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					                                                                       LIST OF EXHIBITORS UNDER VARIOUS PRODUCT GROUPS
 Messe   21 - 25 April 2008
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         Companies                 Products                              Representative         Address                  Mobile #           Phone #          Fax #       Email
         Energy (Hall 12)

         Power Transmission

     1   Emco Industries Limited   Porcelain Insulators, Surge Arresters, Mr. Salem Rehman      2nd Floor, Saudi Pak     0092-300-4001047   0092-42-6371116 0092-42-           Disconnecting Switches, Ceramic Wall (Director Operations)   House, 14 Egerton                                           6368119
                                   and Floor Tiles                                              Road, Lahore
                                                                          Mr. Baber Mansur                               0092-333-4213070
                                                                          (GM Marketing)

     2   Newage Cables (Pvt) Ltd   Electric Cables and Wires             Mr. Amer Bakht Azam    Newage House, 33-K,      0092-300-8461900   0092-42-111-777- 0092-42-                                            (Director)             Gulberg-II, Lahore                          300, 5792921-30 5792919-20

     3   Pakistan Cables           General Wiring, L.V Cable, M. V       Mr. Kamal A. Chinoy    B-21, S.I.T.E, Karachi   0092-333-3808880   0092-21-2561170- 0092-21-    Cable, Control Cables, Welding        (Chief Executive)                                                  75               2564614
                                   Cables, Telephone Cables, Special
                                   Cables, Aluminum Section, Copper      Syed Muhammad Athar                             0092-300-9262960
                                   Rod                                   Farid
                                                                         Mr. Abdul Rehman                                0092-321-2384405
                                                                         Mr. Samir Mustapha                              0092-300-9262960
     4   Syed Bhais (Pvt) Ltd      Electric Meters, Meter components,    Mian Nazim             200-Ferozepur Road,      0092-300-8466344   0092-42-         0092-42-         Auto Parts, Aluminum Pressure Die     (Sr. Manager)          Lahore                                      111758758        7588199
                                   Castings, Machined components,
                                   Injection Mouldings, Laminations &
                                   Cores, Relay, Relay & Control Panels,
                                   Transformer/ Motors, Gas Meter Parts,
                                   Incandescent Lamps, Fluorescent
                                   Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps
    Subcontracting (Hall 4)
    Leading Trade Fair for Subcontracting Services & Materials for
    Mechanical Engg, the Automotive Industry & Plant Engg

1   A E Design                     Automotive conceptual Design, CAE      Mr. Zaafir Waheed        34-A, Zafar Ali Road,       0092-300-8411737    0092-42-5870263 0092-42-            including; Meshing, Linear static and (Chief Executive Officer) Gulberg 5, Lahore.                                              5870069
                                   dynamic simulations, Non-Linear static
                                   and dynamic simulations, crash safety
                                   and durability, CAD Modeling for
                                   Automotive applications, Industrial
                                   Machinery conceptual and Detail
                                   Design, CAD Modeling for Industrial
                                   and other application

2   Agripak International          Sheet Metal, Pistions, Liners, Control   Sheikh Kashif Hussain      A-263, Block-C, North   0092-333-3978282    0092-21-2225444, 0092-21-             Valves, Clutch Plate for Tractors,       (Director)                 Nazimabad, Karachi                          2257696, 6625067 2229354
                                   Trucks and Buses, Auto Hitch, PTO
                                   Pulley, Canopy, Front Weights, Draw      Sheikh Saqib Hussain                               0092-333-4372771
                                   Bars, Truck Mounted Hydraulic Cranes     (Director)
                                   & Material Handling Equipments, Road
                                   Maintenance Equipments.                  Mr. Faisal Mehmood                                 0092-300-4008967
                                                                            Mr. Amir Idrees                                    0092-300-4011124

3   Al-Badar Engineering           Tool Kit, Shock Absorber                 Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq 260-G-III, Johar Town,        0092-300-8620183    0092-42-6130486- 0092-42-
    Company (Pvt) Ltd              Components, Arm Kick Starter, Kick       Butt                     Lahore                                        9                7970175
    www albadarengg com            Spindle, Wheel Rim for motorcycle,       (CEO)
                                   Spoke & Nipple, Brake Pedal, Plastic     Mr. Shaukat Iqbal Jawaid                           0092-300-7446160
                                   Injection Moulded components             (General Manager)

4   Ali Machine Tool Company       High Pressure Die Cast Components        Mr. Mazhar Ali             B-20, SITE, Super       0092-300-8424761    0092-21-6881101 0092-21-                In Aluminium Alloy                       (General Manager/          Highway, Karachi -                                          6881102
                                                                            Partner)                   75330
                                                                            Mr. Yasoob Ali
                                                                            (Plant Manager/ Partner)

5   Allied Precision Engineering   Steering for Agricultural tractor /      Mr. Hasan Shahzad Abidi D-168 , Haroon Abad,       0092-346-3542497    0092-21-2576074 0092-21-
    Products (Pvt) Ltd             Automotive, Machined Components,         (Managing Director)     SITE, Karachi - 75700                                          2561834                Closed die Forgings for various
                                                                            Mr. Sarfaraz Hussain                               0092-321-2598014,
                                                                            (General Manager)

6   Alpha Engineering           Pedals, Pads and Handle Grips, U-  Mr. Usama Usman                     3 KM From Joray Pul     0092-333-4217570    0092-42-6632774 0092-42- Channels/ P-Shapes, Bumpers / Edge (Chief Executive)                   Harbanspura Defence                                         6634004
                                Guards, Door Seals, Gaskets and                                        Road, Opp Baitul Huda
                                      Seals and other household plastic            Mr. Usman Jamal         School, Lahore             0092-332-8465531
                                      products.                                    (Chairman)

7    Alpine Industrialcon (Private)   Machined metal components like               Mr. Kashif Ahmad        305/2, G.T. Road,          0092-333-4644553   0092-42-6852313, 0092-42-
     Limited                          Fuses, Bomb body, Tank components,           (CEO)                   Baghbanpura, Lahore                           6552910          6553674      ferrous and non-ferrous cast parts
                                      (aluminum alloy) and high pressure           Mr. Faisal Saddique
                                      injection molding (lugs, towing ropes),      (Export Manager)
                                      Sheet Metal forming parts and deep
                                      drawing in steel work and aluminum           Mrs. Nasira Siddique
                                      alloys                                       (Export Manager)

8    Alsons Auto Parts (Pvt)          Auto Speedometers, Lever                     Mr. Nadeem Mahmood      S/57, S.I.T.E. Karachi -   0092-300-3364370   0092-21-2354581 - 0092-21-
     Limited                          combination, switches, Brake                 (Manager QA/ Business   75730 Pakistan                                5                 2354587              Assemblies                                   Development)
                                                                                   Mr. Amir Mahmood Baig                              0092-333-3252804
                                                                                   (Dy. Manager E&D)

9    Ammarian Industry                Some of our major products are Water Mr. Khalid Rashid               Ammarco Street # 2,        0092-321-9425153   0092-42-6843348- 0092-42-      ammariansind@hotmail.                Pumps, Trump Cover, Hydraulic        (Chief Executive)               Karol Ghatti, Mehmood                         49               6843350
                                      Cylinders, Distributor Body and                                      Boot,i Bund Road,
                                      Exhaust Manifold                                                     Lahore
10   Asli Punjab Pumps (Pvt)          Water Pumps, Electric Motors and  Mr. Nasim Shahid                   Opp. Model Family          0092-321-7400074   0092-55-4222272, 0092-55-
     Limited                          Copper Wire/Capacitors, PPRC, PVC (Chief Executive)                  Hospital Gondlanwala                          4222685          4212032               Pipes and Fittings                                                   Road, Gujranwala
                                                                                   Mr. Iftikhar Shahid                                0092-308-6440450
                                                                                   (Director Sales)
                                                                                   Mr. Muhammad Saleem
11   Breeze Frost Industries (Pvt)    Condenser Coils, Chilled & Hot Water Mr. Umaar Bin Suhail            Harbanspura Road,          0092-300-8450020   0092-42-6631993, 0092-42-      breezefrost@condensercoils.c
     Ltd                              Coils, Steam Distribution Coils, Direct (Director)                   P.O. Tajpura, Lahore                          6631656          6631768       om           Expansion Coils, Standard Steam
                                      Coils, Evaporator in different shapes.
12   Continental Engineering          Cement Plants (Machinery &                   Mr. Ali Imran Bokhari   House # 549, Phase II      0092-300-8402314   0092-55-3856793 0092-55-
     Industries                       Equipment), Sugar Mill Parts,                (Managing Director)     College Block Cantt.                                          3866787
                                      Distilleries, Fertilizer Plants (Machinery                           Gujranwala
                                      & Equipment), Boilers & Boiler Parts,
                                      Cast Iron, Steel Castings & Alloy Steel
                                      Castings, Heat/Wear Resistant
                                      Castings, Sugar Mill Rollers, Chains,
                                                                                   Syed Ajaz Hussain                                  0092-345-8402314
                                      Grinding Media, Cone for Stone
                                                                                   (Executive Director)
                                      Crushing, Nose Ring Plate, Lining
                                      Plate for Impact Crusher, Bearings           Ms. Saila Batool                                   0092-301-8640100
                                      Plate, Bushes, Nuts & Bolts, Rubber          (Marketing Director)
13   Darson Industries (Pvt) Ltd      Automotive Hoses                             Mr. Abdul Hamid         P.O.Box 5, Darson          0092-321-6447777   055-6605476-9    055-6600035   ahamid@darson-                                                     (Director)              Road, Wazirabad.
14   Eehab Engineering Company        Brake Pedals, Clutch Pedals,                 Mr. Eehab Latif         2 Km Defence Rkoad,        0092-300-9412791   0092-42-7540674, 0092-42-
     (Pvt) Ltd                        Differential Housing, Sleeves,               (Director)              Off 24th Km Multan                            7540386          7540387         Hydraulic Link Lift Rocker, Retainer                                 Road, Mohlanwal,
                                      Axle Shaft, Pedal Weld Assembly,                                     Lahore
                                      Sh t M t l B k t f SANDEN
                                     Sheet Metal Brackets for SANDEN car     Mr. Muhammad Hassan                                   0092-321-4783031
                                     Air-Con Systems, Door Hinges,           Latif
                                     Stoppers Brackets for Refrigerators
15   Fame International              Water Pumps, Washing Machines,          Mr. Nasim Shahid          Opp. Model Family           0092-321-7400074   0092-4447222,    0092-55-      info@fameinternational.       Geysers, Massage Chair, Foot            (Chief Executive)         Hospital Gondlanwala                           4448051          4212032
                                     Massagers, General Order Supplies                                 Road, Gujranwala

                                                                             Rana Muhammad                                         0092-321-7400075
                                                                             Mr. Iftikhar Shahid                                   0092-308-6440450
16   Farrell Engineering (Pvt) Ltd   Differential Gear & Pinon sets for Millat Syed Ali Hassan Rizvi   16, Mezzanine               0092-300-8246016   0092-21-4314235, 0092-21-              Tractors, Engine timing gear,             (Director)              floor,Avanti terrace 148-                      4541069          4541069
                                     Vacuums pumps gear,Axle shaft (left                               A,Block 2, Allam Iqbal
                                     & Rifght),Gear PTO Driven,Gear drive                              road,PECHS, Karachi.
                                     4th,gera drive 3rd Rev.,Shaft PTO
                                     Driven gear, Differential & Pinon (1
                                     set: 2 gear & 4 pinon) for Ghazi
17   Infinity Engineering (Pvt)      Auto and Engineering parts                Mr. Abdur Razzaq        13-K.M. Sheikhupura         0092-333-4217774   0092-42-7920440- 0092-42-
     Limited                                                                   Gauhar                  Road, Lahore.                                  1                7920256
                                                                             Mr. Arshad Saeed                                      0092-333-4213455
                                                                             Mr. Shafqat Masood                                    0092-321-4686796
18   International Engineering       LPG Cylinders, Table top Stoves, Cast Zia-ur-Rehman               Climaxabad, G.T Road        0092-333-8115515   0092-55-3254981 0092-55-,
     Company                         Iron Burners, LPG Regulators,         (Director Marketing)        Gujranwala                                                     3846314               Cylinder Accessories
                                                                             Mr. Anees-ur-Rehman                                   0092-333-8113664
                                                                             (General Manager)

19   International Polymer           Rubber and Plastic parts                Mr. Muhammad Aslam        Plot No. 49, Street No.     0092-333-5308628   051-4430835-7    051-4430834
     Industries (Pvt) Ltd                                                    Bhutta                    10, Industrial Area, I-                                                       (Managing Director)       9/2, Islamabad.
                                                                             Mr. Muhammad Umar                                     0092-334-5499742
                                                                             Mr. Muhammad Usman                                    0092-333-5308732
20   JECO (Pvt) Ltd                  Platforms, Cranes, Recovery Vehicles, Ejaz Mughal                 Jeco Building, G.T          0092-300-8648011   0092-55-3257576 0092-55-                 Agricultural implements, Dump Trucks (Director Technical)         Road, Gujranwala                                               3844473
                                     and Hydraulic components
                                                                             Abaid Ullah                                           0092-300-6488789
                                                                             (Manager Marketing)
21   Kad Kam Technology (Pvt) Ltd Alloy steel forgings, Steel Rings, CNC Mr. Imran Ahmed               14-Lawernce Road,           0092-333-4252921   0092-42-6311264, 042-7585645,          Turning & Milling, Connecting          (Director Sales)              Lahore.                                        6304919          6304201
                                  Rods Assembly, Eye Bolts, Shackles,
                                  Brackets, Hooks, Yokes, Vacuum
                                  Breakers and Flanges.
22   Manan Shahid Forgings           Connecting Rods, Axles, Pitman Arms, Mr. Shahid Ahmad Khan Mominpura Road,                    0092-321-8450814   0092-42-6550330 0092-42-
     Limited                         Hubs, Gear Blanks, Transmission      (CEO)                 Daroghwala, Lahore                                                    6543567              Forks, Yokes, Hydraulic Lift Arms,
                                     Steering Knuckles,
                                                                               Mr. Saeed-Uz-Zaman
                                                                               (Chief Operation Officer)
                                                                               Mr. Jawaid Siddiq                                    0092-300-8457597
                                                                               (General Manager
23   Matchless Engineering           Automotive and diesel engine parts.       Mr. Irfan Ahmad Qureshi Matchless House, 11-         0092-301-8439905    0092-42-6556008, 0092-42-                                                     (CEO)                   Dil Muhammad Road,                               7325337          6555736,
                                                                                                       Lahore                                                            7358337
24   Mecas Engineering              Brake drums, hubs, brake discs,            Mr. Muhammad Wasim          1/2 Km Katar Bund        0092-300-8443056    0092-42-        0092-42-       rotors, shafts, differential case,         Khalid                      Road, Thokar Niaz                            5420374,5420946 5420483,    m
                                    hydraulic piston, cylinders, crank shaft   (CEO)                       Baig, Off Multan Road,                                       5413785
                                    assembly for motorcycle, hydraulic                                     Lahore
                                    valve assemblies                           Mr. Anwar Saeed                                      0092-333-4254495
                                                                               (Director Procurement)
25   Meralastik Rubber &            Rubber & Rubber Metal Bonded               Mr. Waheed Ahmed            Madina Town , G.T.       0092-300-8438397,   0092-42-         0092-42-
     Engineering Products           Automotive Parts                           (Export Director)           Road, P.O. Batapur,                          6541166,77,88    6583300,
                                                                                                                                    0092-321-8438397                                                                                    Lahore                                                        6541199

                                                                               Mirza Sikander Ali Baig                              0092-321-8452003
                                                                               (Marketing Director)
                                                                               Mr. Gulzar Yousaf                                    0092-301-8641982
                                                                               (Sales Executive)
26   MGA Industries (Pvt) Ltd       Sheet Metal Auto parts, Lever Parking Malik Mohammad Aslam 162-S, Q.I.E,                        0092-300-8443608    0092-42-5115962 0092-42-               Breaks, Exhaust Silencers Tool Boxes                       Kotlakhpat, Lahore                                                       5115961
                                    & so on.                              Malik Tahir Javaid                                        0092-300-8485732
                                                                               Malik Moghees Ali                                    0092-300-8438757
27   Millat Equipment Ltd           Transmission Gears, Tractor Parts          Syed Muhammad Irfan 10 KM, Raiwind Road,             0092-300-8467026    0092-42-5322715, 0092-42-                                                       Aqueel                    Lahore                                         111-200-787      5322720
                                                                               (Chief Executive Officer)
                                                                               Mr. Shahid Shahbaz Toor                              0092-300-4023833
                                                                               (GM Production)
28   Nextec CNC Manufacturing       Crankcases and covers, Cylinder            Mr. Parvez Masud Baig       61A, Block-B, Main       0092-321-7428682    0092-42-5177178 0092-42-
     Pvt Ltd                        Block, Cylinder Head, Oil Pump for         (CEO)                       Boulevard, Johar Town,                                       5175298              Motorbikes.                                                            Lahore
                                    Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Gear        Mrs. Tehmina Parvez                                  0092-322-4449433
                                    Box Housing, Axle Housing, Exhaust         (Export Manager)
                                    Manifold, Timing Case Cover for
                                    Tractors and Trucks
29   Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd   Transmission Line Tower,                   Mr. Mohammad Imtiaz-ur- 6/7 Ganga Ram Trust          0092-321-4248899    0092-42-7324338, 0092-42-                Communication Tower,                       Raheem                  Building, Shahrah-e-                             7324544          7323108
                                    Pumps/Turbine                              (MD/CEO)                Quaid-E-Azam, Lahore
                                                                               Mr. Suhail Ahmed Saeed                               0092-333-4557321
                                                                               DGM(Bus. Dev)
30   Pakistan Machine Tool Factory Gears, Shafts, Axle Shafts, Differential     Mr. Zaheer Ahmad Khan PMTF Road, Off                0092-333-5276565    0092-21-2082451- 0092-21-
     (Pvt) Ltd                     Assembly , Carrier Assembly and             (Chairman)             National Highway,                                 54               5082450
                                   Other Transmissions / Axle                  Dr. Muhammad Ashraf    Landhi, Karachi-75030
                                   components of Tractors / Trucks /           Butt
                                   Auto Rickshaws; Traction Pinions and
                                   Auto Rickshaws; Traction Pinions and
                                                                        Mirza Kashif Shabbir                                 0092-300-2930975
                                   Gears of Locomotives; Pressure die
                                   cast Wheel parts, Crankcases &
                                                                        (Dy. General Manager)
                                   Covers of motorcycles and body parts
                                   of Gas meters; wide range of
                                   Conventional Machine Tools inlcuding
                                   Milling Machines, Centre Lathes,
                                   Drilling Machines, Boring Machines;
                                   CNC Lathe and Milling Machine for
                                   trainning propose.
31   Pakistan Spring & Engineering Springs, Wire Forms, Sheet Metal       Mr. Muhammad Akram      287/3 PECO Road,           0092-300-8416297   0092-42-5865665 0092-42-
     Company (Pvt) Ltd             Parts & Machining Parts                (CEO)                   Lahore                                                        5839017
                                                                          Mr. Faheem Anwar                                   0092-300-8436297
                                                                          Mr. Farukh Aslam                                   0092-300-9413537
32   Power Wheels                  Fly Wheels, Hydraulic Lift Cover and Mirza Imtiaz Ahmed        205 / S, Quaid-E-Azam      0092-300-4886966   042-5866112,      042-5153177   info@powerwheels-
     www.powerwheels-              Hydraulic Pump Front & Rear Section, (CEO)                     Industrail Estate, Kot                        5153187
     pakistan com                  Hub Idler, Crank Weight, Engine                                Lakhpat Lahore
                                                                        Mirza Altaf Habib                                    0092-321-4016163
                                   Bearing Caps and Leveling Box
                                                                        (General Manager)
33   Precision Forging (Pvt) Ltd   Closed die forgings in weight range    Mr. Naseer Ahmad Butt   17 KM, Sheikhupura         0092-321-4644330   0092-42-          0092-42-      precisionforge@yahoo.c            0.20 5.00 KG from carbon and low       (Chief Executive)       Road, Lahore                                  7970422,33        7970833
                                   alloy steels
                                                                          Mr. Muhammad Shafique                              0092-321-4644331
34   R & D Precision Engineering   Dies & Molds, Flow Control Devices  Mr. Omar Zaman             Plot No. 7, D-VII Export   0092-333-2322250   0092-21-5061004, 0092-21-            and Valves, High Volume, High       (Technical Director)       Processing Zone                               5067668          5066416
                                   Pressure Mechanical Components,                                Landhi Industrial Area
                                   Sheet Metal Tooling and Components. Mr. Rumi Moiz              Extension, Meharan         0092-333-2322260
                                                                       (Managing Director)        Highway, Lahore
35   Ravi Autos (Pvt) Ltd          Modular Iron Sand Casting, High        Mr. Fahad Iqbal         65-Badami Bagh,            0092-300-8474042   0092-42-7920221, 0092-42-             Pressure Die Casting and CNC           (Director)              Lahore.                                       7910780          7924088
                                   Machining. Major Product lines
                                   include: Oil Pumps, Water Pumps,
                                   Flywheels, Brake Drums, Brake Discs,
                                   Connecting Rods, Crank Shafts,
                                   Complete Clutch Assemblies, Engine
                                   Mounting Brackets, Fuel Tanks, Track
                                   Ends, and various other engine
36   R K Gears (Pvt) Ltd           Starter Ring Gears, Gear Boxes,        Mr. Mumshad Ali         145-S , Quaid-e-Azam       0092-333-4241800   0092-42-5154847, 0092-42-            Timing Gears, Hydraulic Shafts, Fly    (Director)              Industrial Estate                             5215757-58       5121945
                                   Wheels, Axle Shafts, Sugar Mill                                Kotlakhpat
                                   Gears, Textile Gears                   Mr. Shamshad Ali
                                                                          Tariq Fayyaz
37   Sajid Brothers Engineering    Centrifugal Machines, Valves & Steam Mirza Sajid Mahmood       600 meters Off G.T.        0092-300-8647086   0092-55-111 111   0092-55-
     Industries (Pvt) Ltd          Traps, Massecuite Re-Heaters & Juice (Executive Director)      Road, Rajbah, Ghulam                          340               3824894-5             Heaters, Crystallizers, Continuous &                           Muhammad Town,
                                   Batch Pans,                                                    Awais Qarni Road,
38   Siddique Brothers               Transmission gears & shafts for          Mr. Muhammad Saeed      Street No. 1 Zahid Park   0092-300-4301788   0092-42-6547394- 0092-42-                 tractors, trucks and buses               (Managing Partner)      Rasheed Pura Road                            95               6853752
                                                                              Mr. Abdul Waheed                                  0092-300-4254507
39   Silver Falcon Engineering       Sheet metal and fabrication autoparts    Mr. Muhammad Abbas      Siddiq-e-Akber Town       0092-300-9643975   0092-55-4244082, 0092-55-
     Corporation                                                              Saleem                  (Bashir Colony), Near                        4556284          4243082
     www silverfalconeng com                                                  (CEO)                   upper Cannel Bridge,
                                                                              Mr. Muhammad Nadeem     Ferozwala Road,           0092-333-8107843
                                                                              Abbas                   Gujranwala
                                                                              (Research &
                                                                              Development Manager)
40   Smart PCBs                      Printed Circuit Boards- Single side,     Dr. Atta-Ur-Rahman      Service Road, Shaheen     0092-302-5274877   0092-51-4474146, 0092-51-               Double Sided, Multilayer, Substrate      (General Manager)       Town Near Air Port                           4474153          4474246
                                     Material                                                         Chowk, Rawalpindi
                                                                              Mr. Muhammad Abu Bakr                             0092-321-5384981
                                                                              (Manager Operations)

                                                                              S M Adnan Iqbal                                   0092-300-5015588
41   Sohail Engg. Corporation        Exhaust Main fold,Bellon,Connector,      Mirza Shafqat Sohail    St 11, Shezada            0092-321-6443477   0092-431-273609, 0092-431-                 Clamps, High pressure fuel injection                             Shaheed                                      275977           274409
                                     tubes                                                            Colony,Chaman Shah
                                                                              Mirza Touqeer Khalid
                                                                                                      road, Gujranwala
42   Special Castings &              Trash Plates, Scrapers, Pinions,         Mr. Ali Sheraz          P.O. Climaxabad           0092-300-8741322   0092-55-3857691 0092-55-
     Engineering Industries          Sprockets, Trash Turners, Shafts,        (Managing Director)                                                                  3256079         Chains, Couplings, Tail Bars, Grinding
                                     Media, Cone for Stone Crushing, Nose
                                     Ring Plate, Grate Cooler Plate, Lining
                                     Plate for Impact Crusher, Bearing
                                     Plates, Bushes, Nuts & Bolts, Rubber     Mr. Munir Ahmed
                                     Bushes Hammers
43   Stanley Industries              Neck Comp Fuel Filler Pipes &            Mr. Aftab Ahmad         218-B/6, Saidpur          0092-300-2130901   0092-42-7830560 0092-42-     stanleyindustry@hotmail         Automotive Body Parts                    (Managing Partner)      Multan Road, Lahore                                          5432042
                                                                              Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad                                  0092-300-4027335
                                                                              Mr. Ijaz Ahmad                                    0092-333-4597941
                                                                              (Manager Marketing)
44   S.T. Hi-Tech Engineering        Aluminum Casted Products                 Mr. Sohail Yousaf       49 KM, Lahore Side,       0092-300-8642883   0092-55-6479089, 0092-55-
     Company (Pvt) Ltd                                                        (Managing Director)     G.T. Road, Sadhokey                          6427089          6665556
                                                                              Mr. Ehsan Ullah                                   0092-301-8742330
                                                                              (Operations Manager)
45   Synthetic Products Ent. (Pvt)   Steering Wheels, Door Trims, Wheel       Mr. Almas Hyder         127/S, S.I.T Township     0092-333-4741111   0092-42-5115506- 0092-42-
     Ltd                             Trims, Door Handles, Radiator Grills,    (CEO)                   Kotlakhpat, Lahore.                          7                5118507               Panel Instrument Clusters etc.
                                                                              Sheikh Naseer Hyder                               0092-333-4145555
46   T.A. International (Pvt) Ltd   Rubber parts, rubber to metal bonded Mr. Muhammad Habib          Mafiawala Road, Near         0092-301-8644509   0092-55-4000209,        products, sheet metal products,      Ullah                       Professor's Colony,                             4000997
                                    Different sort of Clamps and Frames. (Director)                  Aroop, Gujranwala

                                                                             Mr. Naeem-Ul-Rehman                                  0092-301-8644501
                                                                             (Project Manager)

47   T.M. Enterprises               Oil Seal & O Rings, Excel Boots,         Mr. Tanveer Hayat Mir   9-C, Holiday Park, 5.5       0092-333-5247252   0092-42-5320735- 0092-42-       Flexible Coupling, Cabin Bush,           (CEO                    KM Raiwind Road,                                6                5320659
                                    Grommets, Exhaust & Engine                                       Lahore
                                    Mountings, Suspension Bushes, Hose       Mrs. Farrukh Tanveer                                 0092-333-5247252
                                    Air Intake, Screen Oil Filter, Guide     (Manager Marketing)
                                    Chain Roller Set, Fork Bush, Grip
                                    Handle, Foot Step, Cover Brake Petal
                                    and Pipe Insulators
48   Telephone Industries of        Telephone Sets, Communication on         Mr. Masood Hasan        Khanpur Road, Haripur-       0092-333-5154443   0092-995-611469 0092-995-
     Pakistan (TIP)                 Wheels (Cows), EPABX Exchanges,          (General Manager)       22630                                                           611606                 Complete Fixed Line Solution, Turnkey
                                    BTS site solutions, Telecom
                                    PCS/Cellular/Wireless Towers,            Mr. Nadeem Rasul                                     0092-306-5522612
                                    Shelter/Containers, Power Distribution   (General Manager)
                                    equipment, DDF, Mounting Trays etc.

49   Thermosole (Pvt) Limited       Plastic Blow & Injection Molder,         Syed Nabeel Hashmi      140 - Main Industrial        0092-333-4372500   0092-42-5117859 0092-42-             CAD/CAM/CAE, Autoparts, Bottles &        (Chairman & CEO)        Area, Quaid-e-Azam                                              5115295
                                    Containers, Agriculture components,                              Industrial Estates,
                                    Medical equipment plastic                                        Kot Lakhpat, Lahore.
                                    components, Road Safety
                                                                             Agha Ahmad Raza Khan                                 0092-300-8450266
                                                                             (General Manager
50   Volta Dies & Moulds            Molds and dies for Radiator fan          Mr. Shamim Ahmed        Plot # 35 Atari Industrial   0092-306-4000367   0092-42-5811921, 0092-42-                   shrouds, Fan Blowers, Case heaters,      (Partner)               Estate, 18KM Ferozpur                           5801785          5801785
                                    Levers, Energy meters                                            Road, Lahore
                                                                             Mr. Ghufran Ahmad                                    0092-300-9479368
                                                                             (Managing Partner)
51   Zahoor Die Casting Ltd         Crankcase, Hub, Cover Clutch,            Mr. Bilal Azhar         Azam Garden scheme,          0092-300-8474920   0092-42-5421365 0092-42-                 Cylinder Head, Hous. Clutch, Hub.        (Managing Partner)      11 KM Multan Road,                                              5421548
                                    Clutch, Cap Carburetor, Bkt Shock        Mr. Qasim Azhar                                      0092-322-8446969
                                    Abs, Leaver Break, Leaver Clutch,        (Partner)
                                    Holder Leaver, Hous. Ring, Lights
                                                                             Mr. Muhammad Ali                                     0092-321-8408800

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