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Prefix / Call #         Title

B21 .C45 2005           Central works of philosophy
B21 .C45 2005           Central works of philosophy
B430 .B53 2006          The Blackwell guide to Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics
B1545.Z7 C36 2006       The Cambridge companion to Adam Smith
BD181.7 .B66 2006       Communities of memory : on witness, identity, and justice
BF311 .Z46 2006         The nature of intellectual styles
BF408 .S284 2006        Explaining creativity : the science of human innovation
BF481 .B57 2006         The psychology of working : a new perspective for career development,
                        counseling, and public policy
BF575.A86 A78 2005      Attachment from infancy to adulthood : the major longitudinal studies

BF575.H27 G55 2006      Stumbling on happiness
BF697.5.B63 W42 2006    Getting under the skin : the body and media theory
BF721 .B44 2006         Blackwell handbook of early childhood development
BF721 .F355 2006        Families count : effects on child and adolescent development
BF721 .M7235 2006       The development of commonsense psychology
BF723.G75 H34 2002      Helping bereaved children : a handbook for practitioners
BF723.I5 S65 2006       The brightening glance : imagination and childhood
BF723.S6 L44 2005       Infants' sense of people : precursors to a theory of mind
BF724.55.C63 L54 2006   Lifespan cognition : mechanisms of change
f BF1381 .P47 2005      The perfect medium : photography and the occult
BJ1547.4 .K54 2006      What really matters : living a moral life amidst uncertainty and danger

BL48 .B53 2006          The Blackwell companion to the study of religion
BL65.I55 A53 2006       The mighty and the Almighty : reflections on America, God, and world
BL65.S4 S48 2006        Sex, marriage, and family in world religions
BL2747.4 .H63 2006      The faiths of the founding fathers
BP182 .C66 2005         Understanding Jihad
BR60.F3 D53 2006        Commentary on Zechariah
BR60.F3 O31 2006        Commentary on the Apocalypse
BS2585.52 .H43 2006     Christology and discipleship in the Gospel of Mark
BT736.2 .O365 2003      The just war revisited
CC175 .E84 2006         The ethics of archaeology : philosophical perspectives on
                        archaeological practice
D16.117 .C64 2006       Digital history : a guide to gathering, preserving, and presenting the
                        past on the Web
D16.14 .Y68 2005        Recording oral history : a guide for the humanities and social sciences

D156.58 .P35 2005       Palgrave advances in the Crusades
D157 .H67 2006          Contesting the Crusades
D522.42 .W56 2005       The Great War in history : debates and controversies, 1914 to the
D743.42 .R48 2005       In command of history : Churchill fighting and writing the Second World
D767 .S352 2002         The GI war against Japan : American soldiers in Asia and the Pacific
                        during World War II
D777 .P33 2004          The Pacific War papers : Japanese documents of World War II
D810.J4 F722 1963       Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank : 12. Juni 1942-1. August 1944
D2009 .G475 2005        The European Union : a polity of states and peoples

                                            Page 1

DA520 .H64 2006         A mad, bad, and dangerous people? : England, 1783-1846
DC33.4 .D36 2003        George Washington's false teeth : an unconventional guide to the
                        eighteenth century
DC33.7 .C575 2006       The Columbia history of twentieth-century French thought
DC103 .J629 2003        Joan of Arc and spirituality
DC112.M2 C56 2006       Marguerite de Navarre : mother of the Renaissance
DC423 .B445 2005        Francois Mitterrand : a political biography
DD86.7.H26 A3 2002      Defying Hitler : a memoir
DD253 .C67 2005         Hitler and the Nazis : a history in documents
DD290.26 .T73 2006      Transformations of the new Germany
DF234.A1 A45 2004       Alexander the Great : historical texts in translation
DF234 .M6713 2004       Alexander : destiny and myth
DF261.D35 B75 2006      The oracle : the lost secrets and hidden message of ancient Delphi

DF521 .R37 2006         Daily life in the Byzantine Empire
DG279 .O84 2006         Caesar's legacy : civil war and the emergence of the Roman Empire

DG571 .B715 2006        Mussolini's Italy : life under the dictatorship, 1915-1945
DG737.58.T67 P47 2006   Lucrezia Tornabuoni de' Medici and the Medici family in the fifteenth
DG737.97 .M3 2006       Fire in the city : Savonarola and the struggle for Renaissance Florence

DG804 .H445 2005        The seven hills of Rome : a geological tour of the eternal city
DK246 .K64 2006         The Soviet colossus : history and aftermath
DQ36 .B5                Des Schweizers Schweiz. (Sitzen als Pflicht).
DR45 .L36 2006          Balkans into Southeastern Europe : a century of war and transition
DS70.96.G7 D633 2003    Inventing Iraq : the failure of nation-building and a history denied
DS79.76 .S56 2006       Shoot first and ask questions later : media coverage of the 2003 Iraq
DS79.764.U6 B36 2006    When the war came home : the inside story of reservists and the
                        families they leave behind
f DS101 .A45 v.59       Results of the 2001 Kerak Plateau Early Bronze Age survey
DS119.7 .L63 2005       The view from the fence : the Arab-Israeli conflict from the present to
                        its roots
DS127.85 .B68 2005      Six days : how the 1967 war shaped the Middle East
DS272 .G27 2004         The Persians
DS481.G3 M3165 2006     Mohandas K. Gandhi : a biography
DS554.8 .G46 2006       Genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda : new perspectives
DS557.7 .A53 2005       The Vietnam War
DS558 .P745 2006        The war council : McGeorge Bundy, the NSC, and Vietnam
DS559.8.D7 F65 2003     Confronting the war machine : draft resistance during the Vietnam War

DT2405.S68 S694 2004    Soweto inside out : stories about Africa's famous township
E46 .C35 2006           The scratch of a pen : 1763 and the transformation of North America

E99.I7 B22 2006         Unconquered : the Iroquois League at war in colonial America
E99.M83 U536 2003       Uncas : first of the Mohegans
E169.1 .G7556 2006      The European Renaissance in American life
E176.1 .F228 2006       The mediated presidency : television news and presidential
E183 .M873 2003         Hellfire nation : the politics of sin in American history
E183.7 .M27 2006        Among empires : American ascendancy and its predecessors

                                            Page 2

E183.8.I4 T35 2006      Engaging India : diplomacy, democracy, and the bomb
E183.8.K6 L38 2006      A troubled peace : U.S. policy and the two Koreas
E184.A1 D283 2006       Race relations in America : a reference guide with primary documents

E184.M88 H34 2006       Muslim women in America : the challenge of Islamic identity today
E184.S75 H593 2006      Hispanics and the future of America
E184.S75 M85 2006       Multiple origins, uncertain destinies : Hispanics and the American
E185.86 .B376 2004      Sheila's shop : working-class African American women talk about life,
                        love, race, and hair
E301 .J67 2007          The early American republic, 1789-1829
E302 .A275 1977         Papers of John Adams
f E302 .M74 2003        The papers of James Monroe
f E302 .M74 2003        The papers of James Monroe
E302.1 .A2538 2005      Henry Adams and the making of America
E302.6.J4 B74 2003      Securing American independence : John Jay and the French alliance

E342.1.M2 A45 2006      A perfect union : Dolly Madison and the creation of the American nation

E381 .W32 2006          Liberty and power : the politics of Jacksonian America
E441 .D2495 2006        Inhuman bondage : the rise and fall of slavery in the New World
E443 .D87 2003          Slavery in the American Mountain South
E445.D6 H27 2003        Subversives : antislavery community in Washington, D.C., 1828-1865

E471 .M37 2006          Mr. Lincoln goes to war
E605 .B69 2006          A Maryland bride in the Deep South : the Civil War diary of Priscilla
E660 .W712 2006         Woodrow Wilson : essential writings and speeches of the scholar-
E839 .J46 2006          Decade of nightmares : the end of the sixties and the making of
                        eighties America
E840 .K65 2006          The age of war : the United States confronts the world
E877 .T94 2006          Ronald Reagan and the triumph of American conservatism
E905 .C36 2006          Campaign for president : the managers look at 2004

F68 .P44 2006           Mayflower : a story of courage, community, and war
Hist. F159.W7 A9 1997   The Genetti Hotel : the 75th anniversary book
F349.J13 E92 2005       The autobiography of Medgar Evers : a hero's life and legacy revealed
                        through his writings, letters, and speeches
F379.N5 D97 2006        Come Hell or high water : Hurricane Katrina and the color of disaster

F592.4 2006             Lewis and Clark through Indian eyes
F1408.9 .K46 2006       Latin America : regions and people
F2235.3 .B955 2004      Simon Bolivar : liberation and disappointment
F2538.3 .M66 2005       Brazilian politics : reforming a democratic state in a changing world

HB103.J5 M33 2005       William Stanley Jevons and the making of modern economics
HB615 .A935 2006        Entrepreneurship and economic growth
HB991 .B37 2005         Barren states : the population "implosion" in Europe
HC79.P6 J66 2005        An end to poverty? : a historical debate
HC106.83 .H36 2006      The national economy

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HC106.83 .W35 2005       Smart economics : commonsense answers to 50 questions about
                         government, taxes, business, and households
HC240 .M244 2006         Taxation, wage bargaining and unemployment
HC340.12 .B39 2006       Owning Russia : the struggle over factories, farms, and power
HC340.12 .D467 2006      Conversations on Russia : reform from Yeltsin to Putin
HC462.95 .V64 2006       Japan remodeled : how government and industry are reforming
                         Japanese capitalism
HC800 .C245 2006         The trouble with Africa : why foreign aid isn't working
HD30.28 .M684 2006       Business strategy in a semiglobal economy
HD57.7 .B334 2006        Questions of character : illuminating the heart of leadership through
HD58.95 .K38 2005        The management system auditor's handbook
f HD69.B7 W44 2006       Designing brand identity : a complete guide to creating, building and
                         maintaining strong brands
HD1411 .S85 2006         From Marx and Mao to the market : the economics and politics of
                         agricultural transition
HD1691 .Y675 2005        Determining the economic value of water : concepts and methods
HD2892.56 .A45 2005      Trade, industrialization and the firm in Iran : the impact of government
                         policy on business
HD5324 .B39 2005         Labor relations
HD6136 .M35 2005         Working women in English society, 1300-1620
HD6280 .H43 2006         The aging workforce : realities, myths, and implications for
HD6280 .U5 2005          United States

HD7125 .M64 2006         Apart at the seams : the collapse of private pension and health care
HD8066 .S53 2006         Schools of democracy : a political history of the American labor
HD8072.5 .S76 2006       When work is not enough : state and federal policies to support needy
HD9969.S6 R58 2005       The travels of a t-shirt in the global economy : an economist examines
                         the markets, power and politics of world trade
HE7781 .Z367 2006        The Federal Communications Commission : front line in the culture
                         and regulation wars
HE9713 .C44 2006         The cell phone reader : essays in social transformation
HF486.E6 B69 2006        The business of empire : the East India Company and imperial Britain,
HF1359 .D45 2006         Winners and losers in globalization
HF1416.6.D44 M34 2006    The 86 percent solution : how to succeed in the biggest market
                         opportunity of the next 50 years
HF1456.5.M6 A33 2006     Bordering the future : the impact of Mexico on the United States
HF1746 .H85 2005         NAFTA revisited : achievements and challenges
Lyco HF5387 .B493 2004   Beyond the lemonade stand : 14 undergraduate entrepreneurs tell their
                         stories of ethics in business
HF5387 .R69 2006         Greed, Inc. : why corporations rule our world
HF5415 .C547385 2006     Connected marketing : the viral, buzz and word of mouth revolution

HF5415.1265 .M47 2005    Success secrets of the online marketing superstars
HF5415.127 .G74 2005     Marketing to leading-edge baby boomers : perceptions, principles,
                         practices, predictions

                                             Page 4

HF5415.32 .B67 2006      Cheap : the real cost of the global trend for bargains, discounts &
                         customer choice
HF5415.33.U6 H575 2005   Hispanic marketing & public relations : understanding and targeting
                         America's largest minority
HF5415.335 .S98 2005     Researching customer satisfaction & loyalty : how to find out what
                         people really think
HF5681.B2 D433 2005      Debt-related vulnerabilities and financial crises : an application of the
                         balance sheet approach to emerging market countries
HF5821 .L35 2005         Principles of advertising : a global perspective
HF5822 .J33 2005         Life after the 30-second spot : energize your brand with a bold mix of
                         alternatives to traditional advertising
HF5823 .A758 2006        Advertising strategy : creative tactics from the outside/in
HG106 .S57 2004          Stochastic calculus for finance
HG230.3 .I44 2005        Imperfect knowledge and monetary policy
HG3881.5.I58 D47 2005    The design of IMF-supported programs
HG3881.5.I58 W66 2006    The globalizers : the IMF, the World Bank, and their borrowers
HG4523 .G56              Global financial stability report.
HG4538 .I4654 2005       Does foreign direct investment promote development?
HM471 .J64 2006          Marxism and social theory
HM881 .S6293 2005        Social movements and organization theory
HM1041 .Z47 2006         The elephant in the room : silence and denial in everyday life
HM1136 .B97 2005         Social exclusion
HN13 .W35 2004           World-systems analysis : an introduction
HN60 .S54 2005           Second-rate nation : from the American dream to the American myth

HN90.S6 C485 2006        Gender, race, and class : an overview
HN90.S6 W43 2004         What's class got to do with it? : American society in the twenty-first
HQ23 .S486 2003          Sex, time, and power : how women's sexuality shaped human evolution

HQ755.5.U5 B78 2006      Better for all the world : the secret history of forced sterilization and
                         America's quest for racial purity
HQ759.915 .J84 2006      Single mother : the emergence of the domestic intellectual
HQ766.5.U5 S36 2005      Choice & coercion : birth control, sterilization, and abortion in public
                         health and welfare
HQ767.5.U5 P334 2006     How the pro-choice movement saved America : freedom, politics, and
                         the war on sex
HQ773.5 .P67 2005        Gifted young children : a guide for teachers and parents
HQ777 .G37 2006          See Jane hit : why girls are growing more violent and what can be done
                         about it
HQ784.V55 M43 2003       Media violence and children : a complete guide for parents and
HQ1062 .C53 2005         Reinventing the retirement paradigm
HQ1154 .B4148 2004       Immigrant women tell their stories
HQ1206 .H2383 2006       Handbook of girls' and women's psychological health
HQ1236.5.U6 G444 2006    Gender and elections : shaping the future of American politics
HQ1438.M3 M49 2003       Common whores, vertuous women, and loveing wives : free will
                         Christian women in colonial Maryland
HQ1438.V5 S78 2002       Within her power : propertied women in colonial Virginia
HQ1735.2 .M93 2006       My sister, guard your veil; my brother, guard your eyes : uncensored
                         Iranian voices

                                              Page 5

Lyco HT325 .K65 2006      Tourism marketing for cities and towns : using branding and events to
                          attract tourism
HT384.C6 F75 2005         China's urban transition
HT1575 .B385 2006         The rise and fall of the Caucasian race : a political history of racial
HT1575 .S85 2006          Revealing whiteness : the unconscious habits of racial privilege
HV91 .R4225 2005          Backlash against welfare mothers : past and present
HV636 2005.G87 F43 2006   The federal response to Hurricane Katrina : lessons learned.
HV875 .P796 2005          Psychological issues in adoption : research and practice
HV875.58.C6 D67 2006      Transnational adoption : a cultural economy of race, gender, and
HV888.5 .D57 2006         Children with disabilities in America : a historical handbook and guide

HV1421 .H38 2006          Out of the woods : tales of resilient teens
HV1449 .S49 2006          Sexual orientation and gender expression in social work practice :
                          working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people
HV2474 .R48               Sign language for everyone : a basic course in communication with the
HV5292 .A393 2004         Altering American consciousness : the history of alcohol and drug use
                          in the United States, 1800-2000
HV5824.Y68 J46 2006       Cannabis and young people : reviewing the evidence
HV6322 .M36 2005          The dark side of democracy : explaining ethnic cleansing
HV6431 .E54 2006          The political economy of terrorism
HV6432 .P77 2006          Protecting the homeland, 2006/2007
HV6439.U5 S615 2006       Literacy and advocacy in adolescent family, gang, school, and juvenile
                          court communities : CRIP 4 life
HV6529 .S32 2005          Natural born celebrities : serial killers in American culture
HV6542 .M38 2006          Why mothers kill : a forensic psychologist's casebook
HV6626.5 .C558 2006       Children exposed to violence
HV6768 .S55 2006          Choosing white-collar crime
HV8080.G35 K38 2006       Policing gangs in America
HV8694 .W68 2006          Wounds that do not bind : victim-based perspectives on the death
HV9069 .M33 2006          Preventing teen violence : a guide for parents and professionals
HV9304 .T68 2005          But they all come back : facing the challenges of prisoner reentry
HV9469 .P745 2006         Merchandizing prisoners : who really pays for prison privatization?

HV9950 .M32 2006          Race to incarcerate
JA85.2.U6 F73 2005        Framing American politics
JC71.P6 B58 2006          The Blackwell guide to Plato's Republic
JC423 .A248 2006          Economic origins of dictatorship and democracy
JC571 .H66 2006           Keepers of the flame : understanding Amnesty International
JF1525.S4 R17 2006        Blacked out : government secrecy in the information age
JK421 .B73 2006           Revolving gridlock : politics and policy from Jimmy Carter to George W.
JK468.I6 R57 2006         State of war : the secret history of the CIA and the Bush administration

JK511 .R83 2005           The new imperial presidency : renewing presidential power after
JK1764 .D48 2005          Democracy at risk : how political choices undermine citizen
                          participation and what we can do about it
JK1846 .M26 2006          Locked out : felon disenfranchisement and American democracy

                                              Page 6

JK1991 .S58 2006            Money, power & elections : how campaign finance reform subverts
                            American democracy
JK2261 .S863 2006           Political parties matter : realignment and the return of partisan voting

JK2488 .P65 2005            Politics in the new South : representation of African Americans in
                            southern state legislatures
JS356 .F65 2005             Managing America's small communities : people, politics, and
JZ1570.A57 U6589 2005       Managing EU-US relations : actors, institutions and the new
                            transatlantic agenda
JZ4984.5 .G3713 2005        The United Nations : an introduction
f KF32.5 .P694 2005         A failure of initiative : final report of the Select Bipartisan Committee to
                            Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina

KF4850 .D46 2006            Terrorism and the constitution : sacrificing civil liberties in the name of
                            national security
KF8742 .D383 2005           Electing justice : fixing the Supreme Court nomination process
KF8965.A7 E95 2006          Minds on trial : great cases in law and psychology
KF9434 .H36 2005            God vs. the gavel : religion and the rule of law
Tchg. LB1027.42 .P69 2001   The power of problem-based learning : a practical "how to" for teaching
                            undergraduate courses in any discipline
LB1048.5 .O45 2006          The power of parents : a critical perspective of bicultural parent
                            involvement in public schools
LB1062.6 .S65 2005          Analysing underachievement in schools
LB2328.3 .S38 2005          Old Main : small colleges in twenty-first century America
LB2828.8 .H69 2006          The education gap : vouchers and urban schools
Tchg. LB2343.32 .S79 2005   Student success in college : creating conditions that matter
LB3013.3 .H346 2006         The handbook of school violence and school safety : from research to
LB3013.3 .O77 2006          Bullying prevention : creating a positive school climate and developing
                            social competence
LC212.52 .F47 2006          Reading resistance : discourses of exclusion in desegregation &
                            inclusion debates
LC213.2 .U49 2006           Unfinished business : closing the racial achievement gap in our
LC4015 .L57 2006            Listening to the experts : students with disabilities speak out
LC4091 .E3                  Readings on equal education.
LC4704.5 .C75 2006          Drama therapy and storymaking in special education
ML1263 .C36 2005            The Cambridge companion to the concerto
ML1700 .C17 2005            The Cambridge companion to twentieth-century opera
ML3556 .A34 2006            African American music : an introduction
N5630 .B93 2004             Hellenistic art : from Alexander the Great to Augustus
f N6537.N38 A4 2006         Elusive signs : Bruce Nauman works with light
f N6537.O39 A4 2006         Georgia O'Keeffe : color and conservation
f N6537.S3638 A4 2005       Circle dance : the art of John T. Scott
f N6537.T5 A4 2005          Louis Comfort Tiffany : artist for the ages
N6603.5.G78 B48 2005        AfroCuba : works on paper, 1968-2003
f N6757 .C484 2006          Nineteenth-century European art
f N6853.G34 B74 2005        Gauguin and Impressionism
N6888.E7 M45 2004           Ghost ships : a surrealist love triangle
f N6915 .H37 2006           History of Italian Renaissance art : painting, sculpture, architecture

                                                 Page 7

f N7380.5 .A78 2005      Arts of Africa : 7000 years of African art.
NA2542.36 .M55 2005      Toward a new regionalism : environmental architecture in the Pacific
f NB237.S5694 A76 2005   Robert Smithson : Spiral jetty : true fictions, false realities
f NC105 .P738 2004       American art in the Princeton University Art Museum. Volume 1,
                         Drawings and watercolors
NC730 .E23 2005          A drawing manual
NC973.5.U6 D74 2005      By its cover : modern American book cover design
f NC1001.5 .O53          The one show.
f NC1429.P49 A4 2005     Turn to the title page
NC1766.J3 C56 2006       Cinema anime : critical engagements with Japanese animation
f ND497.B16 A413 2005    Bacon Picasso : the life of images
ND553.V5325 M39 2005     Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun : the odyssey of an artist in an age of
f ND623.D6124 C76 2005   The Domenichino affair : novelty, imitation, and theft in seventeenth-
                         century Rome
ND623.T7 P87 2005        Titian & tragic painting : Aristotle's poetics and the rise of the modern
f ND653.V5 H84 2005      Vermeer and Plato : painting the ideal
f ND673.R9 J26 2005      Rubens : a master in the making
f NK5308 .C645 2005      The rose window : splendour and symbol
NX180.F74 C46 2006       Censoring culture : contemporary threats to free expression
P90 .B695 2005           A social history of the media : from Gutenberg to the Internet
P92.U5 B345 2006         The republic of mass culture : journalism, filmmaking, and
                         broadcasting in America since 1941
P94.65.U6 F67 2005       Class-passing : social mobility in film and popular culture
P119.3 .M55 2005         Language, nation, and power : an introduction
P119.3 .P658 2006        Unspeak : how words become weapons, how weapons become a
                         message, and how that message becomes reality
PA6307.A4 B474 2006      Political speeches
PE1689 .M234 2006        Green-eyed monsters & good samaritans : literary allusions in
                         everyday language
PG5039.18.A9 Z87 2005    Acts of courage : Vaclav Havel's life in the theater
PN86 .H23 2005           A history of literary criticism : from Plato to the present
PN771 .D55 2005          A mirror in the roadway : literature and the real world
PN1590.P76 P79 2006      Psychology of entertainment
PN1995.9.H55 B44 2006    Queer images : a history of gay and lesbian film in America
PN1995.9.S253 C44 2006   Hollywood films about schools : where race, politics, and education
PN1995.9.S26 B56 2006    Alternate Americas : science fiction film and American culture
PN1997.T86 S73 2006      Stanley Kubrick's 2001: a space odyssey : new essays
PN1997.2.L56 M66 2005    The chronicles of Narnia. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe : the
                         official illustrated movie companion
PN1998.2 .C625 2006      Conversations with the great moviemakers of Hollywood's golden age
                         at the American Film Institute
PN2237 .D86 2005         A history of the American theatre from its origins to 1832
PN2598.B684 C76 2006     The films of Kenneth Branagh
PN4784.W37 F62 2006      Killing the messenger : journalists at risk in modern warfare
PN4874.T216 A3 2006      A writer's life
PN4877 .K58 2005         Pages from the past : history and memory in American magazines

PQ145.8.C5 C45 2004      The child in French and Francophone literature

                                             Page 8

PQ629 .F67 2005          Travel in twentieth-century French and Francophone cultures : the
                         persistence of diversity
PQ2099 .P43 2005         Voltaire almighty : a life in pursuit of freedom
PQ2247 .B685 2006        Flaubert : a biography
PQ2603.E378 E513 2006b   En attendant Godot = Waiting for Godot : tragicomedy in 2 acts
PQ2605.O28 Z6545 2005    Colette and the conquest of self
PQ2683.I32 J6813 2006    Day
PQ3897 .M46 2005         Memory, empire, and postcolonialism : legacies of French colonialism

PQ4315.2 .M77 1996       Dante Alighieri's Divine comedy
PQ4315.2 .M77 1996       Dante Alighieri's Divine comedy
PQ4315.2 .M77 1996       Dante Alighieri's Divine comedy
PQ4315.2 .M77 1996       Dante Alighieri's Divine comedy
f PQ7081.A1 L525 2004    Literary cultures of Latin America : a comparative history / Mario J.
                         Valdes and Djelal Kadir, editors.
f PQ7081.A1 L525 2004    Literary cultures of Latin America : a comparative history / Mario J.
                         Valdes and Djelal Kadir, editors.
f PQ7081.A1 L525 2004    Literary cultures of Latin America : a comparative history / Mario J.
                         Valdes and Djelal Kadir, editors.
PQ7296.J6 L6954 2004     Literary self-fashioning in Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
PQ7381 .S74 2004         Family and identity in contemporary Cuban and Puerto Rican drama

PR85 .C29 2006           The Cambridge guide to literature in English.
PR275.P63 S77 2005       Politique : languages of statecraft between Chaucer and Shakespeare

PR313 .C66 2005          A companion to the Middle English lyric
PR605.M63 H69 2005       British poetry in the age of modernism
PR881 .C658 2006         A concise companion to contemporary British fiction
PR1924 .C59 2006         A concise companion to Chaucer
PR2248 .C33 2006         The Cambridge companion to John Donne
PR2364 .C68 2006         A critical companion to Spenser studies
PR2812.A2 G9 2005        King Henry V
PR2819.A2 H24 2005       The tragedy of King Lear
PR3592.A34 T47 2006      Delirious Milton : the fate of the poet in modernity
PR3592.F45 M57 2004      Milton and gender
PR3714.T73 L385 2006     Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy : a casebook
PR4034 .E5 2006          Jane Austen's Emma
PR4813 .R64 2005         Fiery heart : the first life of Leigh Hunt
PR5366 .G53 2005         Bernard Shaw : a life
PR6003.E282 A6 2006      Samuel Beckett : the Grove centenary edition
PR6003.E282 A6 2006      Samuel Beckett : the Grove centenary edition
PR6003.E282 A6 2006      Samuel Beckett : the Grove centenary edition
PR6003.E282 A6 2006      Samuel Beckett : the Grove centenary edition
PR6005.O4 H47785 2005    Conrad's Charlie Marlow : a new approach to "Heart of darkness" and
                         Lord Jim
PR6039.O32 Z677 2005     The keys of Middle-earth : discovering medieval literature through the
                         fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien
PS374.N4 B94 2005        Remembering the past in contemporary African American fiction
PS374.S58 S66 2005       Re-forming the past : history, the fantastic, and the postmodern slave
PS583 .O82 2006          The Oxford book of American poetry
PS595.W36 A46 2006       American war poetry : an anthology

                                             Page 9

PS647.A35 A346 2006       African American literature beyond race : an alternative reader
PS2033 .G66 2005          William Dean Howells : a writer's life
PS2386 .D44 2005          Melville : his world and work
PS2954.U6 M44 2005        Uncle Tom mania : slavery, minstrelsy, and transatlantic culture in the
PS3511.A86 A6 2006        Novels, 1926-1929
PS3511.A86 Z624 2005      William Faulkner's legacy : "what shadow, what stain, what mark"
PS3515.U789 Z797 2005     Zora Neale Hurston and a history of southern life
PS3525.I5156 R47 2006     Resurrection blues : a prologue and two acts
PS3525.I5156 Z547 2005    Arthur Miller : a playwright's life and works
PS3531.A5855 A6 2006      The portable Dorothy Parker
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Ref. CB9 .N49 2005           New dictionary of the history of ideas
Ref. CB9 .N49 2005           New dictionary of the history of ideas
Ref. CB9 .N49 2005           New dictionary of the history of ideas
Ref. CB9 .N49 2005           New dictionary of the history of ideas
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VHS PN War 0294        Herman Wouk's War and remembrance [videorecording]
VHS PN War 0294        Herman Wouk's War and remembrance [videorecording]
VHS PN War 0294        Herman Wouk's War and remembrance [videorecording]
VHS PN War 0294        Herman Wouk's War and remembrance [videorecording]
VHS PN War 0294        Herman Wouk's War and remembrance [videorecording]
VHS PN War 0294        Herman Wouk's War and remembrance [videorecording]
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                                           Page 14


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Valk, Arnoud van der
Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology
(69th : 2004)
Mindell, David P.
Schneider, Angela Jo-Anne, 1959-

Chiu, Lisa Seachrist

Clemants, Steven Earl

Nelson, Joseph S.
Compagno, Leonard J. V.
American Ornithologists' Union
American Ornithologists' Union
Luck, James Murray, 1899-
Ramachandran, V. S.

Taliaferro, William H. (William Hay), 1895-1973.
Taliaferro, William H. (William Hay), 1895-1973.
Jonsen, Albert R.

Engel, Jonathan

Cohn, Samuel Kline.

Pfeiffer, Carl Curt
Pfeiffer, Carl Curt
Heimberg, Richard G.

Coleman, Penny.

Keenan, Michael
Adams, Gerald R., 1946-

Hanson, Bryan Abbott, 1959-

Donahue, Brian, 1955-
Constable, George

Collin, Robert W., 1957-

Hanna, Kevin S. (Kevin Stuart), 1961-

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Godwin, Robert, 1958-
North, Michael
Rubinfien, Leo
Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908-2004
Goldin, Nan, 1953-
Elkins, Ken
Enwezor, Okwui

Nelson, Marilyn, 1946-
Lester, Julius
Williams, Mary, 1967-
Cobb, Vicki
Priceman, Marjorie

Gale Research Inc.
Gale Research Inc.
Gale Research Inc.
Foundation Center
Damon, William, 1944-
Damon, William, 1944-
Damon, William, 1944-
Damon, William, 1944-
Haas, Peter J. (Peter Jerome)
Haas, Peter J. (Peter Jerome)
Haas, Peter J. (Peter Jerome)
Haas, Peter J. (Peter Jerome)
Haas, Peter J. (Peter Jerome)
Bible. Hebrew-Greek. 1986

Horowitz, Maryanne Cline, 1945-
Horowitz, Maryanne Cline, 1945-
Horowitz, Maryanne Cline, 1945-
Horowitz, Maryanne Cline, 1945-
Horowitz, Maryanne Cline, 1945-
Horowitz, Maryanne Cline, 1945-
Pearce-Moses, Richard.
Edwards, Paul M.
Resch, John Phillips
Resch, John Phillips
Resch, John Phillips
Resch, John Phillips
Super, John C., 1944-
Super, John C., 1944-
Warner, Ezra J.
Warner, Ezra J.
Braunstein, Peter
Woodger, Elin
Schwartz, Richard Alan, 1951-
R.L. Polk & Co.
United States. Bureau of the Census
United States. Bureau of the Census

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

World economic outlook (International Monetary Fund)

Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Derdak, Thomas, 1952-
Banks, Erik

United Nations
Haugen, David M., 1969-
United States. President (1993-2001 : Clinton)

United States Congress
United States Congress
Pennsylvania. Bureau of Publications.
Gibney, Matthew J.
Gibney, Matthew J.
Gibney, Matthew J.
Henderson, Harry, 1951-
Council on Postsecondary Accreditation

Educators Progress Service.

Sykes, J. B. (John Bradbury)

Gale Research Company.
Bomarito, Jessica, 1975-
Bomarito, Jessica, 1975-
Bomarito, Jessica, 1975-
Bomarito, Jessica, 1975-
Bomarito, Jessica, 1975-
Bomarito, Jessica, 1975-
Erickson, Hal, 1950-

Erickson, Hal, 1950-

Hutson, James H.
Brown, Lois, 1966-
National Science Board (U.S.)
R.R. Bowker Company.
R.R. Bowker Company.
United States Naval Observatory. Nautical Almanac Office.

Flora of North America Editorial Committee
Flora of North America Editorial Committee

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Flora of North America Editorial Committee
Merck & Co.

Day, Robert A., 1924-
Institute for Strategic Studies (London, England)

Matkosky, Greg, 1958-

Rubin, Henry Alex
Klores, Dan.
Kelly, Gene, 1912-
Astaire, Fred
Stokowski, Leopold, 1882-1977
Osborne, Hubert. Shore leave.
Sondheim, Stephen. Funny thing happened on the way to
the forum
Comden, Betty
Day, Doris, 1924-
Porter, Cole, 1891-1964
Green, Adolph
Swing time (Motion picture)
Berlin, Irving, 1888-
Astaire, Fred
Curtiz, Michael, 1888-1962
Fassbinder, Rainer Werner, 1946-1982
O'Connor, Carroll
Mankiewicz, Joseph L.
Lemmon, Jack
Hawks, Howard, 1896-1977
Wiene, Robert
Kaufman, George S. (George Simon), 1889-1961
Holland, Agnieszka, 1948-
Kohner, Frederick. Gidget.
Keaton, Michael, 1951-
Cooper, Gary, 1901-1961.
Musca, Tom
Armstrong, Gillian, 1950-
Wenders, Wim.
Nicholson, Jack
Grant, Cary, 1904-
Vithal, Hansa
Lubitsch, Ernst, 1892-1947.
Steele, Barbara, 1938-
Steele, Barbara, 1938-
Steele, Barbara, 1938-
Steele, Barbara, 1938-
Steele, Barbara, 1938-
Steele, Barbara, 1938-
Steele, Barbara, 1938-
Werner, Oskar, 1922-1984

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