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									A project is a unique venture with a beginning and an end, undertaken by people to
meet established goals within defined constraints of time, resources, and quality.

In our organization a project typically performs one of these functions:
     • Develop a new system or service
     • Make significant improvements to a system or service
     • Improve internal processes or introduce new ones
     • Build or significantly enhance infrastructure
     • Research new technology for a specific purpose
     • Scope and plan extremely large efforts
     • Application of major patches and upgrades to software

Some examples of work that are not projects:
   • Daily Production Support Activities
           System administration
           System operations
           Break/fix activities
           Customer Support
   • Other operational activities that follow a defined process
   • Very small system change requests

When a unit of work is less than 80 hours, we generally do not create a formal project.
However, we should not be break work into small pieces to avoid making it into a
project. When unsure about whether an effort should be a project or not, contact the
PPMO at 292-8374.
           Matrix                                                              Project Classification—Risk Matrix

Project          Work Effort                                            Low             Medium               High             Very High
 Class            (Hours)                      Risk Factor               0                1                   2                   3                Score
                                             Team Size(# of
                                                                          <5               5–9              10 – 14                >15
    1               80 - 200                 bodies)
                                             # Workgroups
                                                                         1–2               3–4                5–6                   >7
    2             201 - 1,000                involved
                                             Technology /
                                             Technique /                Expert           Familiar         New to OSU          Break-through
    3            1,001 - 5,000               Process
                                                                   The solution is     The solution is There is more than
                                                                                                                             The solution is not
                                                                   well defined and   known but some    one approach to
                                             Complexity                                                                    known or only vaguely
                                                                   no problems are      problems are achieving the project
    4           5,001 - 20,000                                                                                                    defined
                                                                      expected            expected            goal
                                             Political Profile /
                                                                       Org Unit        Director Area     VP/Dean Area         Enterprise-wide
    5               >20,000                  Impact
                                                                   0 – 10 No change to classification
                                                   Scoring         11 – 13 Increase class 1 level
                                                                   14 – 15 Increase class 2 levels                                    TOTAL         0

                     1                                                                              2
                                                                                                                                                              Add the class from the sizing
Select the project class based on the work    Use the risk factors above to determine the risk score for each factor. Record the score in the right column.
                                                                                                                                                            the risk modification factor to
                   effort                              Compare the risk score to the levels to determing the risk modification factor (0, 1, or 2)
                                                                                                                                                                        the revised class.
        Revised Project Class

    Project Class from
       Sizing Chart

     Risk Modification

      Revised Project

  Add the class from the sizing chart to
the risk modification factor to determine
            the revised class.
Phase    Activities                                        Project Class
                                                   1   2         3         4   5
Define   Project Request Approval                  O   X         X         X   X
         Assign Project Manager/Lead               X   X         X         X   X
         Project Charter                           O   X         X         X   X
         Business Case                                                     X   X
         Project Governance                                                X   X
         Phase Gate                                             X          X   X
         (Gain Approval to Develop Project Plan)
         Assign Core Project Team                               X          X   X

Plan     Planning Kick-Off Meeting                              X          X   X
         Project Approach                              X        X          X   X
         Quality Strategy                          X   X        X          X   X
         Work Plan – Work Breakdown Structure      X   X        X          X   X
         Work Plan – Estimating Time and Cost      X   X        X          X   X
         Work Plan – Schedule Development          X   X        X          X   X
         Risk Management Plan                                   X          X   X
         Communications Management Plan                         X          X   X
         Issue Management Plan                                             X   X
         Quality Assurance Plan                                                X
         Resource Plan                                                     X   X
         Procurement Plan                                                      X
         Operational Transfer Plan                                             X
         Integrated Project Plan                                X          X   X
         Phase Gate                                             X          X   X
         (Gain Approval for Plan)
         Assign Project Team                                    X          X   X

Launch   Launch Kick-Off meeting                       X        X          X   X
         Team Assignment                                        X          X   X
         Initial Risk Management                                X          X   X
         Initial Team Development                               X          X   X

Manage   Project Plan Execution                    X   X        X          X   X
         Performance Tracking & Reporting          O   O        X          X   X
         Schedule Control                                       X          X   X
         Change Control                                         X          X   X
         Cost Control                                           X          X   X
         Quality Assurance & Control                                           X
         Team Development                                                      X
         Procurement Management                                                X
         Risk Monitoring & Control                              X          X   X
         Information Distribution                               X          X   X
         Time Tracking & Management                             X          X   X
         Phase Gate                                             X          X   X
         (Gain Approval to Move to Production)

Close    Transition to Operations                      X        X          X   X
         Wrap-Up Meeting                                                   X   X
         Lessons Learned                                                   X   X
         Administrative Closure                    X   X        X          X   X
         Celebrate!                                O   X        X          X   X

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