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Stopping the onslaught of missionaries in Muslim Homes


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Stopping the onslaught of missionaries
in Muslim Homes
What we need to do?

                      Nuurah Muhammad
                                                                                    Nuurah Muhammad

Stopping the onslaught of
missionaries in Muslim Homes
What we need to do?

As an educator of nearly 40 years experience (32 of these years in PURE Islamic education), I would
say that the answer to this problem is an educational solution.

In my travels through the Muslim world, having lived three years in Northern and Southern Sudan and
taught in the universities there, I must advise here that because Muslims are not being educated in
Islam, through constant studies of Quran and Hadith, that the Muslims become victims of other people
in social, political, religious, psychological and economic spheres.

In the Sudan there was an effort by the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen to call the people back to Islam. You
see, under the leadership of Niemeri and those who succeeded him the Sudanese government existed
under the mask of Islamic government, but it was not a true Islamic state. When I first arrived I was
appalled at the fact that there were beer gardens all over the capital of Khartoum, the women were
dressed unIslamically, men staggered through the streets drunk, women were smoking, as well as
men, and there were many other obvious deviations from true Islam. In Saudi Arabia I learned of
homosexuality, prostitution, theft, drunkenness and other crimes against Islam.

So you see, Muslims need to get busy and teach the religion to Muslims. I found the people in the
places where I visited living by tradition, even when that tradition conflicted with the Quran. So a
tremendous effort must be made all over the MUSLIM WORLD to teach the Quran, the true way of
Islam, and to teach the Hadith so that people may know for sure. It is this surety that guards one's

The Christians are not smarter than the Muslims, but they capitalize on the Muslims mistakes. For
example, when a new convert to Islam comes, we leave that convert straying and fending for himself.
We do not take him by the hand and answer his questions and help him to learn how to use the Quran
as his framework of reference. We seem to be quite arrogant and self-assured and give little to those
who are seeking the way of Islam.

I traveled throughout the United States and have sat in masjid after masjid where the da'wah effort is
dead, and if a new Muslim comes, they shake his/her hand, embrace him or her and that is it. In my

Nuurah Muhammad

teaching of new converts I have never found one yet who understood the Shadatain after having been
required to recite it at the time of acceptance of Islam.

The Christians are not the problem. The Muslims are the problem because they are failing their own
people in the way of establishing permanent institutions for the teaching of Islam.

All arguments, discussions or questions that any Christian can bring are counteracted by the Holy
Quran. We must guide our people to the reading, recitation and comprehension of the Quran.

Bro. Ahmed Deedat of South Africa (RA) did a tremendous job in his lifetime of teaching Muslims and
Christians and published such outstanding books as "Is the Bible God's Word" and "Crucifxion or
Crucifiction?" These books unveiled the very questions that are raised in this article and gave the
Muslims the words that they needed to counteract the Christian arguments. Once in a debate with
Jimmy Swaggart, Ahmed Deedat questioned him about the fact that they (the Christians) say that
Jesus died on Friday and was in the bowels of the earth for three days; then he rose on Sunday
morning. Mr. Deedat held up his fingers and counted from Friday evening to Saturday evening as 24
hours and from Saturday evening to Sunday morning as approximately 12 hours which totals 1 1/2
days. Mr. Swaggart then said, "Well, he must have died on Wednesday." We have the
materials to teach the Muslims, but we fail in our responsibility to enlighten our own people. A sound
knowledge of what is in the Quran will counteract anything that a Christian can say.

I have Christian missionaries to visit in my home, but when I get through whipping them with the
Quran and the blatant falsehood and confusion in the Bible, they leave and get a higher elder to come
with them and when I get through with the two of them, they leave and do not return. It is the
weakness that results from ignorance that makes them even think that they can convert a Muslim.

In the Southern Sudan, I talked with Muslim and Christian converts who had converted from paganism
to either religion. I learned that they convert because they are hungry and the need clothes to wear.
I asked one young lady to let me use her Bible. She looked at me with great surprise and told me, "I
don't have a Bible." I said, "Then how do you learn your religion?" She laughed and said, "They tell
me what they want me to believe, but I do not believe it."

As to the question of polygamy, they only address polygyny which is different from polyandry. You
see, the word polygamy includes both marriage to more than one woman and marriage to more than
one man (which is practiced in some cultures). So if we teach the Muslims of the practice of polygyny
as practiced in the Bible from the mention of Elkanah in the early chapters of the Old Testament to
Solomon, Moses, Abraham, etc., then there can be no distasteful reaction to the practice of polygyny
by the one who is sought as a convert.

                                                                                   Nuurah Muhammad

The Muslims are not actively involved in providing the needs of people in Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan,
Chechnya, but are so naive and unsuspecting that they would put their sadaqa in the hands of a
people who steal everything from table knives to races of people. So we have ourselves to blame.
We have charitable organizations, but we seem to be unable to support them on the scale that is
needed to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters.

In the Sudan, the war is really not a religious war, but an economic war. There are thousands and
thousands of Muslims in the south who are being decimated by the Muslims of the north who seem to
see only skin color before they shoot. I have talked with people on both sides and married a Muslim
from the South. It was here that I learned that the da'wah effort was so shallow that unless a person
was driven by Allah, it was difficult to even convert. The missionaries in Southern Sudan want to
make the world believe that Muslims are slaughtering Christians, but when at a recent meeting
sponsored by the World Council of Churches, I stood and discussed the truth of the war in Sudan,
some of the people were shocked. When Apollo 9 was sent up several years back, they saw a large
black spot on the surface of the earth and when they sent this information back and it was
investigated, it was found that it was a tremendous hidden oil reserve that had never been tapped.
The North has tried to redefine the lines of separation between North and South to include some of
this oil reserve as well as the uranium discovered by Shell Oil and other riches of the South. The "so-
called" rebels are fighting to preserve the part of the country that belongs to them and they embrace
their Muslim brothers in fighting for the land and the resources. We are misled by the media in the
west because they want us to believe that Muslims are slaughtering Christians because of their
religion. Not So!

We must develop a universal da'wah program first of all for Muslims, and then for Christians, Jews,
pagans and others. Let's look at ourselves because we have no control over what the Christians do,
but we do have control over what we do with Muslims.


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