Gloucestershire GP VTS by wuyunyi


									                   Gloucestershire GP VTS
            Introductory Day ST2s in GP and ST3s
                     Sandford Education Centre, Cheltenham
                 WEDNESDAY 19TH AUGUST 2009 2pm to 5pm

Register on arrival
Name badges – first name and surname
Circle of chairs
Ice Breakers – Geography – Where will you be in GP this year?
                Geography – Where were your born?
                Date of birth circle – mixing people up

Introducing you to the team: (BF)
Course organisers:
David Martin, Colin Burgess, Bill Foster, Judith Brooke, Brendon O’Leary,
Educational Fellow: Anja Henke
Education Scholar – Jacob Lee, Leadership Scholar – Liam Stanbury

Admin Team at Sandford:
Kate, Hilary, Jeanne, Julie,
Your main contact is via Hilary Carter:
Tel Hilary @ Sandford: 01242-273037

Deanery Contacts
Jim Morrison (ActingAD), Paul Main (Deputy head of school), Bill Irish (Head of

Training Practice and GPST2 practice
What was the experience like for those now ST3?

The role of your clinical supervisor

The role of your educational supervisor
Did you visit your ST3 practice in ST1 and ST2?
Sharing ideas
Importance of review meetings

Getting help from the RCGP
Register with RCGP: for e-portfolio, certificate service, BJGP
InnovAiT journal:
10% off fees for AKT and CSA exams
Initial £ 142 as an ST1, then Annual Sub £213
Trouble shooting your e-portfolio

You also have to pay them
Get the stuff to them early

This is a really busy time
Don’t leave it all to the end
You need to do an Appraisal with your trainer at the end of ST3
Need to register with PCT as a Post CCT Performer

Hoops and Hurdles Nuts and Bolts - QUIZ

The n-MRCGP exam                                                                 (BF)

AKT – take this in late ST2 or early in ST3

CSA – in ST3 (probably in last 6 months)

WBA – Throughout – documented in your e-portfolio                            (JB)
     DOPs (Direct observation of procedural skills)
          8 mandatory - easier done in hospital posts
          Get them all done and dusted by end of ST2
     Mini CEX (Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise) - In hospital
     COTs (Consultation Observation tool) (only when in GP)
     CbD (Case-based discussion) In hospital and GP
     MSF (multi-source feedback)In hospital and GP
     PSQ (patient satisfaction questionnaire) (only when in GP)
     Clinical Supervisors report before end of every 6 months in ST1 and ST2

How many of each?

E-Portfolio                                                                 (JB + AN)
      Learning log – not just the event….
                      Needs to be reflective and inform your learning
                      Make links to curriculum
                      No less that 2 quality entries in hospital posts
                      No less than 3 qualities per week in GP posts in ST 2 and 3
             (i.e. after ward round, tutorial, VTS session, significant event)
      PDP – developed from learning log and identified needs
      Curriculum coverage
      Linkage to Competencies (by Educational Supervisor)

       e-portfolio trouble shooting ?

Monitoring your progress                                                  (JB and BoL)
      Review meetings:
             6 monthly reviews by Clinical supervisor
             6 monthly reviews by Educational supervisor

       ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) - JULY for ST2
                                                              Early June for ST3)
               - by a Deanery Panel for ALL TRAINEES annually
       NB If there are concerns about progress, or the completion of your e-portfolio you
       and your educational supervisor will be invited to attend in person.
       If panel not satisfied you cannot progress to the next year

Out of Hours (OOH) training in GP posts:                              (BoL & DM)
   36 hours in ST2, 72 hours in ST3
   Sessions supervised by OOH clinical supervisor
   Sessions reviewed by educational supervisor
   Recording in COGPED Workbook and uploaded into e-portfolio
   Fraud squad involvement if not done (you are paid to do this work!)

How to get the best out of your GP posts – top tips                              (AN)
Problems with your GP training practice?
…contact the CO who is linked to that practice
Cheltenham = Colin:
Gloucester = Bill:
Stroud and Cotswold = Judith

How will you learn?                                                              (JB)
   On the job – experience, reflection, identifying needs
   Departmental teaching in hospitals and audit
   Personal study – journals, books, e-learning
   VTS half-day sessions and VTS/Deanery courses
   Professional & Generic Skills Courses
   Visits to your training practice
   External Courses (approval needed for funding and time)

VTS half-day sessions                                                          (BoL)
   Your attendance expected
  Full Attendance is expected as teaching sessions are part of your timetable.
   You must sign the register when attending sessions at Sandford or Redwood.
   You must e-mail Hilary after each attendance at a session in your practice
   Attendance monitored and looked at by ARCP panel
   For the whole afternoon (2pm to 5pm)
   Bleep and Mobile telephone free
   Arrive 1400 and register and go to group rooms

      Groups kick-off promptly at 1415
      Late comers will need to sign in at Hilary’s office

The usual half day
Session for Hospital Docs    (large group work) – with Judith, Aug-Jan
                   Topic-based
                   Relates to curriculum
                   Relates to your shared learning needs
                   Jointly planned and presented
Session for GP Docs (small group work) – with Colin, Bill, Brendon, Aug-Jan
                   Consistent groups (members and facilitator)
                   Group agenda
                   Based on experiences

TEA – socialising and networking

       Very big group – in lecture hall when possible (Everyone!)
               Curriculum related
               3 year rolling programme – you make suggestions
               Often external resources
               Ends with evaluation
               Later reflection in e-portfolio (both halves)

Visits to your training practice (for ST2s when in hospital posts)                (JB)
8 half-days a year (could be full days)
Negotiable between you, educational supervisor and clinical supervisor in hospital post
Timetabled in, x8 per year on a Wednesday - but can be any day in that week
Keep focus on career aim
Become familiar with your training practice
Relationship with Ed supervisor – support for you
6 monthly Educational Supervisor review can be done in these sessions
Could be a wide range of activities – not just with Educational Supervisor
Attendance recorded by e-mail to Hilary
Share your experiences and generating ideas for your peers
THIS IS CENTRAL and up to you to arrange

VTS and Deanery courses                                                    (BF)

VTS Residential Courses (2 day, overnight stay)
2 course each year, Provided for ST2s and ST3s
Communication skills annually in Spring, Rotating themes in Autumn
ST2s will be expected to attend one of the two courses in the year (may be easiest in GP)
ST3s will be expected to attend both courses in the year

AKT preparation course – 1 day (prior to your exam)
CSA preparation course – 2 days
Careers fair and Trainees Conference – 1 day

GGPET                                                                      (CB)
Mostly for post CCT education
GPSTs have membership in ST2 and ST3 years
Some sessions part of our programme, Need to book your place

Professional and Generic Skills Programme
Study Leave to be applied for. No cost for Specialty Trainees including GPRs
Open to all specialty trainees - Some overlap with what we cover
Book on if this matches your needs
STUDY LEAVE                                                                 (CB)
Policy being shaped on Deanery website
     £570 per year
     Top slicing this for residential courses, family planning etc in ST3s

WEB TOUR                                                                 (CB)
Glos VTS: - you need to register
Primary Care School of Severn Deanery:
Glos Hosp Trust:
Gloucestershire GP Education Trust (GGPET):
InnovAiT journal: access to AKT practice questions


3-50   Small Group Work (Groups A, B and C)
       Setting group principles
       Setting a group agenda
       Q and As


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