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					          BLACK AND GOLD
           Halloween 2010
All Pictures Taken By Curtis Patel, Jaimie Bouwkamp, and Darian Bilbrey

      *Smith County High School Halloween*
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           Dia De Los Muertos
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   Scariest Movies of 2010
                             Scary Movies Of 2010
                              By Jordan Stilwell

1. Daybreakers: Un 2017 a barbaric Plague turns nearly the entire world into vam-
pires. With the blood simply running low, the vampires farm the rest of the humans and
continue to look for a new system to prolong vamp life. With greater success a team of
vampires discover a way to rescue the human race.

2. The Wolfman: With his childhood torn into shreds by his mother’s death, Lawrence
Talbot is sent by his father to an insane asylum. Later, his brother’s fiance tracks him
down for his help in finding his missing brother. He returns only to find that a wild beast
has been attacking the village and has killed his brother. He soon faces a disastrous des-

3. The Crazies: In a horrible plane crash a biological weapon is spilled into the water
supply of a small Kansas town. This causes the inhabitants to go murderously mad.

4. A Nightmare On Elm Street: As in the past versions of this film, Freddy Kru-
gar dwells in the minds of several young adults. He tortures them in their dreams until
their eventual death.

5. Splice: A new being is formed when two genetics combine human DNA with ani-
mal DNA. It grows into a beautiful young woman who bonds with her scientist parents.
Things soon turn dealdy, though.

6. Resident Evil: Afterlife: Continuing her battle with the umbrella corp., Alice leads
survivors to Los Angeles only to find the undead have beat her there.
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                              Ghostly Haunt
                                   Haunted, Haunted
                                  By Jessica Carpenter

Boo! That’S ‘hello’ in Ghost!

Has anyone had any good scares lately? Seeing as most of you know the story behind the
haunting of Dean Hill, I won’t bore you with a repeat. Instead, let me tell you about the
“Hanging Rope” in Lancaster.....

According to the legend, many years ago a man hung himself from a bluff about two
miles from Center Hill Dam. When rescuers saw the length of the rope the man hung
himself with, they simply cut him down, leaving the rest of the rope hanging from the

Some say that if you drive by the bluff on a moonless night you can see the shape of a
man hanging from the rope. However, if you were to stop to get a closer look, he would

Spooky, isn’t it?? Muahahahahahahah!!!!

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         Yummiest Candies
                   Top 15 Trick-Or-Treat Candies
                       By Robert Gaffney
1. Nerds
2. Sweet Tarts
3. whoppers
4. Gummy Bears
5. Reeses’s Pieces
6. Mini Snickers
7. Mini Butterfinger
8. Smarties
9. M&M’s
10. Laffy Taffy
11. Warheads
12. Juicy Drop Pop
13. Mini Milky Way
14. Mini 3 Musketeer’s
15. Airheads

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              Best Costume Ideas
                                    By Brittany LaRue

I love Halloween because of all the original costume ideas. This Halloween, I dressed up
as Juno [from the movie] and did not spend any money at all.

In my opinion, I think its better when the children design their own costume rather than
buying them. Spending $20 to $40 for one costume that will only be worn on one night is
not a total waste I guess, but that money could be used on other expenses. I have several
cute ideas for Halloween costumes. Heres a few:

For Babies and Toddlers:         My favorites are the candy corn and the pumpkin. A
little expense to none. The sensible way to go would be to search the craft store. For the
candy corn costumes you would need some brown, white, yellow fabric and needle and
thread. The pumpkin costumes need orange fabric and the Styrofoam pellets to make the
pumpkin cushiony and round. These costumes are simple, cute, and really low cost.

For Young Children:
 Of Course all young children are saying they want the latest cartoon costume, superhe-
ro, and Disney princesses. And unfortunately these costumes are very difficult to make.
Try to get the kids to use their imagination and creativity.

For Teenagers:
Most teenagers feel they are to old to dress up. I of course do not. : } I used the stuff in
my closet! I had an old red and white striped T-shirt, some blue jeans, converse with
green shoelaces, and a pillow off the couch. I put my hair up in a ponytail and put some
of my hair straight down of the sides also wore little makeup, and Put the pillow under
my shirts wrapped ace-bandages around the top and bottom to make a round effect.

What’s most important is having fun! I hope everyone had a great, safe Halloween, and
maybe now you have some fun ideas for next year. : }
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              Halloween Legends
                                  By Lucas Hunter

What would Halloween be without all the legends? No fun, is what it would be.

The stories of beasts, demons, and other horrid figures have haunted the world’s popula-
tion for many of years.

1: Bloody   Mary
 Bloody Mary, a well known figure in the horror world, is supposedly an inhumane, de-
monic being, which can be summoned through a very easy process
 1: Go into a dark room and have the lights turned off.
2: light a candle and chant “Bloody Mary” into the mirror thirteen times
3: after the thirteenth time, she shall appear over your shoulder. Assuming she doesn’t
kill you, have fun.

2: Dracula:

Perhaps the most well known vampire that doesn’t sparkle, Dracula is one of the most
famous essences in the world of evil. The story behind his existence is a simple one, in
Born in a small town, and was in constant war. Fast-fowarding to his adult years, he
was known as “The Impaler” for his favorite method of torture was to impale people
with stakes and leave them to rot. Toward his time of death, it was believed that a prop-
er burial would allow entry to heaven.
After his death, his head was cut off and showed in Constantinople. In 1931, archologists
began searching the area he was believed to buried in and found a grave. In the grave they
found a painting of Dracula, a purple shroud with gold lining, and a ring similar to that
of a secret society his was believed to be part of.

But where is Dracula? The world may never know.
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                     Birth of Halloween
                                  By: Rebecca Kane

We celebrate halloween every year on October 31st. But the question is.. Where does this
special occasion come from?

The holiday originally comes from people called the Celts. The Celts lived in Europe
more than 2000 years ago. On November 1st they celebrated the end of summer. They
had thought ghosts visited the living on October 31st. They dressed up like ghosts so the
spirits would not harm them. I think that this is a very strange thing but very cool and
interesting at the same time.

Today, may countries still remember the dead on November 1st. It is called All Saints
Day. Another name for it is All Hallows Day. the day before, October 1st is All Hal-
lows Eve, or Halloween for short. Halloween is an old tradition in Ireland and Scotland.
In those countries, people dressed up and carried lanterns made of turnips. When people
moved from Ireland and Scotland to the United States, they started using pumpkins. Tis
is where the term ‘’jack-o-lantern’’ comes from. They also had a tradition of giving food
to the spirits. Later, they gave the food to poor people. This is where trick-or-treating
comes from. Halloween has changed a lot since its origins though. NEw people have
brought new traditions, and changed the old ones.

What do YOU think Halloween will be like in 2000 YEARS!!!? I don’t know about you
but this is some story that I would like to uncover!

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 Halloween International
          Trick-or-Treat Around the World
                By: Christinia Patel
Day of Dead, commonly known as Halloween, is one of the oldest holidays. According
to historians, this ancient celebration is deeply planted in Celtic roots. These Celtic
people used to practice a type of dangerous witchcraft. The Celtics would wonder
around streets wearing ridiculous costumes to frighten the civilians of the town.
They wore these type os outfits, so no one would know they were actually humans...
Thanks to the Celtics’ strange ways, the whole continental world celebrates an an-
nual celebration known as Halloween.

Though everyone recognizes the holiday, practically every country celebrates it dif-
ferently. For instance, we as Americans tend to consider Halloween as a fun celebra-
tion. All the children in United States dress-up in scary costumes and go trick-or
treating in their towns.

As for countries like Japan, Germany, and Ireland, they usually consider Halloween
as more ghostly and spiritual. A uniquely-fashioned country, Japan is mainly known
for its vast technological resources. However, I doubt you know about its unique
way of celebrating Halloween. The Japanese place water and food in front of a photo
of a dead family member. Then, the lanterns are lit and set afloat in a body of water
to signify the deceased souls return to Earth. This is known as the Obon Festival,
and it is highly honorable in Japan. The reason being is that it is a remembrance of
the memory of the dead.
While the Japanese are doing this, Germans are hiding their knives to guard and pro-
tect the dead souls passing by on Halloween. They are also sanitizing their cemeter-
ies for ghostly pleasure. They try to keep these mysterious spirits pleased.

You can thank Ireland for the Halloween tradition of carving and decorating a pump-
kin. However the Irish carve a pumpkin to ward off the evil spirit of the mythologi-
cal human known as Stingy Jack. The Halloween tale of Stingy Jack is about a man
who was too cruel to enter Heaven when he died. Aside from being mean, he was also
very cunning. He played so many various tricks with the devil that he wasn’t al-
lowed to reside in the netherworld, either. Destiny welcomed him to wander Earth
forever carrying a turnip with a glowing lump of coal inside to guide him. Soon after,
the Irish began to customize their own Jack-o-lanterns to scare away this man now
known as Stingy Jack.

As you can see, when October 31 comes around the whole world has its own way
of celebrating or pleasing the spirits. Whether you are hiding your knives or going
trick-or-treating from door to door, you are participating in an ancient, haunted cel-
ebration known as Halloween. Oh, and don’t forget to carve those pumpkins. You
never know if Stingy Jack is still lurking around . . . waiting . . .
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              Celtic Samhain {Halloween}
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     Japanese Halloween
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 Smith County Halloween
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                  Trick or Treat
                                By Adam Johnson

In a recent survey of my physics and HOSA and paper-staff classes, I found that the ma-
jority of students {4 in ever 5} chose tricks over treats when asked, simply, “Tricks or

I also said “trick.” Haha : }

So I guess this means there are some devious teens roaming Smith County. Though a few
students preferred treats, it wasn’t enough to really make a difference.
Smith County Halloween
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Smith County Halloween