Advisory Committee on Water Information Mark A Limbaugh ACWI Chair Assistant Secretary for Water and Science U S Department of the Interior Robert M Hirsch ACWI Alternate Chair Associate D

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					Advisory Committee on Water Information
Mark A. Limbaugh, ACWI Chair
Assistant Secretary for Water and Science
U.S. Department of the Interior

Robert M. Hirsch, ACWI Alternate Chair
Associate Director for Water
U.S. Geological Survey

Toni M. Johnson, ACWI Executive Secretary
Chief, USGS Water Information Coordination Program

Judith B. Griffin, NWQMC Executive Secretary
National Water Quality Monitoring Council
USGS Committee Management Specialist
      11%                    22%

                 V1    V1           FY 2006
                                   % Members
                                   V- Vacancy

            V5                        State-Cty
                       V1             Prof Assoc
30%                                   Industry

     Advisory Committee on Water Information

   National Water   National Liaison   ‫ ٭‬Subcommittee            Subcommittee
       Quality        Committee        on Spatial Water               on
     Monitoring       for NAWQA             Data                 Sedimentation

                                        Work Groups
  Methods and Data
 Comparability Board                              Subcommittee              Sustainable Water
                                                  on Hydrology            Resources Roundtable

    Work Groups
                                                   Work Groups

Work Groups
                          * Also reports to Federal Geographic Data Committee
    Work Groups Reporting October 2006

National Water Quality                                                          Ground
                                   * Spatial                 Hydrology           Water
 Monitoring Council               Water Data

     Methods and Data                   Hydrologic                 Task Group
    Comparability Board                     Unit                  on Hydrology
                                        Delineation                  Modeling
      Water Information
         Strategies                      Standards                 Hydrologic
      Collaboration and                                             Analysis
                                        * FGDC
     National Monitoring                Wetland                    + Satellite
   Network Steering Comm.               Mapping
* Also Reports to Fed Geog Data Comm.          + Also Reports to Fed Coord for Meteorology
      Proposed Subcommittee on
       Ground Water Monitoring

Assure ground water receives the monitoring & assessment attention that it
deserves, given its importance for water supply and the sustenance of
ecological, riverine, lacustrine, estuarine, and coastal resources. Develop a
consistent, nationwide monitoring & assessment program leading to an
accurate estimation of stored volume, availability, & sustainability across
the U.S.
           Actions for ACWI

Proposed Subcommittee on
       Ground Water Monitoring

 Request ACWI Feedback on focus and
  scope of subgroup, in particular about:
  o Including Water Quality as well as Quantity
  o Specifying Relationship to NWQMC
Subcommittee on Hydrology

              Improve the availability &
              reliability of surface water
              quantity information needed
              for hazard mitigation, water
              supply and demand manage-
              ment, & environmental
Satellite Telemetry Interagency
   Working Group (STIWG)

  The STIWG user group for the Geostationary,
  Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) Data
  Collection System (DCS) advises NOAA’s
  National Environmental Satellite Data and
  Information Service (NESDIS) on matters
  concerning satellite data relay user requirements
  for hydrologic, meteorologic, oceanic, and
  environmental data & promotes current
  information exchange among agencies to benefit
  the GOES DCS community.
            Actions for ACWI
           Subcommittee on Hydrology
            Satellite Telemetry Interagency
              Working Group (STIWG)
Seek ACWI support for the STIWG Proposal to:
  Improve the reliability of GOES DCS to assure
   availability of data.

  Revive an involved STIWG partnership with NOAA in the
   strategic planning process of the DCS portion of GOES
   and the DCS Automated Processing System (DAPS).

  Reclassify the GOES DCS from an ancillary to a primary
   system status within NOAA priorities.

At the ACWI Interim Meeting, October 4, 2006, the Satellite
Telemetry Interagency Working Group (STIWG) gave a
presentation on several issues related to NOAA’s support of
the GOES DCS. Because ACWI agrees that the GOES
DCS is such a critical system for collecting real-time
environmental data, the ACWI requests that the appropriate
NOAA senior management meet with representatives of the
STIWG, develop a collaborative strategy to address these
issues, and provide a summary of this strategy at the next
ACWI meeting (January 17-18, 2007).
National Water Quality
 Monitoring Council

           Provide a national forum for
           coordination of consistent &
           scientifically defensible methods
           and strategies to improve water
           quality monitoring, assessment &
           reporting. Promote partnerships
           to foster collaboration, advance
           the science, & improve
           management within all elements
           of the water quality monitoring
National Monitoring Network

               Develop a National
               Monitoring Network that
               coordinates and expands
               existing efforts, includes
               coverage in both coastal
               waters & the upland areas that
               affect them, and is linked to
               the Integrated Ocean
               Observing System (IOOS).
           Actions for ACWI
National Water Quality Monitoring Council
      National Monitoring Network

 We anticipate that ACWI, through the NWQMC, will
  continue to provide oversight, guidance and support
  toward the implementation of pilot efforts.

 The Network Steering Committee will continue to work
  with the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and
  the Interagency Working Group on Ocean Science and
  Integrated Resource Management (ICOSRMI).
Subcommittee on
Spatial Water Data

          The Subcommittee –
          reporting jointly to the
          Federal Geographic Data
          Committee – develops water
          resources components of the
          National Spatial Data
     Wetland Mapping Standard

A new workgroup of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC):
– To develop and finalize a national standard for mapping wetlands at multiple

-- To facilitate mapping by various entities and integrate data into the NWI
Geodatabase and delivery to the National map.

-- To ensure consistency in updating wetlands maps while preserving availability
of older, historic, baseline wetlands maps for change assessment.
   Upcoming ACWI Annual
  Meeting January 17-18, 2007
• ACWI 2007 Annual Meeting Highlights
   Full two days
   Presentations from all 8 Subgroups
     o Report from NOAA on GOES/DCS
     o Ground Water Monitoring Terms of Reference
   Special Presentations and Panel Discussions that
    are of interest to ACWI members – for which we
    welcome your suggestions.
   ACWI 2007 Membership renewal process
   Renewal Application Procedure
All ACWI Member Organizations must be renewed or
   new nominations prepared by March 30, 2007 for
   approval by Secy of Interior prior to Nov. 1, 2007
     Existing member organizations who wish to renew
      will be requested to send a signed letter.
     Identify whether current Rep/Alt will continue, or
      wish to nominate replacements?
     Each identified Rep & Alt must complete Interior’s
      nomination form and attach brief resume.
     Nominations for new organizations to fill vacancies
      will be solicited from Fed and non-Fed ACWI
      members, and via Federal Register Notice.
Interim Meeting October 4, 2006

Thank you for your active
participation. We hope you find
the information shared today to
be beneficial to you and to the
organizations you represent.

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