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Sage ERP X3

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									An Introduction to
Sage ERP X3
For Hard Goods Manufacturing
Mid-Size Businesses
Are Facing New Challenges

Source: Aberdeen Group – Business drivers impacting ERP strategies in mid-size companies - Aug. 2008

What Are Your Priorities?

Source: Aberdeen Group – Top strategic actions of mid-size companies – Aug. 2008

Sage ERP X3
Helps Reach Your Goals

• Singular functional integration
  streamlines all business
• Functional depth fits the most
  sophisticated processes with
  limited need for customization.
• Real-time statistics and BI tools
  provide visibility across all
• International / multi-audit design
  helps managing global growth.
• Collaborative / open architecture
  accelerates information exchange
  and guarantees interoperability.
Sage: A Global Market Leader …
• 3rd largest ERP software
  vendor worldwide                              Oracle
                                                 13%                                    Infor
• 6.1 million customers
• $2,216m revenue                                                                          Microsoft
  for year ended 9/30/2009   SAP                                                   4%
• 13,400 employees           27%
• Operations in over 150

                              Source, Gartner June 2009. Worldwide total ERP software
                                       revenue market share by vendor, 2008

… with a Local Focus

               • 3.1 million customers in
                 North America
               • Over 4,100 employees
               • A broad range of solutions
                 designed for the NA market
               • Serving businesses from 1 to more
                 than 2,000 employees in all

 Providing Solutions for Growing


                                           Sage ERP X3

                              Sage MAS 500

                    Sage Accpac
                  Sage MAS 90/200

                                                         # Users
 Sage ERP X3: A Global Solution
• 2,500+ customers                                France
                                                  Poland       Netherlands
  in over 40 countries                            Portugal



                                                                                  SOUTH EAST ASIA
NORTH AMERICA                                                                     Singapore
United States                                                                     Thailand
Canada                                                  MIDDLE EAST               Indonesia
                                                        United Arab Emirates      Malaysia
                                                        Saudi Arabia
                         South Africa
                                                        Egypt                             AUSTRALIA
     SOUTH AMERICA                                      Jordan                            New Zealand
     Argentina                                          Kuwait
                         Congo          Morocco
                         Gabun          Tunisia
                         Madagascar     Senegal

A Solution Designed to Meet Midsize
Companies’ Unique Requirements
• Sage ERP X3 offers the best combined value for mid-to-large
  distributors and manufacturers with:

   – Sophisticated business processes and comprehensive
     management needs
   – Growing, changing operations
   – Strong regulatory & quality requirements
   – Global management needs
   But …
   – Short implementation timeframe
   – Limited IT staff and resources
   – Low user acceptance for complex applications

     A Fast Growing
     ERP Platform                                               Version 6

                                                                                Enhanced multi-legislation
                                                 Version 5                      accounting, REST architecture
                              40% of today’s users                              New countries & legislations
                                                                     New ergonomics, embedded BI
                                  Version 1.40                       2nd generation workflow engine
                                                                     Available in 35 countries
                                                        Advanced portal, Web-services
                     Version 1.30                       Product launch in China
                                                        Available in 18 countries
                                         New product architecture:
         Version 1.20                    First Web-native ERP suite for mid-size businesses
                                         Multi-OS engine (Windows, Unix and Linux)
                            Fully-integrated ERP suite, including manufacturing
Version 1.10                Product launch in North America
                            Available in 5 countries
       1999    Product launch in Europe:
               finance and distribution suite on Unix
Sound Technology Choices

• Multi-tier, scalable system
• No technology lock-in
   – SOA / Web Services
   – Multi-OS / Multi-DB
• Web 2.0 Portal
• Embedded BI
                     The Sage Application
                        Framework for the
                     Enterprise (SAFE X3)

 Giving You More, for Less
• Routings                                                                        Finance
• Discrete or Process/continuous batch flow                              General ledger 
• Bom/formula management                                           Analytical accounting 
• MPS/MRP                                                                      Budgeting 
• Technical data configurator                                                 Allocations 
• Weighing scales                                                           Fixed assets 
• Costing                                                           Accounts receivable 
• Quality control                                                     Accounts payable 
• Shop floor control
• Capacity planning                                                                  Sales
                                                                                  Pricing 
Inventory                                                                     Quotes and
• Multi-level ware-                                                            contracts 
  housing and location                                                      Order entry 
  management                                                           Item configurator 
• Movements and                                                                  Inventory
  transactions                                                               allocations 
• RF data collection                                                  Delivery scheduling
• Quality control                                                          and shipping 
• Costing                                                                      Invoicing 
• Physical counting                                                   Customer returns 
• Replenishment                                                      Sales commissions 

Purchasing                                                                          CRM
• Purchase requests                                              Marketing campaigns 
• Encumbrance accounting                                         Contact management 
• Requests for proposals                                        Sales force automation 
• Purchase orders                                  Customer support, call center support 
• Subcontracting                                   Warranty management, service orders 
• Multi-level approval processing                                      Knowledge base 
• Contracts

Sage ERP X3 Makes a Difference!
• Increased business insight                • Reduced costs
   – Integrated business intelligence,           – Proven administrative, operational
     user-defined dashboards, real-                and inventory cost reduction after
     time analytics across all functions,          full implementation
     extensive traceability and audit            – Low acquisition, implementation,
     tools                                         training and administration costs
• Streamlined Operations                    • Extended flexibility
   – Comprehensive functional                    – Multi-tier, scalable architecture
     integration, advanced workflow,               (up to 1,100 concurrent users),
     Sage Visual Processes™,                       extensive customization
     MS Office integration, state-of-the-          capabilities, integrated
     art ergonomics                                development environment,
• Enhanced collaboration                           multi-OS/DB
   – SOA/Web-native architecture,
     Web Services, user portal, Outlook
     integration, multi-company, multi-
     site and legislations

Improving your Business Performance

Source: Aberdeen Group, ERP in the Mid-Market, Aug. 2008
*Best-in-class: companies making the best use of their ERP system
 (implementing more functionality and users, using a newer release, etc.)
Meeting Your Industry Best Practices
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

• Multiple manufacturing modes: ATO, MTO, CTO, MTS, mixed
• Technical data configurator
• Work plan and Manufacturing analysis w/ workflow event
  management & notification systems
• Interactive finite/infinite capacity planning w/ load leveling
• Extensive costing methods promoting increased visibility,
  efficiency and cost control
• Graphical planning and scheduling tools with optimization
• Quality systems and data collection tools
• Enhanced decision-making tools

   Fitting Your Way of Doing Business
               Sage Visual Processes™        Users get a clear view
                                             of their work procedure
                                             with one-click access to
                                               the underlying ERP

Select from
hundreds of
available or
create your

What are Customers Saying?
•   “With Sage ERP X3, we gained more functionality than comparable
    Tier 2 systems and could afford to license all potential users.
    And it is so easy to manage that we were able to expand our system
    without additional IT resources.”
    Michael Stern, Director of Systems and Procedures, Sconza Candy, Oakland (CA)

•   “Aceto is better managing its inventory, tracking foreign exchange
    costs and controlling credit and order approvals.”
    Terry Steinberg, CIO, Aceto Corporation, Lake Success (NY)

•   “On-time shipments are now consistently above 90% as opposed to 70
    to 85% without Sage ERP X3, and inventory turns increased by more
    than 10%.”
    Don Lynch, Director of Operations, Golden Artist Colors (NY)

Case Study
 Better Servicing Customers

 • Company
     – Manufacturer of portable restrooms, sinks,
       deodorizers and service trucks in Minneapolis, MN
 • Challenges
     – Needed to integrate sales and marketing processes,
       streamline operations and provide timely access to      59 ERP users
       information                                             Hard Goods
     – Wanted a system that would enable effective             Manufacturing
       collaboration with suppliers and provide complete
       supply chain visibility and control                     Offices in Belgium,
     – Established business objective of servicing customers   France, China and the
       better                                                  United Kingdom
 • Reasons stated for choosing Sage ERP X3:
     – System meets many of their supply chain, customer
       management and multi-national requirements
     – CRM module became the cornerstone of their
       implementation prior to installing manufacturing,
       distribution and accounting functions

They Are Using Sage ERP X3

It’s All About You

Thank You!

                     Sage North America
                2200 Georgetowne Drive
                    Sewickley, PA 15143
                      Tel: 724 933-1377
A Cost-Effective Solution

            • Ease of parameterization and fast
              implementation methodology help
              reduce project cost.
            • Ease of use fosters fast user
              acceptance and reduces training.
            • Extensive functional coverage reduces
              the need for complementary
              applications and interfaces.
            • Compliance with open standards
              prevents technology lock-in.
            • Easy system administration and
              maintenance enables managing the
              system with limited IT staff.

Streamlining Operations

           •   Singular functional integration embraces finance,
               distribution, CRM and manufacturing.
           •   Supports multiple manufacturing modes
               including ATO, MTO, CTO, MTS process, mixed
           •   State-of-the-art ergonomics and seamless
               MS Office integration foster user productivity.
           •   Sage Visual Processes™ improve simplicity for
               users and help enforce quality procedures.
           •   Advanced workflow helps automate and
               improve control over processes.
           •   Compliance with multiple legislations and
               accounting practices enables managing global
               businesses within one system.

Increasing Business Insight

            • Integrated business intelligence
              (powered by Business Objects™) helps
              make faster and better informed
            • User-defined dashboards and key
              indicators help improve control over
              business and help focus on
            • Real-time analytics and customizable
              reports speed up periodic reporting.
            • Extensive traceability and audit tools
              help prevent and reduce risks.

Fostering Collaboration

            • SOA/Web-native architecture and Web
              Services (XML, UDDI, WSL, SOAP)
              foster collaboration with partners,
              suppliers and remote staff.
            • MS Outlook integration simplifies and
              accelerates information exchange.
            • Multi-company, multi-site capabilities help
              manage decentralized organizations.
            • Supports online sales management (with
              optional e-commerce integration tool).
            • Supports multiple languages, including
              English, French, Spanish, Chinese,
              German, Portuguese and Italian.

Growing with Your Business

           • Flexible multi-tier architecture scales up
             to 1,100 concurrent users (benchmarks
             up to 1,500 users).
           • Extensive customization capabilities
             adapt to your business environment
             and changes.
           • Integrated development environment
             (Java-based) enables enterprise-
             specific developments by customers.
           • Multi-OS (Windows, Unix AIX, Linux Red
             Hat) and multi-DB (Oracle, Microsoft SQL
             Server) foster freedom of choice and

Case Study
 Experience, Local Support and International Presence

 • Company
     – The largest costume and dress up manufacturing
       group in the world. 28 millions items sold per year
     – Locations in the United States, France, Spain, China,
       UK, Italy, Germany
 • Challenges
     – Multiple mid-sized subsidiaries in different countries,   80 ERP users
       using different systems                                   Manufacturing
     – No shared processes and information across the            and distribution
       different entities                                        7 countries
 • Reasons stated for choosing Sage ERP X3:
     – International presence and local support
     – Proven experience of mid-sized businesses’
       challenges since 1979
     – Scalability allowing a progressive international
       deployment, one company at a time
     – Manufacturing and inventory managed globally

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Disguise is the world's largest designer and producer of costumes
                 and accessories. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Disguise employs
                 over 100 people, peaking at 1,000 during the height of the season.
                 The company manufactures millions of Halloween costumes a year,
                 which are shipped to thousands of specialty and mass-market retailers.
                 (75 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Located in Guelph, Ontario, Hammond Manufacturing
                 manufactures a broad range of products for the electronic and electrical
                 products industry, including metallic and non-metallic enclosures,
                 racks, small cases, outlet strips, surge suppressors and electronic
                 (175 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Headquartered in Singapore with U.S. operations in San Jose, CA,
                 Flextronics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
                 provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and
                 manufacturing services to automotive, computing, consumer
                 digital, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEMs.
                 (130 Sage ERP X3 users)
Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Minneapolis, MN-based, Holmberg is the premier supplier of print-
                 on-demand copier tabs, reinforced loose leaf papers and custom index
                 tabs. A proprietary paper production process is a major contributor to
                 their leadership status as one of the largest manufacturing facilities in
                 the country, as they support a growing base of manufacturers,
                 distributors and OEMs.
                 (50 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Warner Manufacturing Company is a producer of innovative
                 high-quality tools for contractors and home remodelers. Based in
                 Minneapolis, MN, the company makes tools ranging from putty knives
                 and paint scrapers to wallpaper steamers sold through home centers
                 and paint stores to professionals and to do-it-yourselfers working with
                 paint, drywall, masonry, tile and wall covering.
                 (40 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Melrose Park, IL-based Advanced Instrument Development
                 is a manufacturer of medical diagnostic and industrial X-ray
                 systems and subsystems.

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Flexibülb, based in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, is an aircraft interior
                 components manufacturer serving the aerospace industry as a supplier
                 of non-metallic aircraft parts and advanced materials. Flexibülb's
                 manufactured products range form aircraft windshields to a full line of
                 specialized ground support equipment.

                 Red Bank, NJ-based Seals Eastern, Inc. is a major supplier of
                 specialty seals, packers and gaskets to the energy industry and heavy
                 duty diesel market. The company specializes in the design and
                 manufacture of high quality seals, gaskets and o-rings for physically
                 demanding applications. Their products are sold worldwide.
                 (20 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Tivoly Inc. manufacturers over 29,000 different drill taps under
                 private label for various distributors. The company’s product range
                 includes hand taps, production taps, performance taps, application
                 taps, carbide taps, specials, fast service, reamers and drills.
                 (40 Sage ERP X3 users)

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Within its 35,000 square foot facility, United Standard Industries
                 produces some of the most complex parts and assemblies in the U.S.
                 The Glenview, IL-based company has machined parts for the
                 pneumatics, defense, automotive, medical, and related industries.

                 Minneapolis, MN-based Satellite Industries, Inc., a manufacturer
                 of portable restrooms, is the world's largest supplier to the portable
                 sanitation industry. The company’s diverse supply chain involves
                 selling its products to private service companies who in turn service the
                 construction, recreation, commercial and event industries where the
                 company's portable toilets, sinks, deodorizers and service trucks are
                 employed. (60 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Walker Glass is located in Montreal, Quebec and is a leading
                 developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality glass and mirror
                 (25 Sage ERP X3 users)

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Beloit, WI-based The Broaster Company markets and licenses the
                 Genuine Broaster Chicken®, Broaster® Recipe Express and
                 Bro-Tisserie® programs worldwide through a network of authorized
                 distributors. The company also manufactures a full line of specialty
                 foodservice equipment, blends a complete line of marinades and
                 breadings and markets a line of ready-to-cook, frozen foods for
                 foodservice operations under the Broaster® Recipe Foods name.
                 (40 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Lee Supply Co, Inc. is a distributor of engineered products
                 servicing the mining, environmental, construction and municipal
                 markets in the Mid Atlantic and South Eastern region. The company
                 employs ninety people and is headquartered in Charleroi, PA with
                 branches in Shady Spring, WV and Lexington, SC.
                 (45 Sage ERP X3 users)

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Onsrud Cutter, located in Libertyville, IL, is the only router bit facility
                 in the U.S. that manufactures high-speed steel, carbide tip, solid
                 carbide and diamond coated router tooling.
                 (40 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 East Providence, RI-based Gripnail Corporation specializes in
                 fastening systems for attaching lightweight components to metal.

                 Based in Villa D’anjou, Quebec, ARTCRAFT manufacturers home
                 lighting products. The company operates two manufacturing facilities,
                 a distribution center, separate warehouse facilities and a showroom in
                 Dallas, TX through which its 1600 products are manufactured,
                 assembled, imported, warehoused and displayed.
                 (20 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Erasteel, located in Boonton, NJ, is a leading producer of high
                 speed steels, offering a wide range of products and grades.

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                   CDM Décor Papers is a Drummondville, Quebec manufacturer
                   of high quality, low basis weight cured foils and specialty surfacing
                   products for customers that produce particleboards, office and home
                   furniture and kitchen cabinets.
                   (30 Sage ERP X3 users)

                   Anamet Electrical, located in Mattoon, IL, manufactures
                   electrical conduit including the premier Anaconda Sealtite brand.

                   Crystal Lake, IL-based Serv-All Die and Tool Company
                   provides custom, close-tolerance, mechanical zinc die-castings
                   manufactured to customers’ specifications and requirements in its
                   50,000+ square foot facility.

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Sonnax Industries, Inc., located in Bellows Falls, VT, is a leading
                 supplier to the automotive aftermarket. The company designs,
                 manufactures and distributes replacement components for automatic
                 transmissions, torque converters, drive shafts and related products.
                 (75 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Power Drives, Inc. is a supplier of fluid power and automation
                 solutions including electrical motion control, pneumatic, hydraulic and
                 power transmission components and systems located in Buffalo, NY.
                 (70 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Micron, based in Elmhurst, IL, manufactures transformers and power
                 supplies. Over 75% of the company’s annual sales involve custom
                 designs for specific OEM customers.
                 (25 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 Sturtevant Richmont of Franklin Park, IL manufactures
                 accurate, reliable and durable torque products.

Sample of Customers
 Hard Goods Manufacturing

                 Galco International, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, is a
                 manufacturer and distributor of high-quality gun holsters.
                 (30 Sage ERP X3 users)

                 SENCON is one of the leading developers of control and quality
                 solutions for the packaging industry. Based in Bedford Park, IL,
                 SENCON develops high quality, cost-effective products for the metal
                 packaging industry.
                 (25 Sage ERP X3 users)


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