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This month we will be by pengxiang


									Newsletter of Apple/MAciNtosh Users’ GroUp of hAMiltoN                           Vol. 27      No. 06         febrUAry 2009

                            A Message from the president

   NeXt MeetiNG:                    his month we will be          but, just make sure it is
                                    looking at something          certified for use with the
                                    new, the iPhone and iPod      iPhone 3G and second
   feb. 11, 2009                                                  generation Touch.
                            touch. I have an iPhone and
   in burlington                                                  Also, there is something
                            like it very much, except for
      6:30 pm               the $100.00 a month cost, taxes       new is the Canadian
          •                 in. Long distance or traveling        Federal budget. Did
                            outside of Canada is another          you know that if you
                            story though. I spent 44 minutes      own a business and it is
                                                                  making money, you can
     iphone                 on the phone to the store when
                                                                  buy a new computer and
                            I was away in the US and that
       and                  cost another $100.00.                 depreciate it 100% in the first year? That saves you
                                                                  the tax you would pay on that amount of profit.
   ipod touch               The phone is really a very small
                            Mac palm top. It has email, web
   Dave walton              browsing, games, utilities, and
                            other applications It also holds      See you at the meeting
                            music, so it is also like an iPod.    Dave
                            I also have 10,000 photos on it
                            and you can also put movies on
NeXt eXecUtiVe MeetiNG
                            it as well. The only difference
  february 16, 2009
     (next week!!)          between the iPod Touch and the
                            iPhone is, the phone, camera,
                            and the ongoing cost of the
    For more info, go to:   The touch has WIFI built in so
       type location:       surfing and email will work on
     3480 Fairview St.,     a wireless network. As with all
                                                                                                iPod touch
      Burlington, ON        the iPod products there is a ton
                            of new cases and peripherals,

                                                         The Apple Macintosh User Group of Hamilton is a non-profit organization
                                                         that meets informally at 6:30 PM, the second Wednesday of each month at:
                                                         Creative Technology, 3480 Fairview St., Burlington.
                                                         This group is made up of users of the Apple Macintosh family of personal
                                                         computers, whose interests range from word processing to publishing,
                                                         music and games, art to accounting and often times to formal presenta-
                                                         tions or more. Our main purpose is to provide a forum for questions, solu-
                                                         tions and inspiration for everyday computing.
                                                         For more information about the user group, please attend the next Club
                                                         meeting, contact a member of the executive, or visit our web site:

                                                           This newsletter produced using Adobe InDesign CS3, part of the Adobe
                                                        Design Collection CS3, on an iMac computer and a MacBook Pro laptop.
                                                                                    more. To my surprize,                               
                            Jim Auty                                                I had reconfigured my
                                                                                    network to talk to the
                                                                                                                                  (Which SD card format with your device? How much
                                                                                                                                               can my SD card hold?)

          Editor’s                                                                  extrnal HD (but NOT                                  
                                                                                    the Internet) and now I                              (info plus redirection to
                                                                                    had to reconfigure it back                     

           Notes                                                                    to where it was before the                                      and
                                                                                    My next question is....                                   lish/learn.asp
                                                              “Dave, are you going have any more seminars                                      (322 pages of information!!!)
      Last Meeting                                            on Time Machine and/or basic networking?”                           After bouncing around the above web
                                                              Help, help pleeeease!                                               sites, you may be interested in local his-
Last meeting was interesting because one of                                                                                       torical societies. There are many local
our speakers, Dave Walton, was in Las Vegas,                  (This would make for an interesting meeting
                                                              topic and I could volunteer my laptop as an                         events to take in. They too are looking for
Nevada doing an iChat video conference with                                                                                       members and this may be another way to
Matthew at Creative Technologies in Burling-                  example (of what not to do) of how to have it
                                                              set-up!)                                                            expand your interest in local history and
ton, Ontario.                                                                                                                     community events!
There was a camera on the desk here so Dave                   Last issue, I had mentioned having informa-
                                                              tion on camera memory cards. Here goes...                           
could view us as we watched him on the big                                                                                        
screen at the store.                                          Christmas and Boxing days sales are always
                                                              high on my ToDo list when there is money to                            (Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society)
                                                              be saved.                                                            
                                                              Wow ... 4GB brand name memory cards                                           (Dundas Valley Historical Society)
                                                              on sale!! ... just what I needed. I got four of             
                                                              them.                                                                            (Grimsby Historical Society)
                                                              Then my camera beltched out error messages                          I have a couple of friends at work who
                                                              when a card was installed. What is going on                         have purchased iMac computers. They
                                                              here?                                                               have asked a few questions of me and one
                                                              After searching the Canon website (www.                             website I recommend is:
Dave also had a blog that could be visited at                                                                              
                                                     and NO                                                                                                    The opening page usually has a new video
                                                              www. in front ), The answer was found. The
                                                              camera was not compatable with the card.                            to watch, but scroll down the page for an
                                                              I had not read the camera manal and the                             impressive list of short videos to watch.
                                                              package well enough.                                                Even pros can go here to brush-up on sel-
                                                                                                                                  dom used procedures or learn new ones.

                                                                                                                                  During the holiday season, there was a
                                                                                                                                  need for a challenging and exciting meal.
                                                                                                                                  The choice became ‘Duck l’orange’ along
Dave is shown here at 1 Infinite Loop, the                                                                                        with other meal trimmings.
Headquarters for Apple.                                                                                                           A basic search was ‘Googled’ and several
                                                              In the above chart, my camera is on the top
Last month, I had inadvertently tossed out files              line. The memory cards I purchased have the                         options were presented.
I had for this newsletter before it was to go to              designation SDHC. (Not on chart beside my camera)                   Our favourite site,, come
press. No recovery time for newsletter content.                                                                                   up as well as a new one to us, epicurious.
Since then, I have received a few e-mails relat-                                                                                  com. Here we found an old recipe that
ing similar circumstances. I’m not alone but                                                                                      sounded great.
that is not where I wanted to be.                                                                                                 All went well and surprisingly, there were
I had set-up my external hard drive and copied                                                                                    NO LEFTOVERS!!
my whole hard drive to it just as I had in days               In the above chart, the difference in the card                      We recommend reading each recipe and
gone by. Best I try using Time machine. That                  capacity is shown. Now all I need is a new                          visualize the preparation and ingredients.
seemed to work well, but I was always hook-                   camera?!! ...but how can I part with old                            Over time there have seen recipes that do
ing up my laptop to it and setting all aside for              faithful? has been with me every day!!                        not include the ingredients mentioned
back-up. Then I said to myself... “Why not                    Here is alist of websites you can visit to                          the recipe title; reserved amounts are om-
plug the HD into the Airport Extreme?” Fol-                   become well versed in digital camera memory                         mitted (and have been used elsewhere in
lowing all the instructions, I was able to set it             cards...                                                            the recipe); processes have been ommitted
up to do back-ups wirelessly!!                                                                 and the ‘add cooked item’ is still in store
Eighteen hours later, the progress bar showed                                                        bought condition’; and key lines like ‘re-
only 18 of 78GBs backed up!                                           (digital camera help for beginners & beyond)                frigerate overnite’ or ‘marinate for at least
I went to jump onto the internet to find out                                               .... hours’ are buried and get overlooked.
  YOUR TURN: So you think you are great at what you do on your computer ... Prove it!   Volunteer your talents for a presentation at a HACK meeting. Practice makes perfect !

 02   HACKette            February 2009                                          Go to for more information.
iLife, My Life,                                                    Creative Technology and have              Likewise, I have recorded our adventures of,
                                                                   Don put the max of 4GB of RAM             my wife and I, of various tours of Europe
Movie Obsessions                                                   in the iMac. Don did this while I         as well as more mundane family occasions.
By Peter Barker                                                    was few doors away at CAA getting           I keep all my original tapes and camera cards
 31st January 2009                                                 a passport mug shot. This new             as an archive. I delete a lot from the hard drive
                                                                   RAM has definitely sped things up.        after use, so as not to waste space; having done
 Today, I was an early adopter.                                      Of course, Final Cut is an              my duty for the kart club, I do not feel obliged
That is jargon-something I mostly                                  alternative to iMovie and a much          to see several thousand photos clogging up
loathe for those who have to dash off to             higher level; I have bought V2, upgraded                iPhoto. By the way, I also have 40 years of film
get the latest and greatest of something             to V4. Each time it was on sale when I                  negatives in the same storage; I can scan in old
or other. Think the early iPhone craze.              bought. I have the books. Never found the               negs with the Epsom and use them. Quite cool.
  I do not usually fill this definition, but today   time to learn it. iMovie has always dealt                 I do not however, keep all then pictures taken
I got iLife 2009. Barely unpacked and reserved       with my goals adequately. One day………                    on a given day. I might have 300 shots of a
with Dave weeks ago. I was sold when I watched         So, iLife is to me primarily the movie and            days racing. About 10% will be used, the rest
the Apple promo video and saw some or the new        photos. I did not own a video camera at all,            not and some a plain useless- shooting fast
features, for example, the correction of shaky       until 2005. I had been happy to do the still            moving objects is a challenge. I am using a
video. If you take video and use telephoto,          picture thing. I still feel that the still slide show   Olympus E510, with 3 lenses, longest 300mm.
you know how easy it is to get this shake.           has a way to tell a story, but all my projects          It helps by auto focus and almost 3 frames per
  But, I am ahead of myself. I really wanted to      now are mixed stills and movie. In late 2004,           second capability. I get video and as well as
make some observations about my use of iLife.        I was given a tape of a motor race, in which            stills with the generous help of family. I would
  Don Nicklin showed me iPhoto when I                my grandson was a successful participant. I             love to do a multiple camera video of an event.
stopped in at Creative Technology way back           used iMovie to turn this tape into a high grade           I have also used an external hard drive
when they were in their old location. I was          movie. I was hooked and bought my first video           since the first ambition to use FCE. This is
intrigued by the then new iMac, the one that         camera. A Panasonic, 3CCD, uses DV tape, I              suggested, indeed urged, as the files become
had the round dome and the monitor stuck             bought it at Henry’s after consultation with            massive when under construction. I highly
up on a multi adjustable stick. I still think that   experienced and professional video people; it           recommend this technique. It doubles as
is one of the coolest Macs ever made. It sure        is superb and one of the very best purchases I          a back up drive and with Time Machine,
was a quantum leap up from my old iMac,              ever made. I went to the Henry’s flagship store         you have the comfort of knowing those
one of those original translucent thingy’s. I        in down town Toronto. The sales person spent            precious hours of hard work are duplicated.
still have the bill for that old Mac. I shudder      over an hour with me. I cannot praise the effort        Until this past winter, I used iMovie 2005.
when I see the price! The quest for ever faster      made by him, too highly. Living in Burlington,          I never saw enough advantage to the 2006
processing of my movie files and creation of         I used the Go Train and my better ‘alf and I            version to “upgrade” and my computer has
projects has lead me to upgrade: the G4 begat        had lunch in down town Toronto before the               now 4 versions on it: 05, 06, 08 and 09.
the G5 which begat the Intel, which begat            safari to Henry’s. So, you can turn a shopping          Experiments with 2006 have shown my
my current, almost a year old, iMac 24”.             trip into a day out with a little imagination.          decision to be correct.
  This quest is futile.                              Beats the devil out of the local mall. Henry’s          Tackling my first 2008 project, I was as
  I have done movie projects that could, as I        is a great place to go, especially the downtown         surprised how quickly I adapted to it, despite
describe it, “choke “ the Mac. Dropped frames        store, though most of my subsequent shopping            the very different interface to the user from 05
and spinning beach balls are the symptoms.           has been at the nearby Oakville branch.                 or 06.
One time, I downloaded a version of the                I have ventured into the Garageband world,            I can say easily what I miss most from the
Blue Danube from iTunes, to use over a 10            even wrote a tune using the loops, for a segment        earlier versions to the 08 of IMovie. The time
minute sequence in a movie of part of our            in a project. I keep saying, if ever I meet a free      line. This allowed graphical, visual, placing of
trip to Germany. This was the straw that             and innovative musician, I will get some original       music, voice over and original sound as well
broke and I finally had to delete it from the        soundtrack stuff. In the meantime, blessings to         as rate of fade in and fade out. The removal
project, as I could no longer work on the            iTunes and the sounds that come with iMovie.            of this feature is a grave error on the part of
project as the spinning balls and crashes of           I have now, about 40 hours of video. Taken at         Apple and seriously demeans the ability of
iMovie drove me up the wall quite quickly.           kart racing events and on vacation, mostly. I have      the project creator to be precise in making the
  With iMovie 2008, on a recent project, I           been a motorsports enthusiast since puberty. I          project. Apple apparently thinks automating
managed to get the spinning balls at about 1         raced cars, then my daughter raced cars which           fades is where to be. Not so.
hour and a quarter of what would be a 1.5            I engineered, now my grandson races karts and           Of course, the 08 version gives things as well
hour end result. I did what I have always done       I take video and photos. The Mac is a tool in           as taking away: the loss of chapter creation in
to stop this: I split the project into two movies    my primary obsession, Motor racing. I do not            08, is restored in 09. This was a grievous error
and it will be two DVD’s at the end. I learned       claim to be a Mac expert or computer expert.            that had to be corrected. At first glance, it still
to do this on my very first work in iMovie, as it    They are tools, same as those which I use to            is not as easy as it was way back in 2005.
was an admonition in the guide book on iLife-        weld, prepare or repair, or align, my race cars.        A second big disappointment to 2009 is, I
definitely the best computer how to book I             Since 2005, I have done annually, a DVD               found straight away, it will not import earlier
ever read-by Andy Ihnatko (http://ihnatko.           for the kart racing club to which my grandson           movie projects “whole”. Even projects in
com) not to make any project over an hour. It        belongs. This is shown at the season end                2008. This leaves one with the option of
seems that what was true in 2004 still holds.        awards banquet and is sold as a fund raiser             leaving earlier work alone, or bringing in all
  My second dose of medicine was to go to            for the club. The shows mix stills and video.           the clips, which 2009 does see, and starting

                                                                                                  HACKette         February 2009                          3
 iLife, My Life (cont’d)                                    Get the App Store’s most popular paid                   hAcK
 over. Not a pleasant thought.                              task manager for your iPhone or iPod                    eXecUtiVe
 After loading 2009, I see that the 2008 and 2006           touch. Use it on its own or as the perfect
 versions are automatically out into a “previous            companion for Things on your Mac.”                      Visit our Web Site at:
 versions” folder in Applications. It left 2005 alone.      I did the free trial, try before you          
 Go figure. To open unfinished projects with 2008,          buy, and found it easy to use (without                  President
 I had to use the Applications route, my dock
                                                            instructions of course).                                David Walton 905-627-7355
 connection is gone. Bugger! The new version did
                                                            There were a few things that had to           
 have all the “events” previously imported to 2008.
 If I try to import an older project, it will be ugly,      be tried a couple of times - if it works                Past President
 all transitions and titles being lost ( I wonder if I go   well without instructions, imagine                      Jim Auty       905-528-0969
 to QuickTime then come back….), in fact. All the           what can be done by really learning           
 same barriers that existed between ’08 and 06 or           what can be done!!                                      Vice President
 05………                                                      As I have aged, I have come to avoid                    Lorimer Rutty 905-631-5894
 That being said, the 2009 version seems to add lots        things that require my attention and          
 of new titles, transitions and features- most likely       effort on a day off from work! Having
 many that should have been in the 2008, but that                                                                   Secretary
                                                            a ToDo list runs against my grain. So,
 would not allow sale of upgrades. From watching                                                                    Caroline Fehr 905-547-2421
                                                            without a great personal need for this,
 the tutorials, I am sure that the upgrade to 2009                                                        
                                                            I am recommending you sample it.
 is worth it- more so than the change ( I cannot                                       A magical tag bar auto-      Treasurer
                                                             The big picture.
 call it an upgrade) from 2006 or 2005 to 2008.                                        matically appears when
                                                             A Leopard-style                                        Alan Adams 905-388-9276
 The methods of editing both clips, added sound,             source list lets you      needed and adapts to the
                                                                                       currently displayed list.
 cropping, voice over’s all seems to be improved over        easily focus without
 ’08. There is a new feature that enables putting clips      ever switching view       It lets you drill down       Membership
                                                             modes or wrapping         through even the longest
 together to make two events look like one- now              your head around          list of to-dos. Hierarchi-   Alan Adams 905-388-9276
 that’s Hollywood.                                           filter criteria.          cal tags? We’ve got you
 But please- give me back my timeline!!                                                covered!
 I expect the first 2009 project will be about a ski                                                                Michael Scanlan 905 465-2896
 club. The race series ends in March. I’ll tell you how                                                   
 it works.
      ( iLife ‘09 requires Mac OS X Leopard )
                                                                                                                    Caroline Fehr 905-547-2421

To Do or not To Do                                                                                                  Newsletter Editor
                                                                                                                    Jim Auty       905-528-0969
Visit to download a trial                                                          
version of THINGS, a ‘To Do’ management                     Everything in its place.   Look Ma, no columns!         Web Master
                                                            Organize your to-dos
system. Also available for the iPhone and for                                          Whether it’s multiple
                                                            with Projects and Areas    tags, dates, or notes,       Don Nicklin (905) 681-6353
purchase at $49.95US. (Dave, you may want                   of Responsibility.         to-do items display their
to try this out to show it off as part of your iPhone                                  information on an as
                                                                                       needed basis. No more        Members-at-Large
                                                                                       space wasted by empty or     Tony Baguley
From their website:                                                                    irrelevant column cells!
“Organize your tasks in an elegant and intui-                                                                       Fred Vermeer
tive way. Things combines powerful features with
                                             So far, my scheduling appears in iCal
simplicity. Together with a beautiful user interface,
                                             and Mail. I send myself e-mail from
Things makes task management both easy and fun.                                                                     Membership
                                             where ever and create a ToDo list
                                                                                                                    Individual $20
                                                                 in Mail. Go to ap-
                       Creative Technology                                                                          Family     $25
              Burlington’s only Apple Specialist invites         theater and find
           all HACK members to our convenient location.          Creating ToDo’s                                    Advertising
         SPECIAL HAMILTON MAC USER’S GROUP DISCOUNTS in Mail and                                                    Business Card-size $10/inser-
                                                                 watch the video.                                   tion for standard 2” x 3.5” busi-
                                                                                                                    ness card size, black & white
                                                                 I do e-mail daily
                                                                                                                    only. Custom or display work will
                                                                 and this works for
                                                                                                                    be quoted.
                                                                                                                    Presenters are allowed 1 free
                                                                 If you are busier                                  business card size insertion
                                                                 than I, Things
                                                                                                                    Submissions for Next Issue
                                                                 may be for you!
                                                                                                                            ...during February, 2009
        4                                HACKette           February 2009

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