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									Kevin M. Sweatt                                                            1650 Technology Drive, Suite 600
Associate                                                                             San Jose, CA 95110
                                                                                     Phone: 408-436-3644
                                                                                  Email: ksweatt@ctbt.com
                                                                                      License #: 01221048

Scope of Experience:
Full service commercial real estate services for Office/R&D and Industrial tenants, landlords, buyers and

Bachelor of Science Degree,
University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Background and Experience:
NAI BT Commercial, San Jose, 1997-Present
Southern California Presbyterian Homes, 1995-1996
T. M. Sweatt, Inc., 1989-Present

Having been born and raised in San Jose, Kevin's Silicon Valley roots run deep. Kevin's 13 years of
experience at Cassidy Turley BT Commercial have made him a leading leasing and sales agent who takes
great pride in providing full service commercial real estate brokerage. Kevin's specialties include site
identification and assessment, deal structuring, cost analysis, real estate planning, acquisitions and
dispositions, lease and sale contract negotiations.

Professional Affiliations and Designations:
Member, Association of Silicon Valley Brokers
Member, Urban Land Institiute
Member, Silicon Valley Capital Club
University of Southern California Silicon Valley and Golden Gate Alumni Clubs
Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, California Delta Chapter

Significant Transactions:
Major Lease Transactions
Project & Size
-Sonic Wall, Inc., 89,000 SF, R&D
-Sensory, Inc., 38,000 SF, R&D
-Marathon International, Inc., 37,000 SF, Ind
-WIS Technologies, 36,000 SF, Office
-Verplex Systems, Inc., 18,786 SF, Office
-Nova Cystals, Inc., 14,152 SF, R&D
-4D Matrix, Inc., 13,377 SF, R&D
-Hitachi Data Systems Corp., 8,000 SF, Office
-Optrend, Inc., 7,693 SF, R&D
-Webstacks, Inc., 7,500 SF, R&D
-DVD Play, Inc. , 7,500 SF, Office
-Televigation, Inc., 7,000 SF, R&D
-Get2Chip, 6,964 SF, Office
-Imperito Networks, 5,459 SF, Office

Major Sale Transactions
-1525-1531 Atteberry Lane, San Jose
-1465 South 1st Street, San Jose
-1941-1945 Las Plumas Avenue, San Jose
-74 Race Street, San Jose
                                        1650 Technology Drive, Suite 600
Kevin M. Sweatt                                    San Jose, CA 95110
                                                  Phone: 408-436-3644
Associate                                      Email: ksweatt@ctbt.com
                                                   License #: 01221048

-1274 Anvilwood, Sunnyvale
-2550 Scott Blvd., Sant Clara
-706 North Winchester Blvd., San Jose

Other Major Clients

-Hitachi Data Systems Corp.
-Wells Fargo Bank
-Radio Shack Corp.
-Array Networks
-AdvantaCare Health, Inc.
-Alien Technology Corp.
-DVDPlay, Inc.
-WIS Technologies, Inc.
-Taiwan Mask Corporation, USA
-SonicWALL, Inc.
-Unitek, Inc.
-SANCastle Technologies
-Ace Technology
-Metra Corporation

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