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									                        ADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE RCAA
                        TO THE 125Th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                      VICTORIA, BC
                            30 SEPTEMBER – 2 OCTOBER 2010

Bienvenue à tous et toutes pour notre 125e assemblée générale annuelle et 8e Séminaire de
développement professionnel. LCol Scott Wisdhal, Lcol Craig Cotter and the personnel from
this proud Regiment that is 5 BC Field Regiment have put a lot of effort in hosting this seminar
and we owe a lot to these fine men and women who have worked hard to make our stay most
enjoyable. This is a record assistance over the past decade and I thank you for responding in
great numbers. 1 RCHA and 11 Fd Regt are here in great numbers. Some of our comrades
could not make it due to budget restriction and this is sad but it is the reality of budgets as they
dictate everything you do.

J’aimerais remercier grandement les compagnies qui ont répondu à notre appel de supporter les
artilleurs et votre association. Their support grows yearly and we must applaud these fine
industry partners who have joined us. You will hear from some of them at coffee and lunches.
Please take time to share with them your worries and the need of gunners so they understand
better what you do and why it is important to provide them with feedback. They can orient their
research and work to make the gunnerders life better and keep Canadian artillery at the
forefront of technology only if we work hand in hand with them.

The theme of our seminar is : “Shape our Future Artillery Family while Remembering our
Past”, is a very important to us as an Association but more broadly of significant impact to all
gunners. How do we stay relevant to the regimental family? Gunners have gained recognition
and have contributed for the past years to the CF and Army efforts to protect our Democracy
and Freedom. Where and how we position ourselves as gunners rather than let the other arms
or services decide for us what we will be doing next must be primary concern to this assembly.

L’Association ARC doit continuer de faire partie de cette réflexion et c’est pour cette raison que
nous sommes ici durant ces prochains jours. Nous devrons sortir de cette réunion et ce
séminaire avec des objectifs plus clairs qu’ils ne le sont présentement. La contribution de tous
est non seulement appréciée mais recherchée car une poignée de 5 ou 10 personnes ne peuvent
gérer les affaires de l’association et oser penser que l’on pourra évoluer.

Premièrement, nos efforts pour le membership des associations portent fruit et nous avons
maintenant 4 associations membres de l’AARC. Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver are
now member Association of the RCAA. SO where do we go from there are going to be questions
asked by Col Burton and MGen MacInnis this afternoon. Then work starts! What do you want
or need your RCAA to look like and be able to do? We have a lot of projects and a little bit of
money and only a few people to do too much work.

Second: Our bursary programme works but not to the tune it should or could be at. Some units
make a lot of effort to send excellent submission but there are too few and some are not well
presented by the units, therefore soldiers do not get the credit they deserve to be able to compete
to get a little chance to be awarded one of these bursaries. have not been as successful as the
previous years and we saw a decline in the number of applicants for these bursaries. We must
triple our efforts in making those programs known to our population. We have many quality
young officers and NCOs pursuing their education and serving with distinction and these
bursaries can help them.

Troisièmement, nous avons connu une année ordinaire au sein du CAD (la Conférence des
Associations de Défense). Un rapport a été fourni par son Directeur le Colonel Alain Pellerin.

Now more than before we need not good, but excellent communication tools to be able to reach
you and a lot more gunners out there. Gunners have to be able to reach their friends and we
must help them to stay in touch. The RCA Web site is back on line and the RCAA has kept its
pages on this site rather than go on our own. Together we will be stronger. We have had JJ
Fraser who has sent out communiqués and thanks to Tom Tomaso and Harry Rice + team,
local/regional associations and ourselves have been able to spread. Why don’t we use Web 2.0?

25% de nos artilleurs sont francophones. Alain Boisvert, JP Poirier et d’autres personnes ont
mis l’épaule à la roue et fait beaucoup d’heures de bénévolat pour assurer aux francophones que
les nouvelles leur parviennent en même temps que le 75%. Ils ont besoin d’aide et Alain prend
les noms de tous les francophones dans la salle pour l’aider. Mais nous devrons aussi voir
comment faire les choses autrement. Francophnoes must be served with the same respect and
delays as the rest of the Family and we must get better at this.

This year, I have been privileged to be part and attend many forums of discussions: Artillery
Council, Governance working group, rejuvenated Heritage Board, Artillery Advisory Board,
Junior Officer’s Course (Col Cmdt has recourse me at least 7 times). The Senior Serving
members have put their heads together to make the Regimental Family a lot better than it has
ever been in the past decades that I can remember. I joined after unification! We owe it to the
family to do our part. Some gunners have disappeared of the radar for many reasons: either we
do not looked after them well once they left a formed artillery unit or we simply did not attempt
to keep track and stay in touched after they retired. I, for one, abandoned the Regiment in 1995
for about 8 years. What then and how do we bring back hundreds of black sheep (sort to speak)
back to the Herd? What can we do to attract them?

Throughout the past 12 months the Officers and the Executive have had 9 telephone conferences
and one meeting in Ottawa during CDA Seminar. A lot of points were raised and discussed and
a close follow-up actions on last year’s AGM were tackled.

In the next few days you will be informed by 2 Great Gunners, Both Past Commanders of the
Army since late 1990s. LGen Jeffery and LGen Leslie. Two Gunners with Vision who have
given more than they have received. Current Deputy Commander of the Army will start the day
tomorrow and talk about Army Transformation. D Arty will talk about the Inner Artillery
Family Transformation. MGen MacInnis and Col Burton will bombard you with the RCAA
Transformation or Revolution! Col Cmdt will give us his down the deck view of his activities, his
survey and his visits to units and soldiers here and abroad. You will see Gen Foster, commander
of the Army during OKA, possibly Mrs Fortney who wrote Nicola Goddard story just published
3 weeks ago, Col Williams, the Regimental Colonel, BGen Eric Trembaly who was Gen’s Foster’
ADC, Col Bullimore, Commander 17th Fires Brigade on our South Border, Army RSM, RSM
RCA, CWOs Moretti and Boivin, and a lot more.

Your active participation is necessary to be able to move forward and make this Family better
than before.
I must thank the officers of the Association, Lieutenant-Colonels Jim Brazill, Philip Sherwin and
Don Hamilton for their help as well as Lieutenant-Colonel Jim Bryce and Committee Chairmen
for the work they have done, and last but not least the Colonel Commandant and the Director
for their words of wisdom and guidance.

As I mentioned 54 weeks ago and again this year: What are the deliverables of this

Well you tell me and the Executive which road to take. Tomorrow afternoon I would hope we
have a meaningful wrap-up session to draw some conclusions. But also during the presentations
we must take note how you want the Association to PROGRESS. For example the 4 Quebec
Associations have met and are exchanging information about each other. Can we apply this

Throughout the seminar and the AGM please do not hesitate to take part in the discussions and
questions following each presentation as this is a two-way street. We want and need to learn
from each other.

Alors, profitez des prochaines journées et merci infiniment de votre présence en si grand nombre
pour prendre part à cette réunion de l’AARC et fêter avec les 5e Régiment et la ville de Victoria.
To the organizing committee, the whole team, THANK YOU VERY MUCH ON BEHALF OF

Lieutenant-colonel Andre Richard
President RCAA/AARC

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