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AERO 11a


									                            AEROSPACE STUDIES 11A
                             THE AIR FORCE TODAY
                                  Fall Semester, 2005
                               Capt Robert J. Schmoldt
                       Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Section 1, Tuesdays, 1100-1150
Section 2, Tuesdays, 1400-1450
Class Location: Room 006, ROTC Armory
Instructor’s telephone number: 962-2074
Instructor’s office hours: 0800-1600, Monday-Friday

DESCRIPTION: This is a survey course designed to give each student an overview of
the United States Air Force. This course topically reviews Air Force customs and
courtesies, proper uniform wear, airpower history, Air Force organization, war, and
officer opportunities.

MATERIALS: You will be provided with the primary text, The Foundations of the
United States Air Force and any other instructional information required by the assigned
lessons. In addition, lesson handouts will be posted on the electronic student blackboard
throughout the semester.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the conclusion of the course, you will be expected to have
a working understanding of the following:

   a)      Structure and opportunities of AFROTC
   b)      AFROTC scholarships and incentive programs
   c)      Air Force dress and appearance standards
   d)      Major historical events, leaders, and milestones that contributed to the
           development of the Air Force
   e)      Air Force organization
   f)      Air Force weapon systems
   g)      Air Force career opportunities
   h)      Air Force benefits
   i)      Air Force installations

Lesson-by-lesson “samples of behavior” identify the detailed information that is most
important from each lesson. You will be responsible for the cognitive samples of
behavior listed on the first page of each lesson.

Lesson     Class                           Topic                            Assignment
  1        30 Aug     Welcome and Course Overview                     None
  2           6 Sep   Team Building/Intro to Air Force ROTC           Text, p. 1
  3         13 Sep    Air Force Dress and Appearance Standards        Text, pp. 3-11
  4         20 Sep    Military Customs and Courtesies                 Text, pp. 13-32
  5         27 Sep    Air Force Heritage (Part 1)                     Text, pp. 33-88
              4 Oct   Air Force Heritage (Part 2)
  6         11 Oct    Department of the Air Force                     Text, pp. 91-98
            18 Oct    MID-TERM EXAM                                   Covers lessons 2 – 6
  7         25 Oct    War and the American Military                   Text, pp. 99-107
             1 Nov    Air Force Weapons (Briefings)                   Fact Sheet Handouts
  8          8 Nov    Air Force Career Opportunities (Part 1)         Text, pp. 109-123
           15 Nov     Air Force Career Opportunities (Part 2)
   9       22 Nov     Air Force Benefits                              Text, pp. 125-131
  10       29 Nov     Air Force Installations                         Text, pp. 133-139
             6 Dec    FINAL EXAM                                      Covers lessons 2 – 10

GRADED WORK: Exams will contain factual and analytical questions but all will be
consistent with information outlined in the samples of behavior at the beginning of each
lesson. A letter- grade and plus/minus system for evaluating academic performance is
employed for all undergraduates.

    Evaluation Method                Course Points                Percent of Grade
Mid-Term Exam                            100                            40%
Final Exam                               100                            40%
Class Participation                       50                            10%
Oral Presentation                         50                            10%
Total                                    300                           100%


Students will be responsible for one 5- minute oral presentation on any U.S. Air Force
weapon system. Any method of delivery will be acceptable. In addition to any personal
research conducted, U.S. Air Force Fact Sheets will be utilized as reference material and
can be found at .

ADMINISTRATION: Refer to the Department of Aerospace Studies Academic
Standards for further guidelines and requirements on plagiarism and the honor system,
documentation, class attendance, classroom conduct and individual counseling.

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