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October, 2010
Homecoming Highlights on pp. 4-5

      Seniors Storm the Stage!
                                                    by Jeff Miller
          Seniors stormed the stage as they prepared to dive into their as-
signed characters in this year’s senior class play, ―Curtain Going Up!” The
seniors were ready to perform again this year. In other words—the senior                                                   “What
class play was a go! Directed by Mrs. Millar and student directed by Dan-                                                            amazin
                                                                                                                                            g         talent!”
ielle Watson, they had their work cut out for them.
           This year, The senior class play was actually about putting on a
senior class play. This play was filled with many pleasant surprises, such
as a grouchy janitor, disappearing scripts, crossed up romances, a stage                              in   g
struck actress and her bewildered boyfriend, an actor with a swollen head,              ―Curtain Go
a disgruntled athlete who feels out of place on stage, an over-the-top pro-                   Up”
fessional actor, a banker’s daughter driven to theft and, perhaps most unex-                is a hit!
pected of all, a romance for the drama teacher herself! The solutions to
these previous problems set forth a worth-while theme that will further
satisfy the THS and public audience.
          The talented cast of this humorous play included Lindsay Barker,
Joe Phelps, Rachel Lohr, Brianna Rodgers, Brittany Love, Eric York, Sean
-Paul Dougherty, Jeffrey Kalkbrenner, Jeffrey Miller, Tilly Marchand,
Andrew Ortega, and Jessica Hilburn. Also, Curtain Going Up was a multi-
tasking play where backstage came to life as crew members became actors
as well. Kim Deane, Kyra Kemp, Lewis Hazen, and Amanda Whitney
were naturals at art and apparently on stage as well. This unique three-act                                                       Photos by Kaitlyn Beck
play also included roles played by Teresa Correa, Jasmine Woods, TJ
Hood, Marissa Webb, Emilie O’Conner, and TJ Coyle.
          The play was set to be performed to the public audience on Octo-                    A “Once in a Lifetime Experience”
ber 18 and 19. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the pictures of the senior                                                      by Melissa Renninger
class play, ―Curtain Going Up!‖
                                                                                                                       A great opportunity has presented
                                                                                                            itself for two varsity cheerleaders at THS this
                                                                                                            year! Cheerleading co-captains Darcy Snyder
       YEARBOOK ORDERING INFORMATION                                                                        and Melissa Renninger have been given the
                                                                                                            chance to participate in the 2010 Thanksgiving
              The Optimist yearbook is now on sale. Last year’s book was a               Macy’s Day Parade in New York City this November.
    big hit and was also a little bit of history as the first full color yearbook
    for THS. We are offering a full color yearbook once again, but the                             Over the summer, the ladies took part in a camp entitled
    yearbook staff wants to make it available to more students.                          ―UCA Cheer Camp‖ in which they had to complete in a series of
              For the first time, we are offering a payment plan that allows             performances before the UCA camp directors with only two days of
    you to spread out the cost of your yearbook over several months. The                 practice. The UCA camp directors chose a select few cheerleaders
    cost of the yearbook is $60 each for those that want to use the payment              to be named ―All-American‖ and have the opportunity to participate
    plan, with a deposit due before Christmas vacation, and the balance due              in a parade event depending on her grade level.
    before May 1st.                                                                                 Darcy and Melissa made ―All-American‖ and are plan-
              We also have an early payment option, which allows the buyer               ning on participating in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in
    to save $5 if they order and pay in full before Christmas vacation. This             NYC on November 25. The girls have been raising money to pay
    full payment option is the only option that will allow you to add                    for their trip through fundraising, dinners at local restaurants and
    personalization and icons to the cover of your book.       Finally, any              possible other sources within the community.
    order placed after January 3, 2011 will be a full payment of $60. In
    order to save money and get personalization on your yearbook, order as                        Let’s wish the best of luck to and congratulate Melissa
    soon as possible.                                                                    and Darcy on their outstanding achievement!
              If you have any questions, please see the back of the yearbook
    order form or contact Mr. Axton in Room 112.
          Welcome Aboard
                              by: Melissa Renninger                                 History Club up and runnin’
                                                                                                                     by Chase Canter
          Each and every new school year there are many
new students joining us in the Titusville Area School District. While                                  THS History Club is now up and
walking through the halls you may notice some unfamiliar faces                               running. Mr. Gifford, the advisor of the club, is
throughout your student body. This year, we have over thirty new students                    quite pleased with the turn out. Currently there are
joining us at THS and we have chosen a few of them to give us their                          between fifteen and twenty members. He is
output on what they think of our school.                                           excited to start the many community service projects that
           Ariel Thomas, 17, is a senior this year. She attended Maplewood         are being planned. History Club is planning a Stromboli
High School prior to Titusville High School and she described our school           fundraiser in the near future. Next year, Mr. Gifford wishes
as ―a lot better, the students here are more accepting.‖ Her favorite class is     to take the club members on a field trip to Gettysburg to see
English class with Mr. Sumoske. Activities Ariel is/plans on participating         the National Gettysburg Museum and the battlegrounds of
in are cheerleading, softball, and student council.
                                                                                   the Civil War.
          Another senior this year, Wendie Hazelton, is also 17. She
attended Maplewood High school before joining us at Titusville High                          For more information on the
School. When asked how her old school compared to her new school she               Titusville High School history club,
quoted ―It’s huge!‖ When she’s not tied up here at school Wendie likes to          contact Mr. Gifford in Room 215.
hang out with her friends a lot and walk around.
           Lindsey Sterns, 16, is a junior at THS. Before attending
Titusville High School she was cyber schooled at her house. She stated
that ‖ ―real‖ school is good because I like having a real teacher.‖ Linsey
enjoys Mrs. Turners Comprehensive Science class because it’s interesting
and she always makes her classes fun. She loves spending her free time
cheerleading and playing with her puppy.
                                                                                        THS Drama Club: Ready to Rise
         Raymond Hicks, 17, is a new student in our sophomore class this                                        by Jeff Miller
school year. He was cyber schooled by PA cyber before he came to THS.
He quoted ―this school is a little less boring‖ and his favorite class is Metal              The THS Drama club has been active since the first
Tech with Mr. Mader . In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends         activities period began. The club is led by the president of the
and meeting new people.                                                           club, Joseph Phelps. Also at his side is Sean-Paul Dougherty as
                                                                                  vice president, Thria Devlin as secretary, and Tyler Corklin as
           Another sophomore joining us this year is Regina Abbey, who is
                                                                                  treasurer of the club. The club’s advisor is Mrs. Millar, however,
16. She attended Seneca Valley High School and she said that our school
                                                                                  the club itself is run completely by the members of the office and
is a lot better! She really likes that there is no detention here and our
                                                                                  the clubs 30+ members. THS Drama Club is involved in many
marching band because of all the great friends she has made. Mr. Gifford’s
history class is by far her favorite. Regina participates in the THS              activities around the school and community.
marching band and enjoys reading, writing, singing, and playing the guitar.
                                                                                            The ushers that are seen in the auditorium during the
           Daniel Valentine, 16, is a freshman. He attended Meadville High        senior class play, talent show, musical, and more, are volunteers
School before moving to Titusville. When asked how our school compared            from the club itself. Refreshments at such events are contributed
to his previous school, he stated that THS is a lot bigger. Daniel’s favorite     by the Drama Club as well. All profits that are made through
class is gym with Mrs. Laird and his hobbies are playing football and             these activities are put into a fund that pays for the Drama Club
                                                                                  to attend a professional musical in Pittsburgh at the end of the
          A freshman, Marissa Schons, 14, attended Eden Christian                 school year. The club participates in the Twilight Tales that takes
Academy prior to Titusville High School. During her interview she                 place during October at Woodlawn Cemetery.           Everyone    in
declared that the environment between both schools is completely                  the THS Drama Club is looking forward to a year filled with
different and that she preferred ECA’s environment over ours. Her                 involvement, recognition, and excitement and working toward
favorite class is English with Mr. Lane because, in her opinion, he               the overall goal of attending their trip at the end of the year!
is a very good teacher. Marissa loves playing basketball, painting,
                                                                                            Good Luck Everyone!
and writing.
          There you have it THS! You now know a little about a
few new students you may not have known before. When coming
to a new school and not knowing many people, it definitely could
be a rough time. So, if you run into someone who looks lost, or just
needs a friend, help them out and show them what THS students
are all about!
                              FALL SPORTS 2010
          They Did It Again!!                                                      THS Cross Country
                                      by Chase Canter                                                 by Marisa Brickner
        Under the supervision of Coach McCord, six Titusville High                  The Titusville Rockets cross country team stampeded
                School students did very well golfing this season.         across the rough terrain with a positive attitude and their heads
                The varsity team consisted of: Kennedy Neely               held high. With the help from Coach Axton and Coach Henderson,
                (junior), Ryan Corey(senior),      Mike Vinopal                              the Rockets have had a successful year.
                (senior) , Nick Cubbon(senior),
                                                                                                      The Lady Rockets had an outstanding
                Jimmy Burt(senior), and Jared
                                                                                            year, claiming the Region 3 Championship title.
                Hazen(sophomore). The varsity
                                                                                            The members of the team are seniors: Haley
team finished undefeated which made them
                                                                                            Brown, Teresa Correa, Jasmine Woods, Olyvia
Region 4 Champions again this year.
                                                                                            Drake and Taylor Snyder; juniors: Emily
          There are seven seniors leaving the golf team. It is a shame     Wescoat, Jordan Herberg, Ivy Kuberry; sophomores: Danica Ensle
that after four years of amazing golf we have to lose these talented       and Leah Henderson; freshmen: Marie Johnson and Taylor Walters.
players. There is an upside to all of this, though. There will be four
                                                                                   The boys toughened up and put forth their best effort as
open slots for good talented golfers next year. Ever
                                                                           well. The boy members are senior: Brandon Bortzer; junior: Kegan
since these seniors were freshman, Rocket golf has
                                                                           Brown, sophomores: Kyle Muzzy and Dustin Knapp;
won the region.
                                                                           freshmen: Derrick Bish and Marcus Allen.
         ―There is a great chance we will win our
                                                                                    Girl district qualifiers are Teresa Correa,
region next year too!‖ said an optimistic sophomore
                                                                           Taylor Snyder, Marie Johnson, Leah Henderson and
                 Jared Hazen.
                                                                           Emily Wescoat.
                            Mike Vinopal also said, ―I wish the best of
                                                                                   Boy district qualifiers are Brandon Bortzer, Dustin Knapp,
                 luck to the underclassman. Golf is a great sport and
                                                                           Kyle Muzzy, Kegan Brown and Derrick Bish.
                 it is awesome to see the underclassmen stick with it.
                 I also wish luck to Coach McCord; hopefully he can                 The team will pack up and take off for        districts on
                 provide special wisdom to these young golfers and         Saturday October 30.
encourage them to strive to win the region for our fifth year in a row‖.            Good job on your accomplishments and good luck to you
         Golf isn’t just a sport in high school. You can start playing     guys as you move on to districts!!
when you’re ten years old and play until your 110
years old. It’s also very popular in the business
world. More business is conducted on the golf
                   course than in the office these
                   days.     Our entire publications
                   crew is proud of our THS

A Homecoming to remember
                                                                                                              “Check it Out!”
         Homecoming 2010 Happenings                                                   by Kaitlyn Beck

                  Homecoming 2010 has been one of        The homecoming dance. Students were crazy
        the most exciting years so far. Everyone was     excited to bust a move. THS girls were all
Class   getting involved in all that they could--from    dressed up, looking gorgeous and the guys, of          Class
 of     decorating the town to the Friday night          course, were looking quite handsome. A few              of
2011    football game. Student Council members           graduates from the class of 2010 attended to help      2012
        were excused from their Friday classes to go     DJ the dance. Trevor Foley, Brian Johnson,
        around town and decorate Titusville in brown     Ryan Marsh, and Joel Kerr joined the fun that
        and gold. They decorated Scheide House,          evening.
        Carter Field, and the streets the floats would
                                                                   I asked some students if they enjoyed
        pass on for the parade. Friday of the game
                                                         the dance and what they thought of it. Senior,
        held a lot of excitement and nervousness for
                                                         Brandon Bortzer said ―My favorite part of the
        the players. Carter Field was packed with
                                                         homecoming dance was dancing with the
        cheering fans supporting their team. At half-
                                                         ladies.‖ Sophomore, Josiah Leach replied with a
        time the 2010 Homecoming Queen was
                                                         humorous remark; ―The dance was amazing and
        announced. Senior, Rachel Lohr was
                                                         I got my funky jam on.‖ It was agreed by several
        crowned this year by last year’s winner,
                                                         students that it was the best dance they’ve been      Class
Class   Kaylan Wright. The bleachers were filled
                                                         to so far. Alecia Weldon, who was on                   of
 of     with congratulating faces. The homecoming
                                                         homecoming court, quoted that ―homecoming             2014
2013    game ended with a 0-22 loss. But that didn’t
                                                         2010 rocked my socks off, and I wasn’t even
        dampen the THS spirit. The Rockets played
                                                         wearing any!‖
        hard and did their best; they didn’t walk
        away with a win but with a feeling of dignity.              It’s quite obvious that everyone had a
                                                         blast with this year’s ―happenings.‖          It’s
                 Saturday night, October 9, 2010,
                                                         definitely a year that will be remembered.
        was a night to remember. It was the night of
                     Students Working                                           Jacob and Sam, here from Japan!
                   Beyond the Classroom                                                                           by Haley Brown
                                                                                        You may have noticed that Titusville High School has a new
                                              by Chase Canter                pair of friendly faces this year. But what you may not know is that
                                                                             they came all the way from Japan. Their names are Sam and Jacob
           As many students are preparing for college, some are looking      Gulland.
at ways to begin saving now. We were surprised to see how many THS                     Jacob is a freshman this year at THS, and his
students have jobs. Having a job is important to succeed in life or to       older sister, Sam, is a sophomore. They were both
have an extra dime or two. There are students who juggle school, a job       born in America, but after a few years they moved to
and even other sports and activities. This shows responsibility and          Japan because their parents are both missionaries. The
                                                                             siblings have traveled a lot with their parents, and they
dedication in our students. Here are just a few who talked with us about
                                                                             have been to places like Korea, Europe, the
their jobs.
                                                                             Philippines, and of course…Japan!
Cody Rogers, a senior from our high school has worked at                                          When Sam was going into 9th grade, she moved to
Marias. He washes dishes, and he commented that he                                                the Philippines all by herself to attend a boarding
doesn’t enjoy his job very much. After this high school                                           school. Jacob on the other hand, stayed with his
          year, he would like to go to the Military.                                              parents and went to a public school in Japan.
         Andrew Reagle another senior at Titusville High, has an                                  When Jacob was four years old he started taking
         after school/ summer job. He has worked for Hazlett’s for                                dance lessons. He took ballet as well as modern
         about five months now, and he said he enjoys every minute                                dance lessons to make him dance faster. Jacob has
         of it. He wants to continue this for a main career, but he is       been in thirteen professional dance performances. In Japan, Jacob
                                                                             would perform in front of over a thousand people! Taking ballet
         also looking into taking a fire science course at Slippery
                                                                             classes is very popular in Japan because it is part of their heritage.
Rock University.
                                                                                      Welcome to Titusville High School Sam and Jacob. We
             Robby Johnson a junior from THS works at White Hills            hope you have a great year!
             Garage. He works for three hours once a week. He sweeps
             the floors in the shop. He has been employed at this job for
             over a year now. After Robby graduates high school, he
             wants to go on to be a Chiropractor.
Over the summer, Xavier DeRose mowed grass at Windy
Knolls Golf Course. He said that it’s a nice job. He also said
he would rather go into the military after high school.
Allison McClintock another senior here works at Deets Sugar House in
Dempseytown. She has been employed for two years now. Ally really
enjoys her job there but she wants to go to college and become an X-ray
          Victoria Reed a senior at Titusville spends her weekends
          working at Cross Creek Resort. Victoria is a housekeeper and
          she doesn’t necessarily love her job, but it’s not the worst one        Join in on the Student Council action!
          in the world. She has worked at this job for about five months                                                 by Marisa Brickner
but after this year is over she would like to attend Clarion Venango
Campus for business administration.                                                        The beginning of October is a busy time for Student
                                                                                Council. Titusville High School Homecoming is sponsored by
Elizabeth Repasky another twelfth grader has an after school/ summer            Student Council. The activities that Student Council offers vary
job. She is employed at Corky’s 2 Pizza & Ice Cream in Pleasantville            from the parade, Spirit Week, Homecoming dance, and many
and has been there for about a year and a half. Libby enjoys
                                                                                other groups that you can help out with.
her job very much so and believes it is almost the easiest
                                                                                           But what does Student Council do when Homecoming
job out there on some days. After she graduates high school
                                                                                is all over? Well Student Council gets involved in all kinds of
this year, she plans on working at Corky’s until the end of
                                                                                activities such as the Sadie Hawkins dance, Spaghetti Dinner.
Ice Cream season then she plans on getting a higher paying job.
                                                                                Student Council is also going to try a new fun and enjoyable
Tierra Corklin works at Pizza Villa for Joyce Tobin the owner. She has          activity known as Data Match. Just to give you something to
worked for Ms. Tobin for about three months. Tierra says her job is very        think about and look forward to, details about Data Match will
easy and it is not the worst job in the world. After high school she plans      appear as the time approaches. At the end of the year the group
on going to college.
                                                                                will be going on a trip as a reward for all the hard work done
Kaitlin Wilson a freshman works at the Ed Myer Complex concession               throughout the year.
stand. She likes her job sometime and has been employed for about a                        It’s not too late to join Student Council! If you would
year now. After she graduates high school in four years she wishes to           like to join, stop in to talk to Mr. Zimmerman or see a Student
train horses and help children with disabilities ride her horses.               Council officer today! Hope to see you there!
            Marisa Brickner a senior at THS has worked at
            McDonald’s for a year and a half. Marisa is a crew trainer
            and she says that she enjoys training her crew. She plans to
            attend PTI in Pittsburgh for Medical Assisting.
  Box Office To Be Filled With                                              Spider-Man 3D, How Cool is That?!?

    Dramatic Performances
                                                                                                                  by Kaitlyn Beck
                                                                                     Emma Stone, the hilarious actress who recently took role in
                                                                            ―Easy A‖ is said to be playing the role of Gwen Stacy in
                                        by Marlee Schneider                 the upcoming filming of ―Spider-Man 3D‖.

                                                                                      Gwen Stacy is known as Spider-Man’s (Peter
The Social Network                                                          Parker) girlfriend before Mary Jane Watson. The most
                                                                                                                                 Andrew Garfield
You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.          famous super hero, Spider-Man, will be played by
Most people of today’s generation have Facebook; it has created             actor Andrew Garfield.        Andrew and Emma showed an instant
communication via internet so accessible. Capable of email, live chat,      connection that was perfect for the parts.
commenting, posting statuses, and writing on friend’s walls – as what
it was popularly known for, Facebook has become a worldwide trend.                    The new movie will focus on a younger version of
Starting as a social network for solely college students, Facebook has
                                                                            Spider-Man. Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures;
transgressed to adults, to teens, and even pre-teens. The hit new film,
The Social Network, portrays the multi-million dollar business and how      announced production for the new Spider-Man movie will
it got its start. It follows the young Harvard undergrad, Mark              take off in December and hit theaters July 3, 2012.      Emma Stone
Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook from his dorm room in 2004.               Spider-Man is one of the most popular super heroes
What started as a small project on an ordinary fall night in 2003,          and has been for years. Watching the infamous Spider-Man swing into
became a voice of the future. The film shows the trials and tribulations,   3D will be the ultimate experience.
as well as struggles that Mark went through on his way to becoming
the youngest billionaire in history.

How far will you go to fight for your family?
Based on a true story, Hilary Swank plays the life of
                                                                                       Dancing With the Stars
Beth Anne Waters, a working mother who tries her whole life to clear                                                by Marlee Schneider
her brother’s name. Without a high school diploma, she goes back to
get her G.E.D., then works her way through law school so that she can                 One of my favorite shows of all times, Dancing With the Stars,
prove her brother’s innocence of not murdering a young girl. Sam            takes on another rigorous season with an all-star cast. Season eleven takes
Rockwell plays her brother, Kenny Waters, who is sentenced for life         on reality stars such as Michael ―The Situation‖ Sorrentino from The
without parole. Director Tony Goldwyn does a phenomenal job of              Jersey Shore and Audrina Patridge from The Hills; daughter of a political
bringing this powerful story to audience viewers.                           leader, Bristol Palin; the Brady Bunch mom America fell in love with,
                                                                            Florence Henderson; comedian Margaret Cho; actor Kyle Massey; former
127 Hours                                                                   Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox; famous actress for her dancing role in Dirty
Every second counts.                                                        Dancing, Jennifer Grey; former Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback, Kurt
James Franco gives a compelling performance in his new film while           Warner; Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff; R&B star Brandy; and crooner
portraying the inspired true story of Aron Ralston, a happy go-lucky        Michael Bolton.
guy who lives for adventure. 127 Hours drops you in the life of this
                                                                                      All stars are paired up with professional ballroom dancers in
charismatic young man who traverses across Moab, Utah by canoe, but
fails to tell anyone where he is going due to his care-free personality.    hopes of taking the dance floor for several weeks to win the title and the
Unfortunately, this causes a problem when a boulder traps him               mirrorball trophy.
between an alley of a continuous wall of rock. While caught in this                  The show is hosted by super model Brooke Burke and former
death experience, Aron resorts to drastic measures to stay alive.           America’s Funniest Home Videos host, Tom Bergeron.
                                                                                      Personally, I’m pulling for Jennifer Gray.
Hereafter                                                                   She’s my favorite because she always performs well,
“If you’re worried about being on your own, don’t be, you’re not.”
                                                                            despite a bad accident a few years back. Plus, she’s
From director Clint Eastwood, a retired psychic, George Lonegan
                                                                            in her fifties and keeps up with the youth of the
played by Matt Damon, doesn’t accept his gift he has been given, but
instead calls it a curse. He doesn’t want to practice his powers            competition. Who will you vote for? Tune in on
anymore but has to when a French journalist, a blue-collar American,        Monday nights to watch them all perform and
and a young London boy need his help. All three characters are              Tuesday nights for the results show.
touched by death in three separate ways. By using his ―curse,‖ George
Lonegan guides them through their dilemmas. He instills in them that
they have no need to worry of what they may face in the afterlife.
                                                                                                             Dates to Remember
                                                              October Staff                                        November
                                                                                                  3          End of 1st Quarter
                                                     Kaitlen Beck    Marissa Brickner             10         Report Card Distributed— tentative
                                                     Chase Canter Jeff Miller                     11         College & Career Night-6-7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                  16 & 18    Talent Show-7:30 p.m.
                                                             Melissa Renninger
                                                                                                  18         Act 80 Day—1/2 pm—Early
                                                             Marlee Schneider                                dismissal
                                                                                                  19         Act 80 Day—No School for Students
                                                                                                  19         1st Day of Winter Sports
                                                                                                  25-29       Thanksgiving Vacation

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2010                                                     No Kidding. . . . . by Marissa Brickner
                              by Melissa Renninger                                      Halloween is just around the corner, everyone gets excited
                                                                              for that special day, from dressing up, to going trick or treating or
          It’s October and Halloween is right around the corner
                                                                              even just celebrating this scary day. And along the way a good laugh
THS! All the hype and excitement over Homecoming has come and
                                                                              can be helpful!
gone, but now there’s something new to get pumped up about. It is
now time to start picking and choosing those frightfully, horrific yet        Q. How do you make a milkshake?
spectacularly, wonderful Halloween costumes. This Halloween has                           A. You go up behind a glass of milk and shout “Boo!”
said to be themed as ―Goth vs. Super Star‖ so let’s watch and see
                                                                              Q. What do goblins and ghosts drink when they're hot and
how many young children and teens got the memo, shall we?                             thirsty on Halloween?

Top 10 women’s costumes               Top 10 men’s costumes                               A. Ghoul-aid

She Devil                            Talledega Night’s Ricky Bobby            Q. What do you call a witch who lives at the beach?
Army Officer                         Bruno Lederhosen                                     A. A sand-witch.
Vampire Slayer                       Superman
                                                                              Q. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?
Lady Gaga                             Hulk
Jonah Hex Lilah                       Star Wars Fighter Pilot                             A. He didn't have a haunting license.
Lucky Lady Bug                        Pixie British Schoolboy                 Q. What kind of streets do zombies like the best?
Avatar Neytiri                       Ringmaster
                                                                                          A. Dead ends.
Marauder Wench                       Super Mario Bros
Iron Man 2 – Black Widow             Gecko

                                                                                          Halloween Helpings               by Kaitlin Beck
                                                                         Halloween is always a super scary fun time. Trying out some new delicious
                                                                         recipes could be enjoyable for the whole family.
                                                                         Snack-o’-Lanterns: To make this healthy treat, all you will have to do is cut the top of
                                                                         the orange to hollow it out. When the orange is hollowed you may slice the orange
                                                                         pieces to add to the fresh fruit. Then you would carve a scary face into the orange
                                                                         and then fill it up with the fruit.
                                                                         Ingredients: 1 Orange, Cup of Canned or Fresh Fruit

                                                                         Witches’ Cheese Fingers: These are a great party finger food and it’s quite easy to
                                                                         make. First you will need to cut the string cheese in half and then using a pear knife,
                                                                         carve a shallow area for a fingernail below the rounded end of each half. To make
                                                                         the cheese look more like a finger, also carve horizontal indents below the fingernail
                                                                         and for the knuckle. After that you will need to fill the shallow area for the nail with
                                                                         cream cheese. The nails could be anything you would like, such as, carrots, green
                                                                         peppers, or red peppers. Cut your vegetable of choice into small pieces and stick
                                                                         them onto the dabs of cream cheese.
Publication created through the THS Business Education Department
                       and THS Art Department                            Ingredients: Mozzarella String Cheese, Veggie of Choice, and Cream Cheese.

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