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              Real Estate                                                           Supplements
                                                                                    Instructor’s Manual
                                                                                    with Test Bank                                       0-324-17657-0
              Real Estate Principles                                                Audio Tapes                                          0-324-17652-X
              and Practices, 7e                                                     ExamView Testing Software                            0-324-17654-6
              Arlyne Geschwender,                                                   Study Guide
                 Randall School of Real Estate                                      to accompany Real Estate                             0-324-17656-2

              1-Color, 400 pp., 2004                                                Study Wizard                                         0-324-17655-4

              ISBN: 0-324-18747-5                                                   Table of Contents
                                                                                    Preface. 1. Introduction to Real Estate. 2. Nature and Description
                                                                                    of Real Estate. 3. Rights and Interests in Land. 4. Forms of
                                                                                    Ownership. 5. Transferring Title. 6. Recordation, Abstracts, and
              Written in a friendly tone and accessible                             Title Insurance. 7. Contract Law. 8. Real Estate Sales Contracts.
              reading level, this text takes a more realistic and practical         9. Mortgage and Note. 10. Deed of Trust. 11. Lending Practices.
              approach than its competitors. It is uniquely organized               12. The Loan and the Consumer. 13. Sources of Financing.
              and follows the natural sequence                                      14. Types of Financing. 15. Taxes and Assessments. 16. Title
                                                                                    Closing and Escrow. 17. Real Estate Leases. 18. Real Estate
              of events in a real estate transaction, allowing the                  Appraisal. 19. Licensing Laws and Professional Affiliations.
              reader to more easily understand not only the terminology             20. The Principal-Broker Relationship: Employment. 21. The
              of real estate, but also how a real estate transaction                Principal-Broker Relationship: Agency. 22. Fair Housing, ADA,
              transpires.                                                           Equal Credit, and Community Reinvestment. 23. Condominiums,
                                                                                    Cooperatives, PUDs, and Timeshares. 24. Land-Use Control.
                                                                                    25. Investing in Real Estate. Appendix A. Construction Illustrations
              Supplements                                                           and Terminology. Appendix B. Real Estate Math Review. Appendix
              Study Guide                                         0-324-27486-6     C. Measurement Conversion Table. Appendix D. Answers to Chapter
              Audiotapes                                          0-324-20240-7     Questions and Problems. Index and Glossary.

              Table of Contents
              I. BASIC CONCEPTS OF REAL ESTATE. 1. Real Estate and the Economy.     Residential Transactions:
              2. Land: Its Characteristics and Acquisition. 3. Land Descriptions.
              4. Estates, Interest, Deeds, and Title. II. THE ORDERLY PROCESS OF
                                                                                    A Guide to Real Estate CD-ROM
              A SALE. 5. Contracts and Business Law. 6. Agency Law and              Joseph E. Goeters,
              Representation. 7. Listing the Property. 8. Marketing and Selling       Houston Community College
              Real Estate. 9. Lending Institutions and Loans. 10. Financing.
                                                                                    CD-ROM, 2003
              11. Closing Statements. III. OTHER ASPECTS OF REAL ESTATE.
              12. Condominiums and Cooperatives. 13. Leases. 14. Property           ISBN: 0-324-18867-6
              Management. 15. Investment and Tax Aspects of Ownership.
              16. The Appraisal Process. 17. Land Use Controls. 18. Fair Housing
              Law. 19. License Law. 20. Real Estate Math. Practice Examination.
              Answer Key. Glossary. Index                                           This multimedia guide portrays the
                                                                                    residential real estate transaction from beginning to end.
                                                                                    The interactive functions allow users to navigate through
              Real Estate: An Introduction                                          the transaction by following Pete and Paula through the
              to the Profession, 9e                                                 intricacies of purchasing a home. As a result, the user
              Charles J. Jacobus, REEA Distinguished                                gains a full understanding of what needs to be
                Instructor, Lawyer, DREI, CREI,                                     accomplished when buying or selling a home. From the
                Houston Community College                                           writing of a contract, to closing the transaction, this CD
              1-Color, 496 pp., 2003                                                illustrates the entire process through a creative use of
                                                                                    video/audio, anecdotal comments, a pro/con feature of
              ISBN: 0-324-14382-6
                                                                                    each aspect and an explanation of real estate terms.

              This is a paperback and condensed version of Real Estate
              Principles. It prepares students to take the real estate
              licensing examination. This best-selling book introduces
              the fundamentals of real estate though a down to earth
              writing style with aundant examples throughout.

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Real Estate Dictionary,                                      Real Estate Field Manual:
A Pocket Guide for Professionals                             An Official Selling Guide, 4e
Charles J. Jacobus, REEA Distinguished                       Barbara Nash-Price,
  Instructor, Lawyer, DREI, CREI,                              Coldwell Banker Burnet Realty
  Houston Community College                                  1-Color, 324 pp., 2001
Nora Olmos, Houston Community College
                                                             ISBN: 0-324-13494-0
1-Color, 216 pp., 2004
ISBN: 0-324-20518-X                           This book is written to help people go
                                                             directly into Real Estate sales with a specific road map.
Charles Jacobus’ quick-reference dictionary with nearly      Drawing on over 25 years of the author’s real estate
2000 terms in English covers all areas for real estate.      experience, this motivational text covers everything a real
Comprehensive coverage, easy to find, simple explanations,   estate agent needs to succeed in the business. Keying in
terminology used on licensing examinations, with several     on the importance of achieving balance in one’s personal
illustrations and appendices make this book a must have      and business life and being savvy to time management, it
for the practicing real estate agent, those preparing to     exposes readers to the concepts, tools and techniques
become a real estate agent and consumers looking to          necessary for entry level positions and beyond.
become more knowledgeable in the real estate field.

Real Estate Principles, 9e
Charles J. Jacobus, REEA Distinguished
  Instructor, Lawyer, DREI, CREI,
  Houston Community College
1-Color, 640 pp., 2003
ISBN: 0-324-14387-7

One of the most popular real estate prelicensing texts on
the market! Completely updated, this best-selling
principles book introduces the fundamentals of Real
Estate unlike any other providing the user with a solid
understanding of the real estate industry. Jacobus uses a
readable yet authoritative approach making it a user-
friendly resource for acquiring the knowledge to pass the
licensing exam. As always, Jacobus highlights new and
expanding concepts in the field of real estate while
continually reinforcing the more stable concepts that
have been the cornerstone of American real estate
ownership. Key chapters dealing with the financial
aspects of real estate now include new information based
on current changes and trends in the marketplace—
Lending Practices, The Loan and the Consumer, Sources of
Financing, and Types of Financing—essential for
understanding the industry.
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