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                                           PETE KNIGHT’S AIRPLANE WASH
• President’s Words

• 2010 AFFTC Awards

• Pete Knight Airplane
  Wash (sort of)
                                                                     26 March 2010
• CAFA Area 2 Meeting

                                                                 Words From the President
                         Dear Advocates and Friends of          CEPTION: MG David Eich-               the base and the Air Force.
                         Edwards Air Force Base, Plant          horn, Commander of the Flight         MEMBERS: We appreciate all
                         42 and the US Air Force:               Test Center, Edwards Air              of you and encourage you to
   "PETE" KNIGHT         CALIFORNIA STATE CON-                  Force Base has invited all of         not only to continue your mem-
    CHAPTER SAYS         VENTION (CAFA): We have a              the members of the Pete               bership, but also to recruit all of
     “THANKS” TO         great opportunity to show Ed-          Knight Chapter to attend a re-        your friends and associates to
              IT’S       wards and the Air Force how            ception at the Commander’s            become a member. The Air
                         much we support them by at-            Home the end of June. Please          Force Association is THE lead-
                         tending the 2010 California Air        keep an eye out for the invita-       ing advocate for our United
                         Force Association (CAFA) An-           tion as soon as all of the de-        States Air Force in the Nation’s
                         nual State Convention. The             tails have been worked out.           Capitol. (On The Hill). The Air
                         convention takes place June            COMMUNITY PARTNERS: I                 Force Magazine provides the
                         10-12 at Beale Air Force Base.         want to express my deep ap-           best and most timely informa-
                         Participating in this event is a       preciation to our 35 Commu-           tion to all Active, Reserve,
                         great way to demonstrate our           nity Partners and the great           Guard, Civilian, Contractor,
                         support of our Air Force and           support they give our Pete            and supporters of the Air
                         allows us to get up close and          Knight Chapter and Edwards            Force.
                         personal to some of the out-           Air Force Base. You are in-           YOUR BOARD: You and I are
                         standing men and women of              deed the foundation for what          truly blessed with a hard work-
                         our Air Force, Air National            makes our Chapter one of the          ing and dedicated Board of
                         Guard and Air Force Reserve.           best in the Air Force Associa-        Directors.
                         We encourage you to attend             tion. Your membership demon-          THANK YOU TO EACH AND
                         and tell all of your friends. See      strates to both the Leaders at        EVERY MEMBER OF THE
                         our website for reservation            Edwards and the entire United         BOARD.
                         info.                                  States Air Force a very high
                         AFFTC COMMANDER’S RE-                  level of community support for             Rex Moen

                                                      2010 Edwards AFB Awards Banquet
                          The William J. Pete Knight                 nate the profits from
                          chapter teamed up with                     breakfast and lunch
                          Crazy Otto’s Restaurant to                 from their operations
                          help subsidize the 2010 Air                at Edwards AFB on
                          Force Flight Test Center’s                 16 Feb and Rosa-
                          Awards Banquet, where                      mond on 19 Feb.
                          AFFTC recognizes and hon-                  Several Pete Knight
                          ors their 2009 military and                members showed up
                          civilian award winners.                    at both events, and
                          Crazy Otto’s offered to do-                at least two members
                                                                                                  Leigh refreshes memories with one of the
                                                                              showed up         nominees, Maj DeeAnn Slover from the AFFTC
                                                                              who learned                      Protocol Office.
                                                                              about the
                                                                              event from our             Crazy Otto raised and donated
                                                                              emailing to all the        over $300 and Chapter 294
                                                                              members. Anyway,           contributed the remainder of
                                                                              the Pete Knight            the pledge for a total amount of
                                                                              Chapter promised to $1000. The actual banquet
                                                                              help advertise the         occurred Friday 12 March and
                                                                              operation and donate was well attended by members
                                                                              funds to the Awards        of the Pete Knight board as
                                                                               banquet committee. well as a number of other
                         Rex.talking politics (I guess) with Pete Amaya, BGen                            standing members. The Chap-
                               Hogue and an unidentified attendee.
   Page 2
                                                PETE KNIGHT’S AIRPLANE WASH
                        The Antelope Valley weath-
                     ermen served lots of cold
                     windy weather the first quar-
                     ter of 2010, much to the cha-
                     grin of the organizations who
LA County Board      had sponsored airplanes at
Of Supervisors       the Joe Davies Airpark in
                     Palmdale. Somehow Paul
                     Vitale and Randy Kelly (“the
                     force of 2”) were listening to
                     the wrong radio program and
 The Charles
                     expecting a beautiful “globally
Wallasch Family
                     warm Saturday” showed for the 9         Paul “standing by” to provide scale for the “before” and “after” photos of
                     Jan 2010 plane wash. Since the          the Jan “bush removal” party.
                     local conditions were conducive         Randy was on an extended                    washdays are the 1st Satur-
                     to the solid form of dihydroben         business trip back East and                 day of the month.
                     monoxide, Paul and Randy                couldn’t be accused of acting
                     chose not to wash the plane, but        silly in public again ;-)
                     to weed instead. They tackled a            Fortunately, warm weather
                     particularly prolific “desert plant”    returned and rumor has it “the
                     that was not supposed to be part        usual suspects” turned out
                     of the landscaping, but (until that     again for the March plane wash.
                     day) asserted it’s primacy under        (Except for Randy—who was
                     the Pete Knight F-100 right wing.       still back on the East coast.
                     What started out as a “trim the         Unfortunately, nobody remem-
                     dead stemectomy” rapidly de-            bered to take any pictures.
                     cayed into a complete transplant            Anybody interested in help-
                     (into the trash). Although it can’t     ing clean up around Pete’s F-
                     be confirmed, there was a rumor         100 (or any of the other aircraft)
                     that somebody impersonated a            can check the washing sched-
                     late Hollywood celebrity.               ule either on the chapter web-
                         The February plane wash             site at or
                                                             the Joe Davies Heritage airpark Paul “the Don” Vitale told me to
                     was cancelled by city of Palm-
                     dale because of cold, rainy,            site at cityofpalm-                      put this photo in, but I have no clue
                     windy weather. (Fortunately,   Normally              why?

                                                            AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION                     SPIDERMAN WANTED
                                                            The Air Force Association is an           ALIVE by WJPK Chapter
                                                            independent, non-profit, 501(c)3          Got talent taking pictures, writ-
                                                            civilian organization promoting           ing story lines and spinning
                                                            public understanding of aerospace         webs? Great!! We really really
                                                            power and the role it plays in            need a volunteer to feed us
                                                            USA National Security.                    pictures and stories for our
                          --Free Admission--                                                          newsletter and website. Call
                                                                                                      or Email Randy Kelly if you’re
                       EAFB Museum Open
                    Tuesday – Saturday 9 am.
                               to 5 pm
                                                                                                        RETIREE INFORMA-
                    Please contact EAFB Pub-                                                                  TION?
                   lic Affairs prior to your visit,                                        
  Inn and Motel.     to arrange base access.
  Rosamond CA.     Phone: (661) 277-3510                               NASA DRYDEN                           VOLUNTEERS
                                                                        FLIGHTLINE                              DO MAKE
                                                                           TOURS                      ORGANIZATIONS GROW -
                     Blackbird Airpark Open                         Most Weekdays -- 10:15                       BE ONE
                   Friday – Sunday 10 a.m. to                          By Reservation                If you’re not a Pete Knight AFA
                             5 p.m.                            Contact NASA Public Affairs to make
                                                                                                     Member, call Randy Kelly (hm:
                   2503 E. Ave P. Palmdale                       arrangements: (661) 276-3449        661-256-1616) email: elec-
                                                                                PETE KNIGHT’S AIRPLANE WASH

                              2010 AFFTC Awards Banquet (continued)
ter 294 contingent was led by
President Rex Moen and
close behind were Randy
and Leigh Kelly, Cindy Phil-
lips, LtC David Smith, Conrad
and Ginny Hernandez, Linda
    See our Chapter or Paul
and Brad Mitchell, and the City
  of Palmdale Website for the
Vitale. Other AFA members
  washday schedule.
spotted at the event included
Maj Gen Dave Eichhorn, Brig
Gen Jim Hogue, Mr. Dave
Bond, Col Jerry Gandy, LtC         Miss Cindy with two of AFFTC’s outstanding
Rod Todaro, and community                                                          “Komrade” Conrad, Miss Cindy, and Paul “the Don”
                                                USAF Reservists.                         Vitale — A.K.A. “The Three Amigos”
partner members Danny
Bazzell (Civ Mil) and Pete         categories. Although “Miss                   ful time. “Komrade Conrad” and Paul “the
Amaya (Wells Fargo).               Cindy” is always a winner in our             Don” Vitale were their in their usual “rare
  Maj Gen Dave Eichhorn gave       hearts and minds, she was not                form”. (I’m not going into details, but if
the centerpoint address for the    one of the final award winners.              you’ve ever been around Conrad and Paul
nominees (excellent as usual).     We were there to cheer her on                (and sometimes Randy) when they get
Ms Cindy Phillips, our CH 294      regardless though. As usual,                 tuned up, it can be quite entertaining.
secretary was one of the           when normal “cast of characters”
award nominees in one of the       get together, we all had a wonder-

                                                    CAFA Area 2 Meeting
  OK you’re thinking—the editor must
really be desperate for space filler
this month. Well, on one hand your
right. Getting folks to submit stories
and pictures is kinda like pulling
teeth, but the business of keeping
the Chapter running must go on.
One of those things we have to do to
keep the Chapter “official” (and to get
our share of AFA funds) is to send
representatives to the California AFA
state and area (Area 2 in our case)
meetings. This is how the CAFA              Meeting of the minds. Clockwise from upper left, Ken Nishiyama (Bakersfield Pres), an
spreads the work down through the           unknown Bakersfield member, Paul Vitale (checking his address book), Donald “Duck”
field.                                                       Vanhook (High Desert Pres), and Rex (WJPK Pres).
  This last quarters Area 2 meeting
was on the 6th of March. The Area 2       some of these issues such as                    Force life, the ops tempo, and the
meetings seem to get held either in       required reports, , tax forms, and              competition on everybody's time
Bakersfield or at Vandenberg AFB          membership end up affecting us                  seems to be the main theories as to
which seem to be somewhat central         down at the Chapter level. Mem-                 why we our ranks have diminished.
to the area. (We keep volunteering        bership always seems to be one                  Finding something to interest the next
to hold one here in the Antelope Val-     of our biggest concerns because                 generation of AFA members is a big
ley, but never seem to win that bid.)     AFA like many volunteer run or-                 challenge—and (as usual), Rex has
This last meeting was held at the         ganizations is experiencing an                  big ideas. We’re talking about a
“Rocket Café” at the Bakersfield mu-      aging core group and is having                  “Super Bowl” level membership drive,
nicipal airport, and Pete Knight mem-     problems attracting a younger                   with teams, “field goals”,
bers President Rex Moen, VP Randy         volunteer membership. There is                  “touchdowns”, and “extra points”. (I
Kelly, and Director Paul Vitale made      lots of discussion as to why our                don’t understand it either—we’ll get
the voyage over the hill. No need to      volunteer basis is declining and                Rex to write an article before the ac-
bore you with the details of what ac-     how to attract new members. The                 tual membership drive.) More later.
tually was discussed this time, but       “change” in the climate in Air
                                                                                                                                   Page 4

    25 May 2010 -- Chapter Board meeting @ Club Muroc, EAFB, 6:00 PM

    5 June -- Airplane Wash Day @ Joe Davies Airpark, Palmdale, 7:30 AM

    10 –12 June 2010 — CAFA Convention, Beale AFB. Download application fro m

    26 (or 27th TBD) June 2010 -- AFA Reception at AFFTC, Edwards AFB. Details forthcoming

    22 June 2010 -- Chapter Board meeting @ Club Muroc, EAFB, 6:00 PM
                                                                                                                               AFA Mission
    3 July 2010 -- Airplane

                                                                                                                           •   To advocate aero-
                                                                                                                           space power and a strong
                                 OTHER ROUTINE STUFF                                                                       national defense.
                                                                                                                       •   To support the United
      Do you know about the AFA Veteran Benefits Association?                                                              States Air Force and the
                                                                                                                           Air Force family.
AFA Veteran Benefits           uncles do not qualify.
Association (AFAVBA)           ======================
                                                                                                                       •   To promote aerospace
was created as a result        Other things you can get from AFA:                                                          education to the Ameri-
of the consolidation of        • Military member and spouse                                                                can People.
the Air Force Association          scholarships
and the Aerospace Edu-         • Vacation and rental car discounts
cation Foundation to pro-      • Discounts on Dell and Apple com-
vide benefits to military          puters
Veterans and to AFA            • Reducted rates on insurance
Members. AFA’s pro-            • Reduced rates on dental, phar-
grams will continue un-            macy, vision and chiropractic ser-
changed, but under the             vices
AFA Veteran Benefits           • No origination fee mortgages and
Association name.                                                                Who does this guy remind you of
                                   lower closing costs                           and where did he get that hat???
All AFA members are
eligible to participate in                                                                                                   AFA Chapter 294
these AFAVBA Programs.          ==========================                 ===========================                         P.O. Box 294
                                Member Benefit Magazine High-              Many Vets May be Missing Out on                      Edwards, CA
The Life and Accident                                                                                                            93524-0294
Insurance Programs,             lights                                     Special Compensation                             Phone:661-400-0203
                                $50 Cash Back AFA Member Re-               Just because an Air Force veteran was             Fax: 661-256-4882
however, require that you
                                ward on Sprint/Nextel                      not injured storming the beaches at Nor-                Email:
meet one of the following
                                Whether you are an existing                mandy does not mean he or she may not
requirements:                                                              be entitled to receive combat- related
                                Sprint/Nextel customer or looking to
                                switch to Sprint/Nextel, AFA members       special compensation, or CRSC. Many
1. Served or serving in         get a $50 Cash Back Reward when you        Air Force veterans may be missing out
    the U.S Military            order or renew Sprint/Nextel through       on hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars
                                the AFA Wireless Center. Visit             every month because they have not ap-
2. Spouse or Widow(er) or call a wireless     plied for the compensation. Go to http://
     of someone who             solutions expert at 866-281-0004. for more information.
     served or is serving in
     the U.S. Military           ==========================                ==========================
Ancestor or Lineal De-           H1N1 Vaccine Available at EAFB            No 2010 EAFB Airshow
scendent of someone who          The EAFB Immunization Clinic is now       Although the 2009 Edwards Airshow,
served or is serving in the      offering the H1N1 vaccine to the Ed-      “Flight Test Nation 2009” was a big
U.S. Military. (This means       wards community to include retirees.      success, it is a significant drain on
you’re the child, grand-         The Immuniztion clinic is a walk-in       base personnel and resources. EAFB
child, great grandchild,         clinic with hours on Monday, Tuesday      currently is not planning another
etc., or the father, mother,     and Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30        airshow until Fall 2011. For more             We’re on the Web
grandfather, grandmother,        p.m., Wednesday, from noon to 4:30        information, go to the base website:        www.antelopevalleyafa.
                                 p.m., and on Thursday, from 9:00 a.m.
etc. of someone who
                                 to 4:30 p.m. Individuals should bring a                                                       org/
served or is serving in the
                                 DOD identification card and any im-
U.S. Military. Aunts and         munization records.

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