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Higher Education conference 2010 - MASTER


									                           Higher Education conference 2010

           From revolution to higher achievement – driving reform through
                            innovative policy and finance

        8 and 9 June, 2010
        Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

                              DAY 1 – Tuesday, 8 June

8:00    Registration and morning refreshments
8:50    Welcoming address

                                       Setting the scene

        Chairperson: Mr Peter Roberts, Senior Writer, The Australian Financial Review

9:00    Opening address:
        Overview of the Higher Education Federal Budget 2010-11

         Mr Colin Walters, Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Education,
        Employment and Workplace Relations

9:30    Impact of government reforms
        - Commonwealth Grants Scheme (CGS)
        - Teaching funding and indexation
        - Covering rising research costs
        - Equity and performance funding
        - Better Universities Renewal Fund

        Dr Glenn Withers, Chief Executive, Universities Australia

10:00   Universities in the modern age

        We need an education revolution to grow the knowledge-based economy. That's
        what the government says and it's backing this up with significant investments.
        Yet, in an economic sense, the education revolution puts the cart before the
        horse. Lord Keynes, the doyen of 20th century economists (now back in favour),
        viewed a sound economy as a means to help citizens obtain the benefits of a full
        life: good health, cultivated pursuits and education. Our government's education
        revolution has turned Keynes' view on its head--good health, cultivated pursuits
        and education are now seen as necessary for economic growth. We have
        confused means with ends and universities are paying the price

        Professor Steven Schwartz, Vice Chancellor, Macquarie University

10:30   Morning tea

                               Meeting the government’s agenda

        Chairperson: Mrs Jeanne-Vida Douglas, Journalist, Fairfax Business Media and
        Web Editor,
10:45   How goes the Revolution? – targets, funding, compacts and regulation
        Adequacy of funding to support universal higher education – news from the
         - Supporting diversification and differentiation through compacts
         - Standards and Quality
         - Alternative funding sources
         - Developing partnerships
         - Capital support and funding debt

        Professor Vin Massaro, Managing Director, Massaro Consulting, Professorial
        Fellow, LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management,
        The University of Melbourne

11:15   Quality assurance and standards structures
        - Setting and monitoring the standards TEQSA
        - New performance indicators

        Dr David Woodhouse, Executive Director, Australian Universities Quality Agency

                                          VET budgets

11:45   Designing budgets to allow sustainable future
         -    Budget modeling in a tertiary environment: TAFE delivering higher
         -    American Community College parallels with 4-year degrees
         -   US College educational foundation strategies and learnings for TAFE

        Mr Martin Riordan, Chief Executive Officer, TAFE Directors Australia

12:15   Lunch

                                 Infrastructure & sustainability

13:15   Stimulus spending for universities infrastructure

        Mr Philip Clark AM, Chair, Education Investment Fund

13:50   Supporting the move towards national sustainable constructions

        Professor George Earl, Head of School of Sustainability, Bond University

                              Creating opportunities for students

        Chairperson: Mr Zach Johnson, Regional Vice-President – Asia Pacific,

14:30   Online education and the communication revolution

        Professor Adam Shoemaker, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President
        (Education), Monash University

15:00   Afternoon tea

15:20   Accessing international markets
        Professor Jeanette Hacket, Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University of Technology

15:50   Enhancing the student experience
        Exploring the diversity of the student body and the approaches that universities
        can take to enhance the student experience.

        Dr Stephen Weller, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of James Cook University- Cairns,
        President, Association of Tertiary Education of Management (ATEM)

16:20   International education and students
            – Australia’s $16.6 billion education export industry

        Professor Elizabeth Deane, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students), The Australian
        National University

                                   Private education and VET

16:50   The place of private institutions in Australia’s Higher Education landscape

        Mr Andrew Smith, National Executive Officer, Australian Council for Private
        Education and Training

17:10   Partnerships and collaborations with vocational education and training
         - Overcoming differences between the VET and University sectors
         - Planning for the partnerships
         - Collaboration for social equity

        Mr Philip Croot, Project director – Regional Campuses Collaboration Project,
        Murdoch University

17:40   Closing remarks

17:45   Networking drinks and canapés

                            DAY 2 – Wednesday, 9 June

                                    Research and innovation

8:30    Morning refreshments
8:55    Opening address

9:00    Opportunities for academic and industry linkage

        Dr Liz Jazwinska, Executive Director - Industry Linkages, Australian Research

9:25    Excellence in Research for Australia initiative
         - The federal government’s research performance plans

        Professor Mike Calford, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, The University of Newcastle

9:50    Business investment in R&D
         -   Research for business
         -   Commercialisation

        Professor Stuart Cunningham, Head, The Australian Research Council - Centre
        of Excellence, Creative Industries and Innovation & Distinguished Professor,
        Queensland University of Technology

        Ms Anna-Maria Arabia, Executive Director, Federation of Australian Scientific
        and Technological Societies

        Questions from the audience – 20 minutes

10:30   Morning tea

10:45   Commercialising public sector research
        Various models for the transfer of technology and knowledge from universities to
        the private sector will be discussed and explored. In addition, Australia’s
        performance on various measures will be compared with other countries, notably
        Canada, the UK, and the US.

        Dr Andy Sierakowski, Director, Office of Industry and Innovation
        The University of Western Australia and Chairman, Knowledge
        Commercialisation Australasia (KCA)

                                     Collaboration with industry

        Mrs Catherine Fox, Deputy Editor, AFR BOSS

11:15   Doubling collaboration between the public and private sector through the tax

        Mr Kris Gale, Managing Director, Michael Johnson Associates

11:45   Collaboration with business sector

        Professor Alec Cameron, Dean, Australian School of Business, The University of
        New South Wales

12:15   Lunch

                            Higher Education revolution in practice

13:05   The difference between ideas and implementability: the challenges of the
        Higher Education revolution

        Professor Greg Craven, Vice-Chancellor, Australian Catholic University

                                        Executive education

13:40   How important is Australia’s investment in executive and management
           - Executive and management performance in Business, Government and
               NFP sectors
           - Australia and best practice
           - Goals for leadership development 2010
           - Australia’s role in the Asia Pacific region
        Professor Rosemary Howard, Executive Director and Conjoint Professor AGSM
        Executive Programs, Australian School of Business, The University of New South

                             Financial management and operations

14:10   Discussion panel:
        Growth opportunities

        Mr Monish Paul, National Education Partner, Deloitte

        Professor Garry Marchant, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Bond University

14:50   Afternoon tea

15:05   Alternative revenue streams

15:35   Engaging alumni and philanthropy activities
        Engagement of alumni in Australian universities has largely languished in ill-
        defined policy, divorced from University leadership and absent from core
        strategy. This session will explore leveraging engagement to bring significant
        philanthropic support into the university

        Ms Clare Pullar, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Advancement), The University of

                                   Boosting creative thinking

16:05   Cognitive strategies to boost creative thinking - in both students and yourself
        The latest scientific research in the fields of psychology and neurology has shown
        that anyone has the ability to think creatively. And what's more, anyone has the
        ability to get better at thinking creatively. This session will take you through
        some simple yet very effective cognitive strategies to boost creative thinking
        ability that are based on the latest scientific findings from the field

        Dr Amantha Imber, Organisational psychologist, Author & Founder, Inventium

16:45   Closing remarks
        Close of the conference

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