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            FOOD PRODUCTS

Shakarganj Food Products Limited
10th Floor, 10-B, Block E-II
Main Boulevard, Gulberg III
Lahore-54600, Pakistan

Telephone: 92-42-5783801-2,
Fax: 92-42-5870357

Email :

Factory 15 km, Sargodha Road
Near Ahmad Nagar, Chiniot - Pakistan

Telephone: 92-47-6009135

Plant 4 km Lahore Road
Jaranwala - Pakistan

Telephone: 92-41-4007616
Telefax: 92-41-4310869

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      and Vision        Statement

  “   Shakarganj Food Products Limited
      strives to be among the leading
      companies in the food industry and is
      committed to manufacturing and selling
      consistent, high quality world class

Shakarganj Food Products Ltd.

Company Overview

SFPL is a public limited company (unquoted) set up by the
Crescent Group with the objective to diversify its business
activities. The group has been conducting business in the
region for over 100 years and has a varied industry portfolio in
sugar, textile, steel and farming. Its head office is located at
Lahore, Pakistan while the production plants are in central
Punjab - the main fruit growing and milk supplying region of
the country.

The company is professionally run by experienced
management. The CEO of the company is also the serving
Chairman of the Pakistan Dairy Association.

SFPL's human resource has a vast experience in the dairy
and food industries. Continuous development and skill
enhancement are an integral part of the employee
development programme at Shakarganj.

Shakarganj is working hand in hand with the Dairy Industry of
Pakistan to improve milk productivity and animal health.

          100 years of a varied industry portfolio
                                                                              Products Manufactured

The company currently manufactures the following products:

Dairy Division                                            Juice Division
§ packed milk                                             Orange and Kinnow Juice concentrate
Flavoured Milk
§                                                         Mango purée/pulp
Loose cream
§ packed cream
§ Desi Ghee
§ Powder

Various value added food products, including dairy and fruit products, are in different stages of development.
New products are planned for launch, starting from 2008.

Quality Assurance
Products are subjected to tests at various stages of procurement, production and
storage. All products conform to internationally accepted quality parameters and
strict adherence is maintained to ensure production of quality products only, on a
consistent basis.
Juice Operation

The juice plant was acquired in October 2005 and is located in the Punjab province, which is a fruit growing
region and where citrus fruit, mango and guava are grown in abundance.

Plant Line Capacity & Storage
§ plant produces juice concentrate, purée and pulp on its
Citrus and Tropical Lines.
Products are stored in refrigerated and frozen stores, which
have significant capacities.

Fruit Procurement Centres

Facilitate the continuous and timely supply of quality fruit
which makes the procurement process quite economical.
Establish long term relationships with the farming
community which is vital for effective procurement.

Operation Certification
§ 9000

                            “       Help People Live Healthier Lives

                                                                                      Juice Operation


§ equipment is of Bertuzzi (Italy) and the plant is in
  operation since 2006.
Consistent quality citrus concentrate and mango pulp
  is produced.
Skilled and professionally trained manpower with
significant experience in the fruit industry is handling
the operations.
A well equipped laboratory and testing facilities ensure
effective quality assurance according to the
international standards.

Sales & Marketing

§ entire production is effectively marketed in Europe, Middle East and Australasia.
§ company is developing business relationships with food processors in the international markets.
SFPL products have attained brand acceptance and recognition in the international markets through a well
  developed marketing strategy.

                                            “        Brand Acceptance and
                                                     Recognition in the
                                                     International Markets

Expansion & Growth
§ Citrus Juice Concentrate capacity is being increased manifold.
  Storage capacity will be doubled.
§ Citrus Greenfield project is under the planning process.
§ setting up of a second Mango pulping unit is being planned.
§ company plans to further branch out in the food business.
Dairy Operation

An operational dairy plant located at Jaranwala, near Faisalabad, was acquired in 2006. Nearly 80 percent of
the total raw milk is supplied from this part of the country. The plant packing capacity at the time of acquisition
was 75,000 litres per day of UHT liquid milk and 5 metric tonnes per day of powder milk.

Plant Capacity & Storage

§ processing and filling capacity increased to
200,000 plus litres per day of UHT.
§ Tetra Pak, Alfla Laval dairy equipment in
A well equipped laboratory and testing facilities at
the plant and milk procurement centres.
Skilled and well-trained staff with years of
experience in the diary industry.
Extensive storage and material handling facilities
Research facility for new product development.

                                              Milk Procurement

                                               SFPL has a well established network of procurement centres in
                                               various milk producing belts of the country.
                                               § centre is manned by skilled and experienced staff.
                                               Laboratory and testing facilities ensure quality milk procurement
                                               Particular emphasis is laid on establishing long-term business
                                               relationships with milk suppliers.
                                               § veterinary services are provided to facilitate higher
                                               production and quality milk supply.

Dairy Farm

SFPL has set up a farm on scientific lines where cattle stock consists of high quality foreign and local breeds.
The farm is supervised by a veterinary doctor and experts.

                                          “        Flavour Taste and Nutrition

                                                                                  Dairy Operation


GOOD MILK has been built into a nationally recognised milk brand
  in Pakistan.
§ brand has a good reputation as its consumers believe the
  product is of consistent high quality.
Incessant marketing campaigns using various advertising media are
  assisting in brand equity enhancement.
Brand equity development will further facilitate successful marketing
  of new products.

Sales & Marketing

SFPL has an extensive sales network promoting and selling
  products in all the regions.
§ extensive distributors' network ensures presence of SFPL
  products at all relevant retail outlets.
§ sales network serves as an effective medium to penetrate in
  the market and get customer feedback.
Marketing and sales teams consist of skilled staff with vast
  experience in the dairy and FMCG industries.

Expansion & Growth

§ powder milk plant will be installed.
§ milk procurement centres will be set up.
§ existing production and laboratory facilities will be further expanded.

§ processing and packing capacity will be increased to 300,000 plus litres per day of UHT.
§ new storage facility for UHT products exceeding 1 million litres.
§ Establish a new dairy production facility.
Marketing Activities

                              Celebrating World School Milk Day

                              Children enjoy drinking Good Milk

Consumer awareness activity                          Trade activation

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