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									                                                                      CONTACT: Estelle Allen
                                                                       Public Relations Specialist
                                                                           Phone: (703) 206-3828

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Navy Federal Selected as a Training Magazine
            Top 125 Company
VIENNA, Va. (February 24, 2009) – Navy Federal Credit Union was recently selected as a
Training Magazine Top 125 Company, ranking number 78 on the list. Each year, Training
Magazine ranks the top 125 companies of employer-sponsored workforce training and
development. Companies are selected based on their commitment, dedication, and investment in
time and resources to learning and development excellence. The factors that influence the
rankings are number of trainers, leadership development, tuition assistance, resources committed
to training, and how training is tied to business objectives.

Robert Schultz, Navy Federal’s manager of Learning and Development, accepted the award at a
ceremony in Atlanta, Ga., on Monday, 9 February. Schultz commented, "We are part of an
organization that strongly believes in developing our employees, and being recognized in the
Training Magazine Top 125 is certainly a much appreciated confirmation of this."

Louise Foreman, executive vice president of Human Resources for Navy Federal, said, “We are
proud to be recognized by Training Magazine as a Top 125 company for 2009 for our
commitment and dedication to learning and development excellence. Creating an environment to
foster lifelong learning is important to the success of Navy Federal. To that end, we believe that
professional development for our employees starts the day they are hired and continues
throughout their entire careers.”

About Navy Federal Credit Union
Navy Federal Credit Union is the world’s largest natural person credit union with $37 billion in
assets, 3.2 million members, 171 branch offices, and 7,000 employees worldwide. The credit
union serves all Department of Defense military and civilian personnel and their families. For
additional information about Navy Federal, visit


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