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                                                                                                                                                              The Rocket

                                                                           October 26, 2007

Familiar                                                                                           Picking the perfect pumpkin
superstitions                                                                                          (and making it last)
continue to be                                                                                     1. Look closely at the                 4. Keep pumpkin in
believed in                                                                                        skin of the pumpkin
                                                                                                   and avoid pumpkins
                                                                                                                                         your house or outdoors
                                                                                                                                         and it will remain good
       By Liz Glazier                                                                              that have cracks or                   for several months.
   Rocket Assistant Focus Editor                                                                   splits.                               Freezing nights will
                                                                                                                                         cause them to mush, so
   “Don’t step on a crack or you’ll                                                                2. Squeeze the                        bring them inside
break your mother’s back!”                                                                         pumpkin: A fresh one                  at night.
   Many have heard this                                                                            will be solid. Pass up
superstition, but where did this                                                                   the ones with soft or                 5. Wiping the pumpkin
superstition, and others like
it, come from? Though most
                                                                                                   sunken spots.                         with bleach water will
superstitions started back when                                                                                                          reduce rot and decay.
Christianity was forming, many                                                                     3. Don’t carry the
continue to be practiced and                                                                       pumpkin with the stem,                               ENJOY!
believed today.                                                                                    support the bottom of it              Source:
   According to the dictionar y,                                                                   with your hand.                       “Picking the Perfect Pumpkin,”
a superstition is                                                 PHOTO COURTESY OF MCT CAMPUS                                           Dennis Patton
an     ir rational
belief that an
object, action or
circumstance not                       Haunted attractions provide thrills for locals
logically related
to a course
of events
                                               By Liz Rekowski                    throughout the dark maze,
                                                  Rocket Contributor
influences                                                                        which can cause an extra
its outcome.                                While some students feel              scare.
   D o u g                               they may be too old to go trick-           On Fridays and Saturdays,
Chalich, a                               or-treating anymore, many can            admission to the Fright Farm
sophomore                                still get a good thrill by visiting      is $12, while the cost is $10
criminal                                 some local haunted houses                on Thursdays, Sundays and
justice major,                           and other Halloween-themed               on Halloween, with the cost of
admits to being                          attractions.                             admission giving visitors access
superstitious and                           The Cheeseman Farm in                 to all the farm’s attractions.
has an idea of why                       Por tersville, Pa., celebrating            “We think we have a unique
he and other people believe              its eighth year in Halloween             setting which makes it a
certain things.                          celebration, is home to several          really fun time,” said Betsy
   “People are probably                  Halloween activities.                    Cheeseman, the owner of the
superstitious because they want             Cur rently open ever y                Cheeseman Farm. “We have
to believe in something that may         Thursday, Friday, Saturday               60 acres and use it all for the
seem unlikely or improbable,”            and Sunday, their last day of            event.”
said Chalich, 20.                        activities is Nov. 3.                      There are 50 actors working
   One of the most common                   Their Fright Farm, which              at the Fright Farm to help scare
superstitions that people still          star ts at dusk, includes a              guests.
believe in today is the crossing         hayride to take people to                  According to Cheeseman,
of fingers for good luck.                 each attraction, including a             guests should plan on having at
   Crossing her fingers is               haunted maze and five haunted            least an hour to get through all
something that 20-year-old               houses.                                  of the attractions, not including
junior Heather Sowalla, a                   Eric Viletto, a junior                any time that may be spent
geography and environmental              marketing major, said he enjoys          waiting in line to enter.
studies major, learned to do             what Cheeseman Farm has to                 But big scares aren’t for
growing up.                              offer for Halloween.                     ever yone, so the Cheeseman
   “When I was little, my grandma           “I really like the corn maze          Farm also holds the
would always tell me to cross my         because the strobe lights are            Cheeseman’s Pumpkin Festival,
fingers for good luck,” Sowalla           disorienting,” Viletto said.             a no-scare event. The festival
                                                                                                                                                                      SUBMITTED PHOTO
said.                                       Viletto, 21, said the actors          is held ever y Saturday and
                                                                                                                        Brandon Shenefelt and Jenna Moss take a break from the
                                         are also hard to distinguish                                                   haunted attractions at Cheeseman's Fright Farm on Oct. 21.
         SEE HEADS-UP, PAGE B-4          from inanimate scarecrows                               SEE CORN, PAGE B-5     The Fright Farm has attractions including a haunted maze
                                                                                                                        and five haunted houses.

Facebook, Martha Stewart among costumes students will wear
  By Amber Wilhelm                 culture of America.                  in the mid-1800s.                  to the town limits, where                 today, the idea of costumes
       Rocket Contributor            “I’m going to be Facebook,”           It was believed by the          sacred bonfires burned.                   has lived on.
                                   said Ben Dearing, a junior           Celtic people, centuries             Though Halloween isn’t                     Sarah Valentine, a junior
   When going thr ough             accounting major who said            before the time of Christ,         quite so dramatic                         elementar y education
rough times in their lives,        he’s also considered wearing         that the Lord of the Dead,                                                   major, said that at a costume
many people often wish they        an inflatable Santa Clause           Samhain, would gather all                                                     contest last Friday, she won
could be someone else, even        costume he owns. “I’m going          the lost souls for sentencing                                                  second place.
if just for a day.                 to wear a blue shirt with the        on the night of Oct. 31.                                                            “I was Deb from
   Luckily      for   them,        Facebook writing and I’m                The spirits of the                                                            Napoleon Dynamite,”
Halloween is just around           going to poke people.”               beloved ancestors                                                                Valentine said. “I had
the corner, and the tradition         But Halloween costumes            of the Celts were                                                               a pink prom dress with
of costuming around as             weren’t always just for fun          welcomed home                                                                   huge puffy sleeves.”
something other than what          and entertainment. In fact,          for the night with                                                                  Lara     Smith,        a
they really are could be           there are two stories about          of ferings of bread                                                          sophomore ar t education
just the ticket they need to       the origins of dressing up           and wine, and it was                                                         major, had a current-events-
escape from their ever yday        on Oct. 31 that come from            thought that the unwanted                                                    related costume.
lives.                             Ireland.                             dead wandered out in the                                                       “I was Mar tha Stewar t,”
   From ancient folk customs         According to a book called         darkness.                                                                    Smith said. “I had a jail shirt
in Ireland with religious          “Halloween: An American                The Celts would disguise                                                   on with an apron over top.”
over tones to a moder n            H o l i d a y, A n A m e r i c a n   themselves as ghouls so                                                         But dressing up as a pop-
way for people to express          Histor y” by Lesley Pratt            that these malicious souls                                                   culture figure isn’t just for
themselves at a fall par ty,       Bannatyne, Halloween                 would mistake them for one                                                   girls.
Halloween costumes can             didn’t come to Nor th                of their own, while masked                                                     Joe Valenza, a junior
often reflect a person’s           America until the mass               villagers would trick the                     PHOTO COURTESY OF MCT CAMPUS
                                                                                                                                                           SEE UNIQUE, PAGE B-5
personality or the pop             influx of Irish immigrants           spirits by leading a parade

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