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     1. Roll Call:       Frank Jones, Mayor
                         Bryan Polk, Vice Mayor
                         Michael Bunner
                         Cynde Gardner
                         Fran Kassinger
                         William J. Treuting, Jr.
                         Keith Miller

     Absent:             None

     Staff Present:      Lana A. Conner, City Clerk
                         Mercury T. Payton, City Manager
                         Laura Fitzpatrick, Deputy City Manager
                         Dean Crowhurst, City Attorney

     2. Moment of Silence: Governing Body held moment of silence.

     3.   Pledge of Allegiance: Councilmember Polk

     4. Approval of Agenda:

     MOTION: Councilmember Polk moved to approve the amended agenda with following
     The following items were moved from Consent Agenda to New Business:
     Item 8g, 8h to new business. Items 6h, 6i, 6j, 6k, 6l, 6r, 6s and 6t need to be placed under
     New Business as 8g for IT.
     Under Item 8h there will be three sub-items one, two and three which are the Public Hearing
     The City Attorney has Licensing Agreement he wants to bring up when you get to the
     software component under IT.
     There will be a closed meeting.
     SECOND: Councilmember Treuting
     VOTE: Unanimously passed

     4a1. Citizens time:

     1. Rachael Kirkland, 8638 Reinecke Court:
     a. Parking Issues: She is here to address parking in Manassas Park general and especially
     on Conner Drive. This goes to the residential overcrowding issue. It is not an issue of one
     particular group. There are many people both adults and children living in the homes and
     there are many cars. Conner Drive is becoming completely unmanageable.
      In her neighborhood they have their own authority over parking situations. She did
     research on the history and there was a task force in the past and city had addressed this
     but there was concern about litigation and the ability to do anything about it.
     She gave the Governing Body a copy of Residential Parking Ordinance Alternatives from
     Escondido, California. They have been dealing with this issue within last month. They are
     tailoring a law based on something that is done in City of Menlo Park. They are much like
     the city in terms of property; smaller properties, smaller homes and finite amount of parking.
     What they have done is not allow residential parking between 2am and 5am which forces
     the overcrowding issue. You need to make a decision on where you are going to park and
     how you are going to live based on it. She stated on pages 6 and 7 of the Alternatives,
     there is a chart that breaks down the various proposals. The Mayor asked that this issue be
     addressed by the Parking Committee.
     She was considering moving to Hedgeford area and was told it is the same problem there.
     Because of what the school system has been able to do for her son, Jimmy, she will not
     move from Manassas Park.
     b. City Schools: Her son Jimmy started this year taking the PALS test. At the beginning of
     the year the benchmark was a 28 and Jimmy scored 7. The spring benchmark was 81 and
     Jimmy scored a 94.


     Page Two Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     That is testimony to both the instruction and the counselors they brought in for his behavior
     management in terms of listening responsive from him. She thanked the city schools for all
     they have done with the improvements with her son.

          2. Steven Keefe, 9421 Silver Meteor Court: In consideration of the Resolution passed
     by Prince William County Board of Supervisors on illegal immigrants and their access to
     public services, what action is Manassas Park considering if any to mirror that of Prince
     William County. The City of Manassas has already released a statement in the Post
     indicating they would be watching how Prince William County would implement the new
     Resolution and determine where they could follow suit. He is wondering if Manassas Park is
     taking the same stance as City of Manassas. There are many shared services city has with
     Prince William County so depending on outcome of that Resolution, illegal immigrants
     residing in Manassas Park would also be affected by this in regard to library system, court
     system, etc. He is looking for the Governing Body to share their plan and their opinion on
     this resolution. He has two questions: Does Manassas Park have any intention of limiting
     city services to illegal immigrants? Does Manassas Park intend to pursue its own
     Memorandum of Understanding with immigration and customs enforcement to participate in
     287G program?

     3. Greg Letiecq, 9702 Delvin Drive, Manassas, Virginia: He is a Prince William County
     resident. He is part of a Help Save Manassas organization of citizens who have joined
     together to help combat the effects of illegal immigration in our communities. They are 510
     members strong. They are coming off a successful legislative effort to improve the policies
     of the Prince William County police department and other agencies within Prince William
     County in regards to illegal immigration problem. They can tell from the press statement
     and the amount of interest it is drawing that there is a strong interest in the community that
     we are not taking all the steps possible to help limit the presence of illegal aliens in our
     community. They have been signing up members in Manassas Park for several weeks
     going through the neighborhood doing a site survey and trying to identify the problems
     specific to Manassas Park. They understand each locality has its own unique challenges
     and opportunities to meet those challenges.        He is bringing a couple of their observations:
     the most immediate is residential overcrowding problem which is exacerbated by the city’s
     granting of permits to convert single family homes into apartment buildings; separate
     entrances, subdivided living spaces, multiple kitchens, etc. There are fifteen they found in
     the area around Costello Park and on Manassas Drive. The residents adjoining these
     properties are outraged. It is unbelievable the reactions of these people when somebody
     comes in and says we are trying to help solve this problem. The problem there is trying to
     move off their doorstep within an hour or two as they continue to tell you how concerned
     they are how frustrated they are and how little they feel the city has done to help solve their
     concerns and address their problems. There is also a parking problem in the area. The
     more general concern in the area is there is a perception that Manassas Park is a haven for
     illegal aliens that might find it to uncomfortable living in Prince William County or Manassas.
     The perception is and they do not know if it is accurate or not is that it is much more
     comfortable for illegal aliens be within Manassas Park because the enforcement is more lax.
     It is easier to overcrowd a residence and the attention of the police department and zoning
     agencies tend to be less intense. He does not know if that is the case. This is something
     the city might want to address. He does not expect any action tonight but wanted to bring
     those concerns to you so you would have the opportunity to begin to address these and
     open up the lines of communication within the municipality. The success of a municipality is
     that the citizens and government work together to solve common problems. He hopes the
     Governing Body will take full advantage of opportunities to join with the citizens coming
     together to solve a problem that is a concern of all residents of Manassas Park as well as
     those who live in surrounding jurisdictions.

     4. Dan Arnold, 8706 Jackson Avenue: Manassas, Virginia: He is also with Help Save
     Manassas. He stated that Greg Letiecq was pretty thorough. He wanted to reiterate that
     they do hear from their members on regular basis on how disappointed they are in the
     condition of some of the neighborhoods in the Park. They love Manassas Park and this is a
     way of life they have invested in and they see it changing before their eyes. Their property
     values are declining. Their quality of life is going down and overcrowding is driving them
     bonkers. They are here representing a lot of folks from Manassas Park.


     Page Three Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

      They want to work with local governments to try to solve some of these problems. They are
     not here to badger. They hope the city will take up these issues soon.

     4a2 Awards: Manassas Park Women’s Club: Public Safety Awards: Anna Treuting:
     These awards were presented at the 4th of July celebrations.
     Paramedic: Joshua Brandon
     Police Officers: William T. Johnson and Matthew Fallon
     Emergency Communications Specialist: Donna Rorrer
     Firefighters: David Sullivan and Adam Jones

     Response from Governing Body on the issue of illegal aliens that several persons talked
     about under citizen’s time:

     Councilmember Kassinger: She stated we are just as concerned and just as impacted by
     the situation but the city is moving slower because we want to move carefully and rightfully
     and not have to backtrack and react. Where we are at this point is studying the issue and
     determining what out path will be rather than react and say we are going to join you. City is
     looking at investigating it a little bit more now that we see some momentum going. City is
     very interested in seeing what the legal reaction will be.

     Councilmember Polk: He is very interested and very concerned. In conversation with
     leaders from larger jurisdictions they have set aside earmarks for potential legal actions that
     they anticipate having to follow up. Our pockets are not quite as deep as some of our
     neighbors. He wants to be careful that we appropriately balance our resources as we take a
     role here. Please do not presume a lack of action at this time as disinterest. It is a little
     more deliberate as Councilmember Kassinger stated and let’s watch how the legal process
     fall. He is interested in the next 80 days after Prince William County had their 90 day study
     to see what comes out of that and what types of service will be identified.

     Councilmember Treuting: He takes exception to the comments that Manassas Park not
     doing anything. In the region, Manassas Park has basically taken a lead several years ago
     both in trying to get legislation passed through state legislature as well as encouraging
     agreements to resolve some of the differences between federal state and local laws as well
     as taken initiatives to do that. In those cases, we did not get the responses that the city
     would like to have gotten. In fact, was thrown out of the legislature because they did not
     want to take action. Virginia is unique in the fact that local jurisdiction cannot do anything
     unless they are enabled by specific legislation “Dillion Rule”. As Councilmember Kassinger
     and Councilmember Polk mentioned right now we are looking at what the surrounding
     jurisdictions are doing and trying to exercise everything we can. If you go back and look at
     what the city has done from an anti-gang standpoint, the city has an absolute zero tolerance
     policy and has worked with surrounding jurisdictions to go after the gang violence and not
     tolerate it within the city as well as the other public safety initiatives in the out reach program
     to try to make people aware of what the law is and follow those. In our building inspections
     and other areas, we are doing what we can, at the present time, as well as looking at what
     options are coming available and some of these legal issues getting resolved.

     Mayor Jones: The Mayor stated the city could make available the legislative agenda items
     that we have asked Richmond to engage on for the last 36 months associated with over
     crowding and putting teeth back into the ability to regulate rental housing, etc and the
     complete unwillingness on the part of the legislatures to embrace it or even to submit this
     which includes our current legislatures. The city is taking a different tact. You have seen
     things play out in the courts. You have seen reversal of policies in fits and starts in the
     surrounding jurisdictions. Today he saw Loudoun follow Prince William County in the
     invocation of the MOA. We will see how that plays out in the courts. Sometimes there is a
     lot of noise when you get down to what is underlined in the noise there is no substance at
     all. Let’s talk about substance. We try to do things that don’t make a lot of bang and don’t
     make a lot of press. If you look at the deterred, detained and deport statistics associated
     with arrests and prosecution in this area statistically you will find Manassas Park light years
     ahead of surrounding jurisdiction going after the illegal’s that are associated with criminal
     activity and getting them out of here.



     Page Four Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     Given the choice of going after the criminal element first or the other second, we will go after
     the criminal element first. We have provided space in our new police facility to support that
     activity. We are the only entity in northern Virginia to have provided space to support that
     kind of intense prosecution effort. There have been multi-jurisdictions efforts that have been
     led by Manassas Park that included five federal agencies and one led by a three letter
     federal agency that we ran out of the city going after those efforts. It did not make the press
     but it took double digit numbers of bad people off the street that was in the deter, detain and
     deport arena and the detain and moving toward the deportation arena.
     He was to have had a meeting with Congressman Wolf tomorrow that had to be cancelled
     because of subcommittee meeting where earmarks are written to continue to pursue this.
     We have been the jurisdiction that has been supporting the earmarks that go to support the
     multijurisdictional task forces specifically those associated with gangs and drugs to get
     those elements out of the streets.

     He has a dollar value he discussed with Congressman Wolf about the specific work that is
     going on and where that work is going to go. Does that make the press, no, because he
     does not want his meetings with Congressman Wolf that have to do with those types of
     things out in the local media because then we can’t get after the people that we need to get
     off the streets. There is such a thing as making splash and getting some attention and it
     really does not have any effect and doing things very quietly and having folks just go off the
     street. He is more inclined to go to the second area. We have the likelihood of some million
     dollar plus figure that will be coming in support of this next round of efforts.

     The Mayor stated in looking at how those things are pursued he would encourage this.
     When we start having to deal with the local door knob level we are well past the point the
     horse is out and down the road. We have to shut the barn door. That starts at the federal
     level. Until such time as the federal entities address this problem in a realistic manner and
     say we are not going to allow this open border initiative and all you got to do is take a look at
     what the stats are of people moving back and to across. It is not a local issue. It is a federal
     issue first and then a state issue. We are a “Dillion Rule” state. We have very limited
     authority in our ability to even deal with and ask questions. Under the free and appropriate
     public education clause the school division is prohibited from being able to ask any
     questions that might in any way jeopardize the student’s ability or chance to gain an
     education. They have to take all comers and can’t ask questions. Fundamentally that is
     wrong but that is a federal statute. U.S. tax dollars have to pay for it. Does he question the
     need to educate young people, absolutely not? It is wrong that we don’t have the ability to
     get at the sources of information.
     There are two places he would encourage an awful lot of effort be focused. One is to come
     up with a comprehensive legislative package that can be presented to folks in Richmond
     and have the folks in Richmond stand up and say yes there is an issue about overcrowding.
     Do you know why three years ago they wouldn’t address the overcrowding issue in northern
     Virginia? Because when you go to southwest Virginia part of the state where the economy
     is variant, he finds three or four generations of Caucasian Anglican families living in farm
     houses because that is the way it is done in the rural agriculture community. You got great
     grandma, grandma and grandpa, the family and kids in the same house. How do you
     differentiate between that definition of overcrowding that still has 17 people living in the
     house and 17 people who are of questionable lineage in northern Virginia? Because of the
     southwest tie, Richmond will not touch it.
     The second piece was it got in the way of people owning their own home. The guy in
     southwest Virginia has probably carried that property on family roles for four or five
     generations of time. Up here property is purchased with seven or eight different names on
     an note. They are a commercial lending institution because banking is unregulated and the
     loaning of money is unregulated. We are dealing with an issue in northern Virginia because
     of high turnover rate because of people having to be foreclosed on because things are
     turned around.
     There are places where immediate focus of energy and legislative relief can solve some of
     the challenges and put teeth in the localities ability to go after it. Until those things are
     examined and those bits and pieces are brought forward we are going to chip away a little
     bit here and there but we don’t have the real tools in the bag we need to solve the problem.



     Page Five Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     The Mayor suggest as part of the effort if you are going to take this on board to look at some
     of the legislative issue and we will share them with you and look at those areas where focus
     can be applied and some of the things localities need to be able to go after the issue at its
     root not nibbling away a little bit here and there. If you are going to solve the problem you
     have to get at the root core. One is federal and the other is state. Once those two are in
     place, it makes the job of the locality a lot easier.

     5. Public Hearings:

     5a. Waiver #01, Waiver for reduction of required parking spaces at Kent Village
     Shopping Center: Vanessa Watson, City Planner:

     The Mayor opened the Public Hearing.
     This is a waiver request to grant a reduction in required parking spaces at Kent Village
     Shopping Center using the calculation formula of “net” floor area, instead of gross floor
     area.    The site is located at the southern side of Manassas Drive, intersecting with
     Kent Village Square approximately 300 feet west of Colfax Court Square between the
     shopping center and the 7-11 in front of police station. The subject property is zoned B-
     1, Neighborhood Business. The 7-11 parcel is zoned B-2, General Business The long
     range designation is commercial surrounded by residential.

     (a) Purpose of the district: This district provides primarily for retail shopping and
     personal services uses to be developed either as a unit or in individual parcels to serve
     the needs of nearby residential neighborhoods.
     The Planner added a shared parking easement plat because there is a shared parking
     agreement with the police station and shopping center.

     Proposal’s Strengths -
     1.      When parking tabulations are calculated using “net” floor area, the shopping
     center has the appropriate number of spaces, coupled with the shared parking spaces.
     2.      The Police Station and the Shopping Center have a legally binding, shared
     parking agreement, which provides the appropriate number of parking spaces.
     3.      The Applicant is promoting pedestrian friendly avenues by providing three
     crosswalks with appropriate signage. Two of the crosswalks will be on Manassas Drive
     and one on “Upper” Kent and Cabbel Drive, at the back entrance of the shopping
     center. The Applicant is committed to working with the Director of Public Works for
     striping the sidewalk and putting up the signage.
     4.      There is a bus stop in the immediate area.

     Proposal’s Weaknesses -
     1.     Per Section 31-27 (d) (4), Floor area shall mean the gross floor area of the
     specific use, excluding areas designated for stairwells, elevators, and escalators. This
     building is one story so these areas would not come into play. Using this calculation,
     the parking spaces provided, fall approximately thirty (30) spaces short.

     Staff Recommendation - Staff recommends approval of this waiver request and the
     Planning Commission heard this application on July 9th and recommends approval.

     There were no citizens wishing to address this Public Hearing.

     MOTION: Councilmember Miller moved to closed Public Hearing.

     SECOND: Councilmember Kassinger

     VOTE: Unanimously passed



     Page Six Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     5b. Conditional Use Permit #0718 Cougar Elementary School Campus:

     The Mayor opened this Public Hearing.

      This is a request to amend the previously approved conditional use permit (CUP) #99-
     02, for the existing elementary school, to encompass the entire campus, which will
     include the addition of a +/-10,500 square feet, one-story pre-kindergarten building and
     a +/-120,000 square foot, three-story upper elementary school on site at the Cougar
     campus. The school campus is located between Cougar Court and Brandon Street,
     approximately 1,700 feet east of Manassas Drive. The site is designated as Public &
     Utilities, in the Comprehensive Plan. The subject property is zoned PUD, Planned Unit
     Development, and consists of approximately 22.4 acres, identified as tax map number
     38-3-1. The site is bordered by Prince William County to the south and east, single-
     family detached dwellings (Blooms Crossing subdivision) and Camp Carondelet, to the
     north and west. The purpose of the CUP is to allow the city to consider special uses,
     that may be essential or desirable to a particular community, but which are not allowed
     as a matter of right within a zoning district because of the increased impact of such

     There are a couple of little changes. Because of security concerns around Camp
     Carondelet, they are going to create a new entrance to the camp. The existing entrance
     will be closed. They want everything out in the open. The applicant has taken direction
     and suggestion Prince William County Archeologist who the Planner involved in this
     process and them going to chain link around the boundary of the Camp to prevent any
     encroachment on the Camp.

     There is an landscape wall along the back end of the school. It will have varying
     heights but the applicant will work with the Director of Parks & Recreation about the
     finish on the wall to compliment the historical aspect of the camp.

     Staff Recommendation - Staff recommends approval of this Conditional Use Permit
     request and the Planning Commission heard this application on July 9 th and
     recommends approval.

     There were no citizens wishing to address this Public Hearing.

     Close Public Hearing:

     MOTION: Councilmember Miller
     SECOND: Councilmember Kassinger
     VOTE: Unanimously passed

     5c. Section 31:28 “Revision to City Code” off-street loading spaces: Vanessa
         Watson, City Planner:

     The Mayor opened the Public Hearing.

     An Ordinance to amend Chapter 31, Zoning, Article VI, Supplementary Regulations,
     Section 31-28 Off-street loading requirements, of the Code of the City of Manassas
     Park, Virginia, to revise the minimum required loading spaces.

     BE IT ORDAINED by the Governing Body of the City of Manassas Park, Virginia, that

     1.     Chapter 31, Zoning, Article VI, Supplementary Regulations, Section 31-28 (c).
     Off-street loading requirements, of the Code of the City of Manassas Park, Virginia, is
     hereby amended to revise the minimum required loading spaces, the amended text to
     read as follows:



     Page Seven Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     “Chapter 31 ZONING

     Sec. 31-28 – Off-street loading requirements
     c -Off-street loading requirements by use: Minimum off-street loading spaces accessory
     to the uses hereinafter designed shall be provided in accordance with the following

     Off-street loading requirements by use: Minimum off-street loading spaces accessory to
     the uses hereinafter designed shall be provided in accordance with the following


                                                Floor        Area
              Use or Use Category                                           Spaces
                                                (Square Feet)
            Retail      store,     service
            establishment, regular or
            quick service food store, and
            freestanding full service
                                                0 to 10,000                 1
            restaurant, fuel service with
            or w/o convenience retail,
            automotive dealership, or
            similar use.
            Hotels and motels, indoor
            storage facility, commercial                                    1 (one)
                                                None            for
                                                buildings with less
                                                than 5,000 sq. ft.
            Office                              of floor area, 1
                                                (one)           for
                                                buildings greater
                                                than 5,000 sq. ft.
            Retail    store,    service
            establishment, restaurant,          10,000-20,000
            bank, warehouse, wholesale          20,001-40,000
            establishment,                      40,000-60,000
            manufacturing or industrial         Each additional
                                                                            1 additional
            establishment, or similar           60,000
            Institutions-educational or
            philanthropic,       bowling        10,000-40,000
            alley,     hospital    office       40,001-100,000
            building, nursing home,             Each additional
                                                                            1 additional
            funeral home, or similar            100,000

     2.      All sections of the Code of the City of Manassas Park, Virginia that are inconsistent with
     and/or in conflict with this Ordinance are hereby repealed.
     3.      If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or portion of this Ordinance is for
     any reason held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such portion
     shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision and such holding shall not
     affect the validity of the remaining portions hereof.
     4.      This Ordinance shall be effective upon its adoption.

     There were no citizens wishing to address this Public Hearing.

     Close Public Hearing:

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger
     SECOND: Councilmember Treuting
     VOTE: Unanimously passed

     Page Eight Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     6.    Consent Agenda:

     6a.   Minutes: May 29, June 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2007
     6b.   Appointment: Norman Kimmey Board of Zoning Appeals: Circuit Court
     6c.   City of Manassas Park Government Scholarship Award Process: Fran Kassinger
     6d.   PPEA Consultant Services Task 15: Parks & Recreation Center Project: $28,765.00
     6e.   FD: Purchase of a New Fire Engine & Agreement
     6f.   Fire & Rescue Incident Report May & June, 2007
     6g.   SPN Payment on Police Department Project: $10,152.53
     6h.   Letter of Appreciation to Fire & Rescue (B-Shift): Manassas Park High School
           Wellness Day
     6i.   Branscome Paving Agreement: Public Works
     6j.   Touch Read Water Meter Funding: Public Works
     6k.   Paving and Concrete Projects FY-08: Public Works

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved to approve as presented.
     SECOND: Councilmember Miller
     VOTE: Yes: Kassinger, Miller, Bunner, Gardner, Polk, Treuting, Jones

     6.    Unfinished Business:

     1. Billing Policies Guidance for SOP’s:

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved to approve Billing Policies Guidance for SOP’s
     as recommended by Fire Chief.
     SECOND: Councilmember Treuting
     VOTE: Unanimously passed

     2. Cost Recovery Program Policies:

     The City Manager is authorized and directed to establish rules and regulations for the
     administration of fees established by this article, including and not limited to, payment
     standards for those persons with demonstrated economic hardship.
     In order to help defray the increasing cost of providing EMS, the fire chief had proposed
     establishing a service fee for ambulance transportation. The proposal was adopted by the
     Governing Body and is part of the FY08 Operating Budget. Medicare, Medicaid and private
     insurers provide a benefit to their customers to pay for ambulance transport. The approved
     EMS Cost Recovery Ordinance provides the authority to establish ambulance transport fee
     schedule, rules and regulations for bills and collection.
     The appropriate health insurance carrier will be billed. (Any applicable co-payments or
     deductibles will be billed to the patient) or (All Manassas Park residents who have any
     applicable co-payments or deductibles waived due to payment of city taxes-nonresidents will
     be billed for deductibles and co-payments.
     Patients who are unable to pay their co-pays, deductibles or who are uninsured and unable
     to make payments may request a financial hardship form from the billing contractor. The
     hardship will be established by utilizing the 2007 Federal HHS Poverty Guidelines. If the
     patient’s combined household income falls below (two or three) times the Federal HHS
     Poverty Guidelines they will not be held responsible for their portion of the pay based upon
     their good faith statement on the returned financial hardship form.
     Fire Chief Recommendation:
     1) All Manassas Park residents who have any applicable co-payments or deductibles
     waived due to payment of city taxes. Non-residents will be billed for deductibles and co-
     2) Establish three times (300%) of the HHS Poverty Guidelines as the threshold for

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved to approve Cost Recovery Program Policies as
     recommended by Fire Chief.
     SECOND: Councilmember Treuting
     VOTE: Unanimously passed


     Page Nine Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     3. Resolution 07-1000-1037: Set EMS billing rates:

     MOTION: Councilmember Miller moved to approve Resolution as recommended by
     Fire Chief.

     WHEREAS, In the FY-08 Operating Budget and by City Ordinance the Governing Body
     approved the recovery of cost associated with the delivery of emergency medical services
     (EMS); and

     WHEREAS, The Fire and Rescue Department proposed a program for recovery of cost
     associated with the delivery of EMS utilizing the services of Diversified Ambulance Billing, a
     third party vendor with established relationships with insurers and a thorough knowledge of
     the laws and regulations concerning medical billing and privacy issues; and

     WHEREAS, the Governing Body has approved a contract with Diversified Ambulance Billing
     to provide for third party EMS revenue recovery services,

     NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Governing Body hereby approves and
     establishes the following rates for cost associated with the delivery of emergency medical
     services as follows:

     Basic Life Support (BLS): Medical treatment or procedures provided to a patient as
     defined by the National Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) Education and Practice
     Blueprint for the Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT). Charge: $325.00

     Advanced Life Support, Level 1 (ALS1): Medical treatment or procedures provided to a
     patient beyond the scope of an EMT-Basic as defined by the National EMS Education and
     Practice Blueprint. Charge: $475.00

     Advanced Life Support, Level 2 (ALS2): Advanced life support (ALS) services provided to
     a patient including one or more of the following medical procedures: (i)
     defibrillation/cardioversion; (ii) endotracheal intubation; (iii) cardiac pacing; (iv) chest
     decompression; (v) intraosseous line, and/or (vi) the administration of three or more
     medications. Charge: $575.00

     Ground Transport Mileage (GTM): Mileage assessed in statute miles from the location of
     the incident to a hospital or other facility where a patient is transported. Only miles traveled
     with the patient on board shall be considered billable miles. Charge: $8.50 per mile
     SECOND: Councilmember Kassinger
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Miller, Kassinger, Bunner, Gardner, Polk, Treuting, Jones

     8.     New Business:

     8a.  Ratification of City Manager Signature on behalf of Governing Body for
     Conditional Use Permit at Fire Station Water Booster Pump: City Attorney:

     The City Attorney stated that Manassas Park is the owner of some property and the
     Governing Body is the elected officials that determine what happens to this property.
     The City Manager signed the application for Conditional Use Permit. The Governing
     Body has been pushing for this Water Booster Pump at fire house. The City Attorney is
     asking for ratification of City Manager signature on this document as the stewards of the
     city property. The Mayor stated this was discussed with him and it was necessary to
     get this moving forward because of time. The Mayor approved the City Manager
     signature with the understanding that it would be brought to Governing Body tonight for

     MOTION: Councilmember Polk moved to ratify City Manager signature as discussed.
     SECOND: Councilmember Bunner
     VOTE: Yes: Polk, Bunner, Gardner, Kassinger, Miller, Treuting, Jones



     Page Ten Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     Site Plan for Storm Water Management Pond: Consensus: authorize the City Manager to
     sign the Site Plan when it comes through on behalf of the owner of the property.

     8b. Site Plan for Storm Water Management Pond: City Attorney

     The City Manager signed the wetlands certificate on the site plan for stormwater
     management plan on the Bays property associated with Park Center. We need to get the
     RFP on the street for that. That was a required signature and the City Manager signed it
     after discussions with the Mayor. The City Attorney is asking that Governing Body ratify the
     City Manager signature.

     MOTION: Councilmember Bunner moved to ratify as recommended by City Attorney.
     SECOND: Councilmember Kassinger
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Bunner, Kassinger, Gardner, Miller, Polk, Treuting, Jones

     8c. Request for authority to be given to the City Manager to proceed with RFP’s for
     the Back-Bay renovations and security features, and select a General Contractor for
     the oversight of the project.

     Short-term financing has already been approved by the Governing Body to allow for office
     renovations and security features to take place in the back-bay area and throughout City Hall.
     Construction and improvements are not to exceed the short-term financing approved by the
     Governing Body in the amount of $300,500. The RFP to be used was created by the City Attorney
     and approved by the Governing Body. Wait and bring all submitted RFP’s before the Governing
     Body on August 21 with a recommendation from the City Manager on the General Contractor of
     choice. Alternative will hold the project timeline up by approximately 4 weeks. Bob Magnuson, the
     person working on this project, stated they are waiting for the engineer to put together the scope of
     work for HVAC. He promised it by Friday. He stated he would give them 90 days after award of
     contract. The project should be completed by November 21, 2007.
     Recommendation:       Allow the City Manager and staff to review RFP’s and select a General
     Contractor to oversee the construction of the back-bay offices and the improvements throughout City
     Hall. City Manager will bring a report before the Governing Body at the August regular business
     meeting with a summary of the RFP information and the selection of the contractor.

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved to authorize City Manager to proceed with RFP’s for
     the Back-Bay renovations and security features, and select a General Contractor for the
     oversight of the project and bring back to August meeting for ratification.
     SECOND: Councilmember Polk
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Kassinger, Polk, Bunner, Gardner, Miller, Treuting, Jones

     8d. Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) Advisory Committees Appointment:

     NVTA is working to implement HB 3202. As part of these efforts they are working to establish the
     Planning Coordination Advisory Committee (PCAC) and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
     called for in the General Assembly legislation creating the NVTA.

     PCAC: must be one elected official. The Mayor recommended Councilmember Polk but
     Councilmember Polk stated he could not serve because he is a member of NVTA. Councilmember
     Polk would like the City to have an aggressive posture with respect to making sure that City of
     Manassas Park projects are identified and projects in other jurisdictions that benefit Manassas Park
     computer and residents are in here. It is important that we have a voice as far as prioritization and
     Mayor Jones stated that he cannot serve because of his commitment to other Boards such as
     PRTC/VRE. Councilmember Polk stated the deadline was July 5, 2007 but the City Manager will
     see if the city can still recommend an appointment. Councilmember Kassinger asked about time
     commitment. Mayor Jones believes it is monthly and at some point will become quarterly.
     Councilmember Treuting stated he would volunteer to serve. Councilmember Kassinger stated she
     would attend when Councilmember Treuting couldn’t.

     MOTION: Councilmember Polk moved to appoint Councilmember Treuting as city representative for
     PCAC with Councilmember Kassinger as alternate.
     SECOND: Councilmember Bunner
     VOTE: Unanimously passed


     Page Eleven Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): Nine individuals, who reside or are employed in the city
     embraced by the Authority and have experience in transportation planning, finance, etc. Six
     members shall be appointed.       Councilmember Polk stated this would be a recommendation
     because only six of the nine individuals (six members from local jurisdictions and three members
     from Commonwealth Transportation Board (TPB) would be appointed. Mayor Jones stated he has
     not talked with Mr. Wren but recommended that William R. Wren be confirmed as TAC appointee.
     This is a recommendation only not an appointment.

     MOTION: Councilmember Treuting moved to recommend William R. Wren to TAC pending how
     NVTA confirming just exactly how to handle this appointment by all jurisdictions of six members. .
     SECOND: Councilmember Kassinger
     VOTE: Unanimously passed

     8e. Elderly Citizens – Meeting Financially Disadvantaged Needs:                Councilmember

     Councilmember Kassinger stated there seems to be a growing interest that suggests the
     City should include on our agenda a beginning discussion on meeting the financially-
     disadvantaged needs. Specifically 1) how do we define Manassas Park seniors; and 2) do
     we lay a foundation to ensure seniors (and disabled citizens) gain city support for financial

     Councilmember Kassinger stated she routinely receives e-mails from citizens that are either
     disabled or elderly. We don’t seem to have a strategic plan or foundation from which we
     can act rather than re-act. She would like to have a Task Force on City Manager staff that
     could join together for a meeting or two to look at all of these e-mail in the past or issues that
     constantly come and decide what the issues are what resources we have how we define
     need senior citizens and disabled. There are federal guidelines and laws but we need to get
     a handle on how we are going to address this fairly to everybody rather than on an
     individual case each time. We need something written that we can follow.
     The Mayor stated we are continually confronted with an issue where we are asked to make
     a judgment based on age with age acquitting in the discussion to needy. You need to
     clearly differentiate those things that are associated on the numbers of click on the clock
     compared those conditions of documentation of need financially, excessive number of
     dependents, etc. Differentiate between age based, need based and disability based. We
     have reference in code to these three conditions. We need to define what they are and
     where they play in the code sites. If we have to tweak the code site after the Task Force
     has made recommendations, then the Governing Body would look at that.
     There may be a population of people that do not fall into the financial need or disable but
     may need psychological support. We need to respond to the citizens where their needs are.

     The Mayor stated this item will be brought back to the Board of Directors meeting in October
     for further discussion.

     8f. Parking Committee Report: Councilmember Bunner

     Councilmember Bunner stated the parking committee has met several times since February.
     There have been two issues that have been discussed.
     One issue was parking in front of mailboxes. The Committee thought it was too vague and
     need to define limits of what we consider in front of mailbox before we go forward. One
     member talked with Post Master and they stated they need three feet on each sides. The
     committee may need to look at this issue further.
     The second issue was a request from citizen on Scott Drive requesting a HP reserved
     parking space in front of her house. Her name is Georgia Pullian who lives at 167 Scott
     Drive. She asked Councilmember Bunner to read the letter into the record because it is
     hard for her to sit more than 15/20 minutes at a time. The committee looked at this issue
     and recommended that she not be given a HP space because she does have a driveway.



     Page Twelve Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     She rents this property and has been there for over a year and plan to stay for many years.
     The trouble is her yard is fenced in so when she has to go to the doctors, it means getting
     into the car moving it to the gate then getting out opening the gate getting back into the car
     pull it out then back out of car to close the gate then back into the car just to go to the
     doctors or wherever she needs to go. Yes she has to close the gate because she has a dog
     she has had for six years and she is home alone.

     I asked Manassas Park for a handicap sign for in front of my home because there are so
     many cars that most of the time I park on the street. I can’t park at my home because
     others park there. I have to park up the street then have to try to make it to my home.
     People right beside me have 4/5 cars next house down and has about 7/8 cars/trucks which
     I found out three belong to their son that don’t even live in Manassas Park but leaves his
     cars there because he can’t put them at his home. This started over a year ago asking for a
     sign. First I was told move my fence back and I won’t have a gate to deal with. I don’t own,
     I rent. The cost to move the fence I cannot afford and cost would be passed to Mr. Murphy.

     I got the run around so I wrote to Senator John Warner and Frank Wolf who then sent letters
     to Mr. Murphy who then tells me they are trying to put a group together to help. Well that
     takes months. Then it was put in Mr. Bunner’s hand and again here in front of the board. I
     am not asking for the two spots. I am asking for one spot in front of my home. I know these
     are public streets but when you can’t park in front of your own home because other has so
     many cars and you are disabled is crazy. I have lived in the City and Prince William County
     and had signs put up and I feel Manassas Park is treating disabled like me like we are trash
     on the streets. You will not look out or help the handicap in any way. I am on social security
     disability and have been for a while. Now I have rheumatoid arthritis that has taken over my
     body. I have asthma that makes breathing hard a lot of times. I have had four surgeries in
     the last year and I am getting ready on July 24 for the doctors to burn the nerves on the side
     of my back then will do the left side in August to try to slow down the arthritis from crippling
     me all together and if it works then they will be doing my neck so I am not asking for this
     sign to give my self some thing to do. I am asking because I need the help to be able to
     park in front of my home so I will not have to get in/out of car so much. Just to be home or
     have to walk ¾ homes down to get home feels like Manassas Park wants taxes paid for
     sidewalks, clean yards, cleaned grass cut, pets cleaned up after which all should be done
     but you can’t put a sign up for one parking spot so I can be in front of my home. If I was
     your mother or daughter or grandmother would you then look out for me?
     But because I am a nobody to you, I will say I feel like Manassas Park is trying to sweep the
     disabled under the rug but I am not going to let you treat me like that any longer. If you still
     will not help then I will have the news 7/9 down here and let you tell the world why
     Manassas Park turns it back on its own people living in Manassas Park. You can build a big
     police station but can’t put one sign up tell me is there something wrong here. I wish I could
     stand to be at the meeting so I could look you all in the eyes to see how you can treat
     people like this. The disabled don’t ask to be disabled. If the City of Manassas can do it,
     Prince William County and all around can, why does Manassas Park run from helping us
     that are disabled tell me.
     I was asked why I don’t lock my dog in the house when I am gone to doctors. Is that how
     Manassas Park treats pets now just lock them up. Do all of you when you leave your home
     put your pets in the house for the day? Well, I treat my dog better than you are trying to
     treat me. Well, I am going to close this and I hope you will see why I am asking for a sign in
     front of my home. One spot that is all I am asking for. I guess I am sounding not very nice
     but have had the run around now for almost a year and I am tired. If you will not help me
     then I guess we all will be on the news for you all to explain why it is so hard for a sign to be
     put up and how you give the disabled the run around all over one sign. I thank you for
     hearing me and hope to hear from you soon but you will hear from me again one way or the
     other but again think of what you would do if I was your mother, grandmother and was
     renting and couldn’t move the fence and could not afford it if I did own. I live off social
     security so think about it. Thank you Georgia Pulliam, 167 Scott Drive.
     The Director of Social Services stated she was not aware of any funds appropriated for
     things like re-aligning fences.
     Councilmember Kassinger asked if Omni-Link might be an answer where they will pick her
     up at her home.


     Page Thirteen Governing Body meeting July 17, 2007

     Councilmember Polk agreed with moving the gate and that might be an option and would
     give her a parking space and Councilmember Polk asked that staff work with Chief of Police
     to see if there is a targeted parking enforcement opportunity. If a neighbor has six or seven
     cars, he would be interested to see if that area has been swept recently to make sure there
     are cars that shouldn’t be parked on the street.

     It was concurrence of Governing Body to defer action until August agenda to try to give the
     city an opportunity to solve this challenge in another way either through social services or
     other options.

     8g. IT Items Removed from Consent Agenda:

     1. Storage Area Network Solution (SAN) Purchase to Support the Implementation of
     the new financial software: CDWG $32,517: IT

     Storage Area Net work solution (SAN) purchase to support the implementation of the new
     financial software and Microsoft Exchange.          The Governing Body has followed a
     recommendation from staff to implement a new financial software solution. This solution
     requires that new hardware be purchased to support this endeavor. The Governing Body
     agreed with a recommendation by staff to implement a new financial software solution that
     would replace many of the functions of the current AS400 environment. In order to
     accomplish that goal, new server hardware will have to be procured. This equipment needs
     to be purchased because the need for additional storage that is flexible and expandable is
     great. This purchase will allow the City to leverage the new storage solution so as to be
     able to implement other applications or processes such as electronic document
     management and retention and enhanced GIS capabilities. The equipment that is being
     recommended for purchase will not only be able to support the financial application
     implementation, but many other applications as well. They include, but are not limited to:
     email, antivirus protection, computer imaging, computer aided dispatch, mobile computer
     support, GIS, electronic time card system, etc. This equipment has the capacity for
     expansion, will allow some of the current equipment to be repurposed and incorporated into
     this solution to increase the storage capacity at a fraction of the initial investment and also
     aides in providing a more cost efficient and feasible means for Continuity of Operations

     Recommendations: Authorize the purchase of hardware from CDWG at a cost of $32,517.
     This is the recommended alternative.

     MOTION:      Councilmember Kassinger moved to accept recommendation of staff and
     approve purchase of hardware from CDWG at a cost of $32,517.
     SECOND: Councilmember Treuting
     Councilmember Kassinger stated this is already in the budget. Are we approving something
     we have already approved? The Mayor stated we have not had discussions about specific
     purchases. This is bringing back a solution.
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Kassinger, Treuting, Bunner, Gardner, Miller, Polk, Jones

     2. Software Implementation Proposal: Karen Spence

     Adam Eldert, stated city has selected a vendor from two proposals and is requesting
     approval to begin negotiations with that vendor. The City Attorney stated he would be the
     one to draft this contract.

     MOTION: Councilmember Miller moved to authorize staff to negotiate with vendor with
     formal document to be brought back for formal approval.
     SECOND: Councilmember Polk
     This is within the amount allocated in the budget and will be in the final contract.
     VOTE: Unanimously passed


     Page Fourteen Governing Body Meeting July 17, 2007

     3. Hardware Purchase to Support New Financial Software: CDWG: $85,171.64: IT

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved to accept recommendation of Staff and
     purchase hardware to support new financial software from CDWG not to exceed
     SECOND: Councilmember Treuting
     The IT Director stated this would be utilized in the exchange project for our e-mail migration
     and other applications that the city will be hosting.      We will be able to leverage that
     equipment for other items as well. It is included in the financial application software
     financing approved by the Governing Body.
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Kassinger, Treuting, Bunner, Gardner, Miller, Polk, Jones

     4. Computer Refreshment Program: Purchase 30 new computers: $31,161.30: IT

     This is replacement computers for various departments. They are primarily for fire and
     parks & recreation.

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved to approve purchase of thirty new 30 new
     computers: $31,161.30:
     SECOND: Councilmember Polk
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Kassinger, Polk, Bunner, Gardner, Miller, Treuting, Jones

     5. Purchase of Software Licenses: CDWG: $47,840 IT

     Purchase of software licenses for Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Exchange
     implementation. With the implementation of Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Exchange,
     the City will be required to purchase certain licenses for the use of the software. It has been
     decided that the City will be moving to an internally hosted email system. In order to
     facilitate that, certain steps have been taken to accomplish this end such as purchasing the
     needed hardware to house the aforementioned software applications and the network was
     re-engineered last year to reflect the planned email migration. The purchase of the
     associated software is needed to provide the email licenses, antivirus updates to
     accommodate the new hosted email, the SPAM filter for the email system, the server
     licenses for the new blade servers and the SQL data base license for the Microsoft Great
     Plains software implementation.

     Recommendations: Authorize the purchase of software licenses to CDWG for $47,840 as
     recommended by Staff.

     MOTION: Councilmember Treuting moved to approve purchase of software licenses: to
     CDWG for $47,840 as recommended by Staff.
     SECOND: Councilmember Polk
     Target date is September 2007.
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Treuting, Polk, Kassinger, Bunner, Gardner, Miller, Jones

     6.   End User License Agreement: Bring City into Conformance with Virginia Law:

     MOTION: Councilmember Polk moved to approve the End User License Agreement with
     Diamond Software Inc. and authorize the City Manager to sign on behalf of the city after
     negotiations and approval by City Attorney.
     SECOND: Councilmember Gardner
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Polk, Gardner, Bunner, Kassinger, Miller, Treuting, Jones



     Page Fifteen July 17, 2007 Governing Body Meeting

     7. (6j). Ordinance 07-1700-835: Waiver #01, Waiver for reduction of required parking
     spaces at Kent Village Shopping Center: Vanessa Watson, City Planner:

     MOTION: Councilmember Treuting moved to approve as recommended by Staff & Planning
     SECOND: Councilmember Miller
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Treuting, Miller, Bunner, Gardner, Kassinger, Polk, Jones

     8. Ordinance 07-1700-836: (6k) Conditional Use Permit #0718 Cougar Elementary
     School Campus Moved to New Business Item

     MOTION: Councilmember Miller moved to approve as recommended by Staff and Planning
     SECOND: Councilmember Treuting
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Miller, Treuting, Bunner, Gardner, Kassinger, Polk, Jones

     9. (6l) Ordinance 07-1700-837: Section 31:28 “Revision to City Code” off-street
     loading spaces Moved to New Business Item

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved to approve as recommended by Staff and
     Planning Commission.
     SECOND: Councilmember Bunner
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Kassinger, Bunner, Gardner, Miller, Treuting, Polk, Jones

     9a. Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA): HB 3202: Bryan Polk:

     Councilmember Polk gave the Governing Body a copy of press release from NVTA
     regarding HB 3202 from a meeting held last week. Copy of press release made part of the
     record. There were over 250 people in attendance at NVTA meeting last week with 50
     people speaking in favor of the fees.
     Councilmember Polk stated he voted for all the taxes except the Grantor Tax based on
     feedback from senior citizens. NVTA is looking for office space and hiring a director. The
     new taxes will not go into effect until January 1, 2007. There were 22 initial projects totaling
     $102 million dollars. Once the challenge to NVTA’s authority to levy taxes is adjudicated,
     they will proceed.
     There was $350,000 included for Manassas Drive improvements specifically Mathis Avenue
     The Mayor thanked Councilmember Polk for his time and dedication spent as we worked
     through these issues and the hours of discussion and the liaison that he put in dealing with
     members of surrounding jurisdictions. It was a tedious process. The authority of the
     Commonwealth was delegated to an authority is precedent setting.
     He thanked Councilmember Polk for taking a strong community leadership role for the city.

     9b.   Introduction of New Human Resources Manager:

     The City Manager introduced Katherine Miller who will start on August 6, 2007. She comes
     to us from Prince William County. Ms. Miller thanked the city for the opportunity to serve
     them and looks forward to working with city staff.

     9c. Bond Credit Rating Upgrade: City Manager;

     Moody’s A2
     Standard & Poor’s A+
     During these economic times, this is a feather in City’s cap.
     The Mayor thanked everyone associated with city finances and had a part in this upgrade.



     Page Sixteen Governing Body July 17, 2007

     10. Convene in Closed Session (as per 2.2-3711(a) of the Virginia Code): 9:00 PM:

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger moved that the Governing Body go into Closed
     Meeting to consult with the City Attorney regarding two specific legal matters regarding
     Birmingham Green & Future Water Requirements that require the provisions of legal advice
     by City Attorney pursuant to Paragraph 7 of Subsection 2.2-3711(A) of the Code of Virginia.
     SECOND: Councilmember Bunner
     The Mayor asked to add one item acquisition of real property (3). That item was added.
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Kassinger, Bunner, Gardner, Miller, Treuting, Polk, Jones

     Reconvene in Open Session: 9:25 pm:

     MOTION: Councilmember Kassinger
     SECOND: Councilmember Polk
     VOTE: Unanimously passed

     Certification of Closed Meeting: and addition of items to Agenda due to closed meeting
     (If Necessary):

     MOTION: Councilmember Treuting moved the following Resolution:

     WHEREAS, the Governing Body of the City of Manassas Park has convened a closed
     meeting on this date pursuant to an affirmative recorded vote and in accordance with the
     provisions of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act; and
     WHEREAS, Section 2.2-3712(d) of the Code of Virginia requires a certification by this
     public body that such closed meeting was conducted in conformity with Virginia law.

     NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Governing Body of the City of Manassas
     Park hereby certify that, to the best of each member’s knowledge, (i) only public business
     matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements under this chapter and (ii) only
     such public business matters as were identified in the motion by which the closed session
     was convened were heard, discussed or considered in the meeting by the public body.
     SECOND: Councilmember Bunner
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Treuting, Bunner, Kassinger, Gardner, Miller, Polk, Jones

     Birmingham Green:

     MOTION: Councilmember Bunner moved to complete the expenditure associated with
     the water line by Birmingham Green with a final appropriation value not to exceed an
     additional $7,000 from the Enterprise Fund
     SECOND: Councilmember Kassinger
     VOTE ROLL CALL: Yes: Bunner, Kassinger, Gardner, Polk, Miller, Treuting, Jones

     National Night Out: Everyone is invited. It is a fun filled night attended by a lot of folks.
     Please join the police department that night if at all possible.

     11.    Adjournment at 9:30 PM:

     With consensus of Governing Body, the Mayor adjourned the meeting.

     Approved August 21, 2007

     Francis C. Jones, Jr., Mayor

     Lana A. Conner, City Clerk



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