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Crick Information Technologies, Inc. Launches Living Tradeshow™ Solution at Expo!Expo!
MAPLE GROVE, Minnesota (December 8, 2009) – In conjunction with its attendance at the Expo! Expo! Tradeshow being
presented by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) on December 8-10 at the Georgia World
Congress Center, Crick Information Technologies is presenting its patent-pending Living Tradeshow software and hardware
solution to the U.S. Tradeshow and Event industry. After nearly two years of development, the Living Tradeshow solution will
now allow all members of the tradeshow ecosystem, the Attendee, Exhibitor, and Promoter, to benefit in many ways.

"For the first time in the Tradeshow industry, we have a created a solution that provides a Win-Win-Win for each member of
the trade show ecosystem," said Tim Bohmer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Crick Information Technologies, Inc.
"Our solution allows anyone attending a show to experience a single button, mutual exchange of information in an
ecologically-responsible paperless format.”

Living Tradeshow ( is a turn-key solution offered by promoters at their event. The system
consists of proprietary software and hardware elements that are used by attendees and exhibitors for a mutual exchange of
useful business information. The key underpinning of the solution is a device called a “Crick-IT”, which allows attendees to
point this small, one-button, hand-held device at an exhibitors booth to collect, in an electronic format, any marketing
information the exhibitor desires to share. The Crick-IT device is distributed free to every attendee at a show. The attendee
can move through an entire show “bag-free” and “paperless”, eliminating the need to carry heavy, wasteful printed literature
back to the office. Now, the attendee can view their show materials in a personal, web-based account provided free-of-
charge, and they can maintain their account for months following the show. The account allows access to literally any form of
electronic marketing that an exhibitor can imagine….video, presentations, pricelists, catalogs, etc.

Exhibitors benefit from using Living Tradeshow by reducing or altogether eliminating the need to bring thousands of dollars of
printed literature to a show. The web-based software provides a simple, cover flow interface in real-time, allowing booth staff
to know instantly who is “cricking” their booth. When a booth is cricked, the exhibitor provides their marketing materials
electronically, in exchange for the attendee contact information. When the attendee subsequently accesses the marketing
materials, the exhibitor knows exactly who is looking at which of their show materials in real-time, letting the attendee qualify
them self as a lead. “Imagine the value that is created for a sales department using our system when they are told exactly
who is really interested in their product,” said Jay Caswell, President of Crick Information Technologies, Inc. “No more sorting
through a proverbial ‘fishbowl of leads’, trying to differentiate who was interested in a chotchke and who was interested in
your product”. Living Tradeshow also allows exhibitors to update their materials before, during or following a show. The
integrated messaging system allows exhibitors to immediately inquire with attendees in a private, non-email-based system,
eliminating spam and message blocking.

Promoters benefit by extending the life and presence of their show from just days to months, while creating a new revenue
source, reducing waste removal fees, offering new and improved technology at their show, eliminating the need for costly
RFID, and providing a eco-friendly solution to an industry that is embracing the green movement.

Crick Information Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in the development and deployment of proprietary information-exchange
solutions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. Our expertise in providing user-friendly, convenient
systems that allow for spontaneous exchange of business information is delivered by a committed team of industry
professionals. To learn more, please visit us at

Timothy Bohmer
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
(763) 244-3825


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