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									Tactical Marketing Plan
Widget Real Estate Group
October 2008

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Widget Real Estate Group
Tactical Marketing Plan
Purpose: To help Widget Real Estate Group grow to an average of 10 property
sales per month or more for investment properties.

Strategy: We will position Widget Real Estate Group as the ideal company
to work with to establish wealth through real estate investments. We will
achieve this by highlighting the means by which Premier selects its properties
and partners, and how it develops and nurtures its relationships with
developers, builders and property owners. Then we will explain how this
process equates to fabulous incentives for our buyers. We will market to
affluent consumers, clients, mortgage brokers and agents, financial planners,
accountants and insurance agents. (Other target markets may be identified).

Monthly Statistical Measures:


            Deals closed
            Deposits taken
            Meetings held
            Interested seminar attendees
            Seminar attendees
            Confirmed attendees
            Flyers sent
            Commercials running
            Ads running
            Referrals received

Management Targets:

1)    Hold a marketing meeting once a month to review progress,
      critique actions and to ensure all those involved stay on course. This
      includes a review of the marketing plan’s targets. Beginning in
      October ____

2)    Create a “hopper system” for contacts with clients, preferred
      members and seminar attendees. BB. October ____

3)    Determine the statistics at the end of each month and share them
     at the monthly marketing meeting. Beginning in november

4)   Analyze the monthly statistics and statistical trends each month.
     Review the analysis at the monthly marketing meeting. BB.
     Beginning in november ____

Evidence to Be Collected and included with the report:

1)   Testimonials from clients ____

2)   BBB rating ____

3)   Client satisfaction survey findings ____

4)   Letters from partners ____


1)   Create a 30 second “elevator pitch” to be memorized by all
     staff. Marc. november ____

2)   Memorize the elevator pitch. All staff. December ____


1)   Continue holding seminars once every 6 weeks ____

2)   Continue promoting seminars through door-to-door mailers ____

3)   Promote seminars through the local radio station’s website and through
     ratio commercials ____

4)   Write and send news releases promoting seminars through local
     magazines and newspapers. BB. Beginning in December ____

5)   Conduct a telephone survey to make sure we are hitting exactly on
     the right emotional hot buttons. BB, December ____

6)   Use survey findings to revise seminar flyer copy. BB. January ____

7)   When budget permits, run a full-page ad in Local Living Magazine. BB.
     March 09 ____

8)   When budget permits, run a full-page ad in Prosper Magazine. BB.
     May 09 ____

Referral sources (Mortgage brokers/agents, accountants,
insurance agents and financial planners):

1)   Secure mailing lists of each key referral source. BB, CEO. October

2)   Hold seminars once every 6 weeks targeting key referral sources.
     Promote their investments as well as offering a referral rewards
     program. BB, Operations Mgr. Beginning in December ____

3)   Create an endorsement program with mortgage brokers/agents,
     accountants, insurance agents and financial planners to promote
     to their client bases. (They need to first purchase a property). Work
     it out so they receive a generous commission for every sale
     they generate. BB, CEO, Operations Mgr. Beginning in February

Clients/Preferred Members/Event Attendees:

1)   Send an e-mailer to clients and preferred members twice a month
     promoting new properties, seminars, reinforcing the 19-year
     plan and to promote referrals. BB, Sales Mgr. Beginning in October ____

2)   Regularly update the website re new properties. BB. Beginning in
     november ____

3)   Send a mailing out to them reinforcing what we did for them by
     describing the work that was put into making their deals happen and
     re-stating the benefits they received. (Send by e-mail and hard
     copy). BB, Sales Mgr. January ____

4)   Send a client satisfaction/needs assessment survey to all clients
     who have bought one or more properties. Ask for referrals and
     endorsements. BB, Sales Mgr ____

5)   Review the completed surveys. Handle those with any low rankings.
     Operations Mgr. Beginning in February ____

6)   Evaluate the survey findings and make recommendations. BB. February

7)   Create a referral program targeting satisfied clients. Provide a reward
     or pre reward for referrals. BB. Development complete December
     ____ Implementation January ____

8)   Create an endorsement program for those who are business owners.
     (See #3 under referral sources). BB, CEO. Beginning in February ____


1)   Create a promotional brochure based on the master letter. BB. December

2)   Join the local chamber of commerce. Sales Mgr, CEO. January ____

3)   Attend breakfasts and mixers. Use the elevator pitch and hand out
     brochures. Sales Mgr. Beginning in January ____

4)   Set up and deliver talks to business and investment groups.
     (Chamber, service clubs that have younger members). Sales Mgr.
     Beginning in February ____

Web Site
Traffic Building

1)   Link the web site with search engines. BB. November ____

2)   Set up a Google Ad Words account. BB. December ____

3)   Send out news releases to print media and internet media promoting
     the website. BB. January ____

4)   Monitor Web traffic from Google. BB. Ongoing ____

Mailing Dates
E-mailers: Clients/Preferred Members/Event Attendees:

October 20, 2008         (Monday)
November 5, 2008         (Wednesday)
November 20, 2008        (Thursday)
December 5, 2008         (Friday)
December 22, 2008        (Monday)
January 5, 2009          (Monday)
January 20, 2009         (Tuesday)
February 5, 2009         (Thursday)
February 20, 2009        (Friday)
March 5, 2009            (Thursday)
March 20, 2009           (Friday)
April 6, 2009 (Monday)

Direct mailers: Clients/Preferred Members/Event Attendees:

November 10, 2008        (Monday)
January 12, 2009         (Monday)
February 10, 2009        (Tuesday)
March 10, 2009           (Tuesday)
April 10, 2009           (Friday)


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