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Following the Money: GAO's Oversight of the Recovery Act

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GAO Releases Its Most Recent Report On The Recovery
Across the United States, as of October 29, 2010, the Department of the Treasury has paid out $174 billion in Recovery Act
funds for use in states and localities. Of that amount, $9.3 billion has been paid out since the start of fiscal year 2011 on October
1, 2010. The latest GAO report looking at how states and localities are spending Recovery Act funds was released September
20, 2010.  See full report (PDF, 284 pages)

                                                 Projected vs Actual Federal Outlays to States and Localities

                                 Source: GAO analysis of data from CBO, Federal Funds Information for States, and

About 64 percent of the federal outlays has been provided through the increased Medicaid Federal Medical Assistance
Percentage (FMAP) and the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) administered by the Department of Education.

States' and Localities' Uses of Funds and Actions Needed to Address Implementation
Challenges and Bolster Accountability

This review responds to two ongoing mandates under the Recovery Act. It is the latest in a series of reports on the uses of and
accountability for Recovery Act funds in 16 selected states, certain localities in those jurisdictions, and in the District of Columbia.
This review also responds to GAO's mandate to comment on the jobs estimated in recipient reports.

Issued on September 20, 2010, this review focuses on the federal programs identified below, which are funded under the
Recovery Act. The review also updates the status of agencies' efforts to implement GAO's previous 58 recommendations and
makes 5 new recommendations to improve management and strengthen accountability to the Departments of Transportation
(DOT), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Agency
responses to GAO's new recommendations, as well as to key recommendations that remain open, are included below.

Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP)   View details

Education    View details

Highway Infrastructure Investment and Public Transportation Funding    View details

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG), State Energy Program (SEP), and
Weatherization Assistance   View details

Public Housing Capital Fund, Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP), and the Section 1602
Program   View details

Accountability and Recipient Reporting

OMB's Single Audit Internal Control Project highlighted areas where significant improvements in the Single Audit process are
needed. Most federal awarding agencies did not exercise timely follow-up on action plans to correct internal control deficiencies
identified in the project's reports. Since awarding agencies are to approve corrective action plans, untimely follow-up could delay
efforts to implement corrective actions. In addition, the Single Audit process timeframes are not conducive to the timely
identification and correction of internal control deficiencies. Further, OMB's Single Audit guidance has not been timely, causing
inefficiencies related to Single Audits. GAO recommends that the Director of OMB take actions to strengthen the Single Audit
and federal follow-up as oversight mechanisms. OMB concurred.

Many recipients reported greater ease in meeting their reporting requirements. GAO's analysis of the data in shows
some improvement, but data quality issues remain, such as the ability to link reports across quarters to follow project progress.
OMB, HUD, and Education have implemented all of GAO's earlier recommendations on recipient reporting, including those
intended to improve subrecipient reporting. GAO will continue to monitor efforts to improve the quality of reporting.

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Update on Uses and Accountability of Recovery Act Funding

September 20, 2010

          For additional information visit,, the federal government's Web site on the Recovery Act.

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