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The Globe - PDF by pengxiang


									October 14, 2009
                                  International Student and Scholar Services
Volume 1, Issue 3

                                                                                                    The Globe
                                    International Student and Scholar Services | 2200 S. Josephine | Ph: 303.871.4912 | |

Inside this issue:
                                    Diversity Visa Lottery Now Open
Immigration Q & A         2
                                    The U.S. Department of State            ply. A complete list of these
                                    has opened registration for the         countries is available in the
Curricular Practical      2         2011 Diversity Visa Lottery.            instructions for the lottery.
Seasonal and H1N1 Flu 3             The Diversity Visa Lottery is a         Applicants may submit the
                                    congressionally mandated pro-           Diversity Visa entry form
                                    gram that provides U.S. perma-          online. Paper entries will not
Health and Counseling     3         nent residency status (“green           be accepted. Deadline for
Center                              card”) to selected non-                 registration is noon November
Explore Denver Program 3            immigrants.                             30, 2009.

                                    A maximum of 55,000 Diver-              Applicants who are selected
Employment Workshops      5         sity Visas are available to per-        will be notified by mail be-
                                                                                                                              How to Apply
                                    sons from countries with low            tween May and July next year.
                                                                                                                         Submit entry form online at:
                                    rates of immigration to the             Those not selected will not
Fall Advising Hours                                                                                              
                                    United States.                          receive any notification.

M W F 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.                                                                                                   Deadline
                                    Citizens of China (mainland-               For more information:
                                                                                                                        12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)
                                    born), India, and other coun-  
M-F       1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.                                                                                        Monday, November 30, 2009
                                    tries with high rates of immi-              009/sept/129956.htm
                                    gration are not eligible to ap-

 Upcoming Events
 • 10/21/09
   Spouses Club
                                    Halloween Party at the I-House!
 • 10/22/09
                                    Join us at the I-House for our                    Costume Tips
   ISSS and ISO                     annual Halloween Party on
   Halloween Party                  Thursday, October 22nd,                 Want to dress up but not sure
 • 10/22/09                         from 4:30 - 7:00 p.m.                   where to find a costume? Visit
   CPT Workshop                                                             Good Will to find an abun-
                                    There will be pumpkin carving,
                                                                            dance of cheap, goofy, and fun
                                    face painting, and Halloween
 • 10/29/09                                                                 costumes ideas for Halloween.
                                    treats - an all around great time
   OPT Workshop
                                    to share with friends!                                                           •      Put all of your clothes on
                                                                            Here are a few ideas for cos-
 • 11/3/09                                                                                                                  backwards!
                                    Prizes will be awarded for the          tumes:
   H-1B/PR Workshop                                                                                                  •      Switch outfits with our
                                    most creative, scary, and origi-        • Come dressed as your
                                    nal pumpkin carvings and Hal-               favorite celebrity!                         boyfriend or girlfriend!
                                    loween costumes.                        • Wear a crazy hat or a wig!
Page 2                         The Globe                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 3

                               Immigration Q & A
                               “Am I required to have              students need. For more infor-      based on employment, mar-
                               health insurance while              mation about health insurance,      riage, or family in the United
                               studying at DU?”                    contact the Student Health and      States. ISSS only advises inter-
                               Yes, all students at DU are         Counseling Center.                  national faculty and staff on
                               required to have health insur-      “What is U.S. permanent             the PR process.
                               ance, including international       residency?”                         Permanent residents are given
                               students.                           Permanent residency (PR) is a       a PR card, commonly called a
                               Routine doctor’s visits, hospital   type of immigrant status that       “green card” because of the
                               stays, and medication are very      entitles you to certain employ-     original card’s original color .
                               expensive in the United States      ment and travel benefits while      To learn more about perma-
      Please email your        without health insurance.           studying or working in the          nent residency, you can attend
      questions for the        The DU student insurance            United States.                      our free H-1B/PR workshop
      newsletter to            plan provides coverage for the      PR applications are processed       on November 3rd (see at-             most common medical services        by USCIS and are usually            tached flyer for details).

                               Curricular Practical Training
                               Curricular Practical Training       dents who must complete a           participate in training necessary
                               (CPT) is an employment bene-        required internship may be          for their thesis or dissertation.
    Submit your complete
                               fit that authorizes F-1 students    exempt from this requirement.       CPT is authorized by ISSS for
    CPT application to our     to participate in a paid intern-    The internship must either be       one quarter at a time. Students
  office at least one week     ship or practicum experience,       required for the student’s de-      may generally only be author-
 before your employment        generally off-campus.               gree program or an integral         ized for part-time employment
                 start date.   Students must have been fully       part of the program curricu-        during the academic year.
                               enrolled in F-1 status for 9        lum.                                To learn more about CPT, visit
                               months prior to being author-       Graduate students may use           the Employment section of our
                               ized for CPT. Graduate stu-         CPT to conduct research or          website.

                               What is Halloween?
                               Halloween is a popular holiday      by dressing in costumes and         such as ghosts and monsters,
                               celebrated in the United States     visiting houses to ask for treats   but the holiday is intended to
                               on October 31st.                    or candy, or “trick or treating.”   be fun and lighthearted.
                               The holiday originated as an        Adults may also wear costumes           Halloween Activities
                               ancient Celtic festival and later   on Halloween, but they typi-
                                                                                                       •   Pumpkin carving to make
                               the holy day of All Hallows’        cally attend parties and play
                               Eve, from which the name            games at night.
                               Halloween is derived.               Halloween costumes and deco-        •   Haunted houses
                               Children celebrate Halloween        rations may depict scary images     •   Corn mazes and hayrides
The Globe                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 3                                   Page 3

Preparing for Flu Season
Influenza, also known as the          breath, pain in your chest or         For more information:
flu, is a contagious disease that     abdomen, dizziness, or severe     H1N1 FAQ’s
causes symptoms such as fever,        or persistent vomiting.
headache, nasal congestion,                                   
                                      Both seasonal and H1N1 flu
and body aches.                       virus are spread by respiratory   DU Flu Updates
Students should be prepared           droplets from coughs and
for two forms of the flu this         sneezes.                          Center for Disease Control:       If you have a sore throat and a
year - seasonal flu and H1N1          To help prevent the spread of
flu, or “swine flu.”                                                                                      fever, stay home and contact the
                                      flu, cover your mouth and nose    Federal Government:               Health and Counseling Center by
H1N1 flu has been circulating         with a tissue when coughing or                       telephone.
in the United States since April      sneezing. Wash your hands
2009. It is generally mild, but       frequently and avoid touching
you should call a doctor imme-        your eyes, nose, or mouth.
diately if you have shortness of

Spotlight on Campus: Health and Counseling Center
The Health & Counseling Cen-          HCC for counseling services to    All students enrolled for aca-
ter (HCC) provides a wide             discuss concerns ranging from     demic credit may use the HCC,
range of physical and mental          stress, homesickness, and rela-   but the cost will be lower for        To learn more about
health services on campus.            tionship issues to depression,    those who have paid the               the HCC, visit
Students may visit the HCC for        anxiety, trauma, and eating       Health and Counseling fee.  
routine medical exams, diag-          disorders.                        Types of Services Provided:           duhealth/index.html
nostic tests, prescription refills,   Your medical records and the                                            or call 303-871-2205
                                                                        •    Routine medical care
vaccinations, and to see spe-         care you receive at the HCC
cialists in fields such as derma-     are completely confidential.      •    Counseling
tology and women’s health.            Your information may only be
                                                                        •    Women’s health care
Students may also visit the           released with your written per-
                                      mission.                          •    Prescription filling

DU Launches “Explore Denver” Program
The Explore Denver program            and the Denver Museum of          the type of event.
begins this fall and offers DU        Nature & Science.                 For more information about
undergraduate students free           Discounted tickets are also       Explore Denver, visit their
and discounted tickets to arts        available to a number of thea-    office on the lower level of
and science events in Denver.         ter productions at the Denver     Driscoll North, or check out
Explore Denver offers free            Center for the Performing         their list of tickets online at
admission tickets to attractions      Arts, including the hit Broad-
such as the Denver Art Mu-            way musical “Wicked”.
seum, the Denver Zoo, the             Tickets are often as low as $5
Denver Botanical Gardens,             depending on the venue and
 International Student and
                                                           About International Student and Scholar Services
 Scholar Services
                                                      We strive to provide timely, accurate, and effective advising and assistance
                                                      to international students, faculty, and staff in matters of immigration,
                                                      communication, and cultural adjustment.
2200 S. Josephine St.
Denver, CO 80208                                      Our goal is to support the international community on campus so that
                                                      each international student and scholar has a productive and fulfilling ex-
Phone: 303-871-4912
                                                      perience at DU. We aim to promote international awareness and under-
Fax: 303-871-4091                                     standing by working to support the positive impact international students
E-mail:                                   and scholars have on the University.

Visit us online:                                                                  Submit a Story                                  If you have an idea for a story, or if you would like to advertise
                                                      an event at DU, please email us at
                                                      Please note that not all stories will be published and content
                                                      may be edited for style and space.

                                                                               Submit Your Photos

                                                      ISSS is seeking photos that document the experience of inter-
                                                      national students and scholars at DU and in the Denver com-
                                                      munity. Selected photos may be featured in The Globe or on
                                                      the new ISSS website at Please email
                                                      your photos to

                                                Upcoming Events at DU
                              Second Annual               Proceeds go directly to the peo- DU Homecoming 2009
                                                          ple and charitable causes repre-
                             Shop for a Cause             sented - some of which are       DU’s 2009 Homecoming will
                             Holiday Market               local and others that are based take place Wednesday, October
                        Dates:                            around the world.                28th, through Sunday, Novem-

                        Sat., Nov. 7, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.    The Holiday Market is also an ber 1st.
                        Sun., Nov. 8, 1 - 4 p.m.        opportunity for the DU and                 Enjoy the weekend of family and
                                                        Denver communities to learn                fun by participating in any of the
                        (Set up times will begin at 8   about fair trade, have access to           following scheduled activities:
                        a.m. on Saturday and 11:30 a.m. unique international and do-
                        on Sunday.)                     mestic products, and shop for a            •     Parents and Family Break-
                        Location:                       cause during the holidays.                       fast with the Chancellor
                        University Park United Meth-      What They Need:                          •     Boo Bash
                        odist Church, 2180 S. Univer-     Volunteers to welcome shop-
                        sity Blvd., Denver 80210. Visi-                                            •     Homecoming Parade
                                                          pers, staff tables, set up, tear
                        tor parking is available on the   down, assist vendors, and                •     Taste of DU
                        north side of church (enter       more.
                        from Josephine Street).                                                    •     Pioneer Hockey Game
                                                          If you can donate at least two
                        The Cause:                        hours of your time on either             •     And much more!
                        Providing an opportunity for      day of the Market, please con-
                                                          tact Laura Buhs by email at              For the complete list of activi-
                        organizations that directly bene-                                          ties, registration requirements,
                                                 or by tele-
                        fit people in need by inviting                                             and ticket prices, please visit
                                                          phone at 303-681-7861.
                        vendors to gather in one loca-                                   
                        tion and sell their products.                                              schedule.html.

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