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									                                                                                          Performance Evaluation
                                                                                          of Managers/Supervisors

Manager/Supervisor Evaluated: _______________________________________ Employee Net ID: _______________
                                   Last                     First                  MI

Job Title: _________________________________________                  Department: _________________________________

Evaluator: ______________________________ Performance Review Period: From: ____________ to ___________

1. The evaluator of the Manager/Supervisor should initiate the annual performance evaluation by August each year.
2. The evaluator would have the Manager/Supervisor complete the “self-evaluation” column of this form. Evaluator then completes
their evaluation of the Manager/Supervisor.
3. Evaluator provides written documentation at the bottom of this form related to areas of concern or outstanding performance.
4. Evaluator forwards draft evaluation to the Director of Human Resources prior to presenting to the employee.
5. After the Director of Human Resources approves the draft evaluation, it is then given back to the evaluator to share with the
employee no later than the last day of August.
6. After the Manager/Supervisor signs the evaluation, it is to be forwarded back to HR for finalization/distribution.
7. In a separate document, evaluator should develop the annual goals and objectives for the Manager/Supervisor for the coming year
– to be finalized by September.
                                                         Rating Scale
5- Outstanding      4- Exceeds Expectations     3- Meets Expectations   2- Needs Improvement            1- Below Expectations
                             Expectations/Standards/ Competencies                                       Employee      Evaluator
Work Products – Produces reports, correspondence, and other work products which meet
the intended objectives, demonstrates professional competency, quality, and thoroughness.
Teamwork and Cooperation – Works cooperatively with others, keeps others informed of
necessary and factual information; and works together as opposed to working separately.
Facilitates the operation of a team of which he/she is part and promotes teamwork across
Initiative – Identifies problems, obstacles, or opportunities and takes action to address
issues. Demonstrates this initiative without being directed to do so.
Commitment to Foundation & University – Strives to meet high standards by continually
improving the business practices, processes and results of the Foundation.
Relationships – Develops and maintains effective working relationships with others,
including Foundation managers. Treats customers and staff with courtesy, respect, dignity,
fairness, honesty, & presents a positive public image.
Communication – Communicates clearly, listens effectively; keeps others informed of
necessary and factual information; deals effectively with conflict, and avoids negative gossip.
Management Knowledge – Demonstrates knowledge of required laws, regulations,
procedures, and rules related to the management of the functional area.
Dependability – Completes assignments in a thorough and timely manner. Follows through
on assignments, and pulls his/her own weight. Does necessary assignments without being
asked, and if asked, does them as directed.
Planning – Engages effective and efficient planning to further the mission of the
organization. Planning is done in a strategic and thorough methodology focusing on goals of
the organization.
Leadership – Displays leadership in the organization and promotes a shared vision.
Supports and promotes change management. Displays an understanding that management
is paid to do a job and that sometimes working extra is what is required.
Fiscal Management – Maintains appropriate budgetary controls; monitors activities, initiates
timely and effective correcting actions, stays within budget, and makes appropriate budgetary
Support of Policies – Understands, supports, promotes and upholds, both publically and
privately, the policies of the Foundation and University.
Developing Others- Effectively and timely evaluates subordinates; encourages and initiates
regular discussion of performance with subordinates; fosters the professional development of
                                                                                                                        Revised 3/10
Problem Solving – Comprehensively analyzes problems and develops effective and efficient
solutions. Is one who develops solutions rather than just identifying problems?
Computer Skills – Has a strong knowledge and abilities with regard to computer skills.
Takes the initiative to keep current in this area. Ensures departmental efficiency by being
self supportive in this area rather than expecting staff to be the primary resource of technical
Accounting Software – Has strong skills with regard to using the accounting software.
Takes initiative to learn and understand the accounting software necessary to be as effective
and efficient as possible, without being directed to do so.
Attitude – Displays a positive attitude and shows concern for the organization as a whole
rather than one’s own unit. Understands and promotes the “big picture” rather than what’s
best only for one’s own operation.
Overall Evaluation – As a manager/supervisor of the Foundation, performs at the highest
level possible to promote positive impact on the organization as a whole. Contributes as
much as possible to the productive and positive operation of the Foundations mission.

Evaluator’s documentation regarding areas of concern or areas of outstanding performance. Please be
specific and provide examples where appropriate.

                                               Final Evaluation Comments and Signatures

Evaluator’s Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Note: The Director of Human Resources MUST sign & approve all evaluations PRIOR to them being presented to the

Director of Human Resources’ Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _______________

                I have read and agree with this evaluation                            I have read and disagree with this evaluation*

Employee’s Signature: __________________________________________________                                          Date:____________________

*If employee disagrees with the evaluation, he/she has the right to respond to this evaluation in writing within 5 business days from the date of

                                                                                                                                             Revised 3/10

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