after the death of Moses it was made compulsory upon the
nation of the Moses to bear the witness of the prophetry of Haroon Ali a,s is not a
Prophet but he is the prince of all the believers Imam Ali a,s is the wali of Allah as
the nation of Moses beared the witness of the prophetry of Haroon as well as the
nation of Muhammad(saw) shouls also bear the witness of the wilayet of Moula Ali
a,s…Author of maani-ul-akhbar sheikh s udooq says that no one become muslim till
he deos not recite the following kalima

“I bear the witness that the re is no God except Allah no one is equal to him and I
bear the witness that Muhammad is tha man and prophet of Allah and I bear the
witness that Ali a,s the prince of believers imam of the pieties wali of Allah successoe
and appointed of Rasulallah and caliph without any distance”

Reference:(Maani-ul-akhbar arz-e-nashir page 25)

As you saw this kalima is based upon three witnesses and we also know that these
are the same words we use in our tashahud s heikh sudooq who is a great muhadis of
his time he advises to the people who follow taqleed that if you will not recite this
kalima you will not become muslims everybody use these words in tashahud but in
majority do not bear the third witness of wilayet of Ali a,s so it is clearly mentioned
here that wherever we bear first to testimonies we should also bear the third
testimony of wilayet f moula Ali a,s…

How much testimonies in Quran?

“Walazeena hum bishahadaatihem qaaimoon”

“and those who are upright in their testimonies”
“and those who keep a guard of their prayers”
“they shall be honoured by the gardens”
(chapter al-moaarij verses 33,34,35)

in the above verses Allah says that whoever are upright in their testimonies they are
in gardens but point to note here the word shahadaat which is used for testimonies
in this verse it can only be use for atleast three testimonies ask your scholars your
mujtahideens about this word they shall ans wer to you about three testimonies so
now it is proved from quran that whoever will be upright in his three testimonies he
will be in gardens…

Skheikh sudooq narrates a tradition of Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari r,a that one he went
to mosque and said to everybody that non of you have seen whatever I have seen last
night.Companions of Prophet asked what you have seen last night o abuzar?he
replied I saw Rasulallah(saw) and Ali a,s while they we re going somewhere silently I
started walking behind them even they reached at jannt-ul-baqia of makka
suddenly Prophet(saw) got stop near the grave of his father Abdullah(as) and
he(saw) recited two rakat namaz whe n he(saw) completed his namaz suddenly the
grave of Abdullah opened and he was saying “I bear the witness that there is no god
Except Allah and I bear the witness that Muhammad(saw) is the man and Prophet
of Allah.Prpophet asked o my father who is your wali?father re plied what is meant
by wali o my son?He(saw) this Ali ibn-e-abu talib(as) is that wali Abdullah suddenly
said I bear the witness that Ali a,s is my wali, Prophet(saw) said go back to your
garden o father and the grave of Abdullah(as) got closed.Then Prophet(saw) went
near the grave of his mother Syeda Amina(s,a) and again recited two rakat namaz
grave of Amina(s,a) opened and s he was repeating those words of Abdullah whe n
she beared first two testimonies then Prophet(saw) imme diately asked o mother who
is your wali? she replied what is meant by wilayet o my son?he(saw) said this Ali
ibn-e-abu talib(as) is that wali and Amina(sa) said I bear the witness that Ali(as) is
my wali Prophet(saw) said go back tou your garden o mother and the grave of
Amina(sa) got closed when abuzar submitted all the incident lot of people started
blaming abuzar that you are lying we shall ask from Rasulallah(saw) people went to
Rasulallah(saw) and discovered about those sayings of abuzar.He(saw) said has
abuzar said this?everyone replied yes o Allahs Apostle(saw) abuzar told
us..Prophet(saw) said listen “no one kept his feet on the earth nor anybody came
under the shadow of the sky who could be more truthfull than abuzar…

Reference of this tradition: (Maani-ul-akhbar chapte r 157 hadith 1 written by
sheikh sudooq)

In the above narration there are also the same words are used for witnesses which
we use in tashahud but majority do not bear the third witness it proves that
Prophet(saw) likes that someone should bear the witness of wilayet of Ali a,s
suddenly after Prophet(saw) if someone will refuse it obviously he will be from the
ignorants of Rasulallah(saw)

                     FINAL ZARB-E-HAIDRI….
Halbi narrates a tradition from Imam Muhammad Baqir(as) that o my master are
we allowed to take the names of Imams in namaz?Imam replied “al mustahab zikr
ul ayma wa tasmeeatu jumlatan fi qunood waghaeera” yes it is mustahab by taking
names of he ayma properly in qunood and other parts of namaz…

References: 1-(Manla yahzar-ul-faqia vol 1 page 318 hadith 938 written by sheikh
sudooq) 2-(Al tehzeeb vol 2 pages 133 and 236) 3-(Wasayel-ul-shia vol 6 page 285
chapter zikr –ul-ayma)

Here are the most authentic books two of them are the books of usool-e-arba there
are four rijaals of this tradition near wasayel-ul-shia…

First rijaal: Muhammad bin Ali bin Hussain(a,w,s) ba asnaad anal halbi

Second rijaal: Muhammad bin Al Hassan ba asnaad Aban bin usman

Third rijaal: An bakar bin Muhammad azdi ba asnaad aban bin us man

Fourth rijaal: Ahme d bin Muhammad bin al Hassan ba asnaad anal halbi

These are the four rijaals in wasayel-ul-shia vol 6 page 285

This hadith our confusion gets away that if we will take the names of Imams(a,w,s)
in our namaz oue namaz will not become batil as lot of mujtahideen s aid that by
taking names of ayma (a,w,s) in namaz it becomes batil(astaghfirullah) if we can
take the names of Imam(a.w,s) in namaz as it is mustahab then whats wrong by
bearing the witness of wilayet-e-Ali a,s it proves that atleast it is mustahab if they do
not believe in wajib.


Ayatullah roohullah khomaini and Ayatullah khaminai stated that namaz deos not
become batil by recitind Ali un waliullah to see these fatwas you can browse the
following link and see the fatwa pages:



Once abubaseer r,a asked from Imam Sadiq(as) o my master how shall we recite
tashahud? Imam (as) it is compulsory to recite three testimonies in tashahud of
tauheed of Allah(s wt) Risalat of Muhammad(saw) and wilayet of Ali(as)
Reference: (Fiqa-e-kamil Sadiq(as) page 165 written by Alama Syed Mohammad
Taqi Majlisi the father of Alama Syed Mohammad Baqir Majlisi the write r of

Some words about the walidity of this book: Ayatullah shahab o ddin(qum) a very
famous mujtahid who has been reciting prayers since previous 40 years in the
haram of Masooma-e-qum(sa) has said that this is an authentic and pure book and
he also writen at the first page of this book about authenticity…

Alama Baqir Majlisi also narrates a tradition of tashahud of Imam Sadiq(a,s) that
he(as) used to recite tashahud like “ashado anaka allah hu neamar raba wa ashado
anaka muhammadan neamar rasoola wa ashado anaka ali un neamal moula”

Reference : ( B ihar-ul-anwar vol 84 tradition tashahud of Imam Jaffer Sadiq(as)]

As you saw how our sixth Imam used to recite Ali un waliullah in his tashahud and
how Imam Muhammad Baqir(as) tells us that we can even take the names of other
without bearing the witness but by taking there names we can gain sawaab.Now you
decide yourself you will follow Quran and itrat or your mujtahid In my final words
I shall say where it is prohibited in quran? Where are two testimonies in
quran?even in the life of Rasulallah(saw) and ayma?


Author: Syed Jawad Raza Naqvi

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