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					Having a products rating and review function on your ecommerce web site can really enhance your
business. It is a great sales tool to entice buyers into making a purchasing decision. Over the past few
years as online shopping has increasingly grown in popularity, more and more e-commerce sites are
beginning to use this type of rating and review system. Big name online retailers such as Amazon have
turned it into an important part of the online shopping experience. Consumers are able to get an idea of
what to expect if they purchase the product and can read about how other people feel about the product.
This allows consumers to trust both your products and your store.

A large percentage of online shoppers go on the internet to research products before they buy. As a
matter of fact, studies have shown that 77% base their decision to make a purchase on products rating
and the reviews of other customers. 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase something if there
are reviews and 59% prefer the opinions of real people instead of experts. Online shoppers are now
used to reading and writing reviews as well as relying on user ratings to determine product quality.

There are a number of benefits of having a products rating and review function included in your
ecommerce website. Here are some examples:

   •   You receive free word of mouth advertising
   •   Product reviews are user generated content that is constantly being upfated so search engines
       will continue to crawl your product pages
   •   User reviews will have keywords that you might not have optimized for such as competitor
       brands, which can possibly improve search engine rankings
   •   There is a good chance that consumers who write a review on your site will also leave a review
       on other websites which will link back to your product page, therefore increasing the number of
       backlinks to your web site
   •   Consumers will be more willing to buy from your store
   •   These reviews will help you determine which products are worth keeping and which ones you
       should get rid of
So what will happen if you get a negative product review? It turns out that bad reviews are not as
detrimental as one might think. Bad reviews are actually needed in order to preserve an ecommerce
website's credibility. An e-commerce site with nothing but positive products rating and reviews will
seem less authentic in the eyes of a consumer. A product that has an equal amount of good and bad
reviews or a majority of good and some bad reviews is very prevalent. If you offer a complete line of
complimentary products, your total product sales should still grow even though a specific product with
negative reviews will get less sales. Negative ratings and reviews can also help decrease the number of
returns or complaints, because the people buying the product should have a good idea of what to expect
when they receive it.

The more people who spend time writing a product review on your site the better. Not only does it
show that your products are popular, but also that there are many people purchasing from your
ecommerce site. A good method to have more people review your products is to request their opinion
after some time has passed from the date they bought the item. You can try to give them a reward such
as write a review for an opportunity to win a free gift, a discount or a gift card. It is important to make
the products rating and review process as simple as possible, include a star rating system and break it
down into categories for more organized reviews.
Now is the time to add a consumer product review system on your ecommerce site. Let consumers
rate and review any or all of the products within your online store. With the correct e-commerce
solution, you can easily manage ratings and reviews from your own store admin and choose to
either automatically or manually accept new submissions.

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Description: Add a products rating and review function to your online store and see your sales increase. Web consumers trust the opinions and criticism of other consumers and are grateful to receive real information from real people regarding products they are interested in buying.